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1. Thread on organisations plotting against #Indian PM #NarendraModi.

Share it to max people to make them understand how these propaganda organisations work!!

17 so called civil rights organisations call on President #Biden to cancel the invitation to #Modi ji. ImageImage
2. The main organisation behind these is #IAMC or Indian American Muslims Council.

Fact : The organisation is alleged to have links with several terrorists organisations. Just check the links here : Image
3. #FreedomHouse says that #India's democracy is Partly Free.

Fact :
How many of you believe this?

Moreover this organisation is funded by George #Soros who has pledged $ 1Billion to fight Modi!!

Checkout the images: ImageImageImage
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Now that the glorification of #Mughals is finally being struck down from Indian history textbooks, here are some important events that need to be included in: Image
1) Destruction of Nalanda to remind Hindus of how the ahimsa philosophy didn't help monks at their hour of need and how it is important to arm oneself and train in the art of war and defence. Pacifism does not work in the real world and will get you killed. Image
2) Second Battle of Tarain to remind the Hindus that even if you spare your enemy, the enemy will not spare you so finish off your enemies when the chance is at hand. The "granting abhaya to sharanāgat" attitude doesn't work with Samuday Vishesh. Image
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@sikka_harinder Thread ✍️
No doubt our #Sikhs sacrificed their lives for Sarbat Da Bhala, but what have we really got in return? Only Deceit & false promises.
This deception has happened to our Sikhs whose Courage, Sacrifice and Patriotism are World-renowned.
#Sikhs #Panjab Sirdar Kapur Singh Ji ⚔️♥️🙏
In 1929, when the All India Congress Committee met on the bank of Raavi River in ​​Lahore & at there Resolution for complete independence for India was passed. Sirdar Kapir Singh Ji was there as a Student-Volunteer on that cold night of Maaghi Month.
The day before that, #Sikhs under the leadership of their leader Baba Kharak Singh Ji took out a magnificent procession of 5 lac Men and Women, about which the London Times newspaper wrote that in front of the glory of this procession, the Congress procession faded &
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#Thread on

#SarbatKhalsa #ਸਰਬੱਤ_ਖ਼ਾਲਸਾ

meaning of 👏🏻“Sarbat Khalsa👏🏻
“is (All The Khalsa)
it literally Translates to The entire Sikh Population

The first Sarbat Khalsa was called by the 10th Sikh guru,#GuruGobindSingh before his death in 1708
#Vaisakhi #Punjab
The first Sarbat Khalsa was called by the tenth guru, #GuruGobindSingh before his death in 1708 and the tradition of calling #SarbatKhalsa has continued ever since at times of hardship or conflict.👇
After the demolition of the #MahantSystem by the #Khalsa Panth, S.#KartarSinghJhabbar called the Sarbat Khalsa in 1920.He was not the Jathedar of the #AkalTakht but a #Sikh leader. In the resolution of that Sarbat Khalsa,#TejaSinghBhuchhar was announced as Jathedar of AkalTakht👇
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#BREAKING | After #AkalTakht appeal, fugitive #AmritpalSingh may do conditional surrender in #GoldenTemple, #Amritsar

Not being beaten in custody
To be kept in Punjab Jail only
No arrest, he may give "heroic" speech to @BBCNews in private as evidence of surrender
Flag march conducted by police in the area around the #GoldenTemple in #Amritsar, #Punjab

Our focus is to make sure there are no obstructions on any of the routes leading to the Golden Temple and law and order is maintained: #ParminderSinghBhandal, DCP Law & Order
Amritsar Police Commissioner Naunihal Singh reached Shri Akal Takht Sahib amidst #rumors of Amritpal's #surrender

#AmritpalSingh #PunjabPolice @PunjabPoliceInd
#Amritsar #AmritpalMisleadingPunjab #Khalistani_Terrorists
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Piers Corbyn, elder brother of Jeremy Corbyn, asking for release of Avtar Singh Khanda, a #Khalistani who vandalised #Indian flag at Indian HC, London and calls this a "beginning of a massive struggle which must overthrow the #Modi regime". Ends with "victory for #Khalistan".
Here are his tweets.
FYI, @MEAIndia @DrSJaishankar @PMOIndia @AmitShah former UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's elder brother comes out in support of #Khalistanis and asks for a regime change in India. RaGa met with Jeremy Corbyn last year.
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As the #Khalistan movement is spreading, I as a responsibile Sikh who was never tought any difference between Hindus and Sikh by my family stands uprooted. Today I'm presenting you some measures and want the government to look into this with utmost responsibility. 1. There are
100's of channels running propagandas within India with shorts gloryfying Jarnail Singh Bhindrawala as a saint and martyrd who fought against the army who were trying to destroy the Golden Temple and lost his life defending the Darbar sahib but they don't tell why the army
stormed the Golden Temple at first place? Because JSB was hiding inside it.
2. They show how the Akal Thakt was destroyed which was immensely shameful by the Government of Indira Gandhi, but did'nt they killed her?Isn't the revenge being taked so why not to move on and live a
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On Today’s Day in #Sikh #History
on 9th of March 1846

#Treaty was Signed Between
The #BritishGovernment and
The State of Lahore(#SikhEmpire) 1846
The ending of the first #AngloSikhWar resulted in the Treaty of #Lahore
(9th March 1846), #Sikhs were made to surrender the valuable region (the Jullundur Doab) between the Beas River and Sutlej River.
The #LahoreDurbar was also required to pay an indemnity of 15 million rupees. Because it could not readily raise this sum, it ceded Kashmir,Hazarah & all the forts,territories,rights & interests in the hill countries situated btwn the Rivers Beas &Indus to the
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A thread on how anti- Sikh fringe elements like #AmritpalSingh facilitate weapons & drugs smuggling from #Pakistan. Info in this thread is based on investigated facts which exposes the #ISI run anti-#India operations.
(10 mins read)
𝐖𝐡𝐨 𝐒𝐮𝐩𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐬 𝐊𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐧?
The idea of #Khalistan was created by politician Jagjit Singh Chohan after he lost an #election in 1969 and went to #UK where he was tapped by #ISI just like Hizbul Mujahideen chief #Syed Salhuddin, who too lost an election.
He then went to #Pakistan to meet Yahya Khan in 1971 who funded him to start #Khalistan movement.

Chohan lost election because he & his ideology was REJECTED by #Punjab. Today, this junk ideology is supported by:
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#Thread on


The #NepalSikhWar was a large scale military conflict in 1809 between the forces of
The #KingdomofNepal under
Amar Singh Thapa and
The #SikhEmpire under
General Dewan Mokham Chand of
Maharajah Ranjit Singh Ji

Pic 1 Dewan M Chand
Pic 2 AS Thapa
Nepal-Sikh War
Date:March 1809 – August 1809
Result: #Sikh victory
•Nepalese retreat to the Arki Fort

in Pic Kangra Fort

by Charles Stewart Hardinge
Maharaja RanjitSingh*
Amar Singh Thapa
Bahadur Shah
Bhimsen Thapa*
Nain Singh Thapa
10,000 Sikh imperialists of
The #SikhKhalsaArmy
16,000 #Gurkha warriors
1,000 #Sikh soldiers killed
12,000 #Gurkha soldiers killed
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The latest victim of the growing hate for all things related to #Dharmic faiths. After attacking or co-opting all number of #Hindu traditions, it's now the turn of a micro-minority : the #Jain faith and being #vegetarian in general. SouthAsian vegetarians be warned! 1/n
During the public comments section of the @SeattleCouncil meeting on 2/14, supporters of the proposed #Caste ordinance turned their ire on the "militant vegetarianism" of #Jains. Hear the sound byte to understand the outright hate being mainstreamed!
Ironically the long and ancient tradition of #vegetarianism among SOME #Hindus, #Jains, #Sikhs and #Buddhists is under fire-even as western society as a whole discovers the benefits of a #plantbased diet and #MeatLessMonday proliferates. 3/n
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Do You Know ?

The #Sikhs raided #Delhi 14 times

between 1766 and 1788.

#SikhHistory #History #khalsa Image
After defeating Mughals in the Battle of #Sirhind (1764) Sikhs plundered Jagir of Najib-ud-daula. Najib appointed Afzal Khan to take care of Delhi. Sikhs raided the #Paharganj region of the city. Image
Sikhs raided Delhi in 1770. They sacked Panipat and entered the territories of #NajibUdDaula and attacked Delhi. #ZabitaKhan was sent to stop Sikhs.The Sikhs demanded a large amount of money for friendship but declined by Zabita. ImageImage
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Who is an Ex-McSikh?
Any Punjabi who has quit #McSikhi (Macauliffe’s Sikhi), and has reconnected w/ #Sikhi of our #Gurus

Who are #McSikhs?
Most modern-day Punjabis- those born into Sikh Panth, & Hindus from mixed Sikh-Hindu heritage, and/or culture (most Punjabi #Hindus)
What do #McSikhs follow?
#McSikhi (Macauliffe’s Sikhi)

What is #McSikhi?
#McSikhi (Macauliffe’s Sikhi) is the Modern Anglicized Distorted (MAD) #Sikhi…largely disconnected from Sikhi of our Gurus. #MADSikhi
#McSikhi was created by British colonials with the help of their Indian stooges (Singh Sabha,Tat Khalsa etc.). This was done after the fall of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s #KhalsaRaj to the British colonials.

Before #McSikhi, Punjabis practiced #Sikhi of our Gurus.
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There was nothing like #BandiChorrDivas. You engineered it to further divide Hindu & Sikhs for your cynical politics —not caring damn about what’ll be the spiritual costs of weaning Sikhs from their roots and larger culture and festivities.

Here’s a thread, Hallelujah!
Here’s handwritten letter by Guru Tegh Bahadur, asking the congregation of Pak Pattan to visit him for DIWALI!
He was the son of Guru Hargobind. So you know, but 9th Guru didn’t, that there was some Bandi Chorr Divas regarding his father. Really?! ImageImage
Then here’s letter by Guru Hargobind’s grandson, Guru Gobind Singh Ji himself. Dated 5 Oct 1699, or AFTER formation of Khalsa.
He too is asking congregation of Naushera Pannuan to visit him for DIWALI 🪔. NOT some #BandiChorrDivas. You know better than Dashmesh Pita, again? Image
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1. @guardian 15 Oct 22, p 21 @tweeter_anita @EmpirePodUK, a cold-eyed, #critical #historian would've provided the #lowdown, and six of her best, to those boorish, blingy, visiting #Punjabis about the #Sikhempire or #ZulfikarBhutto.
2. #Kashmiris and #Ladakhis, unlike mawkish #Punjabis, don't quite share that lachrymose view of #Punjabi #history or #DuleepSingh. #Lamaist #Buddhists and #Muslims chafed under #Sikhrulers. Expelled former; forbade latter #fasting/#Fridayprayers.
3. #India was in a tailspin under #Sikhs, #Marathas, #Mughals etc. and #Britishrule consolidated the peninsula unseen since the #Mauryas. #Newsflash right-on Radcliffe ranters either side: #EmpressVictoria sired #MotherIndia and #Iqbal's sarey jahān bulbuls.
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Muslims (Taliban) cheated us, they imprisoned us, butchered our hair in prison: #Sikhs thank Modi govt for rescuing them from Afghanistan.

55 more Refugees arrive in India from Afghanistan.
"We would like to thank the Modi government to give us urgent visas and help us to reach India. Many of us still have families left behind as around 30-35 people are left stranded in #Afghanistan," said Sukhbeer Singh Khalsa, an Afghan Sikh refugee
"The condition is not very well in Afghanistan. I was imprisoned for four months. Taliban have cheated us, they butchered our hair in prison. I am thankful and happy to return to India and to our religion," said an Afghan Sikh, Baljeet Singh.
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In #Afghanistan, #India blew $2bn on building hospitals, dams, highways, parliament and more. So, they kept us out of resolution talks but included #Pakistan

Now, we reward them with thousands of tonnes of free wheat. Now they’re killing the remaining handful of #Hindus & #Sikhs
One of our Prime Ministers got our soldiers butchered to defend the integrity of Sri Lanka. He got blown to pieces for that.
This PM is busy bailing them out of bankruptcy and Chinese debt-trap with billions of US dollars of Indian taxpayers.
And they let in a Chinese spy-warship
We give #China $100 Bn/year in imports for illegal occupation of our territory, arming #Pakistan and kicking us on the border to encroach further.
We gave another $100 Bn/year to the #Arab sheikhdoms to humiliate us on our internal issues like democracy, free speech and #Kashmir
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لاھور (پاکستان) اور گرو ارجن دیو کا تعلق (1606)
بادشاہی مسجد (لاھور) سےتھوڑا آگےخوبصورت سکھ گوردوارہ جسےدیکھ کر لوگ تعریف تو کرتےہیں مگرشاید وہ اس کے پس منظر سےکم ہی واقف ھوں گے۔
لاھورقلعہ وہی جگہ ھےجہاں پنج شاہی (یعنی پانچویں گرو) ارجن دیو
کوشہنشاہ جہانگیرکے حکم پر تشدد سےشہید کیاگیاتھا۔ انہی کی یاد میں یہ "گوردوارہ ڈیرہ صاحب" تعمیر کیاگیا۔
پنج شاہی ارجن دیو صاحب سکھ مت کے پہلےشہید کہلاتے ہیں۔
سکھوں کی پنج شاہی ارجن دیو اور لاھور (پنجاب) کا آپس میں تعلق درحقیقت ایک تاریخی سانحہ ھے جو مغلوں کے جبر کا بھی عکاس ھے اور
زوال کا بھی۔
سکھوں کے کامیاب ترین گرو ارجن دیو، مقدس "آدی گرنتھ" کے پہلے منظم ایڈیشن کے بانی، پر مغل بادشاہ جہانگیرکے باغی شہزادےخسرو کی سپورٹ کا الزام تھا ۔
جہانگیر نے نہ صرف گرو ارجن دیو کو تبدیلی مذہب پر مجبور کیا بلکہ اپنے ہی بیٹے کو اندھا کروادیا اور قید بھی کر لیا۔ جتنے بھی
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#Hindu #Funerary Monuments - Chhatri

Chhatri is a memorial chapel built over a #tomb found throughout the region of #Rajasthan, #MadhyaPradesh and #Maharashtra. These memorials commemorate the death of rulers, their consorts, relatives and the elite. 1/🧵
If Samadhis were funerary monuments of saints in #Hindus, Chhatris were #Rajput's choice of the memorial. They made sure that the memory of the chivalry of their ancestors passed on to the next generations. Though, all Chhatris did not necessarily contain the mortal remains. 2/
Chhatri i.e. umbrella, first appeared as a canopy above the tomb in #Islamic #architecture. #Hindu kings transformed the tomb into Chhatri. By the 16th C, Rajput courts had started building Chhatris. It was a place where a noble was cremated, memorialized and later worshipped. 3/
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Thread: #SikhHistory


Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti 2022: Today, the birth anniversary of the 10th Guru of #Sikhs, #GuruGobindSingh is being celebrated. This day is considered a very big and special day in the #Sikh community.
According to the #Hindu calendar, the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh ji is celebrated on the seventh day of Paush month. At the same time, according to the English calendar, Guru Gobind Singh was born on 22 #December 1666 in #Patna.

Guru Gobind Singh ji founded the #khalsa Panth which is considered prominent in Sikhism. Guru Gobind Singh's childhood name was Govind Rai. His father was Guru Tegh Bahadur, the ninth Guru of #sikhism and his mother's name was Gujari.

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@divya_16_ The British started the effort to create divisions among Indian sects. Their first attempt was on translating the Guru Granth Sahib (again) in a manner which creates separateness between Hindus/Sikhs

@divya_16_ Another aspect was giving the Sikhs a martial status with increased enrollment in the British Army. This encouraged many Hindus to make their 1st born a Sikh

@divya_16_ As Sikhs started migrating abroad, institutions were created here to amplify the separateness between Hindus and Sikhs

Academic research focuses on that.

"Sikhs are Not Hindus" is drilled into their mind and narratives invented

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A simple thought.,
Eminent Indian Leaders & their India - A Problem for the West or East

MK Gandhi, though his actions n methods pacified Hindus to a level were our ethos changed subconsciously into embracing non-violence he was still an eminent leader who wanted to dismantle ~1
congress which was a setup by the British as a way to handle Indian grievances but he was eliminated not by M #ISI r X’ #CIA #Mi6 to the naked eye but by an #Hindu Just to put the Hindu renaissance at halt n to inject tht feeling of self-shame into every Hindu post independence~2
⏩ We may have diff in ideology n opinions but #Indira emerged as undoubtably a strong figure tht India was deprived of post Sardar/Sashtri. Her 1971 Bangladesh operation, Pokhran Nuclear test, operation Blue star (of course Bhindranwale was her own monster but) all shows her ~3
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Facts About #Sikhism
{SIK-ism} is a monotheistic religion that began over 500 years ago in the #Punjab region of #India. However, it remains one of the world’s least understood faith traditions. #Sikhs are always eager to educate people about their beliefs
and practices. And that means there are some really great resources out there to help kids learn more about it.
1️⃣. There Are Ten Human Gurus in Sikhism
The spiritual founders of Sikhism are the 10 human gurus. The first Guru, Guru #Nanak, was born in 1469. The last human Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, died in 1708. Each Guru contributed something of value to the faith tradition,
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