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Bored at work today
1.) Kirin Ranger's Daisuke Tsuchiya was originally cast as Ryuu Ranger, but was changed after doing some test shooting
2.) Most of the Showa Sentai actors fell out of touch with each over the years and mostly connected again through Facebook
3.) Close up shots of Ultraman flying in the Showa period were filmed upside down as it was easier to perform belly faced up
4.) Spider-Man's transformation brace was so heavy to wear, the actor used the lighter stunt version for everything apart from close ups
5.) The 70s oil crisis drove the prices of monster suit creation so high during Ultraman Leo and used with flying saucers to save costs
6.) Tsuburaya has a box of tiny incredibly detailed vending machines. Not really a fact, but they're awesome
7.) You can look see where Hiroshi Fujioka had his bike accident on Google maps, right here google.com/maps/@35.59218…
8.) Suit actors DO say the lines while filming; I've seen a lot of people ask this kind of question before
9.) Fujioka watched the first episode of Kamen Rider from a hospital bed after his bike accident
9a.) Fujioka cried
10.) Fujioka didn't appear in two episodes later in the show (I forget which), as he walked off set wanting to appear in popular show
11.) Kamen Rider Wizard's XMA moves were used because they didn't want kids punching people with rings on, performed by Hideki Sugiguchi
12.) Kamen Rider Baron's Yutaka Kobayashi twisted both his ankles in the Helheim forest after walking three steps into a shot
13.) Decade's hair in each world was meant to change to reflect the world he was in.
14.) Magiranger's Magi Shine became a teacher afterwards and actually taught Kamen Rider Mach's Yu Inaba
15.) Spider-Man's Leopardon has never been confirmed to be stolen or damaged, it's a bit of a urban legend of what happened to it
16.) For budget reasons, the kaiju that appear in Ultraman Ginga S were picked out of existing suits that looked still workable
17.) Newspapers reported kids injured themselves recreating #1's Rider Kick, so they had an episode warning children not to perform it
18.) Zyuranger is very radically different as most staff decided to leave when it was announced internally Jetman was to be the last Sentai
19.) The main three of Liveman were popular singers before being cast, with Daisuke Shima (Red) having a reputation as a bad boy
20.) The earrings on Yellow/Pink Mask were prone to breaking constantly, so they were never used on suits again
21.) The castle in the Ninninger ED video isn't a real castle, it's actually a museum made to look like one
22.) Fiveman's Magma Base was a bit of a controversy at the time as it didn't sell... at all. And only appeared (I wanna say) 3 episodes?
23.) V3's Miyauchi's son auditioned for Agito and didn't get the role
24.) Kuuga's Odagiri Joe auditioned for GogoV, but didn't want it and was too embarrassed to perform a henshin pose
25.) Toei doesn't have the rights to Spider-Man now, to the point they can't even print pictures of it. Home release was a separate deal
26.) The actor pronunciation of Spider-Man almost misses the "n", so fans refer to it as supaidaama with a stong "ma" - スパイダーマッ (no ン)
27.) Hurricane Blue's Nao Nagasawa was the one who gathered all the cast and staff together and submitted the proposal to Toei
28.) Toei & Toei Video are almost two different companies, yet share the same rights. Toei Video is in charge of all V-Cinemas' production
29a.) When Abe Yuichi directed Ultraman Nexus, he wrote his name in kanji, but changed it to katakana after working on something with
29b.) someone with the same name.
BUT, when he directed the Nexus tribute episode in X, for that one episode, his credit was in kanji
30.) Despite being credited as the first Kamen Rider, it's thanks to #2 that we have the staples of Rider we use today. Henshin, posing, etc
31.) OG Rider finished at 98 because V3's first two episodes were meant to be 99 & 100, with V3 taking over as lead
32.) Episode counts for Showa Rider is weird as they were cancelled/moved around networks and each one wanting to create their "own" Rider
33.) Leo Morimoto, who appeared in Garo ep 21 as the father who fused with the bullet Horror, is the VA for the JP Thomas The Tank Engine
34.) After Beast of the White Night special, everyone assumed GARO was done forever, until in 2008 GARO pachinko machines went crazy popular
35.) Hurricane Yellow does a behind the scenes show on the Toei Tokusatsu Fanclub app, it's pretty funny
36.) Geed's henshin is a pun, the "You go" part is the word '融合/yuugou', meaning fusion/unite
37.) Post earthquake/tsunami Japan, Fourze was made because they wanted to be positive and for kids to go out, make friends and play
38.) Fourze really is based on Breakfast Club & Glee. No joke.
39.) Go-On Wings' Rocket Daggers were changed into Rocket Boosters following the Akihabara massacre of 2008
40.) Nobody still knows what really happened with the first Yellow Four, but people have heard various things
41.) Boi from Zyuranger is actually written Boy, like a child
42.) Toshiki Inoue's father was one of the main Showa rider writers
43.) When Ultraman was airing, one of the most profitable items on sale ever was the Science Patrol jumpsuits
44.) Momoranger's Lisa Komaki auditioned for the role and got it, knowing it was a regular, but not as a heroine, let alone a henshin role
45.) Akaranger/Aoranger relationship was written so they would butt heads and neither would be a leader of sorts
46.) Dairanger was considered the 15th anniversary series, so Red/Blue were similar to Go Ranger and the team had no actual leader
47.) EX-Aid's Parad based his performance on The Dark Knight's Joker
48.) Sentai actors don't/can't watch/understand the Power Rangers of their show. Exceptions being actors who dubbed their counterparts
49.) Red Racer's Yuji Kishi is the Japanese voice actor Ken in Street Fighter
50.) Unlike Sentai/Rider costumes where the helmets come off, Ultraman suits have to be zipped down the back as its part of the suit
51.) The Earth in Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga is one with no Ultraman and hasn't had a kaiju attack before, nor Earth from the show
52.) Zena in Ultraman Geed is played by Hideyoshi Iwata, who is the main suit actor for the past few years, including Geed
10a.) It was episodes 67 & 68, confirmed by @Igadevil
@Igadevil 53.) Kento Handa barely features in the first episode of Faiz because he was still busy with school and the location was too far away
@Igadevil 54.) Phillip's actor took a year break from school in Osaka to do Double, then went back afterwards to finish
@Igadevil 55.) Dynaman's Dyna Red is scared of explosions
@Igadevil 56.) Hongo's fight in the cable car of the original series was without any wires. The body thrown out of it is a dummy of course
@Igadevil 57.) Onduru, a fan fictional language for the Blade riders from mispronouncing lines, the first being hontou/Ondouru. Also they're aliens
@Igadevil 58.) There's an unused video of Takumi passing a literal baton to Kenzaki and performing their henshin side-by-side
@Igadevil 59.) Gaku Sano has an identical twin brother, Kei Sano. The guy in the middle is also their younger brother
@Igadevil 27a.) This is in reference to the Hurricanger 10 Years After V-Cinema, sorry for the confusion
@Igadevil 60.) Ninja Black, despite being of Japanese heritage, could not speak Japanese. Red & him did a language exchange and taught him English
@Igadevil 61.) Ninja Black's real life father, Sho Kosugi appeared as his opponent in episodes 26/27
62.) Kakuranger's Youkai are based on Japanese folklore monsters, as well as American comics and their use of written onomatopoeia
63.) Zyu-Oh narrative is similar as they share head writer Noboru Sugimura. He went on to write Resident Evil 2/Code Veronica & Onimusha
64.) Now counting Goranger, Oh ranger was treated as the 20th anniversary. Writers from Sentais history were assembled to pen for it
65.) Hirohisa Soda was head writer from GoggleV to Fiveman. Nearly 10 years of being in charge, probably burnt him out
66.) Oh ranger uses "super powers", so on their masks is ★■▼〓● , which are symbols used on cards to test for ESP abilities
67.) While RX was airing, a spoof comedy was broadcast too that became more popular than the real show - Kamen Norida
68.) It guest starred Akiji Kobayashi, Showa Rider's Tachibana. RXs producer blamed falling ratings and noone taking Rider seriously anymore
69.) It's attributed to Rider going off the air until Kuuga. RX wanted to appear but wasn't allowed. Mentioning the name was trouble enough
70.) There was an initial backlash to Ryuki, fans weren't happy with Riders fighting each other.
Oh how little they knew what was coming
71.) Doron Changer in Kakuranger - "doron" means to slip away, much like a ninja
72.) Tachibana in Super Hero Taisen GP is based on the version of Ishimori's manga where he's a butler
72a.) As the app won't let me upload more than one photo in a reply
73.) If you look carefully, you'll notice the Dairangers henshin pose inserting the Aura Changers are different for each hero
74.) Balance is not only a translation, but a cooler way of saying Tenbin in Japanese. Hence both of his names (Tenbin Gold/Balance)
75.) Confirmed by the actress herself, Hammie is the correct spelling of Chameleon Green's name
76.) Kyuranger used locations they hadn't before to give scenes non-Earthy feels. One was a small island off of Kamakura
77.) People of all ages and absolute beginners can go to Takaiwa Seiji's action workshops, usually on Sunday/Monday evenings
78.) Niibori and Fukuzawa, Sentais two main red suit actors started their own action team, Red Action Deliver Corporation
79.) Action teams:
JAE(formally JAC) - TV show/movies
BOS - V-cinemas/live shows/others
Alpha - PR/unrelated movies
AAC - GARO/Cutie Honey
79a.) Tsuburaya Production Action Team does their own.
Also note, there's overlap, everyone works together depending on the project
80.) For episode 53 of Wizard(15th Heisei) Decade was brought as he was the 10th. They considered Kuuga as well as he was 1st.
81.) The "Please" sound of Wizard's belt is because, wait for it...
What's the magic word?
82.) Shima Daisuke retired from Sentai world, until he joined Twitter & spoke w/fans. He eventually decided to appear in Sentai Spirits 2016
83.) Kenta Satou, Red Turbo, not only sang the OP/ED and 4 insert songs, he also sang the OP to Zyuranger
84.) Shocker Ono was a suit actor in Showa shows & became a MC for various events. There's a manga story about him amazon.co.jp/%E3%82%B7%E3%8…
85.) The original Ultraman series had at it's highest point 42.8%, with an overall average of 32.4%
86.) Before broadcast, Tiga had expectations of a second coming, with over 20%. The highest it reached was 9.9%, with an average of 7.3%
87.) OG Kamen Rider had an average of 21.2%, but the highest average for Heisei was Agito with 11.7% (Kuuga was 9.7%)
88.) Despite being the same company and very similar premise, Ultraman & Ultra Seven were treated as two completely unrelated heroes
89a.) This was later reconnected when all Showa Ultras were in the same universe (just ignore the inconsistencies)
90.) There were Ultra Seven sequel TV specials in the 90s that ignores the M78 timeline. Tsuburaya has kind of ignored that they exist now
91.) Juspion's Hikaru Kurosaki married Bioman's Yuuko Asuka and ran "Mother Earth" diving shop in Okinawa. Sadly, she passed away in 2011.
92.) Faiz gears are based on businessmen. Briefcase, camera, lazer pointer, etc. Kaixa's pose pulls on his (non-existent)tight shirt collar
93.) Toei filming studio is also a Pokemon GO gym
94.) The dark side of Kamen Rider manga that circles around now and then is either false, or very misleading
95.) The scene where Alan eats takoyaki & fights in Ghost is an homage to Fists of Fury, where Bruce Lee eats chips
96.) Despite being filmed a year before broadcast, the last episode of ZERO: Dragon Blood was completed until a week before premiering
97.) The camera Alice uses in Dragon Blood is the same one Kaoru uses in the Ending video Makai Senki
98.) Lamy in Zyuranger's first design had armour on both her arms.
99.) Amazons season 1 also broadcast on television, but Shirakura decided to make season 2 completely unable to be shown on TV
100.) Asakura was not only going to be a serial killer, but a death row inmate. In the end they found it too dark for Sunday mornings
101.) Ryuki's Kamen Rider Raia was going to be a monk, but they didn't like the idea of a belt on robes so changed to fortune teller
102.) Gaim's Micchy was originally going to kill Sid, but they thought that would have made him too irredeemable
103.) One of Gaim's proposed motifs was birds
104.) Another one was bugs. We nearly got bugs back for once
105.) Gaim having orange was chosen after focus testing with kids revealed orange was their favorite fruit
106.) They wanted Baron to finish off Demushu, but the story conflicted with Kiwami arms debut, so changed
107.) Baron got so popular with fans that they gave him Genesis driver to progress him in the story further
108.) Most of the Makai Knights have either 牙(fang) or 狼(wolf) in their name. Kouga/鋼牙/Steel Fang, GARO/牙狼/Fang Wolf, Ryuga/流牙/Flowing Fang
108a.) Raiga/雷牙/Thunder Fang, Zero/絶狼/Absolute Wolf, Baron/破狼/Tearing Wolf, Gai/牙射/Fang Shooting(archery), Crow/吼狼/Howling Wolf
108b.) Giga/戯牙/No nonsense Fang, Lord/狼怒/Wolf Angry.
Not to be taken literally, of course
109c.) Saejima also has 冴(skilled) in the name, probably because it's written very similarly to 牙 (kiba/fang)
110.) Junichiro Koizumi voiced Ultraman King in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend, he is the former prime minster of Japan
110a.) Initially he refused, until his younger son persuaded him to do it
111.) Nobuharu in Kyoryuger; they originally wanted him to be a father, but changed him to an uncle
112.) The minions in Kyoryuger, Zorima, are based on sea based amoeba
113.) Golems in Zyuranger are Jewish folklore Golems, protectors made out of clay
114.) Kyoryuger's Debo Hyogakki, Viruson & Nagareboshi are based on 3 theories that wiped out the dinosaurs, Ice age, Virus & meteor
115.) Boukenger's monsters are based on various Sentai's mecha throughout it's long history
116.) Kyoryuger's generals are based on characters from the Wizard of Oz
117.) Part of Magiranger's opening video was filmed by the Power Ranger team, who were based in New Zealand
118.) Kyuranger's movie name ゲース・インダベーの逆襲 is a reference to JP Star Wars title, Empire Strikes Back, 帝国の逆襲, Empire's Counterattack
119.) The villain of the movie is ゲース・インダベー, Garth Indaver. Similar to Darth Vadar's JP name ダース・ベイダー. Compare the helmets
120.) The giant circular vessel crashing into the Earth is called Geath Star. No need to guess what that's a reference too
121.) They hold back Kerberos mecha using the Hercules kyuutama. Rather fitting.
122.) The Makai Senki episode with the possessed bike was second unit directed by Koichi Sakamoto because of his experience with them on PR
123.) The reveal of THAT character's true identity was planned from episode one
124.) Production cost on GARO Makai Senki was around $8.8 million
125.) In the episode Kohei Murakami appears in GARO, you can see the cards 3, ace & 9 next to each other. Kaixa's henshin number is 913
126.) The episode is written by Inoue Toshiki, they're very good friends in real life
127.) GARO Goldstorm has an emphasis on "combination action", lots of scenes with dual fights
128.) The set of D Ringo's store is full of props used since GARO started
129.) Ishinomori has the Guinness Book of World Records for "Most comics published by one author", 500 volumes
130.) There is a Ishinomori Manga Museum in Miyagi Prefecture, opened in 2001. It's in Ishinomaki City, where he was born
131.) It was damaged in the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, but reopened in 2012!
132.) Kamen Rider Faiz: Paradise Lost has the World Record of most extras in a movie, 10,000 people. Filmed at Saitama Super Arena
133.) Over 99,000 people applied to do it
134.) To distinguish the characters from the TV series counterparts, they used costumes and sets that weren't used in the show
135.) The three men you see in holograms is the voices of Dai Shocker, RX's General Jark & Shouzou Iizuka (Go ranger masked villains)
136.) The climax scene is meant to resemble Roman Gladiator battles, similar to Ben Hur
137.) Faiz is made out of Solmetal, but Psyga & Orga are made out of metal that surpasses it called Lunametal
138.) The ear parts of Orga's helmet is designed like a woman's haircut bun
139.) Masayuki Izumi, Kiba, said when Decade was airing that he felt like he would have been mad to see anybody else transforming into Orga
140.) Kamen Rider Episode Final did so well at the box office, they extended it's time at the cinemas
141.) Shinji's actor said he played Ryuga like he was monster that happened to be wearing his skin
142.) Most of the main Agito actors appear in the movie too
143.) Agito G4; originally thought about giving the role of the police superintendent to Hiroshi Fujioka instead of naming him similarly
144.) G4's helmet is based on a primary design for G3-X
145.) Pedes are based on Shocker combatants
146.) They made 10 suits for them
147.) The three new Riders in Blade: MISSING ACE are based on the Leangle belt, which is why they say "Open Up"
148.) All three of their weapons are based on the original Blade Rider team
149.) Akiba Red's suit actor, Sanshiro Wada, plays Biku's brother in GARO Makai no Hana, Izumo/Latel.
Pic cause look
149a.) Bonus point, he's also Dimension Detective Orion in Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker Signa
150.) Mizuoh Yoshida, Godzilla suit actor, has a short cameo as a security guard at the start of the Bikuu movie.
151.) GARO Makai Retsuden, cast & story was kept secret until the episode aired as Amemiya wanted it to be revealed as you watched it
152.) Rekka from GARO's name uses the kanji 烈花, meaning "furious flower"
153.) Rei's name uses the kanji 零, which means "zero/nought"
154.) In Makai no Hana episode 4 "Film", Keita Amemiya cameo's as a zombie in George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead homage scene
155.) Keita Amemiya was the coordinator for Kamen Rider Shin's transformation scene
156.) Tekkoki Mikazuki was a 6 part show, directed Amemiya, costing 8.7 million yen, over 500 staff and took a year to complete
157.) Turboranger's anniversary special was going to be Liveman's, but filming for Maskman was delayed due to bad weather and so cancelled
158.) Maskman's X-1's design incorporated elements of Battle Fever J. The helmet was a prototype, but the suit was made for the episode
159.) Underground Emperor Zeba was originally designed to be wearing a pink cloak. Boss.
160.) Endgame villain in Flashman, The Deemosu (probably flubbing the name here), had two suit actors inside
161.) In 1st GARO, there was only one low level Horror suit & one mask they could operate the mouth. All the others are camera trickery/CG
162.) Lazy so using other tweet for this fact
163.) GARO Makai No Hana is a back to basics formula of the original GARO after the previous styles of shows
164.) Episode 9 featured a lot of nakedness, which aired censored until rebroadcasts on other channels labelled as a "Director's Cut"
165.) Despite being a sequel, it leans heavily on homage elements to the other shows & movies
166.) The female Makai Priest that appeared in Homura Village in Goldstorm was played by JAM Project's Masami Okui
167.) Ultraman Orb - the theme of series is "to take back one's true self"
168.) Gai is 21st century take on the wandering loner hero, influenced by Clint Eastwood & Kogarashi Monjiro
169.) One song in particular was used as an image for the character, 誰かが風の中で "Someone in the wind"
170.) During the planning stages, the movie ギターを持った渡り鳥 "Bird of passing holding a guitar" was suggested as a source
171.) Director Taguchi used a concept of "What if Seven's Dan hadn't been recruited by the Ultra Garrison and he continued being a loner"
172.) Juggler was created a worthy rival character to a loner type character
173.) The Defense Team was intentionally not depicted much to show a view of them from a real world perspective that they happen to exist in
174.) Ittetsu Shibukawa is based on a local policeman type
175.) Utraman Orb is a 10 part story, The Origin Saga is part 1, the TV show is 6 & the movie is 7. The others have not come out... yet
176.) In the planning stages, they toyed with the idea of a boys detective team
177.) Gai got the Kurenai name (not to get dark/crimson red) when in chapter 5, he visited Earth and was moved by the sight of a sunset
178.) He got his pendant while travelling in chapter 2, from a boy who dies in chapter 3 called Shorty
179.) He got his jacket in chapter 5 from a Captain Mike Skadder. In a press event, he gave Geed's actor one as a present
180.) The scarf that Gai wears in Origin Saga was suggested by the actor, trying to represent his wanderer characteristic
181.) Taguchi thought the parallels between Natasha & Naomi's situations was a little too weak, so they decided to make them related
182.) They incorporated Shingo Yanagisawa's running gag of using a cigarette box as communications device into his prop on the show
183.) Natasha is the daughter of Eastern European & Rupashika Empire loyalists, fleeing to Rusalka during civil war with revolutionists
184.) The crystal on Orb's head changes colour depending on the form he's using
185.) The design for the Fusion Up forms were done backwards, they decided on Orb Origin firstly, then derived from it from that
186.) Knowing the Fusion Up designs were going to be elaborate, Origin was intentionally made simple, yet stylish, to differentiate
187.) The Fusion Up designs are described as "Ultra Seven Type" designs, so Origin is "Ultraman Type", as well as color scheme
188.) Ultraman Orb The First has the black & reds switched; director Kazuya Konaka wanted to make it simple. empathizing Ultraman's elements
189.) For some great Maskman facts, as well as others in general, read this wonderful article series on Japan News the-japan-news.com/news/article/0…
190.) This building that was used in Kamen Rider The Next & other tokusatsu now doesn't exist, it's now apartments
191.) Kyuranger's names were chosen so they didn't overlap on other titles like Saint Seiya, Shishi instead of Leo, etc
192.) They didn't want the "members to get together to beat the enemy", instead "Each is a Super Star, and together they all the All-Stars"
191b.) Adding to this, they tried not to use the 12 elliptical constellations and others that are not so well known
193.) Knowing that invading villains had been done a lot before, they stumbled upon an idea "What if the universe has already been invaded?"
187b.) Correction to this as someone on Facebook pointed it, it's in references to the faces, not the bodies of the forms! Sorry!
194.) Kyuranger is a back to norm Sentai after producer at the time Mochizuki thought he had gone "too far" with Gokai/Go-Bus changes
195.) Producer Mochizuki told the directors to be a cheerful show like Guardians of the Galaxy
196.) Lucky is based on what astronaut Mamoru Mouri once said "Being an astronaut needs good and positive thinking".
197.) They made Lucky clueless about the universe so he'd ask questions that he and viewers could hear the answers too
198.) Sasori Orange is the first time since Battle Fever J's Battle Cossack that orange has been used for a ranger *apologies for cheap fact
199.) Sasori is positioned to be a second leader in the team. The double agent was suggested by the main writer and later implemented
200.) Balance is of course, based on the image of C3PO
201.) Balance is also the first ever Gold main member of the team
202.) Naga is also the first Silver member! Plus he's based on R2-D2
203.) Hamie's ninja motif is based off 1978's Message From Space, known as the Japanese Star Wars ripoff
204.) Jark Matter's names/titles are based on Edo Period terminology and historical plays
198b.) Main team member! Sorry
196.) Lucky is based on what astronaut Mamoru Mouri once said "Being an astronaut needs good luck and positive thinking".
(My head wasn't in the game for these fact tweets today)
205. In '81, Space Sheriff was created in the after Ultraman 80 had finished, KR stopped after Super-1 and Super Sentai status was uncertain
206.) It started when Katsushi Murakami drew a metallic hero armed with sword who was somewhere in space
*may not be first sketch
207.) His original name was Space Sheriff Z, armed with the Lazer Z Beam and his suit would have black lines on it resembling a Z.
208.) Other proposed names were:
ギンジロウ - Ginjou
ギンブリッド - Ginbrid
The "gin" probably being a reference to 銀 = silver
209.) They eventually decided on Gavan/Gyaban/ギャバン, from the French actors name Jean Gabin/ジャン・ギャバン. Surname is written the same in katakana
210.) They used western people's names all the way up to Spielban, because it was easier to get around trademark issues
211.) They picked JAC's "ace" Kenji Ohba as they wanted strong action scenes before he transform
212.) Toei staff put their necks on the line for Gavan, the budget was reportedly record high & if it flopped, no more tokusatsu heroes
213.) Gavan got so much good press and huge response, that Toei reportedly said they were "flooded with calls"
214.) TV network told staff that unless it got double digits in viewing ratings, the show would be cut. It averaged at 14.9%
215.) After ep 2 finished filming, Obha's this & said that he''d "risk my life", so they jammed packed the following episodes with action
216.) While filming, he got a jealous fan letter that he got along with Mimi so well that contained white powder, labelled poison
217b.) They were worried it would negatively affect the show so they kept it secret...
218) Like Gavan, Sharivan's Watari Hiroshi was cast from JAC again, as they wanted to do "dangerous action"
219.) Toy target audience for Sharivan aimed for 3-4 year olds, so to appeal to them, they trialed & errored colors until deciding on red
220.) They did consider doing blue
221.) Sharivan doesn't have a real life origin, his name is a combination of sun SHINE/シャイン and Gavan's VAN/バン
222.) So now if you listen to the OP
and so on
223.) The opening song at the time sold 400,000 copies, making it a hit
224.) Doctor Polter ドクターポルター got her name from '82's horror movie Poltergeist ポルターガイスト
225.) Shaider's unused names were Jensar/ジェンサー & Sharon/シャーロン
226.) Shaider's name was based on Jaws' main actor Roy Scheider/ロイ・シャイダー
227.) Shaider's toy sales were 306% of Sharivans.
While astounding, an undesirable marketplace for boys toys at the time was partly to thank
228.) In the early stages, Dai was planned to be a lecturer at a cram school
229.) Hessler's sword is a remake of the Devil Sword that appeared in Sharivan
230.) Juspion's name is a combination of "Justice" and "Champion"
231.) Early title was Youju (Strange Beast) Hunter De Nero/妖獣ハンターデニーロ.
Easy to guess where they got that name from
232.) Then they went with Kaiju Special Inspector Juspion/怪獣特捜ジャスピオン, before changing the Kaiju to Kyoju, which means large monster anyway
233.) Bandai suggested that not only Ultraman was popular, but their kaiju too and to try & incorporate this into Juspion
234.) Episode 1 & 2's filming schedule had to be extended so the airing date was two weeks later than originally intended
235.) Original plan for Juspion, he was from 18th galaxy on planet Medes, losing his parents in an accident
235b,) and his adoptive parent, a giant monster, was killed by Satan Gorth, now seeking revenge.
Name - Yutaka Kenjo & worked as a stuntman
236.) Juspion had an average of 12.1% and was moved time slots as a result, except it got 10.7% after the change
237.) Spielban is named after Steven Spielberg
238.) Two unused names were Metalman & Big Space-Time Staron/大時空戦士スターロン
239.) Keita Amemiya was the monster designer on Juspion and was promoted to main designer for Spielban
240.) Metalders unused name was New Cyborg Bikeroid 新人機バイクロイド
241.) Metalder was designed by two people, one who did the head & the other the body. The body designer was opposed to the red & blue coloring until the very end
242.) Keita Amemiya designed God Neros
243.) Secretary K & S were originally planned to be androids. Also designed by Amemiya
244.) Furious Fighter Gebaros is based on Syd Mead's futuristic designs
(Apologies for not finding a better pic)
245.) Big Wayne's name is based on John Wayne. (ビッグウェイン)
In the show it's written as Bick Wayne ビックウエイン, but in later publications it was corrected
246.) To film the transformation sequence, they used sparks to create it inside a studio. Lead actor Seikou Senoo looked at them with no eye protection and was left temporarily unable to see.
It ended up halting production for 3 days
247.) The shot of Senoo practicing with a sword was, despite being on a beach, quite rocky. He had to run a through times barefooted while filming and cut up his feet
248.) They had to create around 40 monster suits for episode 1 and it was described as being "hell". After the show began, they spent most of their time constantly repairing them.
249.) Unused title for Jiraiya was 世界忍者大戦ジライヤ World Ninja Great War Jiraiya
250.) Masaaki Hatsumi, who played Tetsuzan Yamaji, is the founder of the Bujinkan Organization, and considered a real life ninja. He worked on the show as the action supervisor
251.) Jiban's way of moving was based on Robocops mechanic movements
252.) It is also an homage to 8Man.
253.) The head of Bandai, Tsuyoshi Nonaka, said he wanted to capture of feel of "Abunai Keiji/Dangerous Dective", a police drama that was popular at the time
254.) Tokusatsu hero shows always had used domestic makers for vehicles; Jiban was the first time they used a foreign one, General Motors
255.) Early planning stage names for Jiban were:
Future Cop Decke/未来刑事デッカー (Deka means detective)
256.) The Jiban suit had to be pinned in parts, which took time to attach & detach. The suit was so difficult to move in
257.) Jiban's electronic organizer was never planned to be released as a toy, so it had no concrete name. It was included in the Kidou Keiji Set, which sold far better than expected. It was then sold separated as DX Electronic Police Notebook
258.) In 1988-89, there was a criminal who was kidnapping young girls in Tokyo & Saitama and sending voice messages to newspapers. This huge story drove criticism to entertainment media across the board.
258b.) So, with Winspector, instead of defeating monsters or an enemy organization, they would arrest criminals, bringing them to justice, and save lives. Because of this, they introduced more Sci-fi elements into the show and was much more of a general police drama
259.) With trying to make it more realistic, they wanted to show the suit coming on and off, including the strain of using it as well as a time limit. Hence the helmetless shots where he's covered in sweat
260.) Winspector doesn't have many conventional weapons, instead using relief aid items, to empathize the importance of saving lives
261.) To contrast the realism, criminals were generally arrested and cases were resolved with a happy ending. Very few actually resulted in them dying
262.) There were initial fears that rescue items would not sell, compared to previous Metal Hero conventional weapons. Bandai noted that they did very well, in particular the Giga Streamer & Special Police Notepad. Combining items was something they would use from then on
263.) Writer Yasuko Kobayashi decided to become a writer after watching episode 25 of Winspector, "The crying robot in the rain"
264.) Part of Walter's costume was made using metal, which made it heavy and really hard to keep balanced.
265.) The base car for Winspector's Winsquad is a third generation Chevrolet Camaro
266.) Solbrain changed it's aim a little, "Not just people's lives, but to save their hearts".
Criminals weren't simply "bad", but thrust into committing crimes due to different circumstances
267.) Solbrain's toy sales were 60% of Winspector's and the viewing figures also dropped from 16.7% to 12.2%, so Fire was brought in to be a semi regular
268.) Taki in OG Kamen Rider - they were worried he could be seen to be stronger than Hongo during action scenes, so they made it that he would be able to defeat 3, but get hit by the 4th one
269.) He was chosen to be part of the FBI, instead of other crime fighting organizations because of the popularity of the FBI television series
270.) Taki was considered to be return in V3 and become Riderman
271.) One of the ideas of creating the Kamen Rider #3 in the OG show was for it to be Taki as well
272.) Maskman's Yellow Mask originally auditioned for the role of Fumin. She was a big tokusatsu fan and even part of the tokusatsu fan club
273.) Filming for Maskman began in mid of winter; in one of the early episodes, Red Mask is doing karate wearing nothing but gi. He had to do a close up holding a pendant ^ he was shaking so much the director shouted at him
274.) Maskman cast joked they got thrown into the water regularly and if it was the director's trait.
The director was Satoshi Morota, head director of Kamen Rider Ghost
275.) While filming running away from explosions, actors route is pre-planned with explosions set up around them. Pink Mask strayed away and fell over near an explosion. She didn't come in for filming the next day.
Turns out it was because of muscle strain
276.) Niibori, one of the major red ranger suit actors in the franchise, says that Red Mask is his favorite design of the Sentai heroes he's portrayed
277.) In episode 19-20, the actor who played Carlos Togo discovered just before filming that he had a stomach ulcer and was under strict orders from the doctor to be under bed rest.
Which he ignored and kept hiding from production staff
278.) Toei producer Nagafumi Hori later admitted in an interview years later that he considered the galaxy story developments in the show were a mistake
279.) Blue Swat's target audience moved from infant ages to elementary and high schoolers.
280.) When developing Kamen Rider Faiz, they wanted it to be a human and monster drama, showing it from their perspective too. something they hadn't done before.
They were however that doing so would make Faiz look like a murderer, so tried to keep a distance from that
281.) Faiz started development late August 2002 as they and Ishinomori Productions were unsure if they were going to continue Rider.
The show would start airing in January 2003.
282.) Faiz would become the 4th Heisei Rider, so they were influenced by Kamen Rider X as he was 4th Showa Rider, and went a more mechanical route
283.) They wanted Faiz's design to be easily drawn by kids, so incorporated simple shapes and geometry. This would lead them to using greek characters that are analogous with geometry
284.) In the early stages, they had an idea of a double rider format as a orca & shark. But as they wanted to do a mechanical motif, they abandoned it
285.) The Faiz Driver sold over 500,000 to 1,000,000 units. (Different reports say different things).
It held the most sold henshin belt in Heisei era, until Double came along
286.) The English article text they used in Ultraman Geed episode 18 about villain Kei is actually from an article about terrorist activity in Afghanistan
287.) Faiz's Orphnoch's were based on "death & rebirth"; the characters are considered dead bodies. They were painted white as the colour is representative of both
288.) The name Orphnoch comes from Orpheus of Greek mythology & Enoch from the Old Testament
289.) Orphnoch's speaking in the form of their shadows came around when producer Shirakura asked director Tasaki to consider a way for them to express themselves without having to make flappable mouths for the monsters
290.) Lucky Clover was considered to be a homage to Kikaider's Hakaider Squad. The members included a Dragon, Centipede, Crocodile & Shrimp.
291.) Most of the Orphnoch designs share an emblem called the "Orphnoch Crest", which is located on the belt/abdomen area
292.) The cleaning shop in Faiz is a real cleaning store in Nakano
293.) Paradise Lost - they wanted the movie to be a separate entity that anyone could watch, compared to Ryuki's EPISODE FINAL that was an alternative TV show ending.
To differentiate further, the characters were in different costumes and used sets that weren't in the show
294.) The movie is full of roman mythology elements, including the last shot of Takumi telling the crowd to get out of the way, resembling Moses from the 1956 Ten Commandments movie
295.) Despite it's age, Paradise Lost is the 6th most successful Heisei Rider movie ever. Earning 1.5 billion yen (about $14 million)
296.) Timeranger - they thought it was difficult to introduce a new comrade as the characters were from the future, so Time Fire was brought in as a third party, who was neither on their side or a villain
297.) To bring in the older viewers, main writer Yasuko Kobayashi introduced the romances between Tatsuya/Yuuri & Domon/Honomi
298.) While Timeranger ended up popular with older fans, toy sales were some of the worst in Sentai's history, eventually being beaten by Ninninger
299.) Timeranger villain names are from different currency
Don DOLnero - dollar (Don as in mafia)
GiEN - yen (en is yen in Japanese)
Lira - Turkish lira
300.) In addition to the money theme, the Londerz Family name - ロンダーズファミリー comes from money laundering マネーロンダリング (bit of a pun)
301.) Don Dolnero was originally planned to have a Tyrannosaurs Rex motif, but later changed to a whale
302.) The Junk Droid Zenitts had a big whole in the middle of their helmets; the suit actors were really happy because their field of vision was great
303.) To differentiate Ryuki/Blade, which both fought using cards, they used Poker as a base and had them use multiple cards at once in combination and changed the fighting styles.
304.) Dekaranger, like other police tokusatsu shows, emulated detective dramas where there is no overarching evil organization, but different criminal cases that would be resolved weekly
305.) Agent Aburera was a character to link all of them together, working as an arms dealer who would supply the criminals with weapons and robots to use
306.) Dekaranger's toy sales dropped from Abaranger (130 billion yen to 116), but items other than toys were very successful, such as the OP single sold 100,000 copies
307.) Dekaranger is the first ever Sentai to receive a Seiun award (in 2006), a yearly award that is given to Science Fiction media.
Other winners:
1995 - Zeiram 2
1996 - Gamera
1997 - Gamera 2
1998 - Ultraman Tiga
2002 - Kamen Rider Kuuga
2017 - Shin Godzilla
308.) The Dekaranger characters are named after mystery/detective novelists and tea
- Ban (Coarse tea/Bancha/番茶) Akasa (Agatha Christie)
- Houji (Roasted Green Tea/Houjicha/ほうじ茶) Tomasu (Thomas Harris)
- Senichi (Green Tea/Sencha/煎茶) Enari (Ellery Queen)
308b.) Jasmine (Jasmine/ジャスミン茶) Reimon (Raymond Chandler)
- Umeko (Plum Tea/梅こぶ茶/Umekobucha) Kodou (Kodou Nomura)
- Tekkan (Tekkannon Tea/鉄観音茶) Aira (Ira Levin)
308c.) Swan (Doug J. Swanson) Shiratori (Swan in Japanese/Swan Tea/スワンティー)
- Doggie (Dog ofc) Kruger (German for clever/refined)
- Murphy (Robocop) K-9 (name for American police dogs)
309.) Tsuyoshi Hayashi, Deka Blue, was in the final auditions for Abare Killer
310.) Deka Swan came into existence after the actress, Mako Ishino, asked the staff for it
311.) The name Alienizer アリエナイザー doesn't use the JP way of writing Alien/エイリアン, it being a parody of the word impossible, which have similar spellings エイリアン/ありえない.
Also, when writer Naruhisa Arakawa was young, he misread ALIEN as ありえん.
311b.) I recommend saying this one out loud, it will make more sense!
312.) Originally Aburera was slowly going to reveal that he was working for a secret organization, but it never came to fruition
313.) He's wearing a tie as he's a salesman. The top of the helmet was meant to be a huge issue with lighting and it being too reflective
314.) Lots of the Dekaranger villains have really creative names, but I'll just pick a random few.
Doltockian Mano Mark is a combination of Robert Romano & Mark Greene from ER. ER was super popular in Japan
315.) Diamantian Don Moyaida - diamante is the Spanish word for diamond and Don Moyaida is backwards for diamond in Japanese, daiyamondo/ダイヤモンド
316.) Cristonian Ferley クリスト星人ファーリー is Christopher Lee クリストファー・リー
317.) Tylerian Durden タイラー星人ダーデン is Tyler Durden, Brad Pitt's character from Fight Club
318.) Anaroids are based on satellites and the holes on their faces are craters
319.) Batsuroids are planets with the helmets are Saturn's rings. Batsu is also the word for X, incorrect
320.) Igaroids are stars
321.) Swan was originally planned to be a female owner of a small restaurant, as well as a rough engineer type character
322.) The Algolian Gas Drinkers in the FULL BLAST movie are based on robot skeletons from Terminator
323.) Their names are based on alcohol, Algolian/アルコール/アルゴル星人 and:
- Volger (Vodka/ヴォルガー)
- Brandel (Brandy/ブランデル)
- Giin (Gin/ジーン)
- Whinsky (Whisky/ウインスキー)
324.) 10 Years After characters:
- Asamu (Assam Tea/アッサムティー), also a changing of intonation of his name in Hibiki Asumu
- Mugi (Bareley Tea/Mugicha/麦茶)
- Kight Reidlich is an anagram of the German word Redlichkeit, meaning honest/カイト・レイドリッヒ
325.) Carrie in the movie was originally planned to be a stuffed toy, based on the character Dokincho! Nemurin
326.) Deka Red's Ryuji Sainei now lives in Hiroshima, so for 10 Years After/Space Squad, he traveled to Tokyo for filming
327.) In Space Squad, Benikiba was just going to be a female space ninja, but after deciding to use Mad Gallant, who was from a different Metal Hero show entirely, they knew it was okay to use her from Jiraiya
328.) Following suit from Dekaranger's naming structure and Metal Hero using director names,
Bergian Cronen バーグ星人クローネン gets it's name from David Cronenberg デヴィッド・クローネンバーグ
329.) Also, his design is based on the monster from one of his movies, Naked Lunch
330.) Gokaiger - the name comes from 豪快/goukai - meaning heartiness/lively/heroic
331.) The villains, Zangyack/ザンギャック, comes from 残虐/zangyaku (the ku part has a harsher pronunciation in the name) meaning cruelty
332.) A V-cinema was planned for Gokaiger, however the 2011 earthquake caused the filming schedule to be delayed and ultimately didn't have enough time
333.) Joe Gibken's name in the planning stages was Ken Gibjoe/ケン・ギブジョー. His character image was based on Chunichi Dragons baseball player, Morimichi Takagi, who attended GIFUKENritsugifuSHOgyoukoutou school, which they based his name on (Sho becoming Joe)
334.) Navi is based on a parrot (they're pirates) and a treasure chest
335.) They did consider making Don the grandchild of Don Horror in the Vs Gavan movie, but it was just an idea
336.) The Zangyack are based on ocean creatures (because of pirates), Emperor Ackdos Gill is a giant squid
337.) Ackdos Gill is a rejected design for Warz Gill
338.) Warz Gill is based on Flashman's Leh Wanda and an old navy commander
339.) Damaras is based on Liveman's Guardnoid Gash
339b.) Damaras is meant to be a Special Police officer like in western movies
340.) Insarn is based on thermography images.
Weird one I know
341.) Balizorg is meant to be an analog cyborg, opposed to the fairly used cybernetic ones
342.) Sally was originally going to be a squirrel monkey, one that fit the image pirate's pet, but he was too cute, so changed to a Japanese monkey
343.) Gokaiger the Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship movie 空飛ぶ幽霊船 is an homage to Ishinomori's 1969's animated movie Flying Phantom Ship/空飛ぶゆうれい船 (notice ghost is written in kanji for Gokaiger's title).
The movies stories are very different however
344.) Baseball Mask featured in the movie against the Gokaiger's changing into Go ranger, but even into the second version of the script, they were going to change into Dynaman, because of their baseball inspired uniforms. Dairanger was tossed around in reference to
345.) The villain of the Vs. Gavan movie, Asurader, is based on Hunter Killer from the Gavan TV show
346.) Rika Kishida, Jetman's White Swan, would like to point out that her entry is incorrect, she is not married to Red Hawk in real life
(She genuinely looked this up herself)
Related self promoting intermission!
@TheTokuNet released a toku fact video about the unused names from Super Sentai's long history. Please give it a watch!
If you want to support this kind of content, please subscribe - bit.ly/SubscribeTokuN…
347.) V3 was originally planned to be #3, however he had several other proposed names:
- Mask Rider (マスクライダー)
- Rider Kamen (ライダー仮面)
- Riderman (ライダーマン)
- Kamen Rider 3 (仮面ライダー3) < no 号/#
- Kamen Rider X (仮面ライダーX)
348.) Hiroshi Miyauchi said they used about 3 times as much gunpowder for explosions in V3 than in the original show. Production got into a lot of trouble with location owners they used for it
"You're going to scare all the fish away!"
349.) V3's "26 secrets" was moved away from after episode 12 as they feared that it made him seem weak.
350.) Destron came from the word DESTROY. Destroyer デストロイヤー was the name in planning stages, also Destroy デストロー was also considered.
351.) Scissors Jaguar was planned to be revived for the V3 movie.
352.) Kame Bazooka's rough design was done by Ishinomori himself. His first name was Bazooka Tortoise バズーカトータス.
He was also planned to be revived for the movie too
353.) TV Fly was another from Ishinomori and then turned into a proper design by Akira Takahashi
354.) MBS producer, Youichi Sakon, liked the character of V3's Junko so much he named his second daughter after.
He also wrote the lyrics for the ending under an assumed alias
355.) Kamen Rider X's design owes a lot to Riderman, who was unexpected very popular with kids. His mechanical arm lead to X being a Rider who uses weapons
Intermission - I really am apprehensive about doing Showa Rider where @Igadevil-sama can see.
I'm like a peasant talking in the town square of the kingdom he rules with a fair and very knowledgeable hand
356.) At first, they were considering making X completely separate from the other two shows, but changed their minds even before the first planned proposal
357.) Amazon's initial concept had him as a master of Chinese martial arts as he traveled around defeating bad guys
358.) Amazon was meant to start filming August 1974, but was delayed until September, so X's episode count was extended from 33 to a further 2 episodes
359.) Amazon has the shortest run of any TV series with 24 episodes; despite some thinking it was cancelled for being unpopular, was actually due to the brand moving channels from MBS to TBS.
TBS didn't want to continue "an MBS show", so it ended early and started Stronger
360.) They knew from the very start it was only going to be 24 episodes; the day the first episode broadcast they announced it's episode length.
361.) Supposedly the staff on set didn't know until it was until it was announced however...
362.) They initially planned for Amazon to start wearing regular clothing from episode 7, but his image was so popular, they scrapped it and kept him showing more flesh
363.) One plan for the Garanda Empire was have them originate from Poland
364.) Toei producer Tooru Hirayama performed the Amazon henshin pose and "A-MA-ZON!" in the planning meetings for approval. He got it.
Just imagine the scene, inside 70's Toei office with everyone in suits. If only cameras were that accessible back then to document it
365.) Ishinomori did storyboards of Amazon doing a more "fleshy" henshin for Amazon, which he later used for Kamen Rider Shin
366.) Mothra eyes' shape & pattern were used as a reference for Amazon's
367.) There were three different types of Amazon helmets used. One had much more distinguishable fangs
It's most visible in the opening video, but rarely in the show
368.) Not only was the helmet really heavy, the peek holes were angled so the suit actor could only see his feet
369.) Toei Producer Tooru Hirayama wanted a show with 5 Riders after the move to TBS, but channel said they "should just do one Rider", so we got Stronger.
The "Five Riders" idea would become the foundation to a fairly popular show called Go Ranger
370.) Stronger was originally planned for 52 episodes, but downward ratings forced them to make a decision to "end on a high" with episode 39.
371.) The last episode of Stronger that featured the previous Riders returning was advertised as the "final episode of Kamen Rider", as the series was (temporarily) over
372.) Actor's schedules were all over the place at the time, but they managed to get all the previous actors back on set for only one day of filming.
They had a party afterwards.
373.) Stronger's kaijin are mechanical based and called 奇械人, Kikaijin, but instead of using 機械 (machine), they replaced the first kanji with 奇 (mysterious/bizarre).
374.) One unused name for them was Kaiborg 怪ボーグ
375.) Delza Army's name in the planning stages was the "Dark Angels"
376.) Despite lots of holes over the eyes, due to the angle and high position, Stronger's suit actor could only see out of the one.
The chest armour covered the shoulders and made it hard to move in as well
377.) The S on his chest is, of course, based with Superman in mind
378.) One of the Stronger pre-final designs had much smaller antlers and less angled eyes
379.) When Stronger was announced, his chest armour didn't cover his shoulders and stopped at his collar bone
380.) There were two prototypes for X's suit.
One had a light blue tint and the latter reflected too much and didn't look good on camera
381.) Early rough design when X was Kamen Rider V (roman numeral for 5) (or VV, up for debate in this pic as the V is written oddly)
382.) The V3 prototype that had no Converter Lungs and the chest was flatter and a lighter colour
383.) The producer of Stronger had a plan for Shigeru & Tachibana to bring Tackle back to life using the techniques that had created both her and Stronger
384.) 3786 people auditioned for the role of Skyrider
385.) 2010 women auditioned for Midori, Michi and Yumi
386.) Winspector finalized their designs so late that their "introduction" in Terebikun magazine didn't have pictures of the suits, just drawings... but they changed how they looked after printing
CORRECTION: Exceedraft. Sozza.
387.) For about 50 facts all in one place, check our new video on
Unused Showa Rider Names
388.) Another new video this time about Kamen Rider Decade!
There was too much info for one video, so there will be a part 2 coming next week!
Holy thread revival! We did an event with Kia Asamiya, designer of the Zodiarts at the weekend so got some cool info
389.) Orion Zodiarts was the very first one that he designed
390.) The Sagittarius Nova form was asked for so the sleek costume was easier for the suit actor to move in and fight more on par with Fourze. He was specifically told to make it "Kamen Rider-like"
391.) He had absolutely no idea of the identity of Virgo Zodiarts when he designed it until the scripts of the reveal episode were sent out
392.) The common trait between all of the Zodiarts is their respective star constellation on their designs. Some a tad harder to see than others though
393.) As Sagittarius was the last boss of the series, he had the other Zodiart constellations on his belt
394.) They asked him to make the designs with less lines as it was a strain on time & cost for suit creations and to be more like Chameleon Zodiarts
395.) The character names were anagram/puns of their forms too
Sarina Sonoda - Sasori na no da (I am scorpion)
Kouhei uses the kanji for fairness/justice (Libra is about scales of justice)
Kou is 吼 (howl) as he's a lion
Natsuji kanji can be read as Kani, crab (Cancer)
396.) Taurus Zodiart is based on Japanese feudal armour
397.) Taurus's user Yuta Sugiura, is also an anagram of Taurusu Gyu (Taurus Bull)
398.) Kamen Rider Double's setting & wannabe hard boiled character takes inspiration from a 1979 Toei show called 探偵物語 Detective Story.
FYI, the first picture was taken at Toei film studios, you've probably seen it a thousand times before elsewhere
399.) The Double character of Mikio Jinno is parody on Detective Hattori from the show
400.) Double was considered the first product of the next 10 years of Rider and a "back to origin" show. Shotaro & Phillip are a combo like #1 & #2 and the green metallic side of Cyclone is a reference to #1, whereas Joker is to Black (both different starting points)
Also 400!
398a.) Check out this video of Detective Story, Double will make a lot more sense
401.) Fuuto (windy city) was originally going to be called Suito (water city), with the detective agency near the sea/beach. Director Tasaki veto'd this and cited that Double's base form was Cyclone and he was wearing a scarf as the reason
402.) Kamen Rider Double is obviously associated with the number 2 and Accel is 1, while Skull is considered 0.
Plus he's designed as a somewhat Double prototype
403.) Suits for Cyclone/Cyclone & Joker/Joker never existed, they used Cyclone/Joker and digitally edited them, as well as CG, in post production
404.) while not strictly canon, Mitsuru Matsuoka who played both Eternal and Rider #4, felt that while reading the latter's script, that both characters were actually Katsumi Daido and fate had linked them all together
405.) it was Genki Sudo's idea that Luna Dopant be an effeminate gay character. He adlibbed a lot of his lines in ADR and some of them weren't even suitable for the Director's Cut
406.) the reason Trigger Dopant speaks English is because he was a member of SWAT (which is only American, the Japanese equivalent SAT).
I also imagine because Deai speaks English and it would be seen as cool
407.) The logo of the NEVER represents the team members. The knife through the apple is Daido and the snakes around him are the other members
408.) as Accel is 1, Double is 2, Eternal is considered 3. He has 3 horns on his head and is also meant to be a sideways E (Eternal).
Bonus point, his eyes are based on sunglasses, but with the typical Rider teardrops
409.) They knew they weren't going to make a toy version of Eternal's weapon, the Eternal Edge, so they decided to go full military survival knife as that was his gangs motif
410.) Heat Dopants design concept was "female Rider"
411.) Short intermission break, check out the Go-Onger 10 YEARS GRANDPRIX talk show, now subbed in English!
412.) While Double was airing, Toei got complaints from parents of children who were mimicking Phillip fainting while transforming, because most playgrounds have sandpits
413.) The bike you see Ryu Terui (KamenRider Accel) riding in the show wasn't owned by Toei or supplied by a sponser like Honda, but the personal bike of one of the staff
414.) The informant characters in Double are called the Fuuto Irregulars, a reference to Baker Street Irregulars from Sherlock Holmes, a group of street boys Holmes enlists in investigations.
Dunno why they're called Queen & Elizabeth though, Queen Victoria reigned during Holmes
415.) Foundation X member Jun Kazu's name 順 加頭, is linked to his obsession with numbers (Kazu, but different kanji) and order (Jun)
416.) Terror Dopants head is based on Taotie, bronze Chinese symmetrical masks using animal imagery. Typically the eyes are raised up and have little to no jaw
417.) When Saeko uses the Nasca Memory, she becomes R Nasca Dopant, a variant on the blue version. The R is not only for Red, but Revenge, as she was using it to get revenge on her sister Wakana and her father
418.) The Showa Riders appearance in Mega Max is a reference to the Stronger TV special, "All Together! Seven Kamen Riders!!", with Stronger as the quasi-leader.
419.) Rider 2's helmet in Mega Max is different to the widely used version in recent movies and specials, which is almost identical to Rider #1. The Mega Max one is "New version 2", swapped in because it's the helmet that was used in the Stronger TV special (see previous fact)
420.) If you wanna know more about Rider 2's different helmets, Igadevil has a great piece about it here igadevil.tumblr.com/post/363398540…
421.) As I'm talking about Mega Max, I might as well address this stunt fall. While it does look absolutely horrific, the stunt man wasn't injured and got up fine afterwards
422.) Mega Max's director, Koichi Sakamoto, said he wanted to have Putotyra in the all combo fight scene at the end, but couldn't as the dinosaur medals were shown to be destroyed in the last episode before they entered the portal, unlike the others which were fine (for reasons?)
423.) Kamen Rider Aqua's mask is based on Rider #1. The belt is a turbine like him too, but Aqua's is water powered. The suit is also influenced by Tron.
424.) Suddendath in Megamax is based on Suddendas from the 8 Riders Vs. The Galaxy King movie.
425.) Super Galaxy King is based on Galaxy King that appeared in the movie as well
419b) Speaking of the dark Rider #2 helmet, the cosplayer at Comiket this weekend was wearing it (and it looks amazing close up!)
Also, check out the other amazing Showa Rider cosplay
426.) OOO pulls from the Rider original show, using the enemies power to fight back against them.
427.) To celebrate the 1000th Kamen Rider episode, Chisato Morishita (森下 千里), Chiaki (千秋), Wakatsuki Chinatsu (若槻千夏) & Harisenbon (ハリセンボン) all cameo'd because they're celebrities with the kanji/word for 1000 in their names (千/せん)
428.) They were planning to do a V-Cinema for OOO after the show finished broadcasting, but the principle staff moved to prep for Go-Busters, so it never came to fruition
429.) In the supplementary material, it reveals that Eiji Hino's fondness of travelling comes from his mother's side of the family. After the events in Africa and his return back to Japan, he goes by the surname Hino, his mother's maiden name
430.) Iwanaga is a big fan of Lupin 3rd and adapted that into the role of Akira Date
431.) Ahnk's hand was reportedly quite difficult to hold the medals in a way to show them off to the camera, so they would occasionally have to attach them to the glove.
432.) Ahnk usually didn't have to throw the medals because they would cut away, but Miura sometimes would as it felt right in the scene to do so. They lost a number of medals this way - a set of Tajador is currently sitting at the bottom of the sea after filming the debut episode
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