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Breaking: A federal court has ruled on the preliminary injunction filed by against Trump's voter fraud commission by one of its own members. It is granted in part and denied in part, but: The court has ruled the commission must give him the documents he wants.

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I'm reading it now. Will screenshot relevant parts.
Judge believes Maine Sec. of State's argument that he cannot participate as a full member of the commission without access to the documents he has requested has merit.
Judge says Commissioner Matt Dunlap should have had an opportunity to view and comment on the letter Kobach sent on commission letterhead requesting voter data. Only von Spakovsky and Adams (who weren't even on the commission at the time, were allowed to see the letter).
Judge says Dunlap should also have been able to impact the setting and the speaker list of the second meeting.
Judge also says Dunlap should have been informed of the 3rd commission meeting, which the Minnesota Voters Alliance claimed it had been invited to speak at, before it was scheduled. (Kossack - the exec dir of this commission - has says he doesn't know who invited that group)
The court will not rule on anything to do with future participation, nor will it enjoin the final report of the commission. Judge rules that both would be premature.
So, while the judge won't do that, the government basically lost on all other arguments and Dunlap basically got everything he wanted. Dunlap tells me he thinks the ruling "sends a strong message."
Dunlap says he will immediately return to court if the commission continues to deny him the ability to participate as a full commissioner. This may not be the end of this battle.
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