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1. Comey intentionally used a “friend” on the Columbia law faculty to leak his memos to the media.…
Notably, Columbia Law School Professor Daniel Richman who on a faculty webpage reads he is “currently an adviser to FBI Director James B. Comey.”
2. Dan Richman is a former federal prosecutor.
He served as chief appellate attorney in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York…
The Same Office Now Handling Michael Cohen Case
3. James Comey, too, worked in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, serving as the deputy chief of the criminal division from 1987 to 1993. Comey later became the United States Atty for the Southern District of New York.…
4. The NYTimes reprtd in 2009 the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York catapults so many ppl into important positions that its in a sense become one of New York City’s most powerful clubs.
Dan Richman was quoted in this article.…
5. “Every single large ­scale investigation will mark the beginning of a meeting of the club,”

Richman told The New York Times,
referring to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.”
5. In 2004, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg appointed Dan Richman to the position of "chairman of the Local Conditional Release Commission."…
6. Richman has offered expert testimony in a variety of state and criminal investigations, and he testified before a Senate subcommittee on Miranda warnings, according to Columbia Law School.…
7. Richman teaches at Columbia Law School
Acc to his bio Columbia Law School, Richman teaches Criminal Adjudication,Evidence, Federal Criminal Law& Sentencing.…
His areas of expertise are criminal procedure, adjudication, evidence, and federal criminal law.
8. Acc 2a Columbia Lw Schl, Richman “bridges the gap btwn theory & practice” inviting judges, prosecutors &defense attys into his Evidnce, Sentncig, Criminl Adjudictin, & Fed Criminal Law classes so stdnts can hear fr ppl on front lines of justice system.”…
9. After James Comey mentioned during his Congressional testimony that he had a friend from Columbia leak materials to a reporter, so many people flooded the Columbia website that it temporarily crashed.
10. Daniel Richman "is a confidant and adviser to James Comey."
his biography at Columbia Law School says he is “currently an adviser to FBI Director James B. Comey.”…
11. The New York Times refers to Richman as
a “longtime confidant and friend of Mr. Comey’s.”…
12. After Comey’s firing, Richman told The NYT that if Comey wants a job at Columbia,

he “would be welcomed back, and he knows it.”…
The New York Times also reported that
"Richman has spoken with Comey several times since he was fired.”
13. Richman has spoken abt Comey in the media many times, and The New Yorker referred to him as

a “close friend of Comey who has served as his unofficial media surrogate.”…
14. In Oct 2016, Comey sent a ltr to Congress informing them of the existence of new emails relevant to Hillary investigation.

Comey adviser Richman: Comey's silence would've had ramifications via @YouTube
15; This became a major story & Clinton said she believes it was one of several factors that lead to @realDonaldTrump’s victory.

Comey was criticized for sending the letter to Congress, but Daniel Richman defended Comey’s decision at the time.
16. “Those arguing that the Comey shld have remained silent until new emails could b reviewed -even if that process lasted, or was delayed, until aftr election -give too little thought to the governing that needs to happen aftr Nov,”
Richman told The NYT.…
17. “If the FBI dir doesn’t have the credibility to keep Congress from interfering in the bureau’s work & to assure Congress that a matter has been or is being looked into, the new administration will pay a high price.”

~a "Matter?" (Loretta Lynch)
~"Pay a High Price? (threat)
18. Richman told PBS that Comey sent this letter
"because he wanted to protect the credibility of the FBI."
(and by "FBI" he really means "Comey")
19. “Here we had him having made statmnts abt the completion of the investigation-all of a sudden he’s confronted w/very little notice w/a trove of emails that appear 2be pertinent,” Richman said...
20. continues: “The nxt step is what to do, and I think what he figured he needed to do immediately is get the information that he had these right out.”
Richman said.
21. Richman also said on Fox News that whatever Comey did would have had political ramifications.
“I don’t think he’s unaware of the fact that there’s an election gong on,” Richman said. “I don’t think he’s trying to influence the election, ...
22".... but either silence or speaking is going to implicate the election, and he’s aware of that and did what he felt he had to do.”
23. On the topic of this memo, Richman urged media not to read too much into what Comey said.“The fact that some new emails have been uncovered, which the bureau has not looked into it means there are some new emails to look at. Nothing more,” Richman2CNN.
24. Dan Richman Previously Said That @realDonaldTrump Fired Comey
Because Comey Wouldn’t Pledge His Loyalty.

via @YouTube
Dan Richman told the media after Comey was fired that Donald Trump fired “somebody unwilling to pledge absolute loyalty to him.”
25. According to ABC News. About a month later, Comey would reveal that Trump did indeed tell him that he expects his loyalty.…

I know this seems a bit complicated, but stay with me and let's keep playing "connect-the-dots."
26. Richman said whn Comey was fired Dep Atty Gen Rod Rosenstein, who wrote the ltr rec Comey’s firing, was being taken advantage of by @realDonaldTrump admn.…
“Rosenstein is a useful patsy” Richman
“If u have principles & u think u’re bng used, u resign.”
27. Dan Richman has said that James Comey has always tried to be apolitical & fair to both sides.…
“Jim sees his role as apolitical & independent,” Richman told The NYT.
“He, even as he reprts to the atty general, often has to stand apart from his boss.”
28. Richman told The New York Times in that same interview Comey was “navigating waters in which every move has political consequences” and that with Comey, there is “a consistent pattern of someone trying to act with independence & integrity, but within established channels.”
29. I find this strange: 2 Attorneys & BFFs since at law school to this very day, are not just "massaging the msm" but both are colluding & conspiring to break the laws (LEAKING) they took an oath to protect & defend.

But these 2 ass-clowns were doing this BEFORE Comey was fired
30. Richman told NBC News of Comey,
“I don’t think he takes glee in being contrary for its own sake,” but adding that Comey “recognizes that you can never make everybody happy.”…
31. And Richman also told Politico last year that Comey’s goals do not always align with goals of the current administration.
“There are administration agendas, & appropriately so, that [Comey] doesn’t always adhere to,” Richman said.…
33. “&he takes his criticisms 4 very quietly-sometimes loudly-he takes his congrats 4that.
This is somebody who grew up in a variety of admns, &was able to, I think, do a remarkable job of always trying to do the right thing.

(Hillary always TRIED TO tell the truth)
34. “There are admin agendas, & appropriately so, that [Comey] doesn’t always adhere to,”

Richman said.
35. I had to give you the background of Columbia Law School Professor Daniel Richman to help you better understand who he & his lifelong friend are.
**They Are Partners In Crime.

from ever holding a Law License in Any State.
36. Comey intentionally used a “friend” on Columbia law faculty to leak govt owned files (memos) to their friends & connections in the ms media.

Comey says that he did so to force the appointment of a Special Counsel.
37. However, those memos are a legal government records and potential evidence in a criminal investigation.

But a Law Professor and his best friend and at the time, a Director of the FBI didn't know that?
38. The problem is that Comey’s description of his use of" an FBI computer" to create memoranda to file caused these memos to become government documents.
39. Comey even admitted that he "thought he raised the issue with his staff and recognized that they might be needed by the Department or Congress."…
They read like a type of field 302 form, which are core investigatory documents.
40. The admission of leaking memos is problematic given the overall controversy involving leakers undermining the Administration.

It creates a curious scene of a former director leaking material agnst the @POTUS after the President repeatedly asked him to crack down on leakers.
41. Besides being subject to Nondisclosure Agreements, Comey falls under federal laws governing the disclosure of classified & nonclassified information.
42. The Bottom Line:18 U.S.C. § 641 which makes it a CRIME to:
STEAL, SELL or CONVEY (perhaps to a Law School Professor) ANY RECORD, VOUCHER, MONEY, or THING OF VALUE of the United States or of ANY DEPARTMENT or AGENCY ( the F.B.I.?) thereof.”…
43. There are also ethical & departmental rules against the use of material to damage a former represented person or individual or firm related to prior representation.
44. The FBI website states:
"Dissemination of FBI info is made strictly in accordance w/provisions of the Privacy Act; Title 5 USC, Sc 552a; FBI policy & procedures re: discretionary release of info in acc w/PAct; &other federal orders & directives.”…
45. I'm just your average alpha-male Marine Corps "Jarhead" & like all of those I follow here on Twtr, we are smart enough to know these laws. But Comey &Richmon (FBI Fired Dir Who LACKS CANDOR-means he's can no longer be trusted due 2being a LIAR) & a Law professor Do NOT?
46. By the way, waking up in the middle of the night (as told by Comey) is not generally the best time to decide to ILLEGALLY leak CLASSIFIED GOVERNMENT OWNED PROPERTY against a sitting @POTUS .
47. There are times when coffee & a full night’s sleep (and even conferral w/counsel) is recommended.

ILLEGALLY Leaking GOVERNMENT OWNED PROPERTY is one of those times. Moreover, if Comey was sure of his right 2release memo, why use a law professor to avoid fingerprints?
48. I find Comey’s admission to be deeply troubling from a professional & ethical standpoint. Would Comey (as a Director of the FBI) have approved such a rule for his own FBI field agents?
49. Thus, an agent can prepare a memo during office hrs on an FBI computer abt a mtg related to his service -but leak that memo to the media.
The Justice Dept has long defined what constitutes govt documents broadly.
50. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) is what every government employee knows is their Bible.

SOP requires that ALL documents be reviewed but not clear, whether Comey had LEAKED docs reviewed 4classification at the confidential level.

51. What is CRYSTAL clear is that Comey did NOT clear the release of the memos with anyone in the federal government, but instead he STOLE the property; ILLEGALLY LEAKED it someone WITHOUT a GOVERNMENT SECURITY CLEARANCE, with 1 Mission: SEEK REVENGE on a sitting @POTUS .
52. Comey’s statement of a good motivation does not negate the concern over his chosen means of a leak.

Moreover, the timing of the leak clearly benefited Comey & was NOT the cause of appointing Special Counsel Robert Mueller.!
THAT was due to a FAKE Steele Dossier.
53. It was clear at that time that a Special Counsel was likely.
More importantly, Comey clearly understd the memos wld b sought.
That leads inevitably to the question of both motivation as well as means.

A Leaker @realDonaldTrump via @YouTube
54. But there's something strange: ATTORNEYS

Michael Cohen - @realDonaldTrump's attorney
Robert Mueller -Comey's Mentor & friend
Daniel Richman -Columbia Law Professor adviser & friend to Comey
Michael Avenatti -Stormy Daniels atty has deep ties to Rahm Emanuel & Joe Biden.
55. After Comey Was Fired (Rod Rosenstein Recommended He Be Fired-@POTUS Finished Him)
Comey Was Just Like Hillary... EXTREMELY PISSED OFF.

~Revenge By Any Means Is Their Mantra
56. To Take @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
~A Fake Dossier- FAILED
~A Mtg w/@POTUS & Comey's STOLEN Memos LEAK- FAILED
~Mueller's Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theory- FAILED
~Russian Hookers Pissing On @realDonaldTrump-FAILED
~"He Asked For MY Loyalty" Lie-FAILED

So, These LAWYERS..
57. These "Lawyers" Should ALL Be Disbarred (Like John Edwards; Barack & Michelle Obama; Hillary & Bill Clinton) All of them.
~They Are ALL FRIENDS in bed with each other (well, except for Stormy's atty, who is in bed with and worked for Chicago's own turd-blossom-Rahm Emmanuel)
58. Remember When Mueller Said @realDonaldTrump 's NOT A Target?
He wasn't lying. Now it is ANY and EVERYONE within the Trump circle.

Can't Get The Target?
Move to his inner circle and destroy them all.
59. In my opinion, @realDonaldTrump MUST do something to end this flanking attack by these men who have power (FROM THE PEOPLE). They are supposed to be working FOR US and for OUR INTERESTS.

It Is Beyond a Witch-Hunt.
It Is Personal.…
60. They used the unverified information in the Christopher Steele Dossier to receive that warrant to crack the first window open and enter the world of REVENGE.

~Carter Page
~General Michael Flynn
~Michael Cohen

And ANYONE else who gets in their way.
61. WE THE PEOPLE the taxpayers are FUNDING a 3 ring circus of a caravan of left-wing attys, who are over-bloated w/authority & unlimited taxpayer dollars are spilling with acts of vengeance & criminal acts bordering treason.

I Ask Mr. @POTUS End This.
We Have Your Back.

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