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The irony of American mass shootings is the mostly White males who commit them target White peers who are most likely to oppose gun control.
In other words, American mass shootings are predominantly White on White crime, at both the societal and legislative levels.
Again, take note that the folk who are most likely to be victimized by White male extremists are the least likely to hold them accountable.
These are mostly White people who are being gunned down in their neighborhood schools, movie theatres, concerts and restaurants.
Yet collectively, the White American majority is so vehemently opposed to gun control that they're willing to let the GOP aid/abet carnage.
"All lives matter" is a bold face motherfucking lie because they have NOTHING to say about White on White mass shootings.
Not a damn word.
What is going on with the White majority that they willfully elected the Klan and give no fucks about gun violence in their communities?
I'm asking this question in all seriousness because it's fucked up. They don't even love themselves enough to seek *real* self preservation.
Also as a psychiatrist I'm sick to death of hearing ppl blame mental illness for our cities being awash w/WMDs and the inevitable happening.
If you keep pumping lethal weapons to the public, individuals will use them to kill people because they can and you allowed it. #protip
NO psychiatrist on this planet can tell you the exact minute or hour that ANY person w/free will and a gun will kill themselves or others.
Stop using mental health as an excuse for all these damn guns on the streets. America doesn't value or fund mental health OR gun control.
The same people screaming mental health want to defund Obamacare which still isn't anywhere near sufficient to address the national need.
Y'all don't care abt mental health or anyone who actually has a mental illness if you're making weak ass excuses for men who terrorize ppl.
Sending thoughts/prayers but turning around and voting to put more guns on the streets and repeal Obamacare is a mental illness: Sociopathy.
Why aren't y'all 'abstinence only' with guns, @GOP?
How is 30K gun deaths per year and you doing everything you can to put more guns on the streets pro-life, @GOP?
When 90% of mass shooters are "disgruntled" White males of all ages, it's a *cultural pathology* that requires public policy intervention.
The issue isn't just that these White mass shooters are disgruntled, it's that they feel ENTITLED to shooting sprees as a coping mechanism.
They are affirmed in their feelings of entitlement to massacre people by our lax gun laws that are written by other disgruntled White men.
None of this shit is a mystery or coincidence. White male privilege is a deterrent to public safety and common fucking human decency.
Mass shooters are so self absorbed and self important that they feel their anger gives them the *right* to kill masses of people with guns.
As White males in America, they've been groomed by a political history & popular culture rooted in glorification of violence as a solution.
This is why we have a political party in power right now that touts "2nd amendment remedies" as the answer to inevitable societal change.
American history has taught the most privileged members of our society (White men) that when things don't go their way they get to kill ppl.
They're appalled by civil disobedience/silent protest but subscribe to a worldview that says armed insurrection is the solution to tyranny.
Again, this is why we can't get sensible gun control. Gun violence is the last refuge of the White men who keep voting to arm themselves.
History proves that White men were granted PRIVILEGED access to guns to form militias for the purposes of putting down slave rebellions.
There is NO modern day justification for this continued lethal privilege, especially when the risks clearly outweigh the alleged benefits.
All our refusal to enact common sense gun control legislation is doing is further enabling abuse and oppression by disgruntled White men.
White male gun addicts are coddled and enabled the same way White male racists are. Enablers wrongly think spoiling them will keep us safe.
The "best" argument America has for not fixing its problems is "angry White dudes will get violent". That's not a solution, it's sociopathy.
Ever stop to think maybe they're so violent because they're being propagandized by a White male culture that exalts violence and apartheid?
Ever stop to think that maybe they've been radicalized by shit like Confederate statues, extrajudicial killings and "rockets red glare"?
Ever stop to think that maybe they've been radicalized by the @NRA and @GOP that thrive on blood money and disgruntled White dudes? 🤔
They are NO different than the right wing extremists abroad who use patriarchy, austerity, religion and violence to oppress the masses.
These shooters aren't lone wolves, they are links in a very long chain of White male extremist violence that's plagued America since 1492.
You CANNOT separate the disastrous outcomes of public policy from the people who support and benefit most from it. Stop trying.
Centuries of historical/scientific data PROVE that maintenance of the 2A is predicated on gun violence as maintenance of White supremacy.
There is NO alt-explanation for why a supposedly civilized nation insists on allowing this level of atrocity to continue. We aren't civil.
We still can't even agree that Black lives matter but White dudes having the *right* to be mass murderers is SCOTUS sanctioned LAW.
People are protesting police entitlement to shoot/kill American citizens at will, a policy that is 100% a slave code and a White privilege.
The 2A was all about compromise, Blacks got freedom from bondage but Whites got to keep their guns and slave patrols. Nothing has changed.
The institution of White supremacy is more than happy to sacrifice a few dozen White people in these massacres for the sake of Whiteness™.
White supremacy is also willing to sacrifice thousands of White people who commit suicide by gun every year, including veterans and troops.
The institution of White supremacy will undoubtedly arrive at the scene of White extremist terror to exploit it for profit and compliance.
The institution of White supremacy will sell more guns and fear no matter how many White people get killed in the process. Cost of business.
Never forget that EVERY other American demographic besides White men supports sensible gun legislation by majority. Who controls government?
Stop asking why nothing is changing on guns when you see who's "in charge" of fixing the problem. The addicts can't run the rehab. #protip
White supremacy will NOT disarm itself.
White male culture isn't going to willingly give up its guns or its entitlement to go on shooting sprees when life isn't fair to them.
The rest of us have had to endure all sorts of infringement of our civil rights but heaven forbid White dudes be subjected to gun control.
Understand where the heart of the issue lies and stop letting the people who are the problem prevent the rest of us from fixing it.
Our government is "small" enough to take away your birth control but not your abusive husband's gun.
Why is the self proclaimed party of Whiteness & family values so intent on doing nothing to prevent gun violence but everything to cause it?
The fact that our society still allows these people to parade themselves around as morally superior is what White privilege looks like.
Such a shame these people are so intent on keeping everyone else down that they don't even see themselves in their peers' crosshairs.
GOP still plans to vote on NRA-backed legislation that eases gun restrictions latimes.com/nation/la-las-… #AmericanSociopath
In case you're still wondering why America refuses to call mass shooters terrorists or regulate guns worth a damn:
White privilege in the gun debate also dictates that hunting as a cultural hobby (aka killing living things for fun) trumps public safety.
In other words, because predominantly White men enjoy shooting/killing things for recreation the rest of us can't be safe in public spaces.
What other demographic in America enjoys this same level of freedom to jeopardize everyone else's life & safety for their optional hobbies?
Women aren't even allowed full discretion in ending their own pregnancies in their own bodies, but White dudes must have the right to hunt.
How exactly is hunting or a culture that glorifies killing living things just because you want to and have a gun pro-life? Add it up for me.
This is 2017, y'all aren't hunting for basic survival and sustenance. You have a fetish for the power of ending life and it's a privilege.
Also FYI indigenous hunters and gatherers didn't need guns to capture their prey, so I can't even buy the argument that this is heritage.
Get yourself a bow and arrow or fashion your own spear, at least be historically consistent. Stop pretending you need your guns to survive.
America needs to stop making decisions based on how comfortable and privileged we can keep White men compared to everyone else.
It's a privilege that White men specifically are permitted to stockpile weapons of war so they can use violence as a poor coping mechanism.
It's a privilege that White men specifically are permitted to manufacture and sell weapons of war to the public w/basically no regulation.
It's a privilege that White men specifically are permitted to hold the federal government hostage in exchange for NRA campaign contributions
It's a privilege that we allow our gun laws to be written by the White men who are statistically more likely to use those guns against us.
Bottom line is you can't expect spoiled brats to reign their own selves in, and mass shootings are White privilege run totally fucking amok.
It's a privilege that White men aren't being racially profiled by Homeland Security and local police given their high rate of gun ownership.
It's a privilege that White men who stockpile guns and ammo and consume right wing propaganda aren't on a terror watch list or database.
Actually one of the MAIN reasons the vast majority of mass shooters are White men is they're the only ones with that much freedom here.
Don't just take my word for it, let a White guy explain to you how massacres are the monthly payment for privilege:
These people genuinely believe that the essence of freedom is White men preferentially being able to terrorize society into submission.
They're ok w/everyone else's civil rights being infringed but White guys not being able to stockpile guns is a bridge way too fucking far.
The privilege is inherent in the way the family/friends nor gun/explosive dealers who sell White terrorists their weapons saw the red flags.
It's a privilege that their skin tone affords them the benefit of doubt and a level of public trust that isn't extended to people of color.
The Columbine killers had the freedom to make pipe bombs right under their parents noses, Muslim kids get criminalized for science projects.
White kids in the burbs aren't being stopped and frisked even though they're statistically most likely to shoot up their neighborhood.
Minority communities are expected to police our own away from violence but White communities are homegrowing terrorists with impunity.
We're unable to do an effective risk assessment for public safety because White Americans are failing to identify extremism in their midst.
Stockpiling guns and ingesting hateful right wing propaganda has become so commonplace amongst White American men that it's not abhorrent.
Right wing extremism is so mainstream that it elected a fake POTUS & continues to feign shock that he's as disastrous as they hoped he'd be.
I've had White families literally refuse my recommendation to confiscate their suicidal/homicidal son/father/husband's gun b/c freedom.
They never find it odd that they're refusing to act in even their own loved one's safety, they're most concerned with offending the gun.
They're more concerned about his anger at his gun (security blanket) being taken away from him than him killing himself or others with it.
Most disheartening of all we see this a lot with veterans who are at such high risk for both violent extremism and self harm with guns.
You're living in a dream world if you think the mental health field is going to save America from all these people with guns out here.
I've had plenty of White male patients who outright refuse to answer questions about guns b/c they don't want it to be "held against" them.
They won't self-identify and their social network colludes to contain and minimize their extremism. It's a dangerous cultural phenomenon.
When you throw in the meth, benzodiazepine, opioid and alcohol epidemics in these White communities with the guns, it's a recipe for mayhem.
It's truly a major public health problem, but it's a contradiction of the myth of White superiority so we ignore it until it kills again.
Receipts on that:
Both the scientific and law enforcement communities know full well the scope of the problem and the threat, we're just too afraid to fix it.
America is more afraid of making privileged people angry than the deadly consequences of them maintaining their undue privilege.
We can't confront the epidemic if we ignore the science.
White privilege is being able to stockpile guns/ammo for insurgency while Black people get life in prison for weed.
Take note that we've waged wars on peaceful protest, reproductive choice, non-prescription drugs, and terror, but NEVER guns. ☕️
What kinda sense does it make for American criminal justice to be more concerned abt non-violent drug offenses than preventing gun violence?
How many resources are devoted to finding out how much sex & drugs you have in your house vs how many lethal weapons you have in your house?
Our DOJ is more interested in how many weed plants you're growing at home than it is the White domestic terrorist you're fertilizing.
The White oligarchy has colluded with the MSM, NRA and Big Pharma to feed White America *legal* propaganda, guns and drugs, and here we are.
I repeat, LEGAL. The most egregious aspect of this multifactorial disaster is that White privilege enshrines the dysfunction into LAW.
Meanwhile White life expectancy is steadily dropping due in part to drug abuse/overdose and suicide by gun. mobile.nytimes.com/2016/04/20/hea…
In other words, skin privilege ensures that White Americans are more likely to be entrusted with the guns/drugs that will be their demise.
Case in point, Whites are far more likely to receive opioid prescriptions in the ER than Blacks or Latinos. ucsf.edu/news/2016/08/4…
Understand that White privilege confers a level of blind trust that classifies White people who should really be deemed high risk as "safe".
Case in point, Trump.
So what we have are high risk White people preferentially entrusted with psychotropic drugs, guns, fake news and power. What could go wrong?
Alright, alright, I'll give you a hint...
You can't give privileged, maladjusted ppl easy access to guns, drugs, and power without setting boundaries then expect safety and civility.
You can't keep trusting people who've demonstrated they can't be trusted then feign shock and awe when it keeps blowing up in your face.
You can't acquit cops/vigilantes of murder and let Trump/the GOP steal the election then be surprised White terrorists are feeling frisky.
It's ALL connected and it's all a DISASTER brought to you by sociopathy and White privilege™. You can run from it but it's not hiding.
We can't save ppl who don't wanna be saved. We have to outvote them to reduce gun violence. Life's on the ballot.
This is what White male privilege in gun policy aka "doing no good for the greatest number" looks like:
White people should be more afraid of other whites than they are of people of color latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/… h/t @samswey
When the inmates are running the asylum.
Trump uses Las Vegas mass shooting to fundraise for his campaign shareblue.com/trump-uses-las… via @shareblue #AmericanSociopath
Panicked @NRA blames Hollywood, Hillary Clinton, video games as gun safety bill advances shareblue.com/panicked-nra-b… via @shareblue
Shameless GOP tries to make mass shootings even easier after Vegas massacre shareblue.com/shameless-gop-… via @shareblue
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