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Dec 11, 2020 5 tweets 5 min read
#IndusValley (1/1-a)
@IndianExpress published an article on food habits of Indus valley people. The article based on the study of Akshyeta S of #cambridgeapartments. Several secular pseudointellectuals shared it to give apologetic views on "cow Killing". I'll expose them
Cntd... #IndusValley (1/1-b)
The study is based on the lipid residues of both plant an animals on vessels. The researchers no where confirmed specifically that Indus valley people eat meat of Cows/Buffalo. The News paper & the pseudointellectuals who jumped have no knowledge...
Dec 3, 2020 7 tweets 7 min read
Myth Busters #Sikh (1/I)
Do You think that Sikhs sacrificed more than the others??
Do You think that Martial Khalas is Exclusive of Sikhs?
Do You think that they are most generous?
No!! it is same Bogus claim as Akbar is "great"
Plz read the Thread.
Contd... #Sikh (1/II)
When Guru Govind Singh Called for Sacrifice (Khalsa) to Fight against Aurangzeb, Only 5- Daya Ram(Panjab, Sikh), Dharam Das (UP, Hindu), Himmat Rai(Orissa, Hindu), Mohkam Chand(Gujarat, Hindu)& Sahib Chand(Karnataka, Hindu). among them only 1 is from Punjab!
Dec 3, 2020 6 tweets 3 min read
Do U know ? (1/a)
India, The Land of गोब्राह्मण हिताय च
There were several Organisations/Outfits whose Sole Aim is anti-Brahmin{sic}!
Brahmins has been mortified, persecuted & Killed more than any other community!
Plz Read my thread on Persecution against Brahmins.
Contd... 1/b
When ever there is an attack on India's Religious tradition & Culture, Brahmins charged at first phase. Since ages Brahmins has been persecuted in most inhuman terms but they never played "Victim Card"
and after Independence the persecution is More organised.
Nov 15, 2020 7 tweets 4 min read
#CRACKERS In India (1/a)
Most M0r0ns claim #Crackers (Fireworks) is alien to India.
But here are the existing scriptures which says the Fireworks are dates back to 400AD & much before the Mughals. The Tipu is the father of Rocket is a bogus claim.
(Read the Thread)
Cntd... #CRACKERS In India (1/b)
the 1st available scripture of Shukracharya (shukraniti 400AD) there is one chapter on the Making of Gunpowder mixing with Garlic powder, rice paste, bamboo etc. At that time this the Fireworks regarded as इंद्रजाल
Nov 3, 2020 4 tweets 6 min read
Those Hindus who feel proud to enroll their children in St. Xavier are the part of the Holy books' tradition of Hindu Gen0c(I)de/Temple destruction/Hinduphobic.
This is the a/c of Francis Xavier's who laid the foundation of most heinous #GoaInquisition.
#HanumanChalisa (1/b) #GoaInquisition
Francis Xavier was the person;
who laid the foundation of Building Missionary Schools/colleges to train #Hindu children for Missionary activities.
He was the person who prescribed Hindu children should be 1st baptized.
Nov 1, 2020 5 tweets 5 min read
#Sikhs 🙏 (1/a)
formidable Shield to Akhand Bhrata & Hinduism. The age old emotional & Spiritual attachment between Hindus & Sikhs further strengthen during 1947-partition. But the #1984SikhGenocide planned to aid Islamic agenda & to break the bond between Hindus & Sikhs.
contd.. #Sikhs 🙏 (1/b)
I will not share anything new but some excerpts from Punjab Tragedy (1948) & Rawalpindi plots (Unknown author) only to Link the gen0cide of Sikhs & Hindus by Muzlims to the 1984 genocide by Congress.
Plz read the thread.
Oct 31, 2020 5 tweets 3 min read
Today (31-10-2020) A Muzlim Youth Sabir Ali from Murshidabad (WB) loved a Hindu Girl & taken her secretly by train. #BajrangDal Odisha got information & caught Sabir, rescued the Girl & handed over to Police/family * Sabir posed Himself as Hindu. His Original name revealed when Bajrangdal asked his Identity & he reluctantly showed his passport. During Investigation it is revealed that Sabir eloped with 2 other Hindu girls, their whereabouts yet to know.
Sep 28, 2020 7 tweets 6 min read
#Savarkar was Inspiration for #BhagatSingh (1/a)
There are some scums Who must put forth unnecessary arguments against it. This thread is not exhaustive but a n inescapable Truth burried as usual by the Left Historians Who want to steal the Bhagat Singh's Legacy.
Contd. #Savarkar and #BhagatSingh (1/b)
Veer Savarkar was not only Inspiration to the Bhagat Singh but many Young revolutionaries.
सावरकर 's India House, Abhinav Bharat Society (Young India Society) & Free India Society all are Destinations of Indian Revolutionaries.
Sep 14, 2020 4 tweets 4 min read
#RamMandirTerrorPlan (1/a)
In July 2005 5 JEM (Islamic State Terrorists) attacked Ayodhya Rama Janmabhumi site. 5 JEM were neutralized, 4 security personnel lost their life in the line of duty. 4 civilians died in crossfire. 4 gets life sentence with 2.4 lakh fine each.
Contd... ImageImageImageImage #RamMandirTerrorPlan (1/b)
Since Ayodhya Verdict (Nov 2019) #RamMandirAyodhya has been under target of ISI backed Islamic Terrorists. The anti-CAA protest is only to hoodwink the terror module, but ironically failed.
they planned on Aug 5 , then on Aug 15.
Contd... Image
Sep 6, 2020 4 tweets 5 min read
#UdhavThackeray got a call from #DawoodIbrahim at #MatoShree
I Just recalled🙄🤔
(1) Sanjay Raut once met & scolded Dawood
(2) Shiv Sena once urged Govt od India to abandon the plan to catch Dawood.
(3) Several Party Leaders felt uneasy with growing Udhav & Dawood link🤨 ImageImageImageImage *Govt of India
Sep 5, 2020 6 tweets 5 min read
Bollywood-Drug Nexus (1/a)
#SushantSingRajputDeathCase is another alarm to the #India
Past, several cases of Bollywood-Police-Politician-Drug Mafia Links meticulously burrowed. #haramkhor is only a step to suppress the voice.
My thread is nt so full but a coup, care to read 🙏 Image Bollywood-Drug Nexus (1/b)
From the Past Cases, Investigation reports it is revealed that from 70s on wards #DrugMafiaOfBollywood captured the field.
Many noted Bollywood Stars & their family became part & parcel of Drug cartel.
Contd... ImageImage
Aug 26, 2020 4 tweets 3 min read
#MotherTeresa (1/a)
When Xtian Missionary couldn't make much headway in conversion in #India through traditional (miracle of prayers) they planted Teresa. As they found that saint like figures R much followed & adored by Indians.
👉 excerpts from Xtian Studies
Contd...) ImageImage #MotherTeresa (1/b)
Xtian Missionary tried a new way, Conversion not by direct acts but through an indirect act, creating a transition zone where it is easy to make Hindus convert without any suspicion and protest. Thus the Sainthood planted on Teresa.
(Contd...) Image
Aug 21, 2020 8 tweets 6 min read
Caste In #Hindutva (1/a)
There was No caste system in Sanatan Hindu till Islamic Rule.
All the Scriptures including #Manusmriti upheld "Varna" not the Caste. Next time Any left, Islamic-Xtian Sponsored Intellect say about the Caste, slap this thread on his/her face.
(Contd...) Caste In #Hindutva (1/b)
No where in Vedas mentioned "Caste" according to one's Birth {sic}
If "Varna" is static then there must not be any "code of conducts" for certain Varna. BUT there are code of conducts for 4 Varnas and the Varna Position is "Dynamic"
Aug 18, 2020 9 tweets 6 min read
Do U Know?(1/a)
The Original Mahabharat written by #Ganesha & dictated Krishnadwpayan Vyasa contained 60 lakh Slokas.
Later When Narada spoken it to Devas it contained 30lakh Slokas.
When Rishi Asit & Debal Spoken at Pitru Loka it had 15 lakh Slokas
#GaneshChaturthi Do U Know?(1/b)
The number of Slokas further reduced when Rishi Sukadev spoken to Yakshya & Nagas.
During the End of the Dwapara When Rishi Vai'sampyan spoken it to Raja Janmanjeya & other Rishis it contained 1 Lakh slokas
Aug 11, 2020 7 tweets 7 min read
मथुरा मुक्त (1/a)
The Destruction was more brutal & inhuman in #Mathura by Islamic Invaders.
In Tarek Yamini, Ghazani himself said the cost of the temple would be 10 crore Dinar (Golden Coin) & might had taken 200yrs to construct #SriKrishnaJanmabhoomi
Contd... मथुरा मुक्त (1/b)
It is said that Mohammad Ghazani took ornaments, Jewelry of 185 elephant heads excluding the Golden idol of Krishna with eyes of blue sapphire to his own kingdom.
Aug 9, 2020 5 tweets 5 min read
Only 1 temple in #akhandbharat we Sanatan Hindus reclaimed from the ruinous Islamic Atrocities.
Can You guess how many temples in undivided #AndhraPradesh Destroyed & converted to Masjid???
Ans: It is Around 143 gracious temples.
Here is the List
Contd... ImageImageImageImage (1/b)
Hindu Temples destroyed & converted to Masjids in undivided #Andhrapradesh
(Contd...) ImageImageImageImage
Aug 8, 2020 6 tweets 3 min read
2 organisations- PFI & Bhim Army, Both are funded by similar network.
Every Sane Indian & Govt Should check them now otherwise they turn as biggest cancer to India's Peace & Security.
Some of the facts regarding PFI, Kerala
@HMOIndia @NIA_India
#Survey ImageImageImageImage If U see any narrations a that Muslims in India are Patriotic, Nationalistic, Indic lovers, Even A muslim reciting sanskrit verses etc etc are paid and carry forwarded by PFI.
Unlike other Islamic Organisation they wear a *Secular mask to hide the sharia agenda.
(1/b-Contd) Image
Aug 1, 2020 4 tweets 4 min read
He is the one among very a few persons who played a pivotal role in Politics, Bollywood & Underworld.
You can hate him or love him but can't deny him.
He is #AmarSingh
ओम शांति शांति शांति ! ImageImageImageImage plz correct, who played a pivotal role in Politics, Bollywood & Underworld *simultaneously.
Jul 29, 2020 5 tweets 4 min read
#COVID19KE , The #ChineseVirus : A curious Case (1/a)
(1) From Where the Virus come from ?
(a) Bat- Not confirmed
(b) Snake- Not Confirmed
(c) Pangolins- Not Confirmed
(d) Domestic Animals- Not Confirmed
(e) Wild Animals- Not Confirmed
(Contd...) #COVID19KE , The #ChineseVirus : A curious Case (1/b)
(2) is it a Zoonotic?
- Likely
(3) Is it an Anthroponosis
- Less likely
(4) Where it detected first?
- In Human Beings at Wuhan, China (Only Known & Confirmed aspect)
Jul 28, 2020 4 tweets 5 min read
Other Side of #owaisi (1/a)
Dar-us-Salam Educational Trust which runs several Educational Institutions & whose head is #दाढ़ी_वाले_जिन्नाह is alleged involved in several scams. The Trust also raided & faced an elaborate CB CID inquiry.
Contd... ImageImageImageImage Other Side of #owaisi (1/b)
You will be astonished that Owaisi on TV screen crying for plight of Muslims during pandemic, but his Educational Institutions collecting exorbitant fees from the Same Muslim Students.
Contd... ImageImageImage
Jul 21, 2020 7 tweets 7 min read
Conspiracy Against #India (1/a)
Can You Imagine how #COVID19India utilized to topple The #BJP Govt? This is the thread, through which I try to Highlight most crucial instances.
(I) the Data Shows Illegal Arms, Drugs, Cattle, Gold smuggling into #India Spiked from Sept 2019
Contd ImageImage Conspiracy Against #India (1/b)
It is not a simple coincidence that Along with the beginning & intensity of #AntiCAA protests the smuggling activities across the border area increased.
Despite the Corona Virus warning & Lock-down the protesters try to intensify the stir
Contd.. Image