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THREAD🧵12 years ago, #FBI agents in Baltimore sought to wiretap former @BrookingsInst analyst Igor Danchenko on suspicions he was spying for #Russia.…

The counterintelligence analyst they were assigned to work with told them he could not find their target……
Danchenko was living in the #WashingtonDC area.

In fact, he had been arrested in Maryland in 2013 by federal Park Police for being drunk and disorderly, something the FBI analyst could have easily discovered by searching federal law enforcement databases.

Clueless, the FBI……
Brian Auten, the counterintelligence analyst in question, would quickly rise to become the #FBI’s top Russian analyst.

In 2016 and 2017, he failed to properly vet the #SteeleDossier, a collection of salacious allegations created for @HillaryClinton’s campaign which sought to tie……
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Caro Presidente Volodymyr #Zelenskyy,

Devi renderti conto che l'invio dei tuoi militari nella regione russa di Belgorod fingendosi "rivoluzionari russi" non allevierà il dolore della sconfitta dei tuoi militari a #Bakhmut, ora #Artemovsk. Image
Questi attacchi terroristici contro i civili russi stanno solo rafforzando la determinazione russa.

I tuoi sponsor occidentali
stanno finendo i soldi,
la pazienza e
le scuse. Image
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🚨⚡️Official reports regarding the large explosion heard in the Washington D.C. metro area and miles beyond in the past hour are claiming it was an authorized Pentagon flight producing a sonic boom according to officials. I have my doubts. #sonicboom #WashingtonDC
MORE: The FAA also commented that a private jet (Flight: N611VG, Cessna Citation C560) has crashed today and flew over Washington D.C. causing the Pentagon to scramble intercepting flights. Very peculiar. Will continue reporting in this thread as more info becomes available. Image
The plane that violated DC airspace is owned by Barbara Rumpel, former member of Donald Trump's Second Amendment Coalition. According to the FAA the plane was registered a little over a month ago. It is unclear if she was a passenger. #washingtonDC #sonicboom ImageImage
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🗣️🗣️🗣️📍 #justiceforshanquella #shanquellarobinson #extradite @POTUS
via @notjustalawyer
Sue Ann Robinson, family lawyer

#JusticeForShanquellaRobinson #Cabo6 #rally #WashingtonDC


#Cabo6 "friends"
#AlysseHyatt #WenterDonovan & #DaejhanaeJackson were spotted at #ElectricTequilla in #Greensboro #NorthCarolina.

#ShanquellaRobinson supporters took justice in their own hands.

Read & watch video here⬇️…

@TheNCBeat ImageImageImage

Family of #ShanquellaRobinson who was beaten by "friends" & died while on vacation in #Mexico once again took their fight to Washington, DC
Via @Queen_City_News

#Cabo6 #JusticeForShanquellaRobinson
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15 Divine murties of hindu gods outside India

1. Prabhu shri Ram
bali Indonesia

@LostTemple7 Image
2. Shri Hari Vishnu
Angkor Wat, #Cambodia Image
3. Shri Venkateswara Swamy #Mauritius Image
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1/2 Ambientalmente, haya ocurrido en #EEUU o otro país, es un impacto ambiental muy grave de una muy posible tragedia colateral.
"La Guerra de dos mundos 2.0" iniciada con capitulo de OVNIS, desvía la atención de este grave hecho en Ohio🇺🇸. Por cierto, uno de 2 gases q se 👉
2/ 👉Se desprenden de incinerar el cloruro de vinilo, es gas fosgeno q es un comp. químico industrial utilizado para hacer plásticos y pesticidas. A temperatura ambiente, es un gas venenoso y enfriado/comprimido se hace liquido y transportable/Almacén.…
3/Fue usado en 1era. Guerra Mundial como arma química y durante el Holocausto en las cámaras de gas de campos de concentración como Auschwitz.
En una 1era. conclusión, se puede inferir, q East Palestine Ohio🇺🇸, fue convertido en cámara de gas.
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#WashingtonDC - US Capitol Police captured a suspected police impersonator with stash of knives
USCP, USSS Capture Suspected Police Impersonator with Stash of Knives:
Secret Service officers also reportedly discovered shell casings, a smoke grenade and a gas mask inside the man's Ford Explorer.…
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Empfang der 🇺🇦Botschaft in #WashingtonDC anlässlich des 31. Jahrestages der 🇺🇦Streitkräfte am 8. Dezember 22. Man achte auf die Sponsoren dieses Empfangs: @northropgrumman, @RaytheonTech & @LockheedMartin. Die 3 größten US-Waffenschmieden finanzieren offen 🇺🇦Botschaft. Wow.
U.a. @voxmedia hat über den Empfang der 🇺🇦Botschaft und deren illustre Sponsoren berichtet:…
In dem Zusammenhang nicht vergessen: Wer erinnert sich noch, welche Position Lloyd J. Austin III derzeit im Kabinett von @POTUS einnimmt? 🤔🙈
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Home builder construction costs finally cooling. Market commentary from our December survey of builders signals relief on the horizon...
#Dallas builder: “Hard costs continue to dip on average $3K-$5K per month. We are pushing back hard to lower our average labor and material costs. They must come down to reflect lower home selling prices.”
#Denver builder: “Almost all the home builders I am talking to are working on cost reductions. They range from -5% to -8% per plan.”
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#FeuilletonKevin #Jour3
Midi à #WashingtonDC figurez vous que #KevinMcCarthy est à nouveau candidat au poste de #speaker pour un…7e vote.
Le député africain-républicain John James (Michigan) rappelle qu’une élection aussi tourmentée n’a eu lieu qu’en 1855/56 au sujet de l’abolition de l’esclavage qu’il contraste avec les peccadilles actuelles. Il soutient #Kevin « pour mener la nation dans le bon sens »
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A milestone in the #RussiaUkraine war.
Tuesday 20 December is Day 300 of the unprovoked conflict.

Welcome along to another daily thread with all the important news and analysis, updated in real time throughout the day.

Here's yesterday's thread ICYMI
The NAFO Fellas down under asked me to let you know about this festive initiative:

#StandWIthUkraine #StopRussia

The @UN stands accused of "yielding to #Russia's threats" for not investigating #Iran's role in the drone attacks which are causing the civilian population unimaginable suffering

Many allies believe Iran's supply of weapons violates a 2015 UNSC resolution…
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#JainismAbroad #JainNews

🔊 16.11.22: Our Auspicious Namokar Mantra was sung for the first time in Capitol Building, #WashingtonDC, USA🇺🇸 during the celebration of #Diwali this year in November.

#jain #jainism #india #NRI #USA
#Diwali was celebrated at the Capitol Building with the support of JAINA (Federation of Jains in N.America), Art of Living & 2 other organizations with Swaminarayan Sanstha taking the lead. Senate of America, Congressmen from Chicago,Texas,New York,Washington etc came.
(2) Image
JAINA Public Relations Chair Mrs. Savita Rahulji Jain introduced Senator Hogan & JAINA President Mr.Haresh Shah. On the auspicious time of lighting the lamp, Savita ji chanted the auspicious #Namokar mantra in her melodious voice.
(3) Image
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IT'S A CRISIS: As we approach 2023, it's time to reexamine+scrutinize America's homelessness policy. What's working? What's not? @DiscoveryInst1 out w/ NEW report showing "HOUSING FIRST" is a failure. But there is hope+other solutions. @WhiteHouse @POTUS @HUDgov #WashingtonDC
HOUSING FIRST IS FAILING: In 2013, Congress passed a law requiring federally funded assistance programs to apply "Housing First" formula. Advocates said it would end homelessness by 2023—in other words, by next year. So why is crisis getting worse? READ👇🏽…
OTHER STATES EMBRACING HOUSING FIRST: In Seattle/King County… gun crimes tied to homeless encampments jumped 122% during first half of 2022. In Portland, Oregon, 50% of all arrests between 2017 and 2020 involved homeless, even though their share of population was less than 2%. Image
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El martes se cerraron las negociaciones entre abogados de la Administración Biden y la familia demandante en el caso de cancelación del #TPS en #USA sin acuerdo alcanzando. El riesgo del fin del beneficio migratorio y de que haya deportaciones es mayor 🧵
Miles de familias y miembros de la Alianza Nacional TPS esperaban que estas negociaciones resultara una opción favorable a la situación migratoria de los afectados. Sin ningún acuerdo y sin nueva extensión, el #TPS tiene los días contados
Si la Administración Biden no concede una nueva extensión antes del 30 de noviembre próximo y mantiene su postura en la demanda que ha frenado temporalmente la cancelación, todo apuntaría a que no hay interés de mantener el #TPS
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August home builder sentiment and sales/prices/starts survey results are in. Top themes: 1) Home price cuts along with other incentives are helping sales (for now). 2) Supply chain is healing as demand drops and builders quickly slow housing starts. Market commentary to follow…
#Austin builder: “A lot of spec inventory to work through. August was a very poor month for sales across the board. Cancellations spiked from July and buyers showed no sense of urgency.”
#Baltimore builder: “Jumbo loan rates below 5% are helping buyers move forward in that segment.”
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1/ #travel #TravelBlogger - Williamsburg, #Virginia is a national historical treasure founded 1632 whose Colonial #architecture has been copied across the #USA. If you go, also visit nearby Yorktown and so much more!
2/ #history #travel #tourism - Williamsburg, #Virginia was Virginia’s capital 1699 to 1780. It’s really an outdoor museum. Actors recreate life from three hundred years ago. IIRC, there are shops, nice tree-lined sidewalks, and beautiful vistas.
3/ #Colonial Williamsburg is really a beautiful outdoor museum. I love #architecture in general and enjoy the Williamsburg style. Yet somehow, I never learned its origins. Usually a combination of nature, available materials, etc., helps create styles.
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Lafayette Square by The White House #WashingtonDC – honors #AmericanRevolution heroes #Lafayette, #Rochambeau, Von Steuben and Kosciuszko. In 1859, adulterer Congressman Daniel Sickles murdered adulterer Philip Barton Key (Francis Scott Key’s son)... 1/ ImageImageImageImage
2/ Lafayette Square: … over Sickles’ adulteress wife Teresa DaPonte Bagioli Sickles (1836-1867), who he had married when she was 15/16. [Key died in the white home in the background, known as President McKinley's Little White House.] Image
3/ Lafayette Square: … Sickles was the first to be acquitted using the “temporary insanity” defense and stayed on as a Congressman. He later became a #USCivilWar #MedalOfHonor war hero at #Gettysburg. Continued... ImageImageImage
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🛡️#T3 - All Wars Are Proxy Wars
The #PriestKings operate thru sovereign nation states. They are:
Washington DC
Vatican City
City of London
There is an element of truth to the statement below.
Key point: he fails to include the Vatican.
+1… ImageImage
The #PriestKings are masters of propaganda. They love to see you squirm. The #NuclearThreat is their last resort. The only thing bigger than this is a natural meteor strike.
British Lawmaker: Nuclear Accident Could Draw NATO Allies into War…
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Home price trends across 20 top housing markets. Pace of price increases moderating (left chart), which you can see in our underlying home price index flattening out or actually falling in a few markets (right chart). Start it off with #Atlanta.
#Austin home prices
#Boise home prices
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Results from our survey of #FixAndFlip investors are in. The fix-and-flip market is clearly cracking: higher rates have shrunk the # of buyers + the # feasible deals. Buyers are also cautious about overpaying given falling prices (cutting into flipper margins).

#Atlanta flipper: “Much higher risk environment due to rising rates. Sellers still have not reset expectations from earlier this year, so acquisitions have essentially come to a halt.” (2/19)
#Baltimore flipper: “The market for fix and flip has turned. It is now a buyer's market and there are a lot of investors competing for the same property. I have put in several offers on a few properties that have good potential but have not been able to get the contract.” (3/19)
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The #USA killed #India’s #nuclear physicist #HomiBhabha and Prime Minister #LalBahadurShastri—confessions of Robert Crowley, then second in command of the CIA's Directorate of Operations (in charge of covert operations) recorded in a book by Gregory Douglas.
Via @MeghBulletin
Pertinent to note here that the confession by the CIA officer indicates the #US government in 1966 wilfully murdered 117 civilians on @airindiain flight 101 just so they could kill #HomiBhabha .
An act of State sponsored #terrorism by #WashingtonDC any way you look at it .
A lot of water has flown under the bridge since then . Every nation has national imperatives that overrule previous issues. We've let this slide just as we've let the 1971 Enterprise incident go .
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Por Alejandra Jiménez e Iván Toral

En #AstrologíaSocial, disponemos de una treintena de relojes para poder observar la realidad del mundo de otra manera. Uno de estos relojes es el que se construye partiendo de la #Conjunción que
(2) forman Júpiter y Plutón cada 13 años aproximadamente. Coincide con el #Atacir de 13 años, Reloj medieval de la muerte, como el #ArcanoXIII del #Tarot, #LaMuerte. Se usa para determinar pleitos y mortandades, calamidades para el pueblo.

Calculando el reloj para #WashingtonDC
(3) porque el #CieloAstrológico de una capital tiene influencia para toda la nación al día lunes 4 de julio en el que un sujeto de 21 años abrió fuego contra personas que presenciaban el desfile conmemorativo de independencia en #Chicago, asesinando a siete e hiriendo a decenas.
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"Abortion is racist! Abortion is oppression!"

#WashingtonDC #Dobbs #SupremeCourt
It's gonna be a long day in DC
The Jesus Saves guy is back
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No clue who this is, but people don't like him
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