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1/. In the centre of the swirling madness of London traffic there’s a green oasis: Buckingham Palace Gardens

At his #Coronation, we hope #KingCharles will announce the creation of a new London park - #QueenElizabeyhMemorialGardens - a gift to the nation👇
2/. The proposal - a decade in the making - is to use a strip of the gardens to create a park that would be a legacy to the Queen & transform this congested corner of London

Arched entrances would be cut into the wall & a new fence would built to ensure Palace security & privacy Image
3/. A place of tranquility & beauty,
#QueenEzliabethMemorialGardens is attracting high profile support & is described as “a beautiful idea that will be very popular with people both living in or visiting London” by @ZackPolanski, @LondonAssembly member…
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#LabourConference2022 delegate from Edinburgh Vijay Jackson quotes Keir Hardie on why the labour movement should oppose the #monarchy

#QueenElizabethII #KingCharlesIII #NotMyKing #Labour #Lab22 Image
This is what Hardie said:

"Even under a representative system of government it is possible to paralyse a nation by maintaining the fiction that a reigning family is a necessity of good government. Now, one of two things must be – either the British people are fit to govern
themselves or they are not. If they are, an hereditary ruler who in legislation has more power than the whole nation is an insult. Despotism and monarchy are compatible; democracy and monarchy are an unthinkable connection.
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1/. “In the centre of the swirling madness of London traffic there is a sort of sanctuary, a green oasis that his intrigued & aroused the curiosity of Londoners & visitors alike”

Clip from The Queen’s Garden (1977) by James Hill & @willtravers dad, Bill.
2/. On Thursday we’ll unveil our proposal that’s been in a decade in the pipeline

Originally devised to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday in 2016, the idea is to use a sliver of #BuckinghamPalace Gdns to create a new park: the #QueenElizabethMemorialGardens

DM me for a press pack Image
3/. As this period of national mourning comes to an end, our thoughts turn to how we will mark the #Queen’s memory

We hope that the #QueenElizabethMomorialGardens might provide both a living legacy to #QueenElizabethII & as well a welcome new green space in a central London ImageImageImageImage
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If you've ever wondered what the Queen liked to curl up in front of, keep reading to check out her favourite series on telly! 📺

#TheQueen #QueenElizabethII

According to reports, the Queen was something of a TV aficionado and loved to sit in front of a decent series after a long day!

#TheQueen #QueenElizabethII…
Former BBC Radio 2 editor Phil Jones revealed that #TheQueen told him her favourite TV show.
Phil said: "I alighted on ‘What’s your favourite programme?’ Straight away she said: ‘The Kumars at No.42,’ and recited one-liners."

The show ran from 2001 to 2006.

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Today's edition of the @WSWS_Updates carries three sharp & important comments on the death of #QueenElizabethII.
Chris Marsden's comment on the the #queensfuneral draws a parallel to that of Edward VII in 1910. 1/…
The bombastic spectacle preceded the outbreak of WWI by just 4 years, followed by the overthrow of the Tsars in Russia in 1917 and the German Kaiser in 1918. Similarly, the glorification of monarchy, pomp & backwardness today heralds nothing so much as war & revolution. 2/
In her article, Jean Shaoul details only one of the horrific massacres in Africa that #QueenElizabeth presided over: the bloody crushing of the Mau Mau insurgency in Kenya in 1952-56, with an estimated 150,000 dead 3/:…
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THREAD | Her Majesty The Queen's State Funeral. 19th September 2022. Short clips and highlights.

#QueenElizabeth #QueenElizabethII #TheQueen #Queen #RoyalFamily #Royal #StateFuneral #RIPQueenElizabeth #GodSaveTheQueen #KingCharlesIII #TheKing #PrinceWilliam #WestminsterAbbey
Her Majesty's coffin is conveyed from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey.

#QueenElizabeth #QueenElizabethII #TheQueen #Queen #RoyalFamily #Royal #StateFuneral #RIPQueenElizabeth #GodSaveTheQueen #KingCharlesIII #TheKing #PrinceWilliam #WestminsterAbbey
The coffin is conveyed on the Royal State Gun Carriage, pulled by 142 @RoyalNavy sailors.

#QueenElizabeth #QueenElizabethII #TheQueen #Queen #RoyalFamily #Royal #StateFuneral #RIPQueenElizabeth #GodSaveTheQueen #KingCharlesIII #TheKing #PrinceWilliam #WestminsterAbbey
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1/ On @MSNBC Michael Beschloss just told the story of Gandhi sending the Queen a wedding present—a piece of cloth that he spun himself. Gift was downplayed at the time. Beschloss said gift was sign of how Queen made everyone feel special. 😧 #Queen #funeral
2/ I usually love Michael B’s take on everything on @MSNBC. But this is a GROSS oversimplification of that moment. #QueenElizabethII
3/ When the British colonized India they outlawed the spinning of Indian tapestries. Britain’s Indian “subjects” (non-citizens) were only allowed to grow the raw cotton. Then it was exported to Europe, spun in similar style and sold back to Indians at a profit. #queensfuneral
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"Here, at the heart of England, half-way between Royal Windsor and lordly London…”
“…looking down, Here, where the trees troop down to Runnymede, Meadow of Magna Carta, field of freedom…”
“…Never saw you so fitting a memorial, Proof that the principles established here Are still dear to the hearts of men." #QueenElizabethII #runnymede
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The Queen’s coffin was carried from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey on a gun carriage towed by ropes and 98 sailors.

It is a tradition dating back more than 100 years, we take a look at why it's pulled with ropes and not horses. 🐴

Every sovereign’s funeral since 1901 has seen the monarch’s remains pulled through the streets by members of their Royal Navy and the funeral for #QueenElizabethII today was no different.…
The reason the Queen’s coffin is not being pulled by horses is because of a near-mishap that occurred during Queen Victoria’s procession in 1901.

The horses which were due to pull Queen Victoria’s coffin spooked and reared, threatening to topple the coffin from the carriage. Queen Victoria's requiem procession started the rope-drawn t
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Netflix's The Crown is one of the most popular television drama's on the planet, winning 10 Primetime Emmy Awards, seven Golden Globes and five BAFTAs, however the series isn't always correct...

Netflix's biographical drama retells the life of #QueenElizabethII 👑 - However, the show doesn't necessarily get all the history entirely accurate with some critics, such as Royal Biographer Angela Levin branding the programme as "fiction".…
We take a look back over the previous series of The Crown to explain what scenes they got totally wrong!

#TheCrown #RoyalFamily…
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Unbelievable images and sounds as the Queen’s coffin is taken in procession from Westminster Hall to @wabbey on a gun carriage pulled by 142 Royal Navy men and women.
Led massed Pipes and Drums if Scottish and Irish Regiments, Gurkhas and RAF
Solemn. Stunning. Ceremonial
Inside @wabbey Prince George 9, and Princess Charlotte 7, walk behind the coffin their great-grandmother (GanGan).
They walk between William & Kate and Harry & Meghan.
Behind the coffin in Procession is The King and Queen Consort and the late Queen’s other children
Before the Queen’s coffin was carried from @wabbey by the Bearer Party, The Sovereign’s Piper played the traditional lament: ‘Sleep, dearie, sleep’. As Piper, Paul Burns, walked out of view, the sound of the pipes remained and slowly faded away…
#queensfuneral #QueenElizabethIl
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VIDEO: In the last official homage to Queen Elizabeth II before her funeral on Monday, Britain observes a minute of silence in her memory
US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II, as her coffin Lies in State inside Westminster Hall in London Image
Funeral of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.


Royal funerals: pomp, pageantry and sometimes privacy: Image
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With the Supreme Grace of the Supra Universal Consciousness, Unity of Humanity is manifest in action as:

1. The number of people that will watch The Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral on #919 -- September 19, Monday
-- 2022 across 200+ countries is set to cross 4 billion, which is about 50% of the world's 🌎🌍🌏 population estimated at 8 billion.

2. His Majesty King Charles III is to host one of the largest gatherings ever of world leaders including heads of state, foreign royal families...
governors general, prime ministers, and international diplomats, at an historic state reception at Buckingham Palace in London 🇬🇧 on the eve of the Queen's funeral.

3. Humanity from 130+ countries is to be represented at the highest level as the Queen's funeral unites the world
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Moving moment in Westminster Hall as Prince Harry stands with his brother, Prince William - both in uniform - and their other cousins as 8 grandchildren hold a vigil at the coffin of their grandmother The Queen.
Harry stood at the foot of the coffin. William at the head.
The youngest James, just 14, was in the middle.
Also present, Lady Louise, @yorkiebea Princess Eugenie, Zara Tindal, Peter Phillips.
Mourners continued to file past the coffin as the Prince of Wales, Duke of Sussex and their cousins kept vigil.
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Thread: #WestminsterHall

As #QueenElizabethII lies in state. I thought a thread on #WestminsterHall and its history world be interesting.

Built by William II (son of William the Conquereor) in 1099. It was the largest hall in England and possible Europe. 1/18
Thread: #WestminsterHall

The Hall is 73 meters by 20 meters (240ft by 63 ft). Its walls are 2 meters thick and when built was an amazing feet on engineering as the design of the early roof has been a mystery in its early design. 2/18
Thread: #WestminsterHall

The Kings table which represented #Royal might was made in 1099 and placed in the hall. The table was the seat of power for Kings and Queens and they would be acclaimed by Lords at the table before their coronation at #westminsterabbey 3/18
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ملکه الیزابت که از حوادث تاریخی بسیاری جان به در برد و نزدیک به یک قرن عمر کرد، در این تصویر در یکی از مدرسه‌های انگلستان سرگرم تماشای قهرمان تاب‌آوری دنیای حیات زیر میکروسکوپ است؛ خرسک‌های آبی.
۲/ خرسک‌های آبی جانورانی کوچک به طول حدود ۰/۳ میلی‌متر با بدنی بشکه‌مانند و چهار جفت پای کوتاه و کلفت هستند. خرسک‌های آبی قهرمان تاب‌آوری در شرایط دشوار هستند و تاکنون از تمام انقراض‌های بزرگ سیارهٔ زمین جان سالم به در برده‌اند.
۳/ تقریباً همه جا حضور دارند، دمای ۲۰۰- تا ۱۵۰ درجهٔ سانتی‌گراد و فشارهای بسیار زیاد و بسیار کم را تحمل می‌کنند. می‌توانید آنها را یک ساعت در آب بجوشانید بدون آنکه مشکلی برایشان پیش بیاید.
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Did #nostradamus predicted the #QueenElizabethdeath and the future events to unfold?

Pay close attention and share

Small thread below 👇

#RoyalFamily #satanic #Predictions
This edition was published in the #UK and #USA in 2015
Glossary of events categorized by year.
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Quasi tutto pronto per la proclamazione di #KingCharlesIII. Molti ex primi ministri del Regno in prima fila. Un evento mai trasmesso prima in tv.

#QueenElizabeth #ReCarlo
Dell'Accession Council che proclamerà ufficialmente l'ascesa al trono di #CarloIII fanno parte circa 670 politici di alto livello, incluso il primo ministro #Truss e il sindaco di Londra.
Un ruolo di grande importanza è quello di Penny Mourdant, lord presidente del Consiglio.
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لحقت #إليزابيث_الثانية #QueenElizabethII ملكة بريطانيا، بحبيبها #الامير_فيليب بعد أقل من عامين، حيث أعلن قصر باكنغهام وفاتها يوم الخميس.
كانت قصة حب #الملكة_إليزابيث_الثانية و #الأمير_فيليب مثل القصص الخيالية، فعندما أراد الأمير فيليب الزواج من ولية عهد بريطانيا حينذاك، كان عليه أن يتخلى عن ألقابه الملكية اليونانية والدنماركية.
واكتفى #الامير_فيليب حينذاك بلقب مونتباتن الذى اخذه من عائلة والدته، واعتنق الطائفة الإنجيلية، وأصبح الملازم فيليب بالبحرية البريطانية.

للمزيد.. بالتفاصيل ماذا سيحدث الآن بعد وفاة #ملكة_بريطانيا>>
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رحلت #إليزابيث_الثانية #QueenElizabethII، وفقد العالم أيقونة للموضة وسيدة دبلوماسية من الدرجة الأولى، إذ كانت تنتقي كل قطعة من مجوهراتها بعناية شديدة.
فالملكة #إليزابيث_الثانية كانت لا ترتدي أي قطعة من مجوهراتها إلا إذا كانت تقصد بها توصيل رسالة محددة، فكانت ترتدي أفخم البروشات لترسل بها تحيات أو رسائل خفية.
كانت #الملكة_إليزابيث_الثانية، ترتدي بروش The Maple-Leaf، عندما تقوم بزيارة كندا، إذ يعتبر هذا النوع من الزهور رمز من رموز كندا.

وكان الملك جورج السادس أهدى هذا البروش إلى زوجته الملكة إليزابيث الأم قبل جولتهما إلى كندا عام 1939، وورثته الملكة إليزابيث الثانية من أمها.
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#UPDATE Shelling at the town of the #Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in #Ukraine has caused a blackout, compromising the safe operation of Europe's largest plant, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said Friday.

📸 Damage at the plant from shelling earlier in the week Image
#BREAKING Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant staff abused by Russian forces: operator head to AFP ImageImage
#UPDATE Staff at Russian-controlled #Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine have been detained and tortured by Moscow's forces, the president of Ukraine's nuclear energy agency told AFP today. Image
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The second wife of King Charles III was once called a "Rottweiler" by Princess Diana, but is now the Queen Consort of the UK. As Charles takes over Britain after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, he will be accompanied by Queen Consort Camilla.… Image
The longest-serving British monarch, #QueenElizabethII, passed away on Thursday after serving as the ruler for seven decades. The Queen had reportedly been on a summer break in Scotland since July and had been experiencing trouble walking and standing since October last year. Image
In 1997, Camilla was depicted as the most hated woman in the UK after Diana, Charles's first wife, died in a car crash at the age of 36. Camilla's accession to the throne, or her even marrying Charles, seemed inconceivable 25 years ago. Image
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ثريد لجرائم العائلة الحاكمة في بريطانيا واليزابيث الكسندرا ماري الملكه الثانيه لـ بريطانيا على الوطن العربي :

معلومات مهمه (للي يترحمون عليها ويدعولها بالمغفرة !! )
(ثوره 14 اكتوبر استعمار اليمن) وبالاخص جنوب اليمن تاريخ 1954 الي اليزابيث كانت مشرفه عليها
- نهب خيرات اليمن 🇾🇪
-فصل السكان اليمنيين عن المستعمرين البيض
-قمع أي معامره او ثوره
-نهب الثروات
-2096 شهيد يمني ..
مجزرة #زنجبار عام ١٩٦٤ والتي كانت بتدبير بريطاني راح ضحيتها أكثر من ٢٠ ألف قتيل من العمانيين والعرب وكان ذلك في عهد #الملكه_اليزابيث
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