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Hier mal ein paar #Saarland Folge-Empfehlungen (#events) spätestens für die post-covid Zeit:

- @saarcamp
- @SaarHackathon
- @wwsaar
- @coderdojo_saar
#saarland Folge-Empfehlungen (#freunde):

- @ApfelMuse kann euch glaube ich alle Fragen rund ums #Backen beantworten
- @ChiliConCharme geht mit euch jedes Wochenende wandern bis die Waden krampfen :)
- @kerstinreese, @JochumPeter @Toupietwopi uvm. zum Thema #Bildung
#saarland Folge-Empfehlungen (#entwickler):

- @achimdomma und @sasmar aus Gründen :)
- @thomasdarimont aka. Mr. #Java :) und Meetup-Organisator
- @cubadonis aka. "the stig" ;)
- @smetzdev aka. "The great gatsby" :)

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$AION @Aion_OAN's supply dynamics were confusing & frustrating for holders for years... until recently.

A thread: 1/10
Between its presale in 2017 until Nov 2018, ~18.3MM $AION entered the circulating supply *monthly* through token release schedules (TRS).

From Dec 2018 to Nov 2020, it was ~8.5MM *monthly* until the last TRS ended.

Since Dec 2020, however, the only $AION entering the circulating supply are ~4.5 AION per 10-second block, or ~1.2MM *monthly* (dubbed "the #Eighthing").

*Annual* circulating supply inflation rate went from >300% at inception to now only ~2.88%.

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Super happy to ship Azure Web Pub Sub! A new azure service for doing pure websockets + HTTP triggering!… #azure #websockets
How is it different from SignalR you ask? Well internally it's built on the same underlying tech but the big difference is that there's no client requirement or protocol requirement, BYOWL (bring your own websocket library).
The mainline scenarios are also focused on severless so we can handle your long running websocket connections and trigger HTTP calls to any backend. It can be azure functions or any addressable HTTP endpoint!
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I know many projects in #crypto are using the milagro libraries for #BLS, especially #java projects.

It's a good lib, but is *slow* & the newer version of it doesn't have some stuff I need.

You can find an optimized version at…

Most of the optimizations are mid/high level & don't touch any math. Mainly hand optimized loops, memory use & allocations, removing redundant ops etc

Improvement yields ~ 2x on signing, ~5x on aggregation and ~4-5x on verification.

I need to write many tests, use with care!
Oh there was also a pretty critical bug when doing concurrent signing / verification.

This is fixed also.
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If you work with #GraphQL and are CURIOUS on what the recently open source released Domain Graph Service framework by @NetflixEng is ? I have attempted a really short summary of the same below 🧵👇
#Annotation-Based : The framework’s core revolves around the annotation-based programming model familiar to Spring Boot developers. Just start the Spring Boot application, the /graphql endpoint along with the query editor on /graphiql endpoint will be available.
#Java / #Kotlin : So you can say it is primarily ofadvantage for Java developers. Regardless of whether you use Java or Kotlin, the DGS framework provides an easy way to build GraphQL services in Spring Boot.
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Our research of #Java on #Kubernetes is pointing us into looking at:

- ActiveProcessorCount
- Default GC
- Default Heap Sizing

Here are some facts: 1/n
ActiveProcessorCount currently matches cpu_quota: up to 1000m, 1 proc. 1001-2000m, 2 procs, and so on.

This sounds reasonable, but as we've learned, CFS control does not limit CPU count, only CPU time. Multiple native threads may execute in parallel, until the quota is reached.
JVM Ergonomics also selects G1GC by default only when the JVM sees more than 1792 MB of available memory, and 2 available processors (2000m+ in k8s). Otherwise it picks SerialGC.

Thus why so many devs force -XX:+UseG1GC in well constrained containers.
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Not only #Java developers are deploying their microservices to #Kubernetes with 1 vCPU only (1000m), there may be multiple pods on the same nodes since podAntiAffinity is unlikely to be common practice when scaling, to get an even distribution.
So, instead of having a bigger pod (2000m-4000m) on a node, there are two or more 1000m pods on a node.

For web apps, I think this setup is very unlikely to be reasonable.
I hope I am wrong and that my lame knowledge of Kubernetes followed by my hate towards YAML is as bad as this hypothesis.
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#Indonesia #Nganjuk #Java #Landslide


The death toll from landslide in Indonesia's East Java province rose to 18 after five more bodies were found on Thursday, an official said.
"Today we found five victims, one in sector B and four in sector A. From the results of the autopsy, three were males and two females, including adults and children," the East Java Search and Rescue (SAR) Agency's Head Hari Adi Purnomo said
"Due to the bad weather, the search didn't continue as the team didn't want to take any risk. In addition, land fractures were also reported at the location, making the team stop the search temporarily," he said.
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YouTube Channels to learn #softwaretesting

Thread 🧵


#testing #fundootesters #100DaysOfCode #javascript #automation #java #selenium
1. Automation Step by Step by @LearnWithRaghav :…

2. Naveen AutomationLabs by @naveenkhunteta :…

3. Mukesh otwani by @MukeshOtwani :

4. Learnby bhanu by Bhanu Pratap Singh :…
5. Fun Doo Testers by @nnishantgohel :…

6. Execute Automation by @ExecuteAuto :…

7. The Test Chat by @TheTestChat team:…

8. SDET - QA Automation Techie by Pavan :…
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1/ So nun werde ich hier noch mal zum angekündigten, Zusammenhang Zwischen der Webseite ⛔️linke-blockt ⛔️und der #Doxing Szene geben, dies wird ein langer #Thread
Wie kommen #Hacker an #Daten ? #Doxing

man lockt Sie auf eine Webseite #OSINT #WhiteHat…
2/ Man landet auf einer sog. #LandingPage
, diese ist schnell geladen und hat nur 10 html Zeilen und ca. 10 #Javascripte ,
Diese #Sripte tun Ihre Arbeit, und der Anwender wird abgekloppft, #knocking ,
zu diesem Zeitpunkt kennt der Server schon einiges #dnssniff #ipgeoilog #CSS #Ports ! und #JavaSkripte#Twitter  #Java#Remote #Get der #Knocking ...Dies #CSS wird im Hintergru...
3/ Da jeder #Hacker faul ist lässt er natürlich andere seine Arbeit machen #Browser , #CPU, #framework #Cookie #Cloudserver #Datenbank wo die Ergebnisse des #Doxing dann in Millisekunden je nach verfügbarer Internetleitung gespeichert werden ohne das der #User was merkt ! #SSS #CSS #Framework Freeware au...#Favicon vektor angiff ? @h...#SSS Server Side Scripting ...#Browsererweiterung mit #ph...
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Yuk yang lagi nyari tutorial pemrograman java bisa mampir ke:
#java #programming #pemrograman Image
Contoh program gui pada java…
@threadreaderapp unroll contoh program gui pada java
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Most actual Update report to the #Merapi #Volcano #Java

"BPPTKG reported that during 25-31 December rock avalanches traveled as far as 1.5 km down Merapi’s NW flank in the Senowo drainage.
A comparison of photos taken on 24 and 30 December showed minor morphological changes in the summit area. Seismic activity was more intense than the previous week.
Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) data continued to measure a distance shortening between points in the NW at a rate of 14 cm per day. Incandescence from the crater was visible at night on 31 December, possibly signifying the emergence of lava.
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Welcome to 2021.
Whoever is planning to learn #software development in this year, You need to look at these #programming languages.

1. #JavaScript (web)
2. #Python3 (ML, AI, Data Sci)
3. #Java
4. #kotlin (Mobile)
5. #golang (engineering)

#DEVCommunity #CodeNewbies

Why to learn #JavaScript?
Web development is one of the most famous and selling factions of software development and to break through it, you would need to learn JavaScript at all costs.
#websites #webdesigner #webdeveloper #webdevelopers
Why to learn #Python ?
Data Science, #MachineLeraning , #BigData , #ArtificialIntelligence , #DeepLearning , and automation are one of the most trending and highly paying fields.

Now if you are looking for a language that will get you sorted in either of the fields, it's Python.
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I'm about to buy a new MacBook Pro 13" with the famous Apple M1 SoC.

Let's see how ready it is for developers.

A thread ⤵️

Legend: 🔴 = not working, 🟢 = working

🟢 Rust is working!

`aarch64-apple-darwin` is part of the Tier 2 platforms,….

See the PR,….

#AppleSiliconM1 #rustlang
🟢 Python is working!

It is part of macOS Big Sur.

#AppleSiliconM1 #python
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Few Computer Science Legends you should know about


(They are really inspiring developers)
* Dennis Ritchie *

"Father of the 'C' programming language"
Created UNIX operating system with colleague Ken Thompson .
Received Turing Award in 1983.
Modern computing would not have existed without Dennis Ritchie.

Read More:…
* Linus Torvalds *

Created Linux Kernel and Git.
Linux kernel is the kernel for Linux operating systems (distributions) and other operating systems such as Android and Chrome OS.

Read More:…
#Linux #git #android
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#Indonesia #Bekasi #WestJava #Java #Tornado

A tornado damaged hundreds of homes in Indonesia on Friday afternoon (October 23rd). The powerful whirlwind ripped through the town of Bekasi in West Java province shortly after 1 pm local time.
Terrifying footage shows how roofs were blown off and carts were tossed aside as sheets of corrugated metal and other debris were hurled through the air by the gusts of wind.
Clouds of dust and dirt were also seen being whipped up by the powerful vortex as it moved through the residential area.
The Bekasi Municipality Disaster Mitigation Agency said at least 125 homes were damaged.
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Navigating the cloud and #DevOps horizon is hard, things are moving quickly.

ThoughtWorks recommends HOLD on handwritten AWS CloudFormation in #TechRadar 2019 edition. Building a complex infrastructure in essentially huge YAML text file is doomed to fail…
You could thought that Templating in YAML is a solution here, but it's also on HOLD in #TechRadar 2019 by @thoughtworks…

The same about templating in JSON, because YAML is JSON actually. Better to use real programming language instead. The dev in #DevOps
So Terraform is the ADOPT in #TechRadar 2019 and "sensible default" that addresses the shortfalls of AWS CloudFormation as stated here:…

There are other options listed, including troposphere, sceptre, Stack Deployment Tool and Pulumi. Not sure if endorsed.
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Any problem in computer science can be solved with another level of indirection

You can mass-produce hardware; you cannot mass-produce software; you cannot mass-produce the human mind.

-Michio Kaku
I invented the term ‘object oriented’, and C++ was not what I had in mind

-Alan Kay
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Now LIVE: 🔥AWS Lambda Powertools for Java in Beta🔥

Easily trace your Lambda functions, and structure your Logs using annotations

HUGE thanks to @MarkSailes3 @PakPMO @SteveHouel for making this happen based on customer feedback

More details 👇

#serverless #aws #java
I wish I could edit Tweets now HAHA

Sorry @agrawalpankaj16 autocomplete made me choose Pakistan' Prime Minister!!!
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Sometimes an idea fits in 280 characters

a 🧵 on Great #SoftwareEngineering great #quotes

One each day.
For each desired change, make the change easy (warning: this may be hard), then make the easy change

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.

-Phil Karlton
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Please help us welcome our next curator Darryl Takudzwa Griffiths. @BlaqNinja completed his Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering at DUT, graduated in 2011. Due to struggling to find suitable employment he went on to study multiple certificates from bodies such as Microsoft.
He has certificates in N+ (Computer Networking), A+ (Computer Technician & Technical Support), Certified Ethical Hacking V7 (CEH v7), Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP). Sadly even with these, he could not secure his desired post so in 2016 he moved to USA.
Darryl was able to secure a job in a corporation that owns casinos as a system analyst & security architect. Within the same year he embarked on a Masters degree in Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Engineering. In 2017 he resigned from his post and started his own company...
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My favourite VS Code extensions...

These are best of my favourite ones...

🧵 This is a thread 🧵

#programming #coding #CodeNewbies #CodeNewbie #Developer #java #javascript #python #DevComIN #DEVCommunity #100DaysOfCode #vscode @code #html #100DaysOfCloud #code #android
1. TabNine
• AI coding assistant
• Better auto-completes
• Understands patterns in your code
• Fast
2. Prettier
• Enhance readability of your code
• Make your code look more beautiful
• Fast...
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Hoy me gustaría compartir algunas reflexiones fruto de las últimas novedades aparecidas y mis experiencias en cliente con #infrastructureascode en #AWS. Vamos al lío 👇
Siempre me he sentido más atraido hacia el enfoque declarativo por su falsa sensación de control y orden, pero con configuraciones grandes, poder refactorizar el código hacia abstracciones propias y modificar su definición/parametrización con código ha sido determinante
En ese sentido, #cloudformation como tal siempre me ha parecido muy locura y un formato más de bajo nivel que otra cosa. En general siempre trabajo con herramientas que lo generan como #serverlessframework o #amplify
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⏰ What time is it? Time for a #Mythbusters thread -- #Serverless edition!

Agreed, the term is sub-par. But hear me out, the architecture is not. Let's talk about a few common misconceptions about Serverless!
1⃣ "Serverless means no servers"

There *are* servers involved, but it's not on you to run and operate them. Instead, the serverless provider is managing the platform, scaling things up (and down) as needed. Less things to take care of, billed per-use.

2⃣ "Serverless is cheaper"

Pay-per-use makes low/medium-volume workloads really cheap. But pricing is complex: no. of requests, assigned RAM/CPU, API gateways, traffic etc. Depending on your workload (e.g. high, sustained), other options like VMs are better.

Myth: Kinda BUSTED!
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