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#KakhovkaReservoir #KakhovkaHPP Status Follow-up: 8 May 2023. Upon further analysis of 6 May 2023 Sentinel-2 imagery and consultation with @tom_bike @Gergyl & @BruckenRuski, we believe the #KakhovkaReservoir water is "over-topping" the #KakhovkaHPP dam. /1
Time-series loop from 27 March 2023 to 6 May 2023. Note the "brightening" downstream (left side) of the #KakhovkaHPP sluice gates last frame in loop which is water flowing over the top of the dam. Over-topping is particularly evident on the 3 northern most sluice gates. /2
Why is this happening? Recall the Russian occupiers blew up the road and rail deck above the #KakhovkaHPP dam sluice gates on 10 NOV 2022 as part of the RF retreat ("strategic repositioning") from the Dnipro right bank. /3
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La agencia atómica internacional @iaeaorg denuncia 12 explosiones en la planta Nuclear de Zaporizhzhya.
Russia ataca de nuevo instalaciones civiles para castigar a la población.
Rusia es un Estado Terrorista
Como los troles andan tocando las narices abro hilo.
Aquí hay un programa muy interesante de @andriy_ht donde se explica la estrategia terrorista con la energía nuclear y ataque deliberado a la red eléctrica ucraniana
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So maybe #Russia is going to retreat from Kherson. Assuming they are, they have some issues that I hope the #Ukrainians can cash in on. When the #Russian's retreated from #Kyiv they were able to do it in fairly good-ish order. #Ukraine was still lacking in artillery and most of
her forces were still in the JFO area of the Donbass. At the same time much of Russia's initial combat power was still intact. Mud was the biggest issue. They we get to Kharkiv. That was a rout and had Ukraine had a western style army with all the bells and whistles that retreat
would not have ended short of the Russian border or Black Sea Coast. Now with even less combat pwoer than in Kharkiv, with an army that has been gutted by loss, infected with malcontent mobliks, abandoned by its officers the Russian army is supposed to cross a massive river at
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1/ RU officials ordered the residents of #Beryslav, #Берислав in #Kherson Oblast, to leave by November 10. Allegedly the main reason for this forced evac is the alleged possible destruction by the #UAarmy of the dam that is (south) & below level.. in #NovaKakhovka
2/ the fact that #Russia will blow the hydroelectric dam at Nova Kakhovka was reported by #Ukraine military command who explained also about the forced evacuation of population along the Dnipro river was an ongoing process..
3/ also we need to take into account the report that #Ukraine would have shelled few hours earlier this famous dam. Nova Kakhovka dam damaged in shelling was allegedly due to counter battery action in response of Ru using this precise location to shell UKr lines in their back (?)
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Days 218-219 📌 Putin illegally proclaims annexation of four Ukrainian oblasts. On September 30, the signing ceremony of the so-called ‘agreements’ on the accession to Russia of the occupied territories was conducted. Read more:… Image
On September 28, Ukraine convened an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council in connection with Russia’s holding of pseudo-referendums in the occupied territories. Most member countries of the UN Security Council strongly condemned the so-called referendums.
@ZelenskyyUa says Ukraine will apply for NATO membership under the expedited procedure 🙏 Also, he responded to Putin's call for negotiations after proclaimed annexation of 4 🇺🇦 oblasts: “Ukraine is ready to hold negotiations with Russia, but only with a new Russian president.”
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Great news from #Ukraine😌 as all 6 reactors at #Zaporizhzhia #Nuclear plant are in cold shutdown -no fission reactions generating heat, no possibility of runaway chain reactions or other extreme events -making any "radiation release" extremely unlikely thanks to Fukushima ../2🧵
2)Fukushima Daiichi #nuclear reactors were 1960's vintage with no steel-reinforced concrete containment. A loss of backup power led to a hydrogen explosion & radiation release. After Fukushima, ZNPP reactors were upgraded to prevent that from ever happening at #Zaporizhzhia .../3
3)#ZaporizhzhiaNPP's "passive" hydrogen safety systems require no external power so that even if all backup power is lost there can be no hydrogen explosion as happened at Fukushima.🦺 ZNPP's steel-hardened containment domes remove the threat of #nuclear radiation "leaks"🌞 ../4
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#RussiaGoesNuclear: Hopefully, journalistic & political discussion of possible disaster at the #ZaporizhzhiaNPP will address the core of the matter: The cause of the catastrophe will be an, under the #NPT, official nuclear-weapon state & #UNSecurityCouncil permanent member. /1
The #RussianFederation will conduct a weaponization of civilian atomic power and high radioactivity in an offensive war of annihilation against #Ukraine - an official non-nuclear weapon state and UN founding member (the #UkrSSR entered the #UN with a separate seat, in 1945). /2
Moscow's hybrid military deployment of Europe's largest atomic station as the equivalent of a neutron bomb is fully intended to result in massive health damages for millions of Ukrainians, and even potentially their mass murder. /3
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1/ Op situation update regarding the #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on September 06, 2022
no major changes on the front line. On #Kherson Oblast, fights are raging / fluid situation / need more infos.
Ukr forward moves were recorded in other directions.
#UkraineMap #CarteUkraine Image
2/ Last gen staff report - part 1&2 : ImageImage
3/ "Our military successfully repelled enemy attacks in the areas of settlements valley, #Soledar, #kodema, #zaitseve (...) noticed that yesterday Gen staff reported that #Semyhirja & part of #Pokrovske were shelled by Ru. So this 2 areas remain uncertain. no notification today. Image
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🧵4656+hrs since #Ukrainian Liberation War was started by #russia full-scale attack & 4008? days since #russiaInvadedUkraine
More ruscist terror strikes against civilians. Kharkiv hit again. In the east russians are still destroying Donbas, nuclear terror at #ZaporizhzhiaNPP ->
russians shelled #ZaporizhzhiaNPP infrastructure to deprive Ukraine from energy produced by Ukrainian nuclear power plant which russians are using as cover for their artillery that terrorizes nearby Ukrainian towns but no one seems to care->
Generally situation remains tense, difficult, in the South & apparently other directions UAF are conducting counter-offensive & defensive operations. Not much can be said, it's extremely difficult to advance against fortified enemythru steppes when enemy has air support->
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Day 194 of #Russia's 10-day "special operation" to take #Ukraine, but now they lose ground in the south and some territory in the east.

Welcome to a new week, which will end with the 200th day of this illegal war.

This is the daily thread with all the news
DMs open for tip offs
The fightback continued last night - if you missed anything, here's the start of yesterday's thread - scroll through to the end.

The last story was about a journalist in #Russia who's likely to be jailed for 24 years in a few hours.

Already quite a few regions in #Ukraine hit by #Russia's bombs tonight.

#Kharkiv, #Mykolaiv and #Zaporizhzhia.

These heavy explosions were heard in Zaporizhzhia city.
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2/ If you wonder who are RuOrcs “experts” accompanying #Grossi at #ZaporizhzhiaNPP This is Renat Karchaa, head advisor of Rosatom, “sociologist” with no education in engineering, & certainly another FSB "friend". I can only imagine what kind of other "evidences" they produced. Image
3/ until recently he was publishing sometimes on his FB account, but now he has restricted access to "friends only" more open to the world?
How come someone not even on the initial list of UN for inspect° was catapulted there 24h before visit, when you know that it was MAJOR Image
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Day 191 of #Russia's full invasion of its peaceful neighbour.

But #Ukraine wouldn't lie down and the fightback is underway.

All the news and analysis in one handy thread ⬇️

Here's the link for yesterday's 🧵in case you missed anything:

First confirmation of one late story last night.

Many collaborators, police and even FSB reported dead in #Kherson when an explosion hit a police school still widely used by the occupiers.

This is the site this morning

Following the latest death of a prominent Russian critic of the war, thereve been a lot of memes and jokes.

This one cuts deep on different levels and Defence Minister Shoigu must really be worried

#RussiaIsATerroristState #StopPutin
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More on #ZaporizhzhiaNPP 👇

The occupiers did not let the IAEA mission into the crisis center of the ZANP, where the Russian military is now located - "Energoatom"

NAEK noted that the invaders did not let Ukrainian and foreign journalists along with the IAEA delegation. /1
Instead, there were Russian propagandists at the power plant. Energoatom emphasized that this only confirms the intentions of the occupiers to distort the facts and evidence that testify to the shelling of the station by the Russian military

In addition the occupiers did not allow the mission to the crisis center of the nuclear power plant where Ru military personnel are currently stationed,whom IAEA representatives "must not see". Therefore some of the armed Rus invaders were simply "hidden" at the nuclear plant/3
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‼️The arrival of the @iaeaorg mission at the #ZaporizhzhiaNPP is expected within an hour, they passed the checkpoint in Vasilievka, the gauleiters of #Energodar report.
@iaeaorg An @iaeaorg mission is negotiating with #Ukraine's military to get to the #Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, Reuters reports.

The arrival has been delayed by three hours.
@iaeaorg ‼️The @iaeaorg mission has already passed through the "grey zone" in #Zaporizhzhya region and entered the occupier-controlled territory.

They will arrive at the Zaporizhzhya NPP in the near future.
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🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡️Uno sbarco anfibio ucraino è avvenuto in un villaggio turistico della regione di #Energodar per impedire all'#AIEA di visitare la centrale nucleare di #Zaporozhye.
Al lavoro l'aviazione russa
Alle 06:00 circa, ora di Mosca truppe ucraine sono sbarcate sulla costa del bacino di Kakhovka tre chilometri a NE della centrale di Zaporozhye con due gruppi di sabotaggio composti da un massimo di 60 persone su sette imbarcazioni e hanno tentato di impadronirsi della centrale
Mentre sono ripresi i bombardamenti su #Energodar città.
3 civili uccisi e 1 ferito è il bilancio secondo l'amministrazione militare-civile.
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1/ Envie de savoir comment cette carte a été réalisée en temps record avec mes camarades de @LM_enCartes @PicardFloriane @Vero_Malecot et @Ricccarto...
Suivez le fil… 🧵 🗺️ #Zaporijia #ZaporizhzhiaNPP
2/ Tout d’abord, comme pour toutes les cartes @LM_enCartes, à l’origine il y a l’actu. Dès le début du mois de mars, la centrale nucléaire de Zaporijia, la plus grande d'Europe, est occupée par l’armée russe.…
3/ A l’époque, c'est la fébrilité du début du conflit, un front qui évolue vite à cartographier (et le reste de l’actu qui n’attend pas : covid, campagne présidentielle française etc. etc.) : @LM_enCartes illustre synthétiquement l’enjeu du nucléaire en Ukraine…
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6 months into #Russia’s aggression against #Ukraine, there are mostly losers.

One potential winner is #Turkey, given 2nd-order effects of the war.

Since Feb, Ankara has gained some leverage vis-a-vis both #Russia and #NATO.

An attempt at a (complicated) balance sheet🧵(1/18)
Since Feb, #Turkey has attempted a careful balancing act on #RussiaUkraineWar:
-No sanctions against #Russia
-No boycott of Russian #gas
-#Erdogan engaging #Putin frequently & visibly
-Giving #Ukraine #BayraktarTB2
-Invoking Montreux Convention

I could go on and on (2/18)
As a result of
1) Turkey successfully mediating grain exports from Ukraine ports &
2) #Russia increasingly shunning traditional mediation platforms (Geneva),
Turkey is poised to become chief intermediary on operational issues re #RussiaUkraineWar… (3/18)
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"#Putin may be looking to take advantage of the International Atomic Energy Agency (#IAEA) inspections to twist the narrative on #Russia’s game of #nuclear brinkmanship" #ZaporizhzhiaNPP #RussiaIsATerroristState #NuclearTerrorism #crimesagainsthumanity #RussianWarCrimes
"chances that #Russia seeks to earnestly lower the risk of #nuclear catastrophe r slim. The #war in #Ukraine has laid bare #Moscow’s disregard for civilians&even its own soldiers—🇷🇺’s initial invasion recklessly sent unprepared troops straight through #Chernobyl" #ZaporizhzhiaNPP
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🛡️#T3 - All Wars Are Proxy Wars
The #PriestKings operate thru sovereign nation states. They are:
Washington DC
Vatican City
City of London
There is an element of truth to the statement below.
Key point: he fails to include the Vatican.
+1… ImageImage
The #PriestKings are masters of propaganda. They love to see you squirm. The #NuclearThreat is their last resort. The only thing bigger than this is a natural meteor strike.
British Lawmaker: Nuclear Accident Could Draw NATO Allies into War…
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I was asked to comment on potential risks in the #ZaporizhzhiaNPP for many news media in the last few days as president of @euronuclear (and researcher @JSI_SLO and professor @FMF_UL of #nuclear #engineering).

🧵with the main points and links to some articles.

(1) #ZaporizhzhiaNPP is controlled by the Russian military forces since March 4, 2022. So they can do with the plant whatever they want❗️without shelling.

(2) The plant has been operated safely by the Ukrainian Staff with guns pointed at them since March 4. Thank you 🫂🙏

The first 2 points alone call for immediate international action as proposed by @rafaelmgrossi and @iaeaorg. Support from @NATO could also help.

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Situation with Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Russian-occupied part of Ukraine continues to escalate dangerously. #Ukraine & #Russia just accused each other of preparing imminent false-flag attack on largest #nuclear power plant in Europe. #ZaporizhzhiaNPP #UkraineRussianWar
"Ukraine fears Russian false-flag attack at nuclear power plant: report" #ZaporizhzhiaNPP #Ukraine️…
"Russian Defense Ministry claimed that Ukraine's armed forces are planning to stage a 'provocation' during the planned visit of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to Ukraine, saying that Kyiv planned to put the blame for the incident on Russia" #Russia…
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There is clearly a lot of fear about the #Zaporizhzya Nuclear Power Plant at present. The Russians are making threats, but how seriously should we take them?

What are the real likelihood AND severity of of these threats?

A thread 🧵/1
I work as a Clinical Psychologist and have a background in Physics. Last night, I discussed the possible Russian threats to the ZPP with nuclear experts Mark Nelson @energybants and Eugene Shwageraus @shwageraus on the #MriyaReport Twitter Space @MriyaReport /2
When scared about the chances of something terrible happening, we need to ask ourselves:

1) What specifically do I think might happen?
2) How likely is this to happen?
3) How bad would it be if it actually happened?

With nuclear power, we really need to ask & trust experts /3
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❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦☢️ #Zaporozhye NPP, "the second Chernobyl" and innocent Ukraine by

Because of the shelling of Europe's largest nuclear power plant in Zaporozhye, world MSM are in a panic: the Russian Forces (sick!) want to arrange a nuclear disaster and
prevent the AFU from saving the world. The fact that the strikes are carried out by the Ukrainian side does not confuse anyone.

The @rybar team decided to do a breakdown and explain if a new catastrophe awaits the world, who is to blame and why what is happening.
🔻Reactor depressurization:

Fans of the "Chernobyl" series know all too well about reactors, rods, containment damage and other horrors that accompanied the disaster of the last century.

▪️ The firings do not threaten the reactors themselves.
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There are others who have feeds of up-to-date news coming out of #Ukraine. This is not one of those #threads. I am building up a thread of reports of potential #warcrimes (regardless of which side is allegedly to have committed them) so that there is a record for the future.
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