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Hey so through 2018 I'm gonna do a drawing challenge where every day I add another character to a giant fight scene until it gets so giant I probably won't even be able to upload it to Twitter anymore. Here goes:
4. don't worry I'm sure they can reattach all those limbs with science
6. delicious 🍽️
7. uh-oh
8. 🏏
10. 🤙🤙🤙
12. it's one of those pipes. y'know.
14. these people are just fighting in mid-air don't worry about it
16. + free bonus update: I gave that one guy a hat
18. most violent injury/death so far goes to this guy
21. 💀
23. In case anyone's wondering why I'm adding more than one character a day right now: ghosts don't count because they're dead and not real people. Also they're no-good and don't deserve their own day. Sorry ghost fans.
24. GUYS I told you ghosts were no good!
31. Oh lord January is only just over and I already feel like I've been doing this for six years. Thanks for all the support everybody. Stay tuned to watch me go totally insane.
32. happy february everybody
36. this picture is now officially Too Large For Twitter™
37. making this image wider to fool Twitter's dumb auto-cropping system
38. 💎
40. 🇺🇸
41. I think pipes are gonna be a recurring theme
44. ✂️
48. observer + cat 👀
50. half way to a hundred my bros
51. 🐙
52. wings
53. crabman
54. ok guys it's getting seriously hard to not repeat ideas and poses now!!
55. 🎳
58. 🤡🤜
59. snake head
60. two months down my dudes

(why is there no skateboard emoji???)
61. RIP Hal
62. hey this one's a little bit late sorry guys it won't happen again!!
63. what the fuck Richard??
64. Hey this is getting so big now you can barely see the characters. Anyone got any ideas for what I should do to make this more practical to look at? Like should I host the full-sized image somewhere and then just post close-ups of the updated sections on Twitter?
65. Thanks everyone for your feedback on how to post updates. Pretty much everyone said just keep doing it the way I have but let's see what you all think now that the whole thing is about to get EXPONENTIALLY LARGER:
66. I promised dinosaurs and I intend to deliver dinosaurs
67. 🔫🦖
69. (nice)
70. 🤵‍♀️🐵🐵
71. pithecophobia
72. what's up guys I'm back to having to find excuses for every character to be floating in mid-air
73. 🌟
75. not sure why it took me this long to include a dog
76. 🧙‍♂️💼
77. a lot of people with wands coming up
78. 🐬

P.S. Can anyone recommend somewhere I can host this giant image in hi-res? Tumblr, cargo etc. all compress it to the point where it's not much better than just looking at it on Twitter.
here's a nice hi-res version so you can get a good look at all the characters/all the shoddy line work that looks acceptable at 25% full-size
you can also get a good look at my fav character so far: this guy's leg that got turned into a dolphin
79. big hand
80. best use of a wand so far imho
81. bird chaos
82. Jet Cop 👮‍♂️
84. confiscated
85. portals
86. 🏃‍♂️⬅️🐦
87. Birdman (2014)
88. sorry everybody I drew myself into a corner with the bird men I'll go back to them in a bit
90. happy end of March please enjoy this big reveal

full size version here:
91. very cool April Fools prank
94. 🤙🤙🤙
95. April is turning into an extreme sports month
96. 📀
97. cool dude comin through
98. guys these kids are o υ т o ғ c o n т r o l
*DJ airhorn*
99. ☠️
100. happy 100th drawing everybody here's a pegasus unicorn shooting a laser 🦄
101. 🤳
104. rocket skates
105. 🌭
106. please do not skate near unicorn beams guys I'm serious this is a PSA
107. very insensitive
108. 🗡️🗡️🗡️
109. fun game
110. stump friends
111. 🦕🤚
113. 🏹
114. I told you I'd get back to these guys
115. John's gonna be so mad
116. "Hey Sean, didja see the stuff John's been keepin' in his box here?"
117. that's Sean I guess
118. beginner
119. ʎʇɹɐd ʎɹǝɥɔɹɐ
120. happy end of April everyone. May is going to be exclusively arrows hope you enjoy it.
121. bird man joining the gang
122. arrow on a string
123. help I can't stop drawing birds
124. absolute unit
125. The Perfect Cast
126. this isn't supposed to be Dexter that's just the only way I know how to draw scientists
127. 🤔
129. someone asked for a robot like 3 months ago so here you go
130. stealin that power ⚡️
131. 👩‍🔬
132. big laser
133. stray arrow
134. sorry for the 2 day break, here's a triple post to make up for it
135. I guess this is some kind of time laser??
136. Has Science Gone Too Far?
137. gettin sucked
138. tube time
139. this dog is probably named Brody or Cody or something
140. "this is not very scientific."
142. 💀✋
143. jerk in a tube
144. gosh
145. hope you guys aren't bored of scientists flying through tubes yet
146. find out what this guy is mad about in 10-14 days time
147. sorry, I opted for safe tube exit instead of a bear or a giant mincer but I'll try n get some of those in here soon!
148. realised half-way through drawing this that I don't know how welding works
149. ⚡️⚠️
150. this is going somewhere soon I promise
151. who let this guy in here?!
152. this one goes out to whoever requested a cloning machine like 3 months ago
153. Attack of the Clones (2002)
154. FYI I've officially hit the Twitter image size limit (20,000 pixels in width) so the picture is now going to slowly start shrinking. stay tuned.
155. happy national workplace accident awareness week
156. idk where he got that mirror
157. the goop is loose
158. get gooped on 💧
159. clones are dicks
161. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008)
162. hey guys I'm on holiday next week and I have to draw 7 extra pictures this week so I can upload them while I'm away from my graphics tablet and I'm pretty stressed out about it 😎
163. the goop continues to be loose
164. watch out for that goop bro
165. she's been eating her vegetables and drinking her muscle growth enhancement serums 🧪
166. clone overboard
167. piggy backin’
168. I’m the Juggernaut bitch
169. (nice)
170. if you can’t beat em, beat up their nerd friend and take his super strength serum and drink it and then beat em
171. reachin
172. please catch me bröther
173. over it
174. not over it
175. this one goes out to that one guy who keeps asking for a meat grinder
176. clone nuggets
177. how's your head?
178. so what I'm allowed to draw hundreds of human characters but I'm only allowed to draw one unicorn?? unicorns aren't even that rare get off my back!
181. it's a magic history book I guess
182. hey everybody today is pretty much the half way point for the year so I'm half way done with this project so here's a mermaid to celebrate (she came out of that magic book in case u were wondering)
183. starting a fresh lil scene for July
184. 🥪
185. 🛸
186. got 'im
187. look out, it's using alien technology
188. hey guys remember this meme
189. aliens are dicks
190. kiai!
191. look out she's using human technology
192. in real life these alien laser chains would be invisible to the naked eye but I decided to draw them in for clarity
193. aliens are dicks: part 2
194. concerned alien emoji
195. gotta break out
196. close encounters of the hurt kind
197. the bird men are back (sorry)
198. 🍗
199. this will make more sense tomorrow
200. hundreds = unicorns
201. wizards and unicorns: together at last
203. 🤖
204. winded
205. ❄️
206. hammer and magic helmet
207. how many retweets for our troops?? 🇺🇸
208. no respect
209. I dunno where they're getting these jet boots
210. gadzooks I've been swindled
211. brother I told you we should have left our comically large sacks of money at ground level
213. I mean to be fair the boots were overpriced
214. he forgot to put on the safety catch
215. boots on the loose 👢👢👢
216. this was inevitable
217. boots on the loose part II
218. chopper hat
219. hey lady I gotta deliver this within an hour!
220. copter hat is kind of just being a dick tbh
222. wear your seatbelt kids
223. keep your eyes on the road kids
224. I dunno where these floating platforms are coming from but I'll figure it out soon I promise
225. hey I'm climbin here!
226. ⚔️
227. ⚔️⚔️⚔️
228. keep away from that sky door🚪
229. over sideways and under
231. comin back for one more alien
232. sir do you have any idea how unidentifiably you were flying
233. hey remember when there was a Woman In Black for 5 seconds at the end of the first movie?
234. zapped
235. 10 bucks to whoever can guess what she's riding
236. 🤠
237. cool rider 1
238. cool rider 2
239. the most important member of the Cool Rider Family
240. "Ya look gorgeous honey! That one's a keepah!"
241. I guess August is the month I just draw loads of movie references because I'm 99% out of original ideas
243. front row
244. Happy September everybody and congrats to @big_blue_house_69 for correctly guessing that everyone was riding Falkor's cool friend, Ryan. Please DM me with info on where to send your €10 prize money.
245. whoops I left room for a bunch more dragon riders (this one is also a dragon himself)
246. "I upgraded to business class for this!?"
248. science
249. this demon's name is Connor
250. this section of the pic is about to get pretty biblical guys 🔖🙏👼
251/252. 🤝
253. Charmeine Charmeine she's our gal, if she doth not do it no one shalt
254. 👿
255. this arm wrestle party was a pretty bad idea
256. get melted bro
257. no Snakes on a Plane jokes please
258. 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
259. no, no this is not at all up to standard...
260. the original Boss Baby 💘
261 & 262. I don't actually know how I would have done this if I hadn't done a double update
263. not today Cupid
264. uh-oh
265. 💥🕳️🧨
266. this guy's just out here to see some cool colours
267. PSA: please check your giant fireworks for firework gnomes before taking them out in public
268. 100% Original Giant Robot Character™
269. robot fight part 2
270. 🧙‍♀️
271. they didn't cover this in magician school
272. surprise! 🎩
273. is this too many wizards??
274. happy October and welcome to the new underground section of the drawing

(also I guess these Snape-looking wizards are twins or something?)
275. nothin but cone
276. 🦆
277. honestly that wizard is just a dick
278. uh-oh
279. ⛏️
280. gnomes v skeletons: the eternal battle
281. this is an infamous skeleton fight move 🦴
282. this is one of the less well-known skeleton moves 🦴🦴🦴
283. he died the way he lived
284. bone 2 face
285. this guy really loves The Sims
286. is this a sword I see betwixt mine ribs?
287. this sword is pretty long
288. who gave this skeleton a gun??
289. he died the way he lived
290. bone head
291. I guess there's mine carts down here
292. just another day down the mine 👷‍♀️
293. ⬅️⬅️
294. gotta keep thinking of skeleton stuff to prolong the spooky theme until halloween
295. I'm diggin' here!
296. where skeletons come from
297. treasure
298. very important plans
300. only 65 to go
301. 🤜
302. 💥 right in the kisser
303. hope you guys are ready for more tunnels
304. lookit, it's frickin bats.
305. grrr
306. the infamous upside-down mid-air choke slam
307. please don't ask me how this drill works
308. I've done the research and can confirm that this is what happens when you impale someone with a giant hand drill
309. remember remember 🧨
310. reptilians pulling the strings as usual 🦎
311. lizard magic
312. where skeletons come from pt. 2
313. adapting to life without skin
314. where skeletons come from pt. 3 (they use a ladder)
315. can't wait to climb that bone ladder
316. where skeletons' axes come from
317. where skeletons' axes come from pt. 2 (lizard man weapons merchant)
318. 🗡️
319. pretty sharp sword
320. android
321. sometimes when someone's dangling you upside-down you've just gotta get mad and throw a spiky ball on a chain
322. living underground is pretty rough
323. 👨‍🦲
324. blammo
325. take that, non-specific foppish aristocrat
326. rich people
327. I mean honestly they shouldn’t have held their evil secret society meeting next to a pile of TNT if they didn’t want this to happen
328. run
329. please stay tuned to find out why this evil woman is turning into stone
330. 👑🗿
331. get snekt
332. smashed
333. the only sure fire way to shoot Medusa
334. that was a close one
335. happy december (she was drinking egg nog)
336. I haven't drawn an ankylosaurus for a while but it was my fav dinosaur when I was a kid so here you go
337. this is a cool underground sport I guess
338. that's one for the photo album
339. #2 fan
340. she's just here for the free food
341. fan rivalry
342. (they're brothers)
343. 🥚🥚🥚
344. the book didn't prepare him for this
345. 🐣
346. one of those octopus eggs
347. 🐢🥚🤕
348. hoof egg
349. ⚠️ please take special care when standing near the hoof egg ⚠️
350. reaching into the egg hole
351. egg thieves
352. I'm counting these 4 rabbits as one person so I hope that's ok with everyone
353. "sir please do not touch our eggs" 🐇
354. no one said anything about rabbits
355. how did one of these bird guys get inside an egg in an underground cavern when it's clearly been established that they are the result of real birds flying through some kind of magic ring in the sky? tune in next time to find out...
356. 🍳
357. Hope you all enjoyed this underground tunnel section. I expected it to last a little bit longer and now I have no idea what I'm gonna do for the last 9 days ✌️
358. jumpin off that dinosaur's head and into the last week of the year 📅
merry Christmas here’s a woman with a flamethrower getting stabbed in the face ☃️
360. Hector roasting on an open fire (his name is Hector)
361. ⭐️
362. don’t play with portals kids
363. happy 29th of December (the second spookiest day of the year)
364. "hey, that guy stole my idea!"
365. That's all, Folks!
Thanks to everyone who's supported me and this big dumb project all year. I really didn't expect it to get as much attention as it has so that really helped me to get through it! You can see a big hi-res version here:
(thanks again to @headonkeyboard)
We're looking into getting prints etc. ready for sale so will be posting updates about that in January!
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