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Savarkar and Me:

"Nhe majhshi nhe parat matrubhumi la".....

When I was a kid, my Appa (maternal grandfather) used to take me to the seashore and hum this song. I used to hum it with him, feeling a sense of pride swell up inside me. (1/n)
My Appa was a RSS Karyakarta in his youth, fiercely patriotic, extremely disciplined but at the same time could love Morarji Desai and Jawaharlal Nehru without differentiating.
As he grew up in the ranks of RSS he figured that they were more than just a "Swayamsevak Sangh" and quickly got out of it at the first opportunity.... thats another story for some other day.
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India's so-called "liberals" have been shedding copious tears on the "injustice" of the SC verdict on the #ShivSena case.

Indian liberals are brainless and shameless.

The Shiv Sena was, is, and will be a bigoted party, whichever flavour you pick - Uddhav, Raj, or Shinde.

Don't forget that #UddhavThackeray fought the election along with the #BJP. He split with the #BJP only when they refused to yield the CM post to him.

The alliance with the #Congress and #NCP was never about principle, it was for power. This was an unprincipled power grab.

This is still the same Shiv Sena that supported the Babri Masjid demolition, that supported the installation of the portrait of #Savarkar opposite that of #Gandhi in Parliament (kinda like #Trump saying there are good folks on both sides), that engineered the #1993riots.

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IN 1965, SAVARKAR was questioned in an interview..

Q: Some think that you believe in a Hindu Nation because you are a fanatic communalist. What have you to say about it?

A: "Let us get this thing straight. People have a wrong notion of a Hindu Nation & about

A Hindu means a person who regards this land of Bharatvarsha from the Indus to
the Seas as his fatherland & holy land—the land of origin of his religion & the cradle of his
faith. Therefore, the followers of Vedism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism and all hill tribes are Hindus

The Parsees, amongst the other minorities, are by race, religion, language & culture, almost akin to the Hindus. The Christians and Jews could be politically assimilated with
the Hindus. Around this life-centre moves Hindutva—not a religious dogma or creed but the

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#GujaratHighCourt to shortly hear plea moved by Congress leader #RahulGandhi challenging the decision of the Sessions Court rejecting his plea for stay on his conviction in #DefamationCase over his #ModiSurname remark Image
Justice Hemant Prachchhak presiding the bench.
#RahulGandhi #DefamationCase #GujaratHighCourt
Hearing begins.

Justice Prachchhak: Before passing any order, I will go through the original records of the matter also. I will not be available here in India as I have to go out on May 4. I will be unable to pass any orders before that. After hearing all the parties, I will……
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MOPLAH HINDU GENOCIDE of 1921 wasn't the 1st massacre done by them.. !!

List of Hindu genocides done by moplahs right from 1836 ⏬

Source : The moplah rebellion,


#savarkar #moplah #HindusUnderAttack #HinduGenocide #Hindutva #Hindumassacre ImageImage
2/5 ImageImage
3/5 ImageImage
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Much of the writings about #VDSavarkar paint him in black-&-white, when the truth lies in shades of grey. Brushing inconvenient facts under the carpet, does not do justice to #Savarkar's complex personality. This is a thread about Savarkar from a historic perspective #history Image
On 9 June 1906, Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, a 23-year-old from Nashik, bid adieu to wife Yamuna and their toddler son Prabhakar, and boarded the SS Persia in Bombay to sail for England to study law. However, even as he was in the high seas,
Stanley Egerley from the Bombay government’s special department sent a confidential letter (14 June) to R. Ritchie in the India Office, London, about Savarkar. Egerley said Savarkar held “…somewhat the same opinions” as the revolutionary Damodar Hari Chaphekar, who assassinated
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10 reasons we love #Savarkar (and why liberals hate him). A thread.

1. Opposed untouchability - Opened a temple for all castes to promote Hindu Unity. 2/11
2. Opposed Partition - Despite canards spread by propagandists like Dhruv Rathi, Savarkar’s opposition to the partition is well documented. 3/11
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अगर राहुल सांवरकर की इतनी आलोचना ना करते तो हर भारतीय को सावरकर जी के बारे में कम पता चलता धन्यवाद राहुल
🤷🏻‍♀️ वीर सावरकर कौन थे..? जिन्हें आज कांग्रेसी और वामपंथी कोस रहे हैं और क्यों..?? ये 25 बातें पढ़कर आपका सीना गर्व से चौड़ा हो उठेगा।…
इसको पढ़े बिना आज़ादी का ज्ञान अधूरा है!
🙏🏻 आइए जानते हैं एक ऐसे महान क्रांतिकारी के बारे में जिनका नाम इतिहास के पन्नों से मिटा दिया गया। जिन्होंने ब्रिटिश हुकूमत के द्वारा इतनी यातनाएं झेलीं की उसके बारे में कल्पना करके ही इस देश के करोड़ों भारत माँ के कायर पुत्रों में सिहरन
पैदा हो जायेगी। जिनका नाम लेने मात्र से आज भी हमारे देश के राजनेता भयभीत होते हैं क्योंकि उन्होंने माँ भारती की निस्वार्थ सेवा की थी। वो थे हमारे परमवीर सावरकर।
1. वीर सावरकर पहले क्रांतिकारी देशभक्त थे जिन्होंने1901 में ब्रिटेन की रानी विक्टोरिया की मृत्यु पर नासिक में शोक सभा
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Vinayak Damodar Savarkar is one of the most complex personalities in recent history. Read this thread to know more about #Savarkar, the man, revolutionary and #Hindutva demagogue.

#thread #history #RahulGandhi #MahatmaGandhi #UddhavThackeray #RSS #ShivSena #Maharashtra #Hindu Image
Unfortunately, when the debate is polarised between the extremes of black & white, it does not do justice to the complex personality of #Savarkar as a man, revolutionary, reformer, #Hindutva ideologue & an accused in the assassination of #MahatmaGandhi.
What makes #Savarkar stand out among his contemporaries is his strong hero complex bordering on narcissism, and the extreme and often contradictory elements of his personality.
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Khilafat Movement

What #History Books tell us- Jallianwala Bagh massacre led to the birth of the Non-cooperation movement.

What they should have told us-
As the facts present themselves, in the Amritsar Congress held in 1919, barely five months after the
genocide, Gandhi himself advocated complete cooperation with the British in the wake of the reforms initiated in the royal proclamation and the Government of India Act, 1919. Khilafat Movement saw the birth of the Non-Cooperation movement. Swarajya was just a
by-the-way add-on.
➔ 13th April 1919: Jallianwala Bagh Massacre
➔ Dec 1919: 34th Congress Session Amritsar. Gandhi called for complete cooperation with British in the wake of “reforms” initiated by royal proclamation and Govt of India Act, 1919
➔ 1920: After WW1, the
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#MahatmaGandhi had a complex relationship with Maharashtra, where his mentor Gopal Krishna Gokhale hailed from.

This thread is about #Gandhi and his relationship with #Marathi (and #Maharashtra)

#Maharashtra produced some of his staunchest supporters like Acharya Vinoba Bhave and Sitaram ‘Appasaheb’ Patwardhan, who was referred to as the ‘Konkan Gandhi,’ and his most bitter critics, like Dr #BabasahebAmbedkar and V.D. #Savarkar.
Eventually, a man from #Maharashtra--#NathuramGodse, killed #Gandhi.
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Secrecy – A Revolutionary Policy

What our History Books taught us:
1857 ‘mutiny’ happened because of some upset sepoys whose religion was defiled due to use of cartridges greased with Cow blood and pig fat. Then just randomly some others joined in.

What History Books
should have Taught us: The seeds of discontent were already sown in the hearts of Bharatiyas (read Dalhousie and Salt Tax tweets). However, it was important that it was planned properly such that a simultaneous uprising took place from all sides for the
War of Independence to be concluded successfully.
It started in London where Azimullah Khan (representative of Nana Sahib, to contest refusal of claim to the Peshwa gadi by the British due to sudden unacceptability of the Hindu Law of
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Dalhousie is a beautiful hill station, near town of Chamba in Chamba district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

It is named after Lord Dalhousie.
Who is he? Lets dive into History to know more about him (not the one our text books taught us).
Lord Dalhousie landed on the shores of Hindustan in 1846. When he became the viceroy he gave up the practice of sugar coating the poison pills to victims of India, and began a system of open and direct oppression. No wonder he is described as
one of the founders of the British Empires.

Following are the territories he annexed to the Empire in the cruelest of ways –

1.Punjab- Dalhousie knew that his ambition of levelling Hindustan cannot be fulfilled as long as Raja Ranjit Singh and his brave
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1. संघियों की ख़ासियत है कि वो बात, जिसे शर्म से छिपाना चाहिए-उस पर भी ऐसा हल्ला करेंगे कि सब जनता के सामने आ जाए। #savarkar ऐसा ही एक मामला हैं। पब्लिक डोमेन में है, लेकिन @MailtoUniverse नाम का हैंडल है, कहने लगा नहीं, यहीं ट्वीट कर दो माफ़ीनामा..अब लो करा लो ऐसी-तैसी
@MailtoUniverse Thread
2. तो माई डियर @MailtoUniverse ये रहे डॉक्यूमेंट..असली वाले..अब मेरे घर पर नहीं रखे हैं, भारत सरकार के National Archive यानी भारतीय अभिलेखागार से हैं..वेबसाइट का लिंक भी लगा दूंगा, जाकर देख लेना
लेकिन ये बस पहला पन्ना है, एनक्लोज़र और अटैचमेंट्स भी हैं, जिसमें माफ़ीनामा और शर्तें सब हैं..तो ये लो और काग़ज़...यहीं नंगा करवा दो अपने वीर को... @MailtoUniverse
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महाराष्ट्र या स्वातंत्र्यवीरांना ओळखतो का..? ज्यांनी कधी इंग्रजाना माफी मागितली नाही...
#स्वातंत्र्यवीर #Savarkar
१. स्वातंत्र्यवीर अण्णाजी,
२. स्वातंत्र्यवीर भिमाजी
३. स्वातंत्र्यवीर बागल यदु पाटील
४. स्वातंत्र्यवीर भीमराव
५. स्वातंत्र्यवीर आत्माराम सन्तु भोसले
७. स्वातंत्र्यवीर राजू खंडू भोसले
८. स्वातंत्र्यवीर रघु मानाजी भोसले
९. स्वातंत्र्यवीर विठू हंगू भोसले
१०. स्वातंत्र्यवीर व्यंकटराव भोसले
११. स्वातंत्र्यवीर बिरबत कुणबी
१२. स्वातंत्र्यवीर अन्ना नाथु
१३. स्वातंत्र्यवीर बाळकृष्ण
१४. स्वातंत्र्यवीर बारकू
१५. स्वातंत्र्यवीर भीमा
१६. स्वातंत्र्यवीर गानू बापू चव्हाण
१७. स्वातंत्र्यवीर कृष्णाप्पा गोपाल चव्हाण
१८. स्वातंत्र्यवीर महादेव चव्हाण
१९. स्वातंत्र्यवीर दामोदर आबाजी
२०. स्वातंत्र्यवीर दत्तू नथु
२१. स्वातंत्र्यवीर दामू सरमळकर
२२. स्वातंत्र्यवीर नारायण देसाई
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The noisy battle of words over VD Savarkar is a distraction to cover up news that the Government does not like - news about the #Notebandi hearing in Supreme Court, #MorbiBridgeCollapse, the popularity of #BharatJodoYatra, the rising popularity for @RahulGandhi.
Indians are fast realising that they have been fooled since 2014, duped by false promises, taken in by massive Govt-organised scams, legislation that enslaves rather then liberates them.
#WhatsApp forwards don't fill empty bellies and stories of past #Vishwaguru glories do not make up for joblessness or loss of earnings. The people are waking up the fact that they have been divided and told to hate each other. #BharatJodoYatra threatens this cosy conspiracy
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#VirSavarkar never pleaded for himself but for all.
Some time back, a document from British library on #Savarkar was made available. It's not the Savarkar's petition from jail, but the notes of #British govt on petition. See the page, where it's written, 'Petition by -1/4
VD Savarkar for an amnesty to all political prisoners'. In the bracket it's written, ' not necessarily include himself'.
What does it mean? He had taken up the case of all political prisoners, not himself ....
See also the 1st page of that document, where it's clear; - 2/4
Letter No 64, 15 January 1918. It also says, #Savarkar pleaded 'general #amnesty may be granted to all persons convicted of political offences...'.
#Nehrus stood against all patriots not just Savarkar but #Netaji Bose & even ₹Sardar #Patel. So nothing unusual in -3/4
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#Savarkar was sentenced with double life sentence in September, 1910. #Congress session in 1910 December was to be held in Allahabad (now Prayag). Gokhale pleaded with Sir William Wedderburn to take over the presidentship of Congress (which was fighting the British).
In July 1911, #Savarkar was sent to Cellular Jail for hard labour prison term. In December, 2011, Calcutta Convention, it was proposed that Ramsay Macdonald, takes the mantle of #Congress President. Bengal congress telegrammed Gandhi to take over. The majority supported Mudholkar
#Nehru on 1912 #Congress- 'It was very much an English-knowing upper class affair where morning coats and well-pressed trousers were greatly in evidence.'
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30 October 1883 marks the death anniversary of #SwamiDayanandSaraswati. This is a thread on the links between the #AryaSamaj & the #HinduMahasabha & the #RSS. It will also explain how the Samaj contributed to the growth of the #Sangh

#history #Hindutva #SanghParivar #BJP
The #AryaSamaj was founded on 10 April 1875 at Bombay (#Mumbai) by Swami #DayanandSaraswati. This monotheistic order laid stress on the values laid down in the #Vedas & was against idol worship.
As a counter to the proselytizing Abrahamic faiths like Christianity and Islam, the #AryaSamaj launched a reconversion campaign called #shuddhi. As the #HinduMahasabha grew in the 1920s, many #AryaSamaj leaders joined it. Shuddhi became one of the Mahasabha's driving forces
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Of late, I have been tweeting threads on issues like #history & on #Maharashtra & #Mumbai. This is a compilation of some threads over the month

On a little-known attempt by an inebriated #British policeman to kill #MahatmaGandhi in #Pune

The #ParvatiSatyagraha launched by Ambedkarites and reformist activities seeking that #Dalits be allowed to enter the Parvati temple in #Pune

#DrBabasahebAmbedkar #DrAmbedkar #DalitMovement #history
How #Dussehra was once a rallying point for the Swadeshi movement. It was on this day in 1905 that #VinayakDamodarSavarkar organised a massive bonfire of imported clothes

#Savarkar #LokmanyaTilak #Tilak #Pune #Maharashtra #swadeshi #Gandhi #MahatmaGandhi
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