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#VISA outlines #Interoperability for #CBDC payments through a Universal Payments Channel (UPC)

Small thread on how it ties in to @quant_network.…
"The UPC protocol facilitates payments through an entity, called the UPC hub (or server — we use the terms interchangeably), which acts as a gateway to receive payment requests from registered sending parties and routes them to registered recipient parties,

UPC is acting as a 'Gateway' between both #CBDCs which is the method that quant have taken with their API gateway #Interoperability solution.
"Ultimately, Visa aims for UPC to serve as a "network of blockchain networks" to move digital currencies around."
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#OnJuly07, 2020 🇭🇹

#Story ina part A na B

📋Historia ya Haiti

📋Mauaji ya Rais @moisejovenel

👩‍💻Unajua tangu ipate uhuru imeongozwa zaidi ya marais 49, kati yao 9 ndio walimaliza vipndi vyao bila kupinduliwa/kuuawa wakiwa madarakani?
#Thread|Story🕒👇 ImageImageImage
Usiku Julai 7 watu wenye silaha walivamia makazi binafsi Rais @moisejovenel wa Haiti na kumuuawa. N MAUAJI yaliyoshtua Haiti, ingawa bado haijulikani nani aliyeajiri wauaji na kwanini, lkn mercenaries wa Colombia na Marekani walikamatwa kufuatia mauaji yale.
RT iwafikie wengi👇
Turn on Notification..

Naona 📱 iko Low baada ya nusu saa hv nitarudi kukiwasha.

Hii nchi ni mapinduzi, kuuawa, kutiwa sumu ukiwa madarakani mpk le👇 ImageImage
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka @retheauditors 1/ The curious case of the ChoopaCabre (sic). In 2015 the NYTimes carried out an ‘old school’ expose on the shadowy world of the payment processor facilitators of notorious reported illegal offshore gambling ops allegedly targeting …
2/ USA punters. Many of these payment processor facilitators are ‘old hands’ from the shadowy world of facilitating notorious affiliate online pornography +/or unlawful (in many countries) Pharma dispensary(eg Viagra)/scam ops. We’ve seen already the likes of the notorious …
3/ #Electracash USA Cheque payment processor () + it’s alleged links to the notorious UK ‘Consett formation factory’ as allegedly also with Mindgeek (aka PornHub, Redtube etc) (). In the NYTimes piece, notorious offshore gambling …
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- #EPFO scheme extended till March 31, 2022.

- Free #visa capped at one per individual.

And some other announcements made by the Finance Minister in today's press conference.

Take a look.

#FM @FinMinIndia #FinanceMinister Image
Extension of Atmanirbhar Bharat Rozgar Yojana till March 30: Finance Minister #NirmalaSitharaman Image
Govt announces measures to revive #tourism.

Free Tourist #Visa to 5 lakh tourists announced. Image
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1/#Chainlink is not meant to be held by retail investors...

The tokenomics of $LINK span beyond the simple use cases of an average #Robinhood trader and therefore will be missed as a generational opportunity by many.

// Simple thread to digest thread 🍑
2/#Chainlink not only provides on-chain and off-chain data to #dApps, but also creating a decentralized oracle network to take some of the computation off-chain in a trust minimized way.

Chainlink is blockchain agnostic and simple retail tribalism FOMO cannot be applied here.

$LINK demand:
- Data receiver pays oracles in $LINK
- Oracles need to hold $LINK as a collateral to guarantee data quality and uptime

$LINK has: Consistent institutional demand + Fixed supply = deflationary pressure.

// Just look at the $LINK exchange balance Image
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Keep an Eye on the Canaries

$AAPL #Apple
$V #Visa
$MA #MasterCard
$TSLA #Tesla
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( ١ )
• كيف تُقاس قوّة العملة؟
وهذا السؤال من أركان الاستثمار.
• الجواب:
هناك عملاتٌ قويّة من جميع الجوانب (البيانات المالية، روعة المشروع، نشاط الفريق والشراكات، الشعبيّة) لكنها إذا (ماتت) فلن يبكي عليها إلا المستثمر المسكين!
كيف ذلك؟
• إذا كان المشروع متّصلًا بأمور وتقنيات..
( ٢ )
خارجةٍ عن نطاق (عالم العملات الرقمية) فمهما كان المشروع قويًّا؛ ومهما كان مهمًّا في جوانب، إلا أنه لن يكون كالمشاريع المتعلّقة بعالم العملات والبلوكتشين نفسه!
• أمثلة على عملاتٍ قويّةٍ واعدة، لكنّ نشاطها لا بختصّ بالعملات الرقمية:
عملة #FET التي تختصّ بالذكاء الاصطناعي..
( ٣ )
عملة #FTM التي تختصّ بالمدن الذكيّة..
• عملتان مهمّتان قويّتان من جميع الجوانب؛ لكنّ فقدهما لن يؤثر على العملات الرقميّة!
• أمثلة على عملات قويّةٍ واعدة، وتقوم أعمالها على مساندة عالم العملات الرقميّة:
• عملة #ANKR التي تدعم البنية التحتية للعملات الرقميّة الأخرى..
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تشکر رضا جان بابت این سوال عالی ...
۱- دو مدل معروف برای تخمین این ارزش واقعی #بیتکوین از بازار‌های مالی دیگر وجود دارد.
مدل اول، #S2F که مبنای محاسباتش، ذات #بیتکوین در ذخیره ارزش است؛شبیه طلا. این مدل ارزش حال بیتکوین را ۱۰۰ هزار دلار می‌داند.…
۲- مدل دوم، ارزش #بیتکوین را از روی حجمی دلاری که بر بستر شبکه آن منتقل می‌کنند، محاسبه می‌کند. مشابه شرکت #paypal یا #Visa !
این مدل، #NVT، قیمت واقعی یا ارزش #بیتکوین را ۵۵ هزار دلار تخمین می‌زند.

حال این انتخاب شماست که مدل‌های ریاضی را مبنا قرار بدهید یا صرفا «حس» شخصی.
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#Ethiopia is committed to rebuilding #Tigray and ensuring that citizens are sufficiently provided for while #rebuilding efforts are being exerted. We welcome the #international community’s support in efforts to scale up #HumanitarianAssistance and close existing gaps. 1/11
Following actions have been taken in #Tigray: The second round of #HumanitarianAssistance has delivered food and other essential items to 2.7 million people; 2/11
Emergency #shelters and non-food item kits supplied to over 245,000 displaced persons in #Tigray; 3/11
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As someone who likes profits, been asking myself, if I had invested in attractive high-growth companies in their early years e.g.
-or Netflix?

In this thread, we learn one way to value PRE-PROFIT COMPANIES by using gross income.

Best served with a cup of tea 🫖

The obvious problem is that not all promising companies show earnings or cash flow starting Day 1.

Earnings are what the hardcore “value investors” demand for their valuation Excel exercise.

But it’s lazy to stop there. How could we rethink the valuation process?

If we can’t rely on cash flows or earnings, we must “climb up” the income statement. Operating income, or EBIT, could work.

But many companies invest heavily in growth, suppressing operating income through higher operating expenses (OPEX), see e.g. #Amazon in 1999-2001.
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with #Visa news there is so much misunderstanding, that it is time to clear it out

To start with, Visa is not settling or processing transactions in $USDC. Neither it is planning to, nor it can do it legally.

Visa is not processing transaction on blockchain, and when you will use your Visa card to pay for your coffee, it will not go through Ethereum network.
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No IELTS To Canada Guide

You won’t be wrong to assume that any sane Nigerian wants to move out to a better country based on the current economic, financial, and overall wellbeing of the citizens.

Yesterday as I was coming back from my family home,
I went to buy Garri for my fisherman’s soup I had prepared.

Pulling N1,000 to give the seller, behind me was an old woman of about 85 years or more untying her handkerchief and bringing out N100 for how many cups of Garri?
Answer – one.

Now, how do you explain the fact that a cup of Garri moved from 3 cups to 1 cup? How do these kinds of mothers survive?

At a point, I started being enraged because the matter was all over my head, but I had to tame my emotions and said to myself,
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Todos escuchamos hablar de #bitcoin y su precio, pero ¿sabés cómo funciona?

Entender la tecnología de fondo es clave para meterse en el mundo #cripto, repasémoslo en este hilo 👇

Tranquilos, voy a evitar meterme detalles técnicos, no quiero que se me duerma nadie.
Si bien hay diferencias, podemos comparar Bitcoin al correo electrónico.

Para enviar un mail necesitas una cuenta, y para enviar Bitcoin necesitas un monedero (wallet en inglés). Image
Una #wallet es una billetera digital que contiene tus bitcoins y te permite enviarlos a los demás. Cada wallet tiene una dirección pública y una llave privada. La dirección pública sería como tu dirección de mail y la llave privada su contraseña.
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Do you know that with an IELTS score of 5.0 you can relocate to Canada??

Barry Jhay Simi Samklef #Travel #Canada_immigrationvisa #CanadaOnly #IELTS Kashy #CanadaOnly #Visa #Canada #sundayvibes Image
Do you know that one of the problem that is keeping a lot of people from relocating to Canada has always been on the issue of passing IELTS? 
The Demand for this is so great that some people have even asked me if we do runs package for IELTS exam.
Sorry, If you feel that there is a runs way where you can get your score without writing the exam. 

Just know that your money is gone and what you are also given is FAKE.
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1. [#CeJourLà] Le 19 février 1796, le Directoire organise la destruction du matériel permettant la fabrication d’#assignats. Réalisée en Allemagne, une gravure dépeint l'opération comme un « #brûlement » de billets. Cette transposition graphique vaut bien un thread d’#econhist 👇
2. À l’origine, les assignats sont créés en 1789 comme des titres d’emprunts gagés sur les ventes à venir des biens nationaux. Cependant, les émissions d’assignats dépassent rapidement la valeur des biens nationaux et les titres se transforment en papier-monnaie.
3. En quelques années, les assignats se déprécient tant qu’il est tentant de parler d’#hyperinflation. Or, pour nos esprits contemporains, la prolifération de billets dévalués s’accompagne souvent de leur destruction par le feu.
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Vuelve a salir por mi TL el asunto de la huella energética de #bitcoin. Veamos (hilo va).

El consumo anualizado de electricidad para mantener la blockchain se estima en 116,87 TW·h, de los cuales un 65 % corresponden a China (datos de
China produce un 69 % de su electricidad con carbón y otras fuentes fósiles (datos de…).
Cada kW·h generado con carbón libera alrededor de 1 kg de CO₂ a la atmósfera (…), así que China está soltando 76 Mt CO₂ solo para minar #bitcoin. En otros países la cosa estará mejor, suponemos, así que nos quedaremos con ese número como si fuera el total.
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💡2 ways to make a career move to Canada without PR. 🤤

1. Get a Work Permit:
Open work permits allow foreign workers to work anywhere in Canada and for any employer. This means workers don’t need to secure employment in Canada first before applying for their work permits.
Closed WP requires foreign workers to have Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

To help you get started, we’ve compiled lists of in-demand occupations in Canada’s 13 provinces and territories.

2. Understand Canada’s Immigration Pilots:

The Atlantic
Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) and the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) were designed for one purpose: attract foreign workers to Canada’s smaller, and less popular regions.

Foreign workers who manage to secure jobs from participating employers of the Pilots can
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FAQs: How do I create a resume in order to find a job in Canada?

When applying outside Canada, it’s imperative to know that you will find a job quicker with a Canadian-style resume.

- In Canada, never use a photo on your resume. You also never state your age. It’s irrelevant.
-Adapt your resume for each role.
Generic resumes do not work you’re applying to a company that isn’t stating a current opening.

- Also, remember to use your cover letter.

- The top 5 requirements listed on the Job Ad are typically more sought after.
#Visa #Canada #Immigration
Ensure that your resume speaks to the top requirements in particular by highlighting your past experiences and achievements.

- Keep your resume short. 1-2 pages long if possible.

However, don't sacrifice quality details, achievements and past relevant
#ExpressEntry #Immigration
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KELEWATAN. Seorang #ekspatriat asal #Amerika Serikat (#AS), mengunggah sebuah utas yang memamerkan dirinya bisa mengeruk keuntungan seenaknya di tanah #Bali. Sebetulnya, seperti apa regulasi izin tinggal di sini? Bagaimana pula penerapan izin tinggal di negara lain? Yuk kita ulas
#Netizen twitter dihebohkan dengan kisah seorang #ekspatriat asal #AS yang mengekspose kehebatan dirinya yang memanfaatkan sumber daya warga #Bali. Dia bahkan menerbitkan #ebook yang menghasut untuk melakukan pelanggaran yang sama.

#Bali #BaliLivesMatter
Lebih mirisnya lagi, di dalam utasnya ia juga membagikan tips untuk menyiasati peraturan mengenai #visa kunjungan ke #Indonesia. Ini menunjukan, ada itikad untuk menginjak - injak #hukum setempat dan meraih keuntungan dari sana.

#Bali #BaliLivesMatter
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How #Traffickinghub sold the entire world a lie that @Pornhub profited from sexual abuse of children and used the NYTimes to persecute sex workers Thread

Understand that ALL exploitation is wrong. But what has gone unchallenged is the Trauma Mining of Survivors of sexual assault
It has come to my attention that LM is not only guilty of defamation, but purposely endangering the lives of sex workers by inciting a culture of violence, doxing, rape and legal threats to maintain a vacuum of any scrutiny towards her fictitious theory about PH
This comes after a year of researching the extensive links and associations @ExodusCry has and what their intentions are for public "decency".

I will make this a short thread as to point the obvious flaw in LMs conspiracy that @Pornhub is in fact guilty of any

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This evening at 4:45pm we got a call from a social worker that works with seniors. She called us in a frenzy asking us for immediate help.

She told us of an emergency so extreme that her voice shook with concern over one of her clients.

#YYC #Calgary #CalgarySeniors #hope
This is what she said:

"Hello Jen, I was hoping I would be able to contact you before I left my work for the day in regards to a rather important situation that came across my desk this afternoon. I hope you have the time to chat?"

I said "Yes of course, how can we help?" #care
She said "We have a senior lady that is struggling so much that she has been going door to door asking for food from others in her complex."

I was quiet and honestly speechless.

I said "Of course we can and we will help. What is it that you need." #FEEDYYC #FoodHamper #helping
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💡If you are struggling to qualify for Federal Skilled Workers Program or limited on Canadian Immigration options probably because of your CRS score, your employment status or occupation, Canada’s Federal Self-Employed Program is an excellent option!
#ExpressEntry #StudyAbroad
FSEP is aimed at a wide range of foreign nationals working in the arts and sports such as music teachers, painters, illustrators, filmmakers, freelance journalists or athletes.

It also includes those working behind the scenes like choreographers, set designers, and coaches.
Candidates must demonstrate that they have at least two years of relevant experience, either by:

- By taking part in “cultural or sporting activities at an international level”, (meaning they are internationally known or perform at the highest level in their discipline); or
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#Work #Visa/#EAD (F1 #OPT/CPT, #H1B, #H4EAD, #J1, #L1B, etc) & declining #American #LaborParticipationRate (LBR; peaked 1999) thread @SenSanders.

Seems obvious there is #NoLaborShortage @SenToomey @SenBobCasey @RepMeuser. Image
1. #H1B enacted 1990, slight dip in #LaborParticipationRate; 1998's ACIWA raises #H1Bvisas to 115,000 - LBR dips again;
2001 AC21 Act raises #H1Bvisa limit to 195,000 - LBR continues dropping @USCongress @BizRoundtable @USDOL. Image
2. 2001 AC21 Act also adds #H1B Cap Exempt Category for non-profit #Education/#Research organizations, further fueling #LaborParticipationRate drop (& growing #GreenCardBacklog) @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @SenateDems @SenateGOP.… Image
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💡Improve your chances to immigrate to Canada by in increasing your CRS score!

#ExpressEntry #StudyAbroad #Visa #Canada #Immigration #COVID19 #IELTS #PR #GreenCard #CanadaPR

1. Probably one of the quickest and easiest ways is to improve Your Language Test Scores.
How? Image
- Learn a second language (you could get an additional 22 points learning French); or
- Simply retake your original language test. CLB7 or higher.

Tip: Take a look at our recent IELTS Preparation.

2. Increase Work Experience.
List extra work experience and expertise;
it might be in demand in a specific province which could lead to a coveted Provincial Nomination!

3. Get a Provincial Nomination (PNP)
It’s worth an incredible 600 CRS points!

4. Complete another Qualification

5. Get a Job Offer in Canada
Earns you up to 200 CRS points!
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