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Wow, it’s done! New “Black Lives Matter” Mural painted in #WashingtonDC on road to White House (16th St.)

They started at 3:00 am & just finished. Mayor Bowser approved it:
This is the major street downtown. Mural comes ahead of big expected in #WashingtonDC tomorrow.

Churches in DC will be tolling the 🔔 at 5:45 pm in a vigil for #GeorgeFloyd.

City has transformed in many ways in last 10 days
*big march expected tomorrow
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The #Gandhi statue in #WashingtonDC was apparently vandalized today by #BLM/#GeorgeFloyd protestors. Reportedly, they spray-painted "racist" on the statue's base. Could it be because Gandhi wrote that Indians are "undoubtedly infinitely superior to the Kaffirs"? #RacistGandhi Image
For an in-depth conversation about Gandhi's racism, read this interview by @thecaravanindia with Dr. Obadele Kambon, the professor at University of Ghana who was instrumental in the removal of a Gandhi statue from his campus.…
Here’s a video I produced with @OFMIorg featuring @jadafromnola about how #Gandhi hated being identified w/blacks, worked 4 racial segregation in pre-apartheid South Africa, & wanted to preserve the purity of the races. #RacistGandhi

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BREAKING: > 10 Buses carrying US Military Forces descended on #WashingtonDC near White House
Troops headed to La Fayette Park area which has been blocked today.

Defense Secretary Esper was going to pull back active military from DC this morning but decision reversed after White House meeting
As i type this, there is a helicopter roaming around, police sirens.

DC Curfew will take effect in 3 hours at 11 pm. Fourth day with curfew
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USA protests/riots thread gonna continue from HERE. I honestly didn't expect to need a part 2, which is why I held off for so long.

But here we are. =/
6 Atlanta police officers charged in forceful arrests of college students in car…
"Tuesday’s #GeorgeFloyd protest in Manhattan starts in Foley Square with a #BlackLivesMatter chant. Hundreds of people still flooding into the area." -- video via
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If you aren't following a developing situation out of Washington, D.C.: roughly 40 protesters were invited into a private home to prevent police from roughing them up. This put the protesters in compliance with D.C. curfew law.

In response, police teargassed the private home.
Police have surrounded the #WashingtonDC home, and have attempted to gain entry by threatening the homeowner, claiming COVID-19 gives them authority to enter, and ultimately teargassing the entire place.

Activists on the ground are livestreaming.
Right-wing outlets are using this standoff to create hysteria, claiming these protesters are violently breaking into homes.

Even more concerning, police are echoing that rhetoric even though the homeowner has repeatedly said these protesters were invited.
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Secuencia completa de la opereta de Trump saliendo de la Casa Blanca entre fuertes medidas de seguridad para ir a sostener una biblia enfrente de una iglesia y volver a esconderse en el bunker.

Esta imagen: "No justice, no peace"

#WashingtonDCProtest Martial Law #DictatorTrump
La pequeña excursión de Donald Trump para ir a sostener una biblia frnte a una iglesia ha sido algo así.

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A bit of original boots-on-ground reporting...

Check this out.

In aftermath of riots in #WashingtonDC...

SATANIC GRAFFITI/SYMBOLS LEFT ON BUILDINGS, in addition to smashed windows, etc.

What does this tell you?

@POTUS @realDonaldTrump
Here is the clip uploaded to youtube, for those that would prefer to share that way:

Screenshot from Fox News ~1 hour ago, hat-tip to @forestandfield_ for the find!

This is becoming a pattern...
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#GeorgeFloyd'u öldüren polisin evi bu şekilde korunuyor
#Brooklyn'de polis aracı eylemcilerin üzerine sürüldü

#Seattle'de eylemciler silahlandı. Polis eylemcinin elinde ki silahı alıp, eylemciyi göz altına aldı

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"3. Recently, citizens reported that they were interrogated by the US border customs law enforcement officers for a long time and checked the mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices they carried with them when they left the country.
Some of the electronic devices were temporarily detained by law enforcement officers for further inspection. Please take the flight personnel to understand the US entry and exit regulations and improve self-protection awareness to avoid inconvenience"
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The Story so far...#DominicCummings (#DomCum) Tour 2020

19.03.20: The Prime Minister, #BorisJohnson makes a nationwide statement about #CoronaVirus aka #Covid19……

23.03.20: The Prime Minister, #BorisJohnson announces measures for a nationwide #UK #Lockdown as a response to contain #CoronaVirus aka #Covid19…
23.03.20: The Prime Minister addresses the nation once more.

"That is why we have given the clear instruction that people must stay at home – unless they have one of the reasons we have set out, & with your help we will slow the spread of the disease."…
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People who want to trash our show tell me that I am not doing enough to be critical of #Trudeau. Many who want me to condemn him, want me to praise #Trump Once upon a time I would ask "What's wrong with these people?" But I don't have to ask any more.
Forced myself to watch an hour of @FoxNews prime time the other night, and I swear to God, I wanted to go for some sort of medical test afterwards - sickest trash I've ever seen on a news station. Person in #WashingtonDC who I find most difficult to watch is not the President.
It's the Vice President. Watching someone stimulate themselves by being submissive, sycophantic and obsequious toward authority, disgusts me like few other behaviors. #MikePence disgusts me.
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Governors across the nation have eased harsh restrictions related to the #CCPVirus or are planning to start soon.

Here’s the current #Lockdown situation with each state and #WashingtonDC. (Thread👇)…
Alabama | Reopening started April 30 as @GovernorKayIvey loosened her #StayAtHome.

“As of this week, we no longer believe our hospitals will see an overwhelming amount of ICU patients who need ventilators, as we once believed, and that is sure good news.”
Alaska | @GovDunleavy allowed some sectors of the #Economy to begin reopening on April 24.

“Alaskans must be able to visit their doctors, pay rent, and buy food for their families.”
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#USA #NorthKorea #WashingtonDC #KimJongUn #김정은

President Donald Trump noted that he knew exactly what was happening with North Korea's chairman Kim Jong-un in his State of Health.
"I know what's going on," President Trump said after being asked about Chairman Kim's status at an event held at the White House on the 30th (local time). But President Trump said, "I can't talk about Kim Jong-un right now." I just want everything to be fine. "
President Trump also emphasized, "I know the situation very well." The emphasis was placed on the fact that the US intelligence agency has accurate information regarding the outflow of reports on Kim's health ideals. Nevertheless, the contents were asked.
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#USA #NorthKorea #WashingtonDC #Wonsan #Pyongyang #KimJongUn

It has been reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un who has recently become subject to rumors about his health moved to Wonsan to avoid COVID-19.
The U.S. authorities captured Kim walking on his own. “It has been identified that Kim Jong Un had been staying in Wonsan during the entire last week,” said a U.S. government official. “He was seen to be walking on his own between April 15 and 20.”
It has been reported that the movements of Kim’s cars and close associates were also witnessed and Kim was walking on his own without help from others or being in a wheelchair.
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It's hard to capture the absence of activity. How do you show something that is missing? These wonderful @reuters pictures do just that.

First, the National Mall in Washington on March 15.

Pic by Carlos Barria

#coronavirus #CoronavirusOutbreak #PictureOfTheDay #photography
An empty lecture hall at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on March 16.

Pic by Piroschka van de Wouw
A swimming pool in Mumbai on March 16.

Pic by Francis Mascarenhas
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It is time for one long #Coronavirus update. I have been resisting doing this as (1) I do not want to add to the hysteria & the panic & (2) I don't believe in doomsday predictions. Moreover, things have been moving so fast, who knows what's what. BUT it's time for real talk...
Overall, #Coronavirus (the outbreak of #COVID19) is REAL. The effects on your daily life from the fallout will be REAL. The impact society, economics, & politics in 2020 will be severe & REAL. None of this is Fake News. None of this should be downplayed. (2/
People who are trying to silence REAL discussion are doing a disservice to the public interest. This is a 9/11 & 2008 level event in terms of its impact on domestic & international dynamics. This thread is not about creating panic but encouraging a smarter response. (3/
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Am thinking it’s time for another #museum #TwitterTour—get ready....Catch the wave 🌊 & get ready for #Hokusai at the @smithsonian @FreerSackler #FreerSackler & a stop at @SIGardens 🇺🇸🇯🇵 #MadAboutHokusai Hokusai: Mad about Painting #北斎 
🐉🤳 ImageImageImageImage
Have a read: a timeline of the man behind the iconic 🌊 #wave.
#MadAboutHokusai #JapaneseArt #Hokusai @FreerSackler

DYK: Hokusai Katsushika (d. 1849) created his most striking works after he turned 80 (& lived to 90). 🙌 #thefutureofaging @MIAging @Paul_Irving1 @psb_dc 🖖 #北斎 ImageImageImageImage
DYK: #Japan's passports will now feature iconic artwork from the legendary artist #Hokusai.

Learn more about his influential work via the @FreerSackler's #MadAboutHokusai exhibit, featuring over 120 works on display until Nov 8th! #北斎 @JapanEmbDC…
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@decolonize_this UNMASKED.
On Jan. 28/20 a video appeared on #Twitter calling for a flash mob of anarchy in #NYC
Accompanied by the #'s
#FTP3 #J31
(Fuck the police 3 and on Jan 31) This being the 3rd flash mob.

#COVID19 #earthquake #IWD2020 #BreakingNews
Video calling for #j31 #ftp3
In #NewYork

Do these people not know that masks and voice changing software is nologer an issue.

Last page will link to the full article for anyone who wishes to take a deeper dive
learn about the A.I tech being used for this unmasking.

This movement needs to be unmasked as you will see this group supports terrorism.

Their goal is to brainwash and manipulate
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In 85 days, ~1 million people have fled their homes in #Idlib, #Syria.

60% are kids & 20% women.

They're now homeless, hemmed onto a shut #Turkey border. There are no tents left & little food. Kids are freezing to death.

Where the Hell is the world's attention? WAKE UP.
#pt: The #Idlib crisis is unprecedented, BUT not just for #Syria - this is the biggest humanitarian crisis in modern history AND it happened rapidly, in 2-3 months.

This isn't just "someone else's problem," it's a global one. If left untouched, the consequences WILL be global.
#pt: 1 million people, including 600,000 kids, with the clothes on their back & some blankets, if they're lucky. In the winter.

The @UN has run out of cross-border funds & #Syria is blocking supplies from elsewhere.

Meanwhile, #Russia is flattening hospitals, schools & markets.
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🔸Finders Theread🔸
The Finders files have just been released by the FBI.
An investigation into the CIA, and Intel agencies involvement in satanic ritual abuse of children and child trafficking.

#satanism #cults #HumanTrafficking
Everything previously known about The Finders
It is important to first read this article.
It lays out everything previously known about the case and links uncovered by the media.
TF = The Finders
SRA = Satanic Ritual Abuse
CT = Child Trafficking
Dept = Department
Intel = Intelligence
DOJ = Department of Justice
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In #Pakistan, Govt & pundits shouldn't make too much of #Trump appearance at #HowdyModi. It's a circus for #Indian PM, endorsing @realDonaldTrump for a 2nd term while the pro-#India lobby in DC works with anti-#Trump base, & hoping to keep him away from #Kashmir if possible @AQpk
PM #Modi has this in mind while trying to appease #Trump at #HowdyModi: #American restrictions on I.T. visa abuse by #Indian immigrants (aka 'Skilled Immig'), ending #India oil imports from #Iran, jeopardizing #Indian interests in #Afghanistan, & Trump rehabilitating #Pakistan
#Trump turning the screws on #India on trade tariffs, forcing end to oil import from #Iran & forcing India to buy from #USA/#KSA/#GCC, talking to #Pakistan on #Afghanistan, & restricting immigration from India, are things that worry #NewDelhi deeply. Watching #ImranKhan in....
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After driving 4500 miles
across the #USA
from #NM to #NYC

#C4T horseback in @TimesSquare

Traveling to #DC

#CouyGriffin meeting with @POTUS in the #OvalOffice

Tonight I'm going to the
@Trump rally in #RioRancho
with #CowboysForTrump
See trip in replies
I flew from #Denver to #Albuquerque, #NM
to support @Cowboys4America
during the #NewMexicoStateFair

Then traveled with #CouyGriffin
from #NewMexico to #NewYork
with his horse, Red,
so he could ride on Sept 11
in lower #NYC
& pay tribute to the tragedy that occurred.
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