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#Sanctions on #Venezuela are nothing new. But Secretary of State #Pompeo recently took the unusual step of sanctioning leaders of local opposition parties in an attempt to pressure them to pull out upcoming #elections.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #MaduroCriminal
The State Department’s silence has been deafening following the arrest of a US citizen and former #CIA operative allegedly caught plotting an on a #Venezuelan #oil refinery.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #Venezuela #mikepompeo #MaduroNuestraVozEnLaONU #MaduroCriminal
#Venezuela #coup
How the Media Manufactures Consent:
@Alanmacleod looks at the role of the #media in fomenting popular support for the regime change operation in Venezuela.… #MaduroNuestraVozEnLaONU #maduro #MaduroCriminal #venezuelaaelecciones
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Special Analysis: Arab leaders understand that relations with #Israel provide access to US Empire and all that comes with it, including much desired US-made weapons and other perks such as security and economic cooperation.
by @mikopeled… #UAEIsrael #UAE
Heads of Arab states are seated around the table at a session of their Summit meeting in Khartoum, #Sudan, Aug. 30, 1967.
AP Photo Image
A group of Congressional Dems are calling attention to a key pillar of US-Israeli policy in a futile effort to stall an arms deal as Israeli-UAE normalization takes effect.
by Raul Diego… #UAE #Israel #UAEIsrael
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En la #mañanera desde #PalacioNacional el Presidente @lopezobrador_ declaró que ya están las denuncias contra los agricultores de #Chihuahua por los daños a la hidroeléctrica y a la #CFE procederá el Gobierno de López penalmente contra la gente de #Chihuahua y aplicará mano dura
Ya les mando a la #UIF para que #SantiagoNieto les congelará las cuentas de los agricultores y de quienes están defendiendo a #Chihuahua

Les mandó tanques con la #GuardiaNacional para rodear la presa de la boquilla

Ahora va por convertir en criminales a los chihuahuenses
@lopezobrador_ no conoce a la gente de #Chihuahua #GuardiaNacional en abuso de la fuerza, asesinaron de 5 balazos en la espalda a Jessica Zamarripa de 36 años madre de 3 niños que hacía pasteles para ayudar a su marido y juntos sembraban alfalfa
ella fue 1 de los manifestantes
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The State Department’s silence has been deafening following the arrest of a US citizen and former #CIA operative allegedly caught plotting an on a #Venezuelan #oil refinery.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #MikePompeo #Pompeo
“Something will happen with #Venezuela. That’s all I can tell you,” #Trump said, before not-so-cryptically adding that Washington would be “very much involved.”
by @AlanRMacLeod…
The US government is using cash stolen from the Venezuelan government as part of a hearts and minds campaign on behalf of opposition figure Juan Guaidó.
by @AlanRMacLeod…
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#BREAKING: US imposes counter-terrorism sanctions on two Lebanese individuals: @USTreasury
#BREAKING: US imposes sanctions on former Lebanese finance minister Ali Hassan Khalil and transportation minister Youssef Finianos for aiding Hezbollah and corruption operations
#BREAKING: US renews its pledge to dismantle #Hezbollah cells, vows to punish every Lebanese politician who aids Hezbollah
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Here is my take. #China DID release a virus that killed alot of ppl. Remember all the riots the #CCPChina could not contain? GONE The crematorium seen in space? #Democrats took advantage of this w many other countries following suit to try to instill communism.
Remember, #Birx said on national TV the #flu is gone. Remember #Pompeo said this was a drill. @POTUS mumbled something along the line of thx forvtelling me.. Remember #Gates had a mtg in early November re a pandemic. .
#CDC revised deaths n said 6% of ppl w #COVID19 died w/out underlying disease. Remember #Democrats and #FakeNews are not saying a word re the revised #CDC %. What did #FakeNews #AOC and other ppl say re how to beat @POTUS was to destroy the economy. You isolate or quarantine sick
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1a. News: 1ST PHOTOS & VIDEO: Antifa Killer Michael Reinoehl Shot Dead in Washington State — US Marshals Attempt to Revive Him - Article & Videos: WARNING GRAPHIC Thread 9.4.2020…
1b. News: 1ST PHOTOS & VIDEO: Antifa Killer Michael Reinoehl Shot Dead in Washington State — US Marshals Attempt to Revive Him - WARNING GRAPHIC - Thread 9.4.2020…
2. News: The Atlantic Posts Ridiculous Hit Piece on President Trump and His Treatment of Veterans — President Trump Responds to Junk Report…
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@RickSantorum #CNN #AC360 #RNC2020 #FLOTUS #RoseGarden #Pompeo I can't speak to State Dept rules but certainly for Cabinet Officials - I wish I had a dollar for every Cabinet Official I campaigned w/during my time in politics; I could buy everybody here a nice dinner. Cabinet 1/
2/ Officials OFTEN give VERY political speeches, not just at Conventions but at other places. I don't know where Congressman Castro is coming from in finding some illegality. I agree a Sec of State, Sec of Defense, and Atty Gen usually don't do a lot of political events;
3/ really very few at all but Secy Pompeo is a little different. I mean Mike .. I was in Iowa with Mike Pompeo.. Mike's very focused, obviously, on getting the President re-elected, but he's also focused on, I think, a run in four years. I think that makes a difference.. and
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#Pompeo ought to consult his attorney before speaking at the #RepublicanNationalConvention

@POGOBlog obtained internal @StateDept memorandum spelling out #HatchAct and dept policies.

Look how crystal clear the legal memo is.👇

@schwellenbach's analysis:…
2. Multiple lawyers like this👇signing off on Pompeo's speaking at RNC is not an indication of lawfulness. It's more an indication he recognizes the need to get legal cover.

Question to ask: Which lawyers actually signed off? The political appointees?
3. Link to the full Department of State legal memo of December 3, 2019, which states in bold print for emphasis:

"Senate confirmed Presidential appointees may not even attend a political party convention or convention-related event"…
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1. News: Dr. Fauci: ‘No Reason Why We Shouldn’t Be Able to Vote, in Person or Otherwise’

Can't President Trump make an EO Based on This Scientist's Conclusion!? - Thread 8.15.20… #Trump @realDonaldTrump #Fauci #MailInVoting
2. News: Rudy Guiliani recalled the moment that Harris laughed about smoking marijuana after prosecuting marijuana smokers in California. #KamalaHarris #Harris #Hypocrite #Biden

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) August 15, 2020
3. News: Nolte: New York Uses Coronavirus as Excuse to Cancel 9/11 Light Tribute… #DEMOCRATS
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In the realm of hyper-politicizing the State Dep't, #Pompeo has apparently handed over thousands of pages of documents to Senate REPUBLICANS probing Biden-Burisma.

But refuses even to provide duplicates to House Foreign Foreign Affairs Committee.

Next move: A Subpoena
2 "Just days after the conclusion of President Trump’s impeachment trial, in which Secretary Pompeo refused to comply with a duly authorized subpoena for documents and attempted to block testimony of key witnesses, the State Department producing documents to Senate Republicans…"
3. Many reasons this is even more of an affront to our system of government:

Reason 1: House Foreign Affairs Committee has DIRECT oversight of State Dept. Yet Pompeo appears to have forced HFAC to point of issuing a subpoena. Meanwhile he's voluntarily sharing with Senate GOP.
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#Q4620 is one helluva Q post. Can't wait to wade thru it tomorrow.

Most #governors are CIA assets. I hold out hope there are a few exceptions.

Every state is deep. Yes, even yours.

#Pompeo dropped some truth at National Gov Assoc Conf. Feb 8 2020.

Governor Mike Pence is only one example. Jon Huntsman is another. Infiltration runs deep.

#MikePenceThread #PenceEvidence

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BREAKING: Multinational team uses 3 different methods to determine where #SARSCoV2 came from: each leads to horseshoe bats found widely in Asia. The virus now causing a human #pandemic has been in bats "for decades," only now reaching people.
Big implications from this peer-reviewed paper.
First, #COVID19 is not caused by a "China virus" that was "made in a Chinese lab," as some in the #Trump admin have claimed.
2nd, it may have jumped directly from a bat to a person, without intermediary animals.
MORE Image
3rd, The 2003 SARS has also been connected to Asian horseshoe bats, and these mammals may carry many types of #coronaviruses.
4th, this shows "how difficult it will be to identify viruses with potential to cause major human outbreaks before they emerge." Image
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#Pompeo 🇩🇰 meeting readout (Arctic inc): Danish Min Kofod outlines pragmatic approach to 'deterrence' & dialogue wrt 🇷🇺 "we will ensure that we have the proper capabilities in the region, & we want to maintain close cooperation based on Arctic Council & the Ilulissat Declaration"
Min Kofad did not frame #Arctic concerns related to China, which was interesting. both "signed new MoUs...that cover a wide range of areas, like growing Greenland’s mining and energy sectors through transparent investment, helping manage land and fisheries" ....transparency...
press q's: agenda to "round up support among allies against China...all due respect, why on Earth...Denmark, of all places?" In the Arctic, China has fancied themselves as a near-Arctic nation. We have a responsibility to get that right for...our own sovereign security issues"
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1) #Comey is a #DeepState player.

Why did he sell Hillary out?

Comey & the #FBI of course have massive amounts of #Kompromat (компрометирующий материал) on Hillary (#FrazzleDrip) & Bill via Wiener's laptop & #Epstein's videos which they have had access to for many years ....
2) long before Epstein's brief incarceration and "death."

He was an intel asset (everyone knows this) and the #FBI and #NSA had access to many of his videos which were of course circulated throughout the IC, because so many people of power and influence have been compromised.
3) The graphic videos of pedophilia in their possession allow them to manipulate some of the wealthiest people on earth - as well as some of the most influential politicians - from dozens of countries.

That is why the #PedoIntelOp was allowed to continue for so long.
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On 21 May the #Trump administration announced the U.S. #withdrawal from the #OpenSkiesTreaty. It will take effect in November. Tomorrow the 34 member states hold a virtual state conference to decide the future of the treaty. Can they save it? Bottom line: Yes, they can! 1/15
2/15 The US could theoretically still reverse its position and remain in the treaty. In May #Pompeo stated that “if #Russia returns to full compliance” the US may reconsider. BUT: This won’t happen! The US has already stopped implementing the treaty. No more US flights this year.
3/15 There are three major issues: First, what about the other member states? Will they remain or follow the U.S. by withdrawing? Second, how will Russia/Belarus react? Third, how does the U.S. withdrawal affect the treaty on a technical level? Let’s look at them one at a time.
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Just in: #Pompeo called Taliban deputy leader Mullah Baradar, “made clear the expectation for the Taliban to live up to their commitments, which include not attacking Americans.”

NYT reporting US intel intercepted wired transfers from Russia to Taliban: Image
Trump administration has opened new high level channels with Taliban

• Trump spoke to Mullah Baradar in March
• Envoy Khalilzad routinely meets them in Qatar (including this week)
• Agreement with Taliban on Feb 29 : 2 days after Russia bounties briefing to Trump per NYT
Not called, video conferenced. Essentially US Secretary of State zoomed deputy leader of a militant organization in Afghanistan that ran an alliance with Al Qaeda and is allegedly receiving Russian bounties to kill US troops
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With Breaking News of Executive Order sanctioning #InternationalCriminalCourt with explicit goal to stop investigations.

Keep in mind:

#Pompeo has something personal at stake: #ICC's criminal investigation can now reach Pompeo's time at CIA.…
2. Also read @pagossman's (@hrw) analysis on the allegations of war crimes involving the CIA in #Afghanistan including when Pompeo was Director of CIA.…
3. Here's the full Human Rights Watch Report:…
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1) To all of you self-proclaimed "republicans" or "conservatives" who are begging .@POTUS to declare #MartialLaw & unleash the US Military on the rioters, you are nothing more than a bunch of rabid lunatics who r playing right into the hands of the #NewWorldOrder and #DeepState.
2) They want you to beg for the suspension of the Posse Comitatus Act, because just like the #PatriotAct - once that happens, that will be the #NewNormal.

Then once you are desensitized to seeing the US Military on the streets, you can drop your pants, and bend over ....
3) to take (with a smile) whatever they want to give you - including forced vaccinations, which .@POTUS AKA #BLOATUS stated the "US Military would help administer" as he signed the #OPerationWarpSpeed Bill.
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Il y a 15 jours, ce #thread 👇 expliquait comment le président #Trump se débarrassait des inspecteurs généraux, ces autorités indépendantes créées après le #Watergate pour contrôler les abus de l'exécutif. Vendredi soir, il a viré celui Département d'Etat.…
2) L'inspecteur général du département d'Etat Linick est donc le 4e viré par #Trump durant l'épidémie de #coronavirus. Ses crimes aux yeux du président? Avoir commencé à enquêter sur de possibles abus du secrétaire d'Etat Pompeo et avoir transmis des documents pour l'#impeachment
3) #Trump détruit les fragiles contre-pouvoirs établis, tels les inspecteurs généraux, après les abus de #Nixon. Car ils supposaient l'acceptation par la présidence d'être limitée. Plus le cas. Si l'Obamagate reste 1 chimère, la destruction de l'acquis du Watergate est en cours.
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1/ BREAKING - read entire thread!-Dr. #Fauci dismisses #Wuhanlab as source of coronavirus, contradicting #Trump and #Pompeo…
2/ Since he funded Chimera Virus there and said their would be a pandemic during President Trump’s term, it seems he may be trying to cover something up.
3/ BTW-wouldn’t he have known about the 2005 research finding and published study that says Hydroxhloroquine is an effective treatment of Corona viruses? The study was of SAARS-1; Covid is SAARS-2, and it has the same structure.
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Pompeo to @MarthaRaddatz: "enormous evidence" #COVID19 originated in Wuhan lab.


"Intelligence shared among Five Eyes nations indicates it is 'HIGHLY UNLIKELY'" virus originate from Wuhan lab.

#Pompeo #Disinformation…
2. In case you missed this recent Fauci interview (behind a paywall).

Fairly devastating blow to theory that #covid19 originated in lab versus in nature.

Interview with @MoNscience @vmjaggard99

Key excerpt👇…
3."'It is highly likely it was naturally occurring and that the human infection was from natural human and animal interaction.' ... the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing coalition are coalescing around this assessment," a Western diplomatic official said.…
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1/ In latest @BulletinAtomic piece, I argue France, UK & Germany can attempt to avoid UN Security Council clash over #Iran arms embargo. Existing embargo should be allowed to lapse & UNSC should agree on new code of conduct for arms sales to #Iran -->… via
2/UN arms embargo on #Iran set to expire less than 3 weeks before US elections. Having preserved #JCPOA framework so far into #Trump admin, unwise for Europe to risk blowing it up now. Esp as EU embargo & UNSC resolutions prohibiting arms transfers to #Houthi & #Hezbollah remain.
3/No option ideal for Europe:
-Side with #Pompeo on extending UNSC arms embargo; or
-Push back too hard against US could result in Pompeo persuading White House to invoke contorted claim it can snap-back all UNSC sanctions
-->Both scenarios likely result in #Iran NPT exit
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