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1/ I’m an HR Director & if there is one thing I can tell you about any organisation, it’s that the culture is set at the top.

It’s disgusting to see the slow motion throwing of civil servants & other No.10 employees under the bus, when the culture has been set by @BorisJohnson
2/ If the team at Downing St think it’s okay to party when the country is under lockdown, it’s because @BorisJohnson has cultivated a culture where that’s acceptable.

If they think that the rules don’t apply to them, it’s because #Johnson has led by example.

3/ If No.10 employees think it’s not their responsibility to speak up when they see wrongdoings, it’s because of the culture that has been set that way.

The buck stops with our #PM on this matter. Don’t buy into the dialogue that it was those naughty underlings.
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This is incredibly personal, but only to try and restore some human context.

Repeated #Johnson denials about this ramping #NHSCrisis are truly horrifying #NHSPrivatisation #ToryLies #JohnsonOutNow #NHSWarZone #NHSCritical
Note this from the Daily Mail. Linking 20 hospitals declaring critical incidents to performance.

It is pure propaganda, obliquely inferring #NHS incompetence h/t @ShaunLintern Image
This is a well worn tactic. Demonise those suffering. Paint them as undeserving of help, or cause of their own problems, to divert blame from cause
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Trotz Weihnachten heute langer Thread 🧵 zu #Impfziel #EbenNichtErreicht. Und das Nächste auch nicht!!
Ausgangslage /Zielformulierung:
"Bis Jahresende 30Mio (weitere) Impfungen" war Ziel, das @OlafScholz am 30.11. verkündete, vgl.… Via @RND_de Image
Explizit wurde auf Summe aus zusätzlichen Erst-, Zweit- &Auffrischungsimpfungen verwiesen.
Schon im Artikel v.1.12. war "auch" Rede von ges. 30Mio nötigen geboosterten bis Jahresende - allerdings als "dann 6 Monate her". Wir erinnern uns:Dieser Abstand wurde später verkürzt. Image
Somit ist die Zahl der Booster-Berechtigten jetzt deutlich höher als 30Mio -- da ist #Impfdashboard-Angabe von insgesamt(!! nicht neu!) 29,9 Mio noch nicht so ganz als Erfolg zu werten.
Remember: Ziel 30 Mio neue Impfungen. Grob 20Mio als durch #Booster erfolgt. Schauen wir Image
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On @r4today you stated your principle "talk TO s/o, before talking ABOUT them" (… ) & declined to comment on the PM's leadership or character. #ItWasAScam /more
Did you talk TO @jeremycorbyn in 2019 before "effectively endorsing" Chief Rabbis Mervis' comments about him being "unfit for high office" because Labour under his leadership was "racked by the poison of antisemitism"?… #ItWasAScam /more
Because that unprecedented libellous defamatory smear campaign delivered us #Johnson as PM - and #ItWasAScam. Every time it has been subjected to independent scrutiny, it has been shown to be untrue. #ItWasAScam /more
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1/ The tide turning against #johnson over #DowningStParty is odd. Yes, it was terrible behaviour but we've come to expect it & his gov. has done much worse without the same scrutiny. So, why now and why over this? #DowningStreetChristmasParty
2/ #Johnson the populist was a useful means of defeating #JeremyCorbyn in 2019. A more obviously "respectable" establishment figure would have struggled* (*see Theresa May). But as Ken Clarke explained in 2019, Johnson is not the establishment's ideal PM…
3/ This isn't because he is unusually venal & corrupt* (*see, for example, most British Govs.) but he doesn't participate in the parliamentary theatre in the correct way: a way that would disguise the fundamental corruption of Britain's ruling class...
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Boris #Johnson apologises over footage of No 10 staff joking about '#ChristmasParty' | Dec 8
- Live updates as fallout continues over 'Christmas party' video…
No 10 #ChristmasParty: how Boris #Johnson's government denied breaking lockdown rules | Dec 8
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1/ Thread: disagree with this. Seems details of the No.10 party have been known by many for a long time. If MSM wanted to pursue it when it was more timely, they could have...… via @MidWalesMike
2/ Plus, the "Johnson is a corrupt liar" narrative is useful as it plays on the "1 bad apple" trope, as does the idea that "the Johnson Government is uniquely bad" and that once normality is restored our problems will go away... #Number10Party
3/ By contrast the horrific Nationality and Borders Bill and #NHSprivatisation legislation making its way through Parliament, exposes the truth about the less-than benevolent intentions of the British state. The #HealthAndCareBill is built upon years of cross-party legislation...
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And then there's the Johnson family and the ARK Foundation, which is a whole other level..
Check for ARK in this list and contemplate the connections 👇👇 #Boris #Johnson #Ghislaine #ASmallWorld

ARK Charity => ARK Schools…
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Sigue, #EnVivo, la Conferencia Matutina Presidencial, a través de la multiplataforma de #CanalCatorce: 📺 14.1 | 📱#MxplayTV|⏯️|💻…
#ConferenciaPresidente | @lopezobrador_ reiteró que al finalizar octubre todas las personas mayores de 18 años estarán vacunas contra #COVID19 en el país, además, dijo que #Guanajuato se han aplicado más de 500 mil dosis en sólo 5 días con el apoyo de la @SEDENAmx y la @SEMAR_mx
#ConferenciaPresidente | Al 10 de octubre se han entregado a los hospitales y clínicas del país 30,802,218 piezas de insumos médicos.

👉Al 18 de octubre, el @INSABI_mx han entregado a los almacenes estatales 42,221,636 piezas de insumos médicos.
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The British public feel abandoned by their GP (and the NHS generally).

They feel GPs were hiding from the pandemic and afraid of getting #COVID19

The truth is so much more concerning…

@trishgreenhalgh @MartinRCGP @martinmckee @DrSimonHodes @drphilhammond
1. This government, under PM #Johnson And against the will of #TeamGP, bypassed GPs during this pandemic.
As shown in the above thread, There was a very clear objection by many GPs and GP leadership to being side-lined by the government’s pandemic strategy ….back in April 2020!!!


And the public are completely unaware of this.
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Infarto, infarto, infarto... mas nada a ver com as vacinas, dizem os especialistas em genocídio.
Nunca vimos na história da medicina humana a própria ser a primeira a destruir a própria ciência. Image
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#Brexitdeal summary: Boris #Johnson had no deal to propose when he proposed a deal with the EU and so made one up on the fly, which he didn't read and so didn't understand what he wasn't reading, which he delegated to his subordinate ministers which they also didn't read so…
1/ …that the final agreements wasn't ever read by anyone in Cabinet yet signed by everyone in Cabinet who was then responsible through the collective accountability which they all individually lacked, for the final agreement which they also had not read.
2/ This was awkward for them when the Deal they had not read studied or considered but sold as oven-baked turned out to be, objectively, the worst Deal in history since it reduced sovereignty, handed over independence, created uncontrolled borders and did so at significant…
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The secret offshore world of #Tory super-donor Lubov Chernukhin and her husband Vladimir. Mansions, quad bikes, an Oxfordshire chicken coop... all are owned by opaque companies. Oh, and Vladimir is a non-dom. My #PandoraPapers story with @harryfoxdavies…
For anyone who missed, here's my piece on Mr Chernukhin's old #Moscow boss Vladimir #Putin. Putin's alleged lover, friend and oil trader associate have all hidden their wealth in #Monaco, with help from a British fixer. But is this cash really theirs?…
Weeks after becoming Russia's prime minister Vladimir Putin made Chernukhin the number two at VEB, a state-run bank. He then promoted him to deputy finance minister followed by VEB chief, a Cabinet level position. Chernukhin left #Russia in 2004 for London with $350m in assets
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1/ Friday morning polling analysis: A lot of people are getting excited about this poll because they think it means Labour may have a chance of winning under #Starmer. Actually, it's a bad poll for the Tories and #Labour. Here's why...
2/ 35% is on the high end of #Labour's polling range under #Starmer this past year but it does not represent a significant uptick in support from what we've come to expect. The really interesting figure is that the Tories are on 33%...
3/ over the past year, Tory polling has been bottoming out around the high 30s and previously reached as far as the high 40s. But the decline in support is real and more recently, they have been polling at the lower end of this range...
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1/ 🙏People save/READ
It’s about your HEALTH-your life. 🔴#FDA is very tricky here and this article by RFK,jr. explains HOW and what to KNOW. 🙏

(Bottom of article):
“Given this background, the FDA’s acknowledgement in its approval letter that there are insufficient……

stocks of the licensed #Comirnaty, but an abundant supply of the EUA #Pfizer BioNTech jab, exposes the “approval” as a cynical scheme to encourage businesses and schools to impose illegal jab #mandates.”
“The FDA’s clear motivation is to enable #Pfizer to quickly unload……
3/ #VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System)

inventories of a vaccine that science and the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System have exposed as unreasonably dangerous, and that the #Delta
variant has rendered obsolete.
Americans, told that the Pfizer COVID vaccine is
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ecco il tipico tweet pieno di menzogne idiote, scritto senza aver nessuna conoscenza degli argomenti trattati e cavalcando un odio cieco e ignorante.

1) "Anche Prodi vuole dialogo con i talebani":

Sì. Esattamente come #Trump,
> ImageImage
#Pompeo, #Biden, #Putin, #Merkel, #XiJinping, #Johnson, #VonDerLeyen, #Borrell e tanti altri.

Perché, volente o nolente, costoro sono i nuovi governanti dell'#Afghanishtan, come da accordi firmati con gli #USA (che li finanzieranno).

Quindi è importante dialogarci per
> ImageImageImageImage
sospingerli tramite la diplomazia a posizioni meno radicali.

Perché, come noto, con la guerra non ci si riesce.
La guerra (salvo pochi casi di liberazione) non ha mai portato nulla di buono.

Lo sanno bene gli USA, che dalla fine dell WWII sono in guerra perenne e non ne han
> ImageImageImage
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Is it now obvious that #Johnson's claims about vaccinations were hot air?

UK is now behind 6 EU countries yet the people who claimed amazing success seem reluctant now to own their failure.

But as I covered below vaccine jingoism already hid a host of Johnson Regime negligence.
Our country has lost all political:
- links with truth
- validity of science
- accountability through media or opposition
- legitimacy of Government

We are an exercise in systematic gaslighting and distracting the electorate to ignore deaths

More will die until they stand trial
But all lands with #Johnson, a "Prime" minister who
- lies by default
- including to Parliament
- never answers questions
- including to Parliament
- dissalows follow up questions when he lies to the media and
- including to Parliament

Someone explain how this isn't tyranny?
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Terrifying thread, thank you @tweetsbyames for all the gory details, do read them all👇🏼.
The #PrimeMinister is a brutal & narcissistic egomaniac who shouldn’t be allowed to plan a children’s tea party, let alone be in charge during a pandemic!

#COVID19UK #SchoolsScandal
THOUSANDS of ppl have lost their lives or been left with long term debilitating symptoms AS A RESULT OF HIS CALLOUS INDIFFERENCE to others & his SERIAL INCOMPETENCE!


@Jeremy_Hunt @SC_HealthSocial
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Le scandale du #MEDIATOR
a tellement mis en avant des pbs de conflit d’intérêt entre les organismes de l’Etat et BIGPHARMA,

que l’AFSSAPS a changé de nom et c’est nommée #ANSM… Image


La sphère publique est juge et partie.
Cela peut mener a une sous-évaluation des incidents déclarés.

ANSM= une cible pour le lobby de BigPharma. Pb / Levothyrox, Depakine, Médiator… ImageImage

Des politiques influents peuvent être rémunérées par Bigpharma.
Il y a aussi des récompenses (offres de travail); ex de Monsanto.

Des « experts » Français décideurs ont des conflits d’intérêt.… Image
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Let’s talk about populism.
Populists pretend complex problems have simple answers.
They like things so simple they become stupid.
They adore binary choices.
They demand you ‘take sides’.
#populism #populists #propaganda #Johnson #woke #antiwoke
Populists like division.
They like an enemy.
If no enemy’s handy, they’ll make one.
They like to act the victim, no matter how rich, powerful or privileged they are.
But, by creating ‘an enemy’, victims are precisely what they tend to produce.
#populism #populist #division
Populism appeals to our worse instincts.
It appeals to emotions of hatred, resentment, a tribal ‘us’ and ‘them’.
In today's world we need our better instincts:
Populism doesn’t care about caring. Compassion isn’t on its agenda.
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A day in politics can be very loooooooooooong!

It is now 'CRYSTAL CLEAR' why #May appeared to overuse this phrase when speaking - it was to check NOT the IQ but the EQ of the audience!

One assumes all parties present are adults since this is a pre-requisite to be a politician!
"Angry… but it’s a strange situation where the First Minister is effectively arguing that reporters and politicians are stupid for taking what she says at face value, and even more stupid if they ask for clarification later."

Seems 'crystal clear' to me!!
All would be 'crystal clear' if audience really listened and asked pertinent questions on content of conferences when given chance to do so, instead of playing infantile party politics or chasing tomorrow's headlines!

LIFE is deadly serious NOT a continuous political campaign!
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