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#Oscars2023 LIVE updates 🔴

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#Oscars #Oscars95 #RRRForOscars
The first #Oscar goes to Pinocchio movie for Best Animated Feature.

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#PinocchioMovie #Oscars #Oscars2023
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Human Rights Heroes Santa & Scrooge via @YouTube Our modern image of Santa and the character of Scrooge are icons of Christmas that were born in the era of the civil war, workers' rights. Charles Dickens and Thomas Nast artists in service to human values.
Time to educate Americans. The Origin of Santa Claus, originates from Charles Dickens written work back in 1843 prior to the American civil war, then during the War to help galvanize Union forces in the north, Santa Claus was first drawn/created -"by Thomas Nast a Cartoonist 1)
Thomas Nast first drew Santa Claus in January 1863, for Harper's Weekly. Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, 1929, via Metropolitan Museum of Art under CC 1.0
You could call it the face that launched a thousand Christmas letters. Appearing on January 3, 1863, in the illustrated magazine-
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#HipHop #Rap by @spazio_nello NYin the 90's
NY raramente è stata l'epicentro di una scena musicale, può decretarne il successo, ma difficilmente un nuovo genere si afferma a NY, troppa critica, troppa competizione, niente unisce i newyorkesi come parlare male di altri newyorkesi. Image
a questa ineluttabile verità sfugge l'hip hop rap, nato a NY, cresciuto nei 5 quartieri, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, germogliato in tutti gli States e nel resto del mondo, nei 90 diventa la colonna sonora della città
Bastano poche rime e ogni fan capisce da quale quartiere l'MC provenga, un ascolto veloce dei #MobbDeep e del loro fondamentale The Infamous, 95, per capire che Prodigy e Havoc vengono dal Queens come Nas e Raekwon, ospiti qui:
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You're not reading this wrong:
The role of SARS‐CoV‐2 infection and its vaccines in various types of hair loss
Yup, vax can cause hair loss #WillSmith
@SteveDeaceShow @RMConservative
Covid vaccines cause "Covid Toe".
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🔴What does globally renowned Indian🇮🇳 mystic @SadhguruJV think about his title as a #guru🧘‍♂️?

FRANCE 24's @DelanoDSouza speaks with #Sadhguru in an exclusive #interview, as he rides a motorcycle from Europe to India to raise awareness about soil degradation⤵️ #savesoil
@SadhguruJV @DelanoDSouza 🔴Indian🇮🇳 mystic @SadhguruJV counts #WillSmith among his followers... what does the famous #guru🧘‍♂️ think about the infamous #Oscars🎬 slap, and #nonviolence in general?

FRANCE 24's @DelanoDSouza speaks with #Sadhguru in an exclusive #interview⤵️
@SadhguruJV @DelanoDSouza 🔴📲Watch FRANCE 24's exclusive #interview with @SadhguruJV in full
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It is surprising that the world is shocked and disgusted by the assault of #WillSmith during the Oscars this year. For decades, Hollywood has perpetuated violence, racism, sexism, stereotypes, xenophobia and toxic machoism in a systematic manner. This thread has a few examples 👇
The Iron Man 3 introduces Pakistani women in sort of bonded labour at a "cheaply-made sportswear" factory. This is wrong at so many levels. Pakistani women are neither bonded nor forced to wear full-face coverings. And Pakistan produces some of the world's best sports merchandise
Pakistan has been the official manufacturer of the match ball for FIFA World Cup for many years now. In #FIFAWorldCup 2022, Pakistan's manufactured football "Al Rihla" (which means journey) will be the official match ball. Here is this lovely piece of art:
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Daniel Radcliffe praised as he shuts down Susanna Reid's Oscar's question on ITV Good Morning Britain 📺

🎥 The actor was on the ITV news programme to chat about his new movie, The Lost City, which also stars Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum.…
🗣️ The Good Morning Britain hosts had earlier been discussing the latest on the fallout from the altercation that happened during the 94th Academy Awards on Sunday before Smith picked up his first Oscar for his role in King Richard.
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Black protestors alleging racial discrimination and sexual misconduct in their workplace were ignored by “activist” celebrities, who crossed the picket to party with their billionaire friends. #Oscars2022 #JayZ #WillSmith
This is a stark example of how “representation politics” distract from truly emancipatory ones and the fact that the “anti racist” world so oft referenced since 2020 will not be achieved without class analysis no matter how many black films Hollywood makes
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Ok, #WillSmith hat den Komiker Chris Rock geohrfeigt, weil der einen Witz über das Haar von Smith's Frau Jada Pinkett gemacht hat. Was halte ich davon? Geht gar nicht. Also dass niemand den Arsch in der Hose hatte, Smith unverzüglich rauszuwerfen.
Was Smith angeht, fand ich nicht die Ohrfeige die eigentlich fiese Nummer, sondern dass er danach dageblieben ist. Auch Schauspieler sind auch nur Menschen, die von Emotionen überwältigt werden können und dann sozial nicht tolerierbare Dinge tun.
Was für mich aber Fragezeichen aufwirft ist, wie sich Smith so schnell beruhigen konnte. Die plausibelste Erklärung ist, dass er emotional gar nicht so erregt und nicht außer Kontrolle war, sondern das eine überlegte Aktion war.
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Sobre lo ocurrido entre #WillSmith y #ChrisRock en la entrega de los #Oscar, estoy conversando con Gonzalo Lira, periodista especializado en cine #AzucenaxFórmula
"Los guiones de la Academia se revisan una y otra vez, al final el numerito le funcionó, la verdad es que sabemos que los premios estaban en números rojos": Gonzalo Lira, periodista especializado en cine #AzucenaxFórmula
"Si hubo una reacción. Haya sido real o no, de cualquiera de las formas fue de mal gusto": Gonzalo Lira, periodista especializado en cine #AzucenaxFórmula
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#WillSmith errou. Não se espanca colegas de profissão durante o expediente. Para o mundo era festa. Para #ChrisRock, era #trabalho.
Aliás, não se espanca ninguém -salvo em legítima defesa de ato similar e com força proporcional-, o que não foi o caso. Ou em jogos de prazer consensual, em rough sex, entre pessoas adultas.
No trabalho, se não for no octógono do Ultimate Fighting Championship ou evento similar de #MMA, jamais.

Você espanca seus colegas hierárquicos durante desavenças profissionais? Acha normal? Valentia? Coisa de "macho"? Triste.
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There are many layers and aspects to the #WillSmith @ the #Oscars incident, but I am surprised at how little of the commentary has been directed at Smith's betrayal of trust with the Williams family to be a trustee of their story. /1…
I loved the movie #KingRichard because it reminded me not only of the staggering odds that the Williams family overcame in producing not one, but two, all time, world class tennis players, /2…
and documented how the parents trained and steeled their children against the abuse that they would most certainly face as they broke into the elite ranks of the white privileged world of competitive tennis. /3
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Perhaps the violence displayed between #WillSmith and #ChrisRock at #Oscars2022 was “scarier than a Southern Baptist Convention” because it was an open display of the outcome of four centuries of violence by Southern Baptists on bodies, minds and souls of African descent.
It was #ChrisRock’s bow to white patriarchy by undercutting a sharp Black woman’s hair and calling her less than a woman in front of billions of people.
It was #ChrisRock’s choice to belittle a human being with a disability (alopecia). The roots of white supremacy do not consider the disabled human, therefore they are unprotected from humiliation.
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TW⚠️ Assault
What happened between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars was justified (Thread)
#AcademyAwards #WillSmith #willsmithchrisrock
1. Context

Before we get into it we need to understand 2 pieces of context. What Chris Said, and why it was an issue.

First of all, Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith's wife who's also an actor has been suffering from alopecia for a decent amount of time already.

And for someone who's an actor, who's been in the spotlight for her entire career, she's been very open about the fact that she has alopecia.

And the struggles, both physical and emotional, that she's endured because of it.

Which I'd say is pretty brave.

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#WillSmith vs #ChrisRock fight scripted. Message to elite globally. Jada Pinkett Smith. Pink, geddit? "Get my wife's name our of your f-ing mouth." IOW, spit out pink drug. Rock euphemism too. (Watch Aerosmith Pink vid.) Context:… #Oscars #whiterabbit
#Occultelite packing death re pink time bomb. Terrified that DC pizza parlor might return as issue. Note chatter about how Biden's SCOTUS pick presided over case of Q-tard who shot up that stellar restaurant. World now joining dots. Explains this:…
From Will Smith's IG before lobbing at #Oscars. Flat out says he's choosing chaos. Knew he would hit Chris Rock coz that was part of show. Classic #ordoabchao (order out of chaos). #Occultelite always tell you what they're up to, so karma is on you:…
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Damn. So did Will Smith just punch Chris Rock for real? Here is a Japanese network’s uncensored exchange between Will Smith and Chris Rock. #Oscars #WillSmith
2) Yeah it was real. Australia’s @SevenNetwork also carried it uncensored.
3) Apparently, Will Smith’s wife Jada is suffering from alopecia. And Chris Rock’s hair joke was hurtful. But this kinda violence on stage isn’t cool. Kids are watching for Pete sake.
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Singer Traci Braxton of 'Braxton Family Values' dies at 50… <--- Pink lipstick. Srsly, how often do women wear that? Uses one eye symbolism. Mentions light, kids. Surprised "heartbreaking" not in it. S'pose they included enough to please the Big Guy.
Another story in which (transgender) sleb is shown wearing pinky-purple lipstick. That is so distinctive, innit? (Also, what do you use to *blow whistle*? Lips, right?) Kid mentioned as well. What are the odds? #symbolism #occultelite Image
At 55, Halle Berry Shows Off Super Toned Legs in Bikini While Skateboarding in New IG Post… <--- We can be thankful she's not 52. Risky age for famous, esp in Australia. In any case, there's heart again in form of Lolita glasses. They look pink too.
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Lo que llega en JULIO a Netflix, HBO y Amazon Prime 👇

🔸 #Netflix - SERIES:

#LasChicasDelCable temporada final - 3 julio
#ZacEfron: con los pies sobre la tierra - 10 julio
Maldita con Katherine Langford - 17 julio
#TheUmbrellaAcademy temporada 2 y #VisAVis: El Oasis - 31 julio
🔸 #Netflix - PELIS:

La vieja guardia con Charlize Theron y Chiwetel Ejiofor - 10 julio
#Spiderman: de regreso a casa - 16 julio
#ElStandDeLosBesos2 - 24 julio
#HarryPotter y la cámara secreta - 30 julio
#Extraordinario con Julia Roberts y Jacob Tremblay - 31 julio

#PerryMason - todos los domingos 22hs
I'll be gone in the dark - todos los domingos 23hs
I may destroy you - todos los lunes 23hs
#Batwoman - todos los viernes 22hs
#VeronicaMars final de temporada - viernes 21hs
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⚠️TW⚠️//: #shanedawson being Offensive, Rasict, Derogatory, Antisemitic, Islamophobic and more- A thread:

#ShaneDawsonIsOverParty #ShaneXJeffree #ShaneDawsonIsOver #shanedawson
Here is a video of a skit that #shanedawson & his friends made in high school. They are degrading & derogatory towards Western Asain people, they are also Islamophic by disrespecting the Hijab which is sacred a symbol of modesty in Islam and devotion to Allah for muslim women.
⚠️TW// Antisemitism and rasim⚠️ Here is a skit that #shanedawson made during his high school days with his friends. He dresses up as Hitler and even does a brief nazi salute.
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@MarinaAbramovlc with #JacobRothschild in front of a very special picture called "Satan summoning his Legions". #QanonArmy says, that the #DeepState is in #PanicInDC.
#JacobRothschild is father of @NatRothschild1. Do you remember the connections? Nat knows #RachelChandler aswell as #GhislaineMaxwell.
#JacobRothschild together with #EvelyneRothschild and #LynnForesterRothschild.
Lynn is the spouse of #Epstein listee Evelyn. Together with Archpaedophile #JimmySavile, #FfionHague and @TheDukeOfYork, Lynn was on the board of Outward Bound where indescribable abuse took place.
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Los estrenos de #Cine para la próxima semana con @taujoaquinok en @Late931Oficial junto a @lolibelotti.
#ContraLoImposible, con @TheOfficialBale y #MattDamon. Shelby y Miles reciben la misión de construir un nuevo automóvil con el fin de derrocar el dominio de Ferrari Image
#LaSabiduria con @GalaCastiglione. Cuenta la historia de tres chicas que en busca de aventura se embarcan en un viaje de fin de semana por la llanura pampeana. Pero el campo las recibe con una historia regada de sangre, violencia y machismo. Image
#ProyectoGeminis con #WillSmith, Henry Brogan es un asesino a sueldo que decide retirarse porque se ha hecho viejo. Pero esto no le va a resultar tan fácil, pues tendrá que enfrentarse a un clon suyo, mucho más joven. Image
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