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@realDonaldTrump has violated three sections of the Constitution:

• Article II, Section 1, Clause 8,

• Article II, Section 3

• Article V

All solid impeachable acts eight months before an election.
Article II, Section 1, Clause 8, requires @POTUS to “...preserve protect, and defend the Constitution...” By using public safety as a de facto power to restrict rights, the Constitution has not been preserved, protected, nor defended by the President. The oath is violated.
Article II, Section 3, states @POTUS shall “...take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed...” thus enumerating to the Executive powers to enforce equal protection of constitutional rights. POTUS has not faithfully executed federal law violated by state and local officials.
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I think the #coronavirus #COVID19outbreak is going to be particularly bad in the US. Below are some reasons why, based on my experience living in New York, which is now one of the top global epicenters of this crisis. My analysis is sociological, not medical 1/14
Lack of testing is a real danger. A family we know came back from a vacation in France a week ago and all started having immediate symptoms. They asked for a test and did not get one despite fitting many criteria. This alone is not catastrophic so read on. 2/14
Lack of testing should create "presumptive positive" behavior, but in this case, despite explaining to our friends that they have to "presume they are positive until they find out otherwise" they have continued going about their lives, going to parks, shops, etc. 3/14
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Not on government equipment. It’s okay to use US Government (USG) telecommunication devices for personal business, if approved, and such use doesn’t interfere with USG operations. If using your USG communication device, you explicitly waive many of you’re #1A, #4A, #5A, #6A,
and #14A rights. For example, while issued a USG BlackBerry, I could send personal texts, make personal calls, and surf the web for non-USG interests, as long as I didn’t disrupt my job. Every text, phone call, website I sent, made, or used was logged by the network operations
center. The operations center would notify me if any of the 58,000+ USG accounts violated the above and I would chastise, restrict access, lock their account, and/or consult/refer persons to AFOSI for criminal investigation. Activities were not restricted to USG telecom abuse.
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@RandPaul needs a civic lesson. Here it is:

Impeachment is the equivalent to a grand jury. A grand jury finds, based upon the evidence that has been presented to it, there is or is not, probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed by a criminal suspect.
Grand jury proceedings are secret. No judge is present; the proceedings are led by a prosecutor; and the defendant has no right to present his case or (in many instances) to be informed of the proceedings at all.
If an federal officer is impeached, the House has voted as a grand jury probable cause exists a crime has been committed.
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#Dems care about the #6A #8A #HumanRights of #Undocumented
people? Why didn't any of the @HomelandDems part of this delegation?…
You'd think that this would be of importance to one's constituents in the #CA46
Am I right, #Anaheim #SantaAna #Orange ?
You'd think that this would be of importance to one's constituents in the #CA44
Am I Right, #SouthGate #Lynwood #Compton #Carson #Willmington #SanPedro ?
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गते वर्षे (2017) अहं संस्कृतस्य पठनम् आरब्धवान् । तस्मात् पूर्वं कथम् आरम्भं करोमि इति चिन्तित्वा इतस्ततः भ्रमणं करोमि स्म। शाश्वत-परिहाराय मया अन्तरजालेन “तीव्रं संशोधनं” कृतम् (J)। सुदीर्घस्य अन्वेषणस्य परिणामफलम् इत्येव अभवत् …….
……. स्पष्ठं उत्तरं लब्धम् यत् संस्कृतस्य पठनं नैव क्लिष्टा न च कठिना ।
अस्मिन् समये तन्त्रज्ञानस्य पुरोगमनेन संस्कृतस्य पठनं अति-सरलम् अस्ति । कोऽपि, कुत्रापि संस्कृतस्य पठनं कर्तुं शक्नोक्ति । नैव क्लिष्टा न च कठिना
अहं मन्ये मया सदृशः अनेकाः अन्वेषकाः भारते लोकै च भवन्ति स्युः । आगामि कतिचन कूजनेन (tweets) मम संशोधनस्य परिणामफलम् आङंगलेय-भाषायां अहं प्रदर्शयामि। एतानि सङ्ग्रहणानि आगामि-छात्रेभ्यः प्रयोजनं कुरवन्ति – इति मम अभिलाषा ।
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