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16 Oct
1. Brief THREAD on #TrumpTownHall

I’m so grieved tonight. Our #POTUS #Trump engaged in extraordinary levels of gaslighting, disinformation, outright lying. It’s too much for me to list all of it. He did a profound disservice to himself, his campaign, and the American people. ->
It gives me no joy to say this. We all *need* our President to be an honest, competent, clear-minded leader. But he hurt himself tonight in all of those regards. He made statements that were dangerous regarding #COVID, #QAnon, and peaceful elections. Some of “the base” are ->
3. Complaining that @SavannahGuthrie was too hard on him. NO! Her job is to draw our honest and clear answers from him; she did her best to hold his feet to the fire. His answers directly contradicted known facts or were blatantly disingenuous. Total disrespect for ->
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15 Oct
Twitter needs more #waterfalls! SHARE some of your favorite GIFs, videos, photos of beautiful waterfalls here. Tells us as much as you can about them. Also, can anyone identify where this spectacular video below was taken?

#Nature #Rivers #Mountains

Seriously, can someone tell me where the #waterfall in my tweet above is located? The source account doesn’t list it. Many other accounts that have posted it in the past haven’t mentioned it. Someone knows where this is — help me out! 😊

#Waterfalls #Nature #Rivers #Mointains
Thanks to everyone — it’s Stigfossen in Norway.…
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