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I'm not suggesting Boris Johnson is corrupt. The man is simply tremendously unlucky.

Every time he talks up #NoDealBrexit, Sterling just happens to slump and all his hedge fund sponsors, as a matter of coincidence, make a killing.

Imagine if less forgiving people knew this.
I'm not saying that Michael Gove is a deceitful liar with a cocaine habit.

It's just tremendously unlucky that his predictions never come true, and that his promises are negated by events.

The sniffing through high pressure interviews thing. Fake news.

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Independent SAGE
A Beveridge Report for Britain's COVID-19 Public Health Disaster
Sir David King, Convenor of Independent 'SAGE
@BylineTimes CMO, former director of public health John #Ashton, praises the recommendations of the independent report convened by Sir David King
Four months into the #COVID-19 pandemic and with the total of deaths in hospital, care home and community settings heading north of 50,000, we have at last had the benefit of a coherent and transparent analysis of the challenge the country faces with clear guidance ahead.
Published on 12 May, the Independent #SAGE Report identified the priorities for action to support the gradual release from social distancing by means of a sustainable response, until such time as effective treatments or vaccines become available.
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£70 Million Quid the #Government #PPE Contract for
Small ‘Luxury Packaging’ Firm !!!!!!!
Prime Minister Boris #Johnson during a visit to the headquarters of #Octopus Energy in #London

The #Govt awarded the deal to a firm with just £46,000 in the bank !
The #Govt has awarded a £70 million contract for the supply of face #masks to a small luxury #packaging company.

Documents released in late Sep show that the Department of Health and Social Care (#DHSC) struck a deal with #Brandology Limited in June
The contract started on 16 June and ended a day later –
suggesting a single, bulk order of masks.
The contract was awarded without going through normal competition requirements, using a #European #loophole that allows for the rapid procurement of equipment in an “emergency” ????
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The #UK’s economic and political life revolves around corruption
By Dorset Eye -
Fear, shame, embarrassment: these brakes no longer apply. The government has discovered that it can bluster through any scandal. No minister need resign. No one need apologise. No one need explain.
As public outrage grows over the billions of pounds of #coronavirus contracts issued by the #govt without competition, it seems determined only to award more of them. Never mind that the consulting company
#Deloitte, whose personnel circulate in and out of govt, has been strongly criticised for the disastrous system it devised to supply protective equipment to the #NHS. It has now been granted a massive new contract to test the population for #Covid-19.
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#BillGates promises "#vaccines in all countries by summer"…

The father of #Microsoft and the Bill & Melinda #GatesFoundation presented the #Goalkeepers 2020 report and championed a global approach to the fight against #Covid19.
With one ultimate solution: #vaccines.
The Goalkeepers report tracks progress in sustainable development, according to the goals set by the UN. It is based on eighteen indicators: poverty, inequalities, health, fight against climate change, education, etc.

But in this year of Covid-19, the finding is clear:
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@BylineTimes All of this is much more than water under the bridge. Alexander #Nix may be barred as a company director – having allegedly taken $8 million out of the company shortly before it filed for #insolvency
but the people who worked for #CambridgeAnalytica and #AIQ are still working on political campaigns on both sides of the Atlantic, using the same set of psychographic #targeting techniques and the same, or enhanced, #datasets.
And the people who employed these companies to use their dark arts on #US and #UK #voters have faced virtually no consequences. In fact, Dominic #Cummings now exercises unprecedented powers as Boris ##Johnson’s most senior adviser.
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The Vote #Leave Connection to #CambridgeAnalytica
In the #UK, these revelations should prompt urgent questions not just about exactly what services were provided by Cambridge Analytica and associated companies to #Brexit campaigners,
but also about the increasing vulnerability of the #democratic process to #manipulation by unscrupulous #digital operatives.
As Vote #Leave’s campaign director, #DominicCummings spent 98% of his campaign budget on digital advertising and #voter targeting. In fact, he overspent on Vote #Leave’s legally allowed budget by #illicitly funnelling £675,000 through #BeLeave, another pro-#Brexit group.
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Paul Starling
Either way, it adds up to good news.
In a poll of influential #Conservative back-benchers, Boris Johnson's rating among those Cabinet Members has plummeted to an all time low.
Never lower!
His handling of COVID and his 'leadership' generally are seen as incompetent, incoherent, and, frankly a farcical mass of mess.
As if Mr. Johnson wasn't in enough trouble gets worse for Alex De Fafel Johnson.
The mad monster he has let loose alongside him, Dominic #Cummings, has set about stirring up Hatred right across govt departments.
Cummings has been spreading the message that "A Hard Rain is going to Fall" on civil servants and
Whitehall Departments.
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Keir Starmer: day 101 to 150
Keir Starmer celebrates his 150th day as the leader of the Labour party today. Let’s have a look at his last 50 days (a link to days 1 to 100 are in the thread below).

The first 100 days of Starmer’s leadership are here:
Right then, day 101 to 150. Let’s start with the Russian interference report. It was pretty damning. Basically we have no idea if the Russians are meddling in our affairs because the Gov’t and security services have deliberately looked the other way.
Keir was more interested
in why the Gov’t delayed the report. Missing the point is a bit of a theme of Starmer’s.
During PMQ’s, Johnson cites “legal reasons” as the cause of the delay. The hack pack and social media Keirleaders then go wild with delight when he reminds Johnson he was once a legal Wiz
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Intent to harm... link should work shows even if I wrote it on the back of a fag packet I wanted to 'harm' a neighbour... and neighbour picked up fag packet ... to the police well.... But obviously intent to harm 64 million and it is drafted in parliamentary legs
... takes us on to a whole new level... and of course #Cummings, #Johnson and his crass cabinet... devoid #MP's of responsibility. ALL MP@s should walk away from this otherwise they are guilty by association....
so glad I did the audit...virtually 24 hrs after the tried to sneak Schedule 21 through under the radar....
Of course their are multiple schedules...
But this shows how they 'care' for #UK citizens..... !!!!
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In November 1963, when #Bhutto attended the funeral of John F. Kennedy, #US President Lyndon Johnson warned him about #Pakistan's growing ties with #China. Johnson told Bhutto, 'Look here, I have a teenage daughter and she goes out with her boyfriend. 1/n
I don't care what she does with him behind my back, but I'll be damned if she does anything in front of me. 2/n
Reportedly,in the mid 1960s, #Johnson wrote a letter to #PresidentAyub urging him to expel #Bhutto from his cabinet due to his socialist views and for wanting closer ties with #China. 3/3
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"It is now more than seven months since this country left the EU on January 31, and since then we have been working hard to build what I am sure will be a great new future relationship."

Oh, really!
"We want a deal like the one between the EU and Canada; and since we currently conform with every jot and tittle of EU regulation, and since we have been loyal and paid-up members for more than four decades,..."

Define loyalty and what of saying, "EU could go whistle for bill"?
" strikes me that if the EU is willing to offer these terms to Canada then it makes sense to offer the same to us."

Aside from possibly offending Canada, the UK is literally on EU's doorstep and has shown willingness to violate international law to get what it wants!
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Since #Johnson seems intent on breaking international law it seems to be the right time to list all the laws he could escape in office
And the ones he plans to add to this list based from his manifesto

1. Corporate Mass Murder as a result of policies. (Replaced Gross Negligence)
2. Fraud with personal benefits from policy
3. Breaching a whole host of traffic rules
4. Breaching rights of employees at number 10
5 Laws on slander, and often libel
6. lies to select committees investigating say, the death of thousands from #Covid19. no sanctions for that.
7. There only three places where you can sue the Johnson's Government
A)Workers Rights
B)Environmental Policy
C)Business Regulation

Just one thing. You better get your skates on.

The UK promised to transfer all of EU law. They seem to have missed these.

You have 3.5 months.
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Stasera a Castelnuovo Garfagnana sarà trasmesso in anteprima il docufilm "Com’è #Nato un golpe: il caso #Moro" con filmato inedito che svela la targa di un’auto presente in via #Fani la mattina 16 marzo 1978 + foto scattata ad Aldo Moro in un cortile durante la prigionia... Image
Il filmato inedito di via #Fani riguarda la 127 rossa parcheggiata in contromano..., auto mai presa in considerazione dalle indagini Image
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Now that many of William Gibson’s ardent fans will have read his latest novel "Agency", here are
few thoughts about it (spoilers ahead). [1/81]
Having been involved in the "new form of literary criticism" Node Magazine… review of "Spook Country" in 2007, it seems appropriate to publish these initial thoughts about "Agency" as a Twitter thread which can then branch or be added to by others [2/81]
and (later) as a Tor .onion hidden service [3/81]
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#August1965 #VotingRightsAct #RaceMatters #BlackLivesMatter
On 6 August 1965, after a long struggle by Black Americans - led by Dr. Martin Luther #King - to see their voting rights realized, finally, President Lyndon B. #Johnson signed the #VotingRightsAct of 1965. Image
#August1965 #VotingRightsAct #RaceMatters
Prior to this event, peaceful protests were violently dissolved by law enforcement. In Selma, Alabama, protesters, young and old, were beaten up and also killed.
In his speech, President Johnson acknowledged that the promise for equality had not been kept for African-Americans and that although they were freed from slavery, their human rights continued to be denied.
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What Do We Know About The #RussiaReport?

Before next week's 50 pages, it's worth covering what we do and do not know about this most mysterious and suppressed of reports into #Brexit interference.

Though the details are surprisingly scarce, there are some certainties...

It will question the legitimacy of #Brexit.

Don't get distracted. Not only is #Brexit the report's subject, but efforts to suppress data go back to March 2019 (!!)⏬

#Brexit is already tarnished on the topic of electoral fraud; this'll be worse…
It's not a dead cat.
Reports this is some sort of 2-year jape aren't plausible.
a) Cummings job levels of political capital spent
b) Johnson attention consumed by it
c) other dead cats added by Raaab (trade & vaccines) more quickly than you can say, "look over there".
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How many #Johnson #uturn/failed promises/fook ups are we up to? I get to 17, just on the biggies.
Are there any I missed?

1. Huawei
2. Social care worker immigration
3. Food standards commitments
4. Primary children back to school
5. Cummings Hypocrisy
6. Any decision about BLM
7. Visa charges for NHS workers
8. Face coverings/masks mess
9. Track & trace system by June 1
10. The Track & Trace App, at all
11. HoC MP Voting
12. Free school meals - holidays
13. Indefinite leave NHS
14. PPE for NHS
15. Coronavirus Tests
16. Herd Immunity
17. #AirFarceOne
That's just 2020, without these:
Heathrow expansion
Sugar Tax
Million to One
350m a week
Northern Ireland trade
Parliamentary Coup

And, of course, NOT delivering any Brexit promise from 2016. An EU Exit without any of the BRenefits.
#BrexitNOTDone #ExitMinusBrenefits
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Mystery woman knew. What a filthy piece of toerag.

Johnson's parsletongue on #carehome staff was skin crawling

Too cowardly to face his mess, #Johnson now wants to blame others.

The #CareHomeScandal top 5* Government acts of negligence
(of ~ 50 total)
New to this?
You've got bits and pieces:

🔵 20,000 dead
🔵 Maybe they'd be dead anyway
🔵 didn't the Government throw a ring of protection around
🔵 And we defended the #NHS
🔵 it was unprecedented?

Sound right?

UKGov PR has worked.

What actually happened?
Let's just start this year Jan 1, to even do that you need to pretend the existing problems, effects of austerity e.g. reduced base level track and trace capability had no bearing.

They did.

But it helps isolate what Johnson and gang were directly answerable for
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Govt is not just incompetent (failing to deliver on test & trace & protect the most vulnerable) but is also deliberately misleading us with its false messaging & data cover up
Covid isn’t going away, we have to learn to live with it & that means opening up schools & the economy.
Infections will rise. Instead of the hugely irresponsible declaration of “Independence Day” #BorisJohnson must be honest with people, deliver world class testing, fully work with local councils & health providers and improve shielding for those most at risk of hospitalisation.
If #Johnson & his Govt continue to fail on #Covid people will refuse to go back in to local lockdowns, more lives will be lost that could have been saved & the economy will be trashed.

People won’t forgive the Conservatives. They will hand the keys to No 10 to Keir Starmer
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Biyolojik #CoronaVirus savaşinda
ikinci perde açiliyor.
Birinci dalga yaşanirken,
Saglik açisindan "Korkmaniza gerek yok" demistik.

#Corona'nin üretilme amaci,
İnsanlari öldürmek icin degil,
Yeni Dunya Duzenine geçiş yaparken,
Hakim/Egemen güc olma kavgasiydi..#NWO Image
Yeni bir Dunya duzeni KURULACAK

Bundan kaçiş yok

Kurulacak yeni dunya duzeninde,
Kim Kral/Kralice olacak?

Kuzey-Guney ittifaki ile
Yeni yonetim/Sistem nasil olacak?

Yeni sistemi kim kuracak?
İşte tüm bu sorulara dogru cevabi verecek olan #Corona'dir. Image
Corona'yi uretenler,
İstese milyonlarca insani ayni anda katledebilir mi?

Ancak amac bu degil.

Dunyanin eski ve yeni efendileri,
Sistem icin/Sömürü icin gerekli olan
Kolay kolay gozden cikarmazlar.
Temel amac,
Güc/egemenlik savasidir.
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Exclusive: MPs who drew up the #Russia report were told the #Kremlin has a "likely hold" over Donald #Trump and there were "indications" #Moscow interfered in and may have covertly funded the 2016 #Brexit vote  - my new book Shadow State reveals…
The evidence - given by former MI6 officer Christopher Steele - is the most compelling explanation so far as to why Boris #Johnson still refuses to publish the missing #Russia report, which he suppressed before last December's UK general election
In a confidential 2018 memo to the British parliament's intelligence and security committee (ISC) Steele accuses Theresa May and Johnson - at that point foreign secretary - of putting "party political interests" above "national security" - a "serious mistake", in his view
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The Drunkard of Europe

IT WAS ONE OF THE WORST DAYS OF MY LIFE. I know for a fact it was the worst day in at least two people’s lives. In the early hours of the morning the phone rang. On the other end of the phone my friend was speaking to me in a stranger’s voice
. Her husband was beside himself with shock and grief, and she was calmly explaining to me what had happened. I say ‘calmly,’ but this wasn’t calm. It was emotionless, a sort of thousand-yard stare of a voice, producing something that sounded for all the world like the person
I knew while she was somewhere else. This voice was absent, it was hollow, and this voice woke me up. Their beautiful baby daughter had died in her sleep.An hour later I was standing by this little angel’s cot, receiving her into my arms from her mother.
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An early lockdown would have:
1. Minimised overall number of infections
2. Lowered R0 number
3. Saved lives
4. Reduced long term morbidity
5. Reduced burden on health services, allowing more non-#COVID19 services to have stayed open
6. Limited geographical spread around country
7. Allowed earlier release of lockdown
8. Reduced economic damage
9. Improved test, trace, isolate effectiveness
10. Bought more time and resources to help rebuild public health teams
11. Built trust in our political leaders, essential for ongoing public health messages
12. Increase the possibilty of preventing a second wave through ongoing stringent public health measures like test, trace, isolate, face masks etc whilst continuing to open up the economy over time
13. Buy more time to develop vaccine and more effective treatments
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