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#DataPrivacy #AI #Thread 🧵🧵🧵
Protect your data from AI Image
Be mindful of what personal information you share online or with AI-powered devices. Use strong and unique passwords for all your accounts, and consider using a password manager.
Review your accounts: Review all of your accounts and delete any accounts you no longer use.
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Identificar proyectos que serán integrales para el futuro de #Web3 & #Crypto es vital para tu portafolio 🔥

@OasisProtocol @OasisNetwork_ES $ROSE 🌹 y su fundadora @dawnsongtweets tienen asociaciones, patrocinadores y conexiones que te dejarán boquiabierto 🥰

Hilo a…… Image
2. @MetaAI X @OasisProtocol

Durante más de 2 años han trabajado en el desarrollo de la equidad en su #AI 🤖

@OasisNetwork_ES es el socio tecnológico elegido por @MetaAI y vale la pena recordar que $META se acercó a Oasis 🤝

$ROSE #ChatGPT Image
3. @googlecloud X @OasisProtocol

Aportar lo mejor en tecnología de #privacidad de datos de empresas que manejan esencialmente información confidencial en grandes volúmenes.

Fomentará y ampliará el apoyo a las aplicaciones innovadoras que hacen uso de la informática y la…… Image
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1/ 🚀 Hey @SanJoseSharks fans! Excited to introduce you to the game-changing platform, @tknevents, that could revolutionize the way we engage with our beloved team. Let's dive into the benefits of adopting Token for our #SharksTerritory! 🏒💙 #TokenEvents #FanPowered
2/ 🔥 First, @tknevents rewards fans with $FAN tokens for sharing their data voluntarily. This means more personalized experiences and incentives for fans, strengthening the bond between the team and its most ardent supporters. 🤝 #FanRewards #Personalization
3/ 📊 @tknevents's Micro-Moments Engine (MME) helps @SanJoseSharks gain actionable insights into fan behaviors, preferences, and more. This will enable the team to deliver tailored content, promotions, and experiences that resonate with their fanbase. 🎯 #DataDriven #FanInsights
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Identifying projects that will be integral to the future of #Web3 & #Crypto is vital for your portfolio

@OasisProtocol, $ROSE & founder Dawn Song, have partnerships, backers and connections that will blow your mind

Mega Thread below🧵✏️⬇️

Like, RT, Follow and @ tag friends🌹 Image
2) @Meta X @OasisProtocol

For over 2 years they have worked on developing fairness in their #AI

@OasisProtocol is @Meta's chosen technology partner & worth remembering that Meta approached Oasis

I'd be confident in saying this runs deeper than just AI 👀

$ROSE #ChatGPT Image
3) @Google X @OasisProtocol

Bringing the best in data #privacy technology to companies who essentially deal with sensitive information in large volumes

It will encourage & expand support for innovative applications that are computing & memory-intensive

#BigData #AI $ROSE Image
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Digital Spies:

In the digital age, privacy is a challenge,
Our personal data is at risk of theft,
Protecting it requires more than a talisman.

Our online lives are a digital talisman,
Hackers and cybercriminals take the plunge,
In the digital age, privacy is a challenge. Image
We are always at risk, a digital malfunction,
Leaves us open to scams and identity theft,
Protecting it requires more than a talisman.

We need to create an environment of caution,
And implement measures that give us a breath,
In the digital age, privacy is a challenge.
We must protect our data, a digital orphan,
And safeguard our personal assets from theft,
Protecting it requires more than a talisman.
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🧵 (1/4) Protecting health #DataPrivacy is crucial, especially #PostRoe.

At the Federal level, the UPHOLD Privacy Act would restrict companies from collecting personal health info without consumer consent.…
(2/4) 📲Contact your U.S. Members of Congress to support the UPHOLD Privacy Act. 🔎 Find your legislators here:…
#DataSecurity #DataPrivacy
(3/4) And at the state level, HB3603, Protect Health Data Act, introduced by @RepAnnWilliams, will help safeguard the privacy of every Illinoisans' sensitive health information by implementing new privacy protections. #DataSecurity #DataPrivacy
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Allowing everyone to see your #location can put your safety & privacy at risk. Be mindful about who you share it with and take steps to ensure your whereabouts aren't publicly available. #protectyourlocation #Incogniaid
Stay safe online with a VPN! Hide your location by encrypting your internet traffic & redirecting it through a secure server. Choose a #VPN with a strong track record for protecting user data, like @surfshark.
Location services track your every move via GPS & Wi-Fi, making them a security risk. #Protectyourlocation by disabling location services on your devices & in your browsers. This will prevent your location from being leaked online.
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#Dataprivacy is what allows you to control who has access to your personal information and how it is used. Without it, you can fall victim to various scams, such as phishing and even identity theft. Protect your personal info by incorporating these 5 simple practices!
Protect your personal information by creating strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication. And please, don't use "password" or "1234" as your password! 🚨
Don't leave your back door open for hackers! Ensure your operating systems, firmware, web browsers, and anti-virus are always up-to-date!
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Following the right founders in #crypto is key

Prof. Dawn Song of @OasisLabs / @OasisProtocol has a background you simply can’t ignore

This is one you need to read⬇️

Mega Thread 🧵

#OasisNetwork $ROSE #BigData #AI #privacy Image
2) Dawn is a world renowned Professor of Computer Science from @UCBerkeley in the US

She has dedicated her career to #blockchain , cyber security, #DataPrivacy and #AI, amongst many other fields

Many believe @dawnsongtweets to be one of the greatest minds in #web3

Here is why
3) To start, Dawn’s educational background:

B.S. from @Tsinghua_Uni - Rank 1 in China
M.S. from @CarnegieMellon
Ph.D from @UCBerkeley - Top 10 in the world

These institutions educated the likes of @stevewoz , @ericschmidt, Xi Jinping and many more

#OasisNetwork $ROSE Image
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1/6 🔥Prepare to be amazed by Ovidiu Damian - @Ovcd27, Tech Lead at @itheum when it comes to everything #MultiversX related.

He will take the stage as a speaker at the upcoming #SeedCaptain conference.

Learn more about his background and presentation 🧵👇

2/6 🏗He's got it all - from Smart Contracts and User Interfaces to Architecture design.

With a portfolio of tens of applications on #MultiversX already released, he brings a diverse range of skills to the table.

#TechLead #Web3 #Web3Development #UIUXDesigner #MultiversXtech
3/6 📚Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and a Master's degree in International Business Management.

✅Google & Coursera certifications, Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Cloud Computing Basics, Structuring Machine Learning Projects, Improving Deep Neural Networks.
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🧵 While #ChatGPT is grabbing the headlines, pushing @GoogleAI (#LaMDA) and @Baidu_Inc to rush their plans to launch competitors, maybe it’s time to explore the security/privacy concerns generative AIs raise.

Here's a #thread on some of these, brought to you by @InfosecurityMag.
@GoogleAI @Baidu_Inc @InfosecurityMag First, @OpenAI’s #ChatGPT has already been used to develop #malware and other malicious tools, as @a_mascellino reported on January 9, 2023. #encryption #cybercrime cc @SShykevich @_CPResearch_…
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🐦 In the past year I’ve been in the weeds of building Google Analytics 4 implementation for 50+ clients

Here are 3 things I think shows that show the Power of Google Analytics 4 🔎

For better Privacy, Accurate Insights, and More Flexibility 💻
Enhanced Privacy:

📊 Google Analytics 4 (GA4) offers enhanced data privacy features, giving users more control over their data

🔒 Google Signals lets you turn off Ads Personalization for your data

💡 Consent Mode allows website owners to respect your cookie preferences 🍪
Predictive ML:

🧠 GA4's machine learning capabilities provide more accurate and actionable insights

🔮 Predictive analytics helps forecast audience behavior, predict data anomalies and optimize operations

💰 Predictive machine learning can help you focus on valuable users 💼
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(1/11) Is #Blockchain an enabler for sustainable future? Fasten your seatbelts as we’re all set to embark on a deep topic voyage. 🧵 Read more at:… Image
(2/11) 💻 #Blockchain is a shared #ledger or repository that computer #subnets may access. It is similar to a #database, but it is secure and #decentralized. #Cryptocurrency systems like #Bitcoin use blockchains to keep a secure and decentralized database of transactions. 🔐
(3/11) 💡Blockchain eliminates a #centralized command structure, allowing #data sharing among parties without needing a centralized system or administrator. It is #secure and #data can't be corrupted or destroyed by anyone with access to the main database. #FinancialTechnology
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If you read one thing before @DPCIreland's decisions vs. @Meta are published, let it be this tour de force by @Jenn_Bryant1008! #dataprivacy #GDPR #holdontoyourhats…
With the Privacy Community's Who's Who sharing their views...
@gabrielazanfir: "The community spent a lot of time analyzing and understanding requirements for consent and legitimate interests in the past years, and not so much the ‘contract’ lawful ground"
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Number of active users doesn't indicate how secure/private the messenger is.

❌Fb messenger

Great alternatives: @signalapp, @session_app, @element_hq, @minds chat, @ThreemaApp Image
Also, always question - what kind of metadata does this app collect?

In a public debate with Just Security‘s David Cole at Johns Hopkins University, former Director of the NSA and CIA, General Michael Hayden made the provocative remark, “We Kill People Based on Metadata.”
Great resource - Comprehensive comparison of various messengers -
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BREAKING: @RBI has informed the #DelhiHighCourt that a regulatory framework to
support orderly growth of credit delivery through #DigitalLending methods while mitigating the regulatory concerns, has
been firmed up.
The affidavit has been filed in a plea seeking regulation of Online Lending platforms charging exorbitant rates of interest from small borrowers.
"The said regulatory framework is expected to address the concerns relating to unbridled
engagement of third parties, mis-selling, breach of #DataPrivacy, customer grievance redressal, unfair business conduct, and unethical recovery practices," RBI adds.
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With @AlterDapp announcing June 29th as the beta launch date for their "Stake-to-Access" feature I wanted to dive into what this means and how it will benefit $ALTER, $SCRT and the users in the #Cosmos ecosystem and beyond.

@AlterDapp 2/🧵


This feature will allow any user who has at least 10 $SCRT staked the ability to use $ALTER’s private messaging platform FREE of charge 🤯

This feature will apply to ALL validators on @SecretNetwork and is NOT limited to just @Alterdapp's validator.
@AlterDapp @SecretNetwork 3/🧵

The decision by @Alterdapp to include ALL validators in their Stake-to-Access program shows their desire to promote a more decentralized @SecretNetwork while simultaneously helping attract new users to the $ALTER platform and ultimately the $SCRT & #Cosmos ecosystems.
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🔴 LIVE: @rachelsibande joins @CLEARAA1's Talitha Hlaka, @The_DSD's Dez Jason, and @giz_gmbh #FAIRForward's Mark Irura as they discuss #ResponsibleDataUse for #DataGovernance and #MEL in times of unprecedented volumes of #DigitalData and new #DataLaws 👉
Dez Jason kicks things off by sharing @MERLTech's #ResponsibleData in #MonitoringAndEvaluation (#RDiME) #ME and #data life cycles, at every stage of which responsible #DataGovernance is considered key:…
Mark Irura notes the importance of using #data to improve governance but he emphasizes that communities need to know how their data is being used so they can protect their #privacy.

However, choosing not to share your data should NOT prevent you from participating in government!
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Follow this thread for live updates from @Vidhi_India's online roundtable discussion titled 'From PDP Bill, 2019 to Data Protection Bill, 2021 and Beyond’ which will begin shortly. 👇🏽

#DataProtection #Privacy
The roundtable will feature @matthan, @VrindaBhandari, Matthias Goetz, Malvika Raghavan, Supratim Chakraborty, Professor Subhashis Banerjee, Vyom Upadhyay, and @TrisheeGoyal.

The discussion will be moderated by @Arghya_justify.

Roundtable begins with introductions of the panel.
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For vehicle data GDPR is just the beginning and stay tuned for the Data Governance Act, says German Brandenburg regional government in Q&A 1/5

#dataprivacy #dataprotection #connectedvehicles #autonomousvehicles
- Vehicle manufacturers have to observe GDPR when collecting and processing data. The customer's consent to the use of their data (e.g. on-board systems such as car apps) should always obtained when purchasing. 2/5
GDPR is a good foundation for ensuring data protection for data collected, processed and stored by modern vehicles. The legal requirements on "privacy by design" and "privacy by default" are important cornerstones to take into account when developing products. 3/5
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No Cookies for You. (Thread 1/11)
German DSK issues cookie guidance with strict requirements for cookie banners, consent and using US-based providers

#dataprivacy #dataprotection #cookieconsent
Storage and access includes: access to hardware device identifiers, advertising identification numbers, telephone numbers, SIM card serial numbers (IMSI), contacts, call lists, Bluetooth beacons or SMS communication, MAC addresses and browser fingerprinting. 2/11
You can get consent to store and access information and consent for further processing under GDPR 6(1)(a) at the same time if: you inform the users of all purposes (including of the subsequent processing), and it is clear to the user that several consents are given at once 3/11
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I can feel something inside me say
I really don't think (your legitimate interest) is strong enough now
- says @Datatilsynet to Shinigami Eyes browser extension. (Thread while you hum the Cher song in your head) 1/6

#dataprivacy #dataprotection #legitimateinterest
The data subjects’ interests, rights and freedoms precedes Shinigami Eyes’ interest in providing their marking-application 2/6
The individuals had no knowledge of the processing and no way to expect that their messages or behavior on certain social media pages will be processed on the extension or communicated to all who download it 3/6
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What a fantastic way to start a week!

Thank you to @sallycmorton and @FDuBoisBowman for visiting us in the COPSS @COPSSNews leadership academy yesterday!

A short 🧵 on how these meetings came about and few things I learned from these wise folks.

First, the zoom meeting (pictured above) took place because of the visionaries @BhramarBioStat and Huixia Judy Wang, who conceived the idea of the COPSS Leadership Academy and brought it to fruition!

The purpose of this award is to "recognize early career statistical scientists who show evidence of and potential for leadership and who will help shape and strengthen the field".

#Statistics #DataScience 3/n…
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🧵 🪡 Focused on #privacy? Do you use a paid #VPN? According to Norton only 65% of paid VPN services don’t track their users.

#privacy #databreach #dataprivacy #dataprotection #scandals #Blockchain
What is the solution? #dVPN or Decentralized VPN can fix the negatives of using a centralized VPN like ( data collection ) How does a #dVPN do this?
All #dVPN’s built on @Sentinel_co use bandwidth provided by a global community of node hosts. This global network of nodes brings a new level of security and energy efficiency to your #dataprotection needs.
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