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A few general thoughts on the market as we approach 2018 and beyond.

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1. As most business off and online don't work during the holidays, many projects were pushed to January, causing an oversaturation of projects. Even with all of these January ICO's most leads I've talked to are between three and ten times over subscribed.
2. ICO mania will continue until at least February, when I expect we may have a dip in projects to invest in. At that point investors will look towards mid and small cap plays to generate returns & accumulate ETH to generate alpha. Expect a large run up in ETH during this time.
3. On the subject of ETH, I believe it to be the most valuable coin we have. ETH is where 90% of the innovation takes place and yet has only 10% of the marketcap. Have some ETH as we move to massive FOMO moving forward - once investors realize ETH's true value, it will skyrocket.
4. This current emotional wave of buying will continue for several months, I expect at least one more big 10x move up to 6 trillion in market cap before we can start talking about exits. Still, it's a good idea to plan for exactly when you'd like to get out (if ever, for some).
5. Exchanges closing registrations is going to make future FOMO even greater once we open back up to the public. I'm talking crypto literally everywhere folks. People are cramming at the doors to buy BTC, ETH, and alts, and believe me the sell side is extremely thin.
6. Bitcoin will remain ranging for at least a month, and future pumps are likely to be more constrained (I could still see us hitting ~30k in the meantime) until rootstock/lightning are released, which will open up the path to 100k and beyond. And 100k is coming, don't doubt that
7. Ultimately most alts are unlimited in terms of supply (anyone can make an alt), while BTC supply is capped. Plan accordingly. If you don't have some now, start keeping some Bitcoin in cold storage and build that bag slowly over time. Future you will thank you for it.
8. As @brucefenton mentioned, this is a quadruple black swan event which will never happen again in history. Count your lucky stars you're in now and make the right moves, you likely won't get a redo.
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