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#Thread on the great Gupta Emperor Samudragupta

Samudragupta built a strong foundation for the Golden Age of India, ushered in by the Gupta Empire.

#GuptaEmpire #History #GoldenAgeOfIndia #Hindutva
Samudragupta was the son of Chandragupta I & Kumaradevi (Lichchavi Princess)

320 CE: Samudragupta is coronated after Chandragupta I nominated him as successor. The Allahabad inscription, which presents comprehensive details about reign of Samudragupta, describes it thus 👇
The Allahabad inscription describes first the complete subjugation of kings of the northern India, with his capital at Pataliputra.

In the first phase of Samudragupta's conquests, the territories of current UP, Bihar & some parts of West Bengal were annexed.
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A #thread on Military organisation of Maurya Empire

Maurya Empire was the largest empire ever established on Indian subcontinent. It was the most powerful empire of its time, founded by Chandragupta Maurya & his mentor Chanakya.

#MilitaryHistory #Hindutva
It was very large empire, so was its military.

Mauryan army was not just large in size, but its military strategies were pretty brilliant in its time, which helped Chandragupta Maurya conquer such vast expanse of territories.
Chandragupta Maurya’s army:-
6,00,000 Infantry
30,000 Cavalry
~8,000 War Chariots
9,000 War Elephants

The total number of soldiers of Chandragupta Maurya’s army counts somewhere near 6,90,000!
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उत्तरम् यत् समुद्रस्य हिमाद्र चैव दक्षिणम्।
वर्षं तत् भारतम् नाम भारती यत्र सन्ततिः॥

अर्थ = समुद्र से उत्तर और हिमालय से दक्षिण की ओर जो भूभाग है उसको भारत कहते हैं और वहां की प्रजा को भारती / भारतीय कहते हैं।
इनकी मुक्ति का दिन पास में आ रहा है।
ह्यांच्या मुक्तीचा दिवस जवळ येत आहे
@RavinTrakru @SaveSabrimala @sambitswaraj @RuchiraC
उत्तरम् यत् समुद्रस्य हिमाद्र चैव दक्षिणम्।
वर्षं तत् भारतम् नाम भारती यत्र सन्ततिः॥

अर्थ = समुद्र से उत्तर और हिमालय से दक्षिण की ओर जो भूभाग है उसको भारत कहते हैं और वहां की प्रजा को भारती / भारतीय कहते हैं।
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"भारताच्या फळणीविरोधी आंदोलनात मी आघाडीवर होतो. परंतु शेवटी १९४७ मध्ये आपल्या मातृभूमीचे दोन तुकडे झाले. अशा प्रकारे पाकिस्तान अस्तित्वात आले तरी ती हानी भरून निघावी अशी घटना घडली, ती म्हणजे परकीय दास्यातून हिंदुस्थानचा फार मोठा भाग मुक्त करण्यात आपणाला यश मिळाले.
भारताच्या स्वातंत्र्याचे जे युद्ध आमच्या पिढीने सतत लढविले आणि ज्यामध्ये एक सैनिक म्हणून गेली पन्नास वर्षे मी दिलेली लढत, भोगलेले कष्ट नि केलेला त्याग आमच्या पिढीतील अन्य कोणाही देशभक्तापेक्षा उणा नाही. ते युद्ध मुक्त शेवटी आम्ही जिंकले !

मुक्त आणि स्वतंत्र भारतीय राज्य जन्मास आले. माझा देश मुक्त झालेला पाहण्यास मी जगलो हे मी माझे मोठे भाग्यच समजतो.यातही काही संशय नाही की माझ्या कार्यातील एक भाग अपुरा राहिला.परंतु 'सिंधू पासून सागरापर्यंत पसरलेली ही आमची मातृभूमी पुन्हा अखंड करण्याचे ध्येय आम्ही सोडले नव्हते'.
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Only 1 temple in #akhandbharat we Sanatan Hindus reclaimed from the ruinous Islamic Atrocities.
Can You guess how many temples in undivided #AndhraPradesh Destroyed & converted to Masjid???
Ans: It is Around 143 gracious temples.
Here is the List
Contd... ImageImageImageImage
Hindu Temples destroyed & converted to Masjids in undivided #Andhrapradesh
(Contd...) ImageImageImageImage
Hindu Temples destroyed & converted to Masjids in undivided #Andhrapradesh
(Contd...) ImageImageImageImage
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Nepali friend says commies there poorly managed #COVID and political drama vs India is a distraction that benefits the ruling party. Also being commies China intellectually more palatable perhaps though China's rise isn't from communism!
Friend also mentioned Mahabharat TV series was also being shown again. Underscores the cultural connection with India which should've made it practically impossible for China to make any inroads.
Nepal moving away from India and into China's arms points to Indian failure to build on its soft power. Nepal should've been to India how Canada is to the US!

#indiaNepalFriendship #akhandbharat #ForeignPolicy #ChinaMustBeTamed
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We miss you #Mavia but we treasure your valued gifts- we hereby present you the “Maalik of Chammb”. Ironically, he too was a headmaster before this assignment- how cute is the similarity with Burhan’s father. How can fate be any different, kiddo!
We welcome you Rana Sahib to Chammb... but with an advise- don’t u dare to fly any chopper. No it’s not about exploding mangoes- why waste mangoes, when our boys can do Ifthikar Janjua on you... Naah but we won’t- we will meet you in Chammb! #Mavia Image
And Rana Sahib, this time it will be more devastating for you than what it was in 1971. Notwithstanding your daydreams, we promise that Indian armed forces will run down*Muhammad Gafar* of Northen Light Infantry....I say chaps! #Mavia
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#AmartyaSen's great insight was that dreadful disasters (s/as mass starvation) do not happen in a democracy because news of the early signs of distress are seen, heard and responded by those in power.
That theory is being tested in #Modi's #India. And so far found wanting
A willingly controlled and spontaneously sycophantic media refuses to hold the Great Leader to account; such criticism as may be made by intellectuals and a remnant of the free press is silenced by the howls of mobs on social media. Free debate is replaced by adulatory paeans.
Respectful discussion of policy choices has been pushed aside by a Know-it-all leadership that adopts a We-Can-never-admit-to-any-failings style of governance that places false propaganda over real performance, empty spin over true substance.
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९ जून १९६४, स्वतंत्र भारत को बड़े भाग्य से देश को एक लाल मिला, द्वितीय प्रधान मंत्री के रूप म, जिसका नाम था लाल बहादुर शास्त्री!
११ जनवरी १९९६, को वह प्रधान मंत्री की कुर्सी ही क्या, दुनिया छोड़ गया.. क्यूँ और कैसे??
क्षमा कीजिए, *११ जनवरी १९६६🙏🏻

Two weeks apart, 2 unnatural deaths happened outside India, #LalBahadurShastri & Dr. #HomiBhabha in January 1966??

Who was responsible, who would benifit from their death, who became 🇮🇳’s PM after Shastri ji?

#IndiraGandhi of #CongressFraudParty ?
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Generations before my grand father were zamindaars at Rasul Mandi in Pakistan,around where #KingPourva fought Alexander
2 of my uncles,older than my dad,were settled in Delhi around 1940
My 4yr old dad was sent to elder brothers for safety during 1946-47
A muslim servant accompanied him on his journey to The Indian side with his son,wife,brothers,children,a total 27 members,till a certain spot from where they had to make it alone..
..only to face the same servant with a mob of muslims,right around the border!!
Left with no choice to either die at their hands/convert,have their women suffer muslim atrocities,my grandfather kept firing at them,instructing his son to kill the entire family specially the women😢
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