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How Kim & Kanye use North West as a Model for a Kids Pedophile Clothing Line: a conspiracy thread
1.) This is a CONSPIRACY thread
2.) Nobody is forcing you to read it
3.) These are not my own ideas
4.) Info can easily be googled/youtubed
This is going to be a long thread but it will all tie together in the end
Let's start off by examining how Disney and Nickelodeon have a history of sexualizing children
Walt Disney was actually a known pedophile
Most people aren't aware that Walt Disney was connected with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
From 1914 to his death, Walt Disney served as a secret informant for the Los Angeles office of the FBI
This is according to documents that came to light under the Freedom & Information Act, & Walt Disney's connections to the FBI emerged
In return for Disney's info, J. Edgar Hoover, director of the Bureau, allowed Disney to film at the FBI headquarters in Washington
The FBI was allowed to see Disney scripts & make slight changes in a few lesser-known movies & an episode of the Mickey Mouse Club TV show
So the FBI were hand-in-hand with Disney
Conspiracy theorists believe this collaboration is when children started to see subliminal messages via cartoons
This would mean that mind controlling cartoons (child abuse) has been around for 50+ years
The Walt Disney logo has 666 in it, so it's been demonic from the beginning
So let's get into the subliminal messages in Disney cartoons
Jessica Rabbit spreading her legs and exposing herself
Parents were freaked out when they were watching this scene with their children & Disney claimed it was just a joke
Promoting lesbianism & homosexuality
It was rumored that Walt Disney was gay
Cinderella promoting anal beads to children
The Lion King
Mickey Mouse cartoon
3 members of the Mickey Mouse Club would grow up to be famous. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, & Justin Timberlake
All members of mk ultra (mind control)
Britney Spears reated the worst & ended up having split personalities
All abused, sodomized, & god knows what
Some conspiracy theorists believe that all Mickey Mouse Club members are abused
When the kids grow up, fans want to be just like them/dress just like them, & end up getting currupted
These girls all start off innocent and take a horrific turn. They will still have their fan bases & fans still copy them
Disney's mk ultra sex kitten project & sexualizing teenage girls
It's said Disney gets these girls at a young age & fractures their minds
Every girl used to want to dress like Britney Spears 💁
Britney Spears was extremely sexualized as a teenager, always having her midriff exposed
Here's an interview with her split personality
She would get so nervous that she would have bloody fingernails
This is a symbol for the 'Vow of Silence' to keep quiet about never speaking about mk ultra
Vow of Silence & Hannah Montana
Miley Cyrus baphomet hand symbol (ritual)
Miley Cyrus with a butterfly on her nose (another mk ultra symbol)
Disney promoted penis-looking Hannah Montana candy
Disney is allegedly using famous children to abuse fans (particularly children)
Then Miley Cyrus went batshit crazy & her fans are still following her
Here she is in feline print (a symbol for sex slave kittens in mk ultra)
She became an abomination & fans still love her
Hints that she's suffering
She suffers but she has to do her job
So now let's look into Nickelodeon
Our girl Amanda Bynes went from being innocent to being completely sexualized & her fans still follow her
It's not her fault because at the end of the day, she needs to get her job done
Amanda Bynes in feline print (beta sex kitten slave symbol in mk ultra)
Amanda retired from Hollywood but she is apparently coming back
Conspiracy theorists believe that she has been "rebooted" by her handlers because she still has potential to make money (pic from June)
Ariana Grande went from innocent to hypersexualized
Her fans are still with her throughout her transformation
She wears cat suits/ears often (beta sex kitten symbol in mk ultra). Cats trigger sexuality in mk ultra girls
Check out this photoshoot with Katy Perry & how they're holding up the cats
This theory is about to take a TURN
So if you don't know about how satanic Hollywood allegedly is, members are expected to make sacrifices, among other horrible things
It's said that Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith forced their children (Willow & Jaden), to switch genders as children as a sacrifice
The same say Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt forced their child (Shiloh Jolie-Pitt) to switch genders at 2 years old using male hormones
People claim this is why transvestites aren't obvious in Hollywood because they're forced to switch genders at a young age
It's child abuse to give a child male hormones at the age of 2
This obviously isn't a face of a happy child
Let's not forget this pedophile (R. Kelly). Notice the feline print (mk ultra symbol). Males wear feline print to trigger mk ultra girls
R. Kelly is known for his connections with teenage girls & recently was exposed for enslaving teenage girls in a sex cult
The reason nothing happens to him is because there's pedophiles all over Hollywood & all they want is fresh meat
Any child signed by 15 years old is going to have pedophiles around them, meaning they will be abused, sodomized, or molested
Here's Jenette Mccurdy & Ariana Grande with Dan Schneider. He created most of the shows we loved as kids on Nickelodeon
Let's not forget this gem
The industry wants pedophilia to be normalized/legalized, which is why pedophiles like R. Kelly & Dan Schneider never get in trouble
Aaliyah was in on it too. Remember though, there's an agenda she was forced to fulfill
This is exactly what pedophiles love (notice the feline print)
So how does this tie in with the Kardashians?
Most people can't stand the Kardashians but they still get our attention (whether you want to admit it or not)
Notice the pyramids that Kris, Kim, & khloe are making with their arms (symbol for their brains being fractured)
The black & white checkered floor is a Masonic symbol, & can be found inside any Masonic lodge (black & white are also Masonic colors)
Kris Jenner started an empire from leaking her daughter Kim's sex tape (Ray J has always claimed Kim was the one with the tape)
Celebrities usually have random handlers but Kim K's handler is her own mother
Remember when she forced Kim to do the Playboy photoshoot?
Kim dressed in a cat suit (beta sex slave symbol for mk ultra)
Let's keep in mind there would be no Kardashians without Kim K
This is where this theory gets wild
The family in feline print. It's said that ALL the girls are high-level prostitutes, including Kris
Many women think feline print is just a fashion trend but it has meaning in the industry (just like gem & stone colors to identify rank)
Rihanna out here not giving AF
Beyonce in a cat suit
Most people think Kim K is an airhead but she's not as dumb as we assume
Khloe doing the Vow of Silence
Kourtney throwing up 666 (ritual) on a black & white carpet (Masonic colors)
The girls with their mouths taped (showing they are completely under control). Oh yeah, covering one eye is also Masonic symbolism
They're known in Hollywood as the Black Widows because every guy associated with them gets destroyed in one way or another
So people believe that Bruce Jenner NEVER wanted to transition & Kris forced him to be Caitlynn Jenner as a sacrifice for the family
Caitlyn Jenner in feline print
So it gets even worse...
The theory suggests that Kris forced Kendall & Kylie to switch genders at a young age, much like Shiloh, Willow, & Jaden's parents did
Kendall & Kylie covering one eye & throwing up 666 (ritual)
Kylie & Kendall doing the Vow of Silence
So this theory thinks Kris Jenner is so evil that she leaked her daughter Kim's sex tape & forced Bruce, Kendall, & Kylie to switch genders
Literally pimping her family out
Alright so supposedly Kris doesn't even like Kanye
This is where everything starts to tie together
Kim & Kanye recently launched their kids supply clothing line (all over her snapchat)
Kanye in feline print (trigger for mk ultra girls)
Who do you think is really behind this child clothing line?
It's expensive btw, the cheapest item is $22 for a choker. A CHOKER. Who puts a choker on a child?! You know who would love that? Pedophiles
North West on Vogue cover
So now we're promoting babies on major fashion magazine covers.. Kris is allegedly now pimping out North West
North West in feline print
Samples of the kids supply. This looks straight out of the lingerie store. When did we decide sexualizing children was okay??
North West hardly wears clothes & she's already known as a fashion icon
It's pretty inappropriate for a toddler to always be half naked
The slip dresses go for $125 & honestly look like something I would wear to bed
Kim received backlash for her new kids' clothing line for not being appropriate for little girls
Why do little girls need to be wearing slip dresses, fur slippers, chokers, & fake corsets?
They're promoting clothing that pedophiles love on children
So people are freaked out, as they should be
Kim put cat ears on North
Don't forget that cat ears are for sex beta kittens
Rihanna & Ariana Grande w/ cat ears
People say Kim knowingly pimps out her daughter, just like Kris is doing to her
So the theory also includes that North will be pushed into prostitution when she gets older, like many children that grow up in Hollywood
If that's the case, we are blatantly watching child abuse happen before our eyes
Blue Ivy in feline print, same idea as North West
We should keep in mind that Kanye likely isn't as involved with the kids' clothing line as they claim, since he is busy doing an album
In the real world, if you dress your child in their type of clothing people will complain (& can honestly call CPS)
But in Hollywood they can do whatever the hell they want
Once again, this theory believes the agenda of this project is to condition us to normailize pedophilia & eventually legalize it
Remember in Hollywood there's all kinds of child abuse going on. Here's Corey Feldman on Hollywood pedophilia:
End of thread. Here's a throwback of Kim taking out the psychological pain Kris Jenner has caused her on Kris Humphries #ProtectNorthWest
So Kris Jenner knowingly pushes this pedophelic agenda & uses her children & grandchildren as mules
Oh, & if you think this is normal or okay to do, the agenda is already working on you
I found this
Kris denied these claims & I guess people have calles CPS on the family multiple times
#LifeofKylie Kylie in a cat suit
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