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#Akali #SGPC were cowering in their juttis when separatists took control of revered Gurudwaras in Punjab. At that time #RSS stood up firmly against separatists. Its Shakhas were attacked, scores of swayamsevaks died. Rashtriya Suraksha Samiti came on roads to fight separatism 1/n
Not once did #Akali_SGPC criticised #Congress for letting NankanaSahib go to Pakistan, just 5 km away from new border carved out by British. 2/n
#Nehru wanted to ban #Akalis and #RSS for fighting Islamist killers and rapists during Partition. This was roundly condemned by newspapers like Tribune and Congress kept quiet. But today SGPC condemns RSS! 3/n
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Tandoor - Atrocities of Muzzies unleashed on #Sikhs & #Hindus during partition
By Kalavai Venkat
I had travelled to Toronto on work a couple of years ago. I flagged down a taxi on the curbside of the airport. The driver was an elderly Sikh in his late 70s.
His name was Avtar Singh. I unhesitatingly switch over to Hindi whenever I see people of Indian descent. We conversed while he drove me to the Renaissance Hotel Downtown.

“Uncle, why’re you still driving a taxi instead of retiring and enjoying life?” I asked.
He replied, “I am enjoying this beta. I get bored at home. My wife died five years ago. My children and grandchildren have moved out. What will I do at home? This is not my native Punjab where extended families live together. Retired life would be lively there. Not here. I
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#SGPC president @bibijagirkaur writes letters to @PMOIndia @narendramodi and @HMOIndia @AmitShah regarding restriction on #Jatha of #Sikhs going to mark n attend #SakaNankanaSahib. Demands to reconsider Govt's decision n reopening of Sri Kartarpur Sahib corridor. (1)
Bibi Jagir Kaur said in her letters that decision of Govt of India had hurt sentiments of Sikh sangat and Govt should reconsider its decision. (2)
Bibi Jagir Kaur said, “Pilgrims who got visas should be allowed to attend main programmes to be held on February 21 at Sri Nankana Sahib. It is disrespectful to Sikh sentiments to restrict Jatha at last minute despite completion of preparations.” (3)
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I know my TL isn't purely brown people - so this a thread of injustice against Sikhs around the world right now.

Sikhs are portrayed round the world in such a positive light; as selfless caregivers.

And yet, throughout history, our people have been victims of great injustice.
Organisations such as the amazing @Khalsa_Aid have reached far - from the 2018 Indonesian Tsunami, to support at Grenfell in 2017, to aid during the 2015 Greek Refugee crisis.

Yet in our times of need, the media turns a blind eye, the Indian government have a deep rooted hatred
A majority of Sikhs come from the Punjab region of India, up north, close to the border with Pakistan, in agriculturally RICH land.

Despite only covering 1.53% of India, Punjab makes up TWO THIRDS of India's wheat production and one third of all milk production.
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#Sikhs 🙏 (1/a)
formidable Shield to Akhand Bhrata & Hinduism. The age old emotional & Spiritual attachment between Hindus & Sikhs further strengthen during 1947-partition. But the #1984SikhGenocide planned to aid Islamic agenda & to break the bond between Hindus & Sikhs.
#Sikhs 🙏 (1/b)
I will not share anything new but some excerpts from Punjab Tragedy (1948) & Rawalpindi plots (Unknown author) only to Link the gen0cide of Sikhs & Hindus by Muzlims to the 1984 genocide by Congress.
Plz read the thread.
#Sikhs 🙏 (1/c)
The Mass K(i)lling of Skihs during Partition in Rawalpinidi & Punjab has similar nature. Everywhere Muzlims & then Jinnah's Henchmen Now (1984) #RajivGandhi's Henchmen Carried out the Carnage.
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#IslamophobiaInIndia is a MYTH.

#India was ruled by #Hindus in the Ancient and Early Medieval period.

It was in the 7th Cent. CE, that #IslamicInvasions began in the Indian sub-continent.

These invaders came with one objective: to proselytise non-believers (#Kaafirs).

#Islamic invaders from the Middle East/Central Asia invaded India.

🔸They tortured & killed #Hindus.

🔸They raped #Hindu women.

🔸They forcibly coverted #Hindus.

🔸They destroyed hundreds of thousands of our temples.

🔸They looted #India.

Despite all the horrors of the #IslamicRule in India, independent #India, unlike #Pakistan/#Turkey, chose to be a #Secular country.


Because #SanatanDharma doesn’t preaches hate for other religions.

#Hindus know how to respect other religions and they always have.

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اسی لیئے شعراء کی قرآن و حدیث میں مذمت کی گئ ہے کہ ان میں مبالغہ آرائ، جھوٹ اور غلو ہوتا ہے ۔ #علامہ_اقبال تو رہے ایک طرف کسی کو بھی حق حاصل نہیں کہ تمام قوم کو ایک ہی لکڑی سے ہانک دے (کلیات اقبال قدیمی) #پنجاب #پنجابی

@omarali50 @Dr_IshtiaqAhmad… ImageImage
اب اگر #علامہ_اقبال سے یہی پوچھ لیا جاوے کہ حضور آپ نے تو تمام #پنجاب کے #پنجابی مسلمانوں کو ایک ہی لکڑی سے ہانک دیا تو پھر کیا فرماتے ہیں مولانا ثناء اللہ امرتسری (اہلحدیث عالم) مولانا ابراہیم سیالکوٹی (اہلحدیث عالم) غزنوی خاندان (پنجاب کا اہلحدیث خانوادہ) اور عبیداللہ سندھی پر
#علامہ_اقبال کو فسطائ مسولینی بہت پسند تھے اور ملاقات بھی تھی (ذکر اقبال از عبدالمجید سالک) اب علامہ اقبال کو مسولینی اور کارل مارکس پر ملاحظہ فرمائیں ۔ ( کلیات اقبال قدیمی)

@Rafi_AAA @omarali50 @Dr_IshtiaqAhmad… ImageImageImage
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1. #Happy #Emotional No words to express. After 5 centuries getting a home for our #RamLalla How many sacrifices are done over this time period. Isn't this the Living Proof of tolerance & patience #Hindus have?

#Ayodhya #AyodhyaRamMandir #AyodhyaBhoomipoojan #RamMandir2RamRajya ImageImageImageImage
2. Isn't this what #SanatanDharma teaches? #Truth & #Dharma wins at the end. No where in the world can such beauty & miracle can be witnessed. All the Indians who lost their way and left our Dharma should do a #Gharwapsi

#RamMandirNationalPride #RamMandirAyodhya #Ramrajya ImageImage
3. Indians will truly be indebted to many stalwarts & heroes who made this day possible for a billion #Hindus to witness this in our lifetime with their perseverance. Thanking them from the bottom of our hearts. #Justice is delayed but not denied. Light a #Diya
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What a tragic irony that @capt_amarinder is labeling people of his state as ‘anti-India forces’ at a time when the country saluted our heroic action & sacrifices in defending national borders against China & Pakistan. People of Punjab have seen through his hypocrisy.
Raja Sahab your fake bravado against outfits like SFJ is amusing. Most such outfits in the past have comprised of #Congress stooges. Your right hand men like @RSinghsikki rub shoulders with separatists, then you begin dramatics over threats to national unity & integrity.
Your defence against arrests of #Sikhs under #UAPA holds no ground. Don’t you realize when you say ‘anti-India forces in Punjab’, you are endangering lives of millions of Sikhs living outside Punjab? Your anti-Sikh Congress slogans of 1980s are a mere diversion of your failure.
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🤔🧐🍊Modus operandi of apologists. If you have face them then pls feel free to comment here or post screenshots. Let’s expose them.
The apologist bully gang..
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Gurdwara Shri Chatti Patshahi Sahib is located in Parampilla Vill, Distt #Baramulla #Kashmir

Located across the bank of river #Jhelum ,Sri Guru Gobind Ji came here with #Mughal Emperor Jahangir. ImageImage
A plate of stone is still preserved in #Gurdwara on which five Muslim faqirs (peer Gulsher, per Bhur Sultan, Peer Rangi Iman, Peer Noor Nihal and Peer Abdul Gaffoor) had religious discourses with Guru Ji... Image
From here Guru Ji proceeded to Dolanga Vill, where footprints of Guru Ji's horse are still preserved.

#Baisakhi & Guru HarGobind Sahib's birthday are celebrated with great enthusiasm. A small bridge constructed on the river #Jehlum in 1970-71, connects the Gurdwara ImageImage
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"The struggle over #Kashmir — and who will control it — has certainly provoked much terrorism over the decades. Yet how did any of the parties involved in the dispute over Kashmir benefit from the slaughter of #Sikhs in #Afghanistan?" #AfghanPeaceProcess…
Indian establishment commentators are now declaring the attack was part of a nefarious Pakistani strategy to thwart Indian interests in Afghanistan, a region which is increasingly viewed as a second front and a new battleground in India’s war to thwart Pakistan.
Shishir Gupta, executive editor of the The Hindustan Times, insists the killings were “ordered” by the Taliban “at the behest of Pakistani deep state with the larger motive of driving out India from Afghanistan.”
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Only an insecure citizen will vilify a period of history, as rich and complex as #Mughal rule.

This demonstrates a vacuum of confidence and an inherent inadequacy in their own ability, to accept or understand the dynamics that created modern #India.

A #thread on the #Mughals:
1. The #Mughals, as they are erroneously called, were descended from Temur (aka Tamberlane, Tamerlane), in a direct patrilineal line and from Chengiz Khan in a direct matrilineal line.

They identified themselves with their Timurid heritage.
2. Babur, like all Mughals felt a legitimate claim on Hindustan after its conquest in 1398-99, by Temür, which effectively ended the already tottering Tughlaq Sultanate, following the fall of Delhi.
Not until 1451 and the rise of the Lodis (under Bahlul Khan), did Delhi recover.
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Late #Congress president Rajiv Gandhi and top #RSS leaders, Balasaheb Deoras and Bhaura Deoras, had a secret understanding, which was reflected in certain decisions taken during his tenure as PM in the late 1980s.

According to RSS ideologue K.N. Govindacharya
Rajiv had inherited the "soft Hindutva legacy" of Indira Gandhi's second innings as PM.

Rajiv had met Bhaurau Deoras, at least half a dozen times at different locations
The last meeting between the two leaders had taken place at 10,Janpath in Dec1990 before he was assassinated
Rajiv’s election campaign of 1984 was aggressive & focused on making #Sikhs seeking a separate homeland a key issue. The hidden agenda was to somehow exploit #insecurity within the #Hindu community and project the Rajiv-led Congress as their sole saviour.…
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Today, 30 million Sikhs around the world are celebrating the birth anniversary of the 9th Sikh Guru, Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji. He was given the title ‘Hind Ki Chaddar’, (Shield of India).

The tread will tell you why he was given the title. This is my tribute to Guruji.
17th century & the Mughals ruled India. They called it ‘Hindustan’. Aurangzeb was the emperor & his mission was to convert Hindus & spread Islam. His 1st targets were the Kashmiri Hindu Pandits. He believed if the Pandit's were converted then the other Hindus would follow suit.
Two options were given – covert or die. The Pandits knew that they would probably meet death far worse as the Mughals had become masters of torture who could extend a person's agony and death for days. So they decided to meet Shri Guru Tech Bahadur ji at Anandpur Sahib.
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.@capt_amarinder why did you choose to learn your history lessons from Mein Kampf and not the dozens of books written by Sikh scholars recounting the State sponsored Congress pogroms detailing the attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib and #SikhGenocide in Delhi in 1984. /1 Image
I will soon be sending you across a bundle of such important books detailing how the @INCIndia and its first family had planned and engineered the attack on our holiest shrine as well as mass killing of #Sikhs in Delhi and other parts of the country. /2
I am sure these books will refresh your memory & remove the selective amnesia which has clouded your mind. Please do give these books space in your library & read them also. You will never again give inane suggestions to anyone and forsake servility towards the #Gandhi family. /3
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Report of the SIT headed by S N Dhingra, Justice (Retired) of Delhi High Court, has removed even the last, thin fig-leaf from the @INCIndia guilt and conclusively proved that the 1984 #massacre of the innocent Sikhs was as preplanned and premeditated genocide. /1
#sikhmassacre Image
Killers of the Sikhs were not only sponsored & mobilized by the senior leaders of the #Congress party but were actually led from the front by none other than then PM #RajivGandhi and other senior members of the @INCIndia including Jagdish Tytler and Kamal Nath./2
While justifying the brutal killing of thousands of innocent #Sikhs saying that “when a big tree falls, the earth shakes", #RajivGandhi actually forgot that no tree in this world is big enough to make it shake & what happened was in '84 was an outrage against mankind & nature. /3
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A short #Thread to dispel doubts on #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019
Q) Does the Bill disallow citizenship for #Muslim migrants ?
A) NO , The bill merely mandates any #Muslim migrant to spend 11 yrs resident in #India before applying for citizenship.
Q) Does #CitizenAmendmentBill discriminate against #Muslims who are citizens of #India or remove any privilege of citizenship they hold?
A) No, the #CABBill makes no comment on the citizenship of existing #Muslim citizens.
Q) Why does the bill disallow #Muslim migrants from #Pakistan #Afghanistan & #Bangladesh from it's ambit.
A) The Bill is meant to provide a safety valve for minorities in adjoining nations who do not wish to live under a #Islamic regime. #Muslims are a majority in these nations.
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#LEAs defused an #IED planted in #Talap near #Iran border in #Balochistan . Image
#BLF released claiming killing 8 Pakistan Army soldiers in #Mashkay , #Balochistan.
#UBA released statement claiming attack on Army checkpost in #Kohlu and killing of 3 Soldiers.
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Since the coming of #Islam to #Kashmir, since 1389 there have been 7 recorded exoduses of Kashmiri #Hindus and #Sikhs due to genocide and persecution at the hands of radical Islam.
The first exodus OF #Hindus from #Kashmir (AD 1389-1413) was under the Shah Mir Dynasty. Tourists may not notice that the iconic Dal Lake has a mass grave of Kashmiri Hindus known as "Bhatt Mazar" or "grave of Brahmins".
The second mass exodus (1506-1585) of Kashmiri #Hindus and #Buddhists was under Ali Shah Chak Dynasty, which made the persecution of Kashmiri Hindus a royal policy.

They boasted that they killed 900 Hindus daily for refusing to convert to Islam.
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News from #Balochistan, rebels attacked Security forces in #Panjgur.
#BLF released statement claiming attack on Army in #Buleda area of #Kech district.

#BLF claims 4 Pakistani soldiers lost life.

As always #GHQ, #GHQ controlled media never reports it !
#BLF released statement claiming attack on Army convoy in #Awaran #Balochistan today .

The statement also claims 5 Pakistan soldiers lost life in the attack.

As always #GHQ or #GHQ media never reports it !
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On this 550th Birthday Of Guru Nanak.



On this 550th Birthday Of Guru Nanak.

#Sikh #Sikhs


On this 550th Birthday Of Guru Nanak.

#Sikh #Sikhs
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Today is #GuruNanakJayanti550 . He taught us to #love #respect all 🙏🏽These #photographs are from the #BanglaSahib #Gurudwara (place of worship of the #Sikhs)It is said that its built on the bungalow (hence #colloquial term ‘Bangla’)of Maharaja Jai Singh, ruler of #Amber #Jaipur Image
8th Sikh #Guru, Har Kishen, helped #smallpox #cholera #epidemic patients in 1664 from here.The #freshwater from the well here quenched many thirsts. He himself succumbed.Later, the #Maharaja built a #reservoir, still revered as it #symbolically links to the water from its #well
The main shrine hall is painted with #gold, motifs here and the inlay work heavily influenced by the reigning #Mughal This Gurudwara is now #plasticfree from #October #gurunanak550 #sikhism #architecture #delhi #pakistan #religion #secularism #heritage #historic #handmade #India Image
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