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I’ve just arrived in Cincinnati to check in with the great faculty scoring the AP French and AP Spanish exams, but some other AP subjects have completed the majority of scoring work, so I’ll be able to start posting results tomorrow. But first, a few quick reminders:
Reminder #1: These scores represent a critical mass of scored exams, but faculty will continue to score late arriving exams throughout June. So we don’t upload scores for educators and students to view until all subjects are complete. Scores will be posted on July 5.
Reminder #1a: If you’re an AP student, here’s information about how to view your AP scores on July 5:
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Help our debaters prep with your responses
Poll #1a: Does PDD/NBI etc help alter natural history of NMIBC?

@joanfundi @MarekBabjuk
Poll #1b: Do we still need random biopsies in era of PDD/NBI?

@MarekBabjuk @joanfundi
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DYKG's latest video mentioned, as many other big channels before it, that The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls shares code with Link's Awakening.
But what's the source of this information?
At first glance this seems very likely, right? Very similar games with similar looking sections are likely to share code. But in reality, they are two completely independent projects.
I'll show you some evidence to, hopefully, rest my case.
#1. No evidence that this is true exists. The oldest reference to this I can find is in IGN's 2006 walkthrough, which mentions "One thing (…) is that the gameplay mechanics were used to some degree in Link's Awakening." This comment was made by the user who made the walkthrough.
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0/ Last week, @shl and @ArlanWasHere raised $9.3M from 14,937 people.

This was a breakthrough moment, but we're just at the tip of the spear.

In this thread, I'm going to lay out the backstory, data & implications.

Punchline? VC is on the verge of being completely upended:
1/ First, let’s set the stage.

Over the last 10 years, private assets under management (AUM) have risen over 2.7x from ~$2.7T to $6.5T.

Private equity (including venture) alone has grown to $3.9T.

That's 1.3x of ALL private AUM from just 10 years ago.
2/ At the same time, private company growth continues to dramatically outpace public equity.

Over the last 20 years, the value of private assets has grown nearly 8x. Meanwhile, public equities have grown by ~3x.
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Nov 13 update

#COVID19 cases, deaths

#Canada, provinces
•Comparison to country peers (high income, pop >20M)
•Longterm care, retirement homes
•Weekly, daily % changes (7-day avg)

See thread

Data: @covid_canada @NoLore @RyersonNIA @CIHI_ICIS @OurWorldInData
#COVID19 DEATHS/100K (+% daily growth rate)

QC 10+4%
MB 9+7%
AB 4+5%
ON 4+3%
BC 2+3%
SK 1+19%

#COVID19 CASES/100K (+% daily growth rate)

QC 711+3%
MB 697+6%
AB 575+4%
ON 359+3%
BC 327+4%
SK 251+6%

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There is nothing wrong with a nation grappling with its legacy of slavery and reminding its populace every so often of that dark legacy. I have no problem with the #1619project in principle. I have read some of the articles, not all and I do have some reservations.
#1 the idea that America was created in 1619 reeks too much of an ‘Original Sin’ doctrine. It is ironic that those educating us on slavery would adopt a punitive doctrine that was used to perpetuate slavery in the first place. This should be unpacked.
#2 Even if one were okay with the ‘original sin’ paradigm, the fact that we know slavery is a sin is a feature of the West. This project could not have been taken up in Saudi Arabia or China. The very acknowledgment of the institution as a sin presupposes a pursuit of salvation.
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1/ Thread: Here are my 12 thoughts on #Brexit. We are at half-time in Art50 process. Departure UK from EU now exactly 12m away. Right moment to take stock and list a few backward- and forward-looking thoughts. (You can also read the full blog-post here:…)
#1: When the UK voted leave, many said the EU would be weakened. Today it is clear that the contrary is true: it’s the UK not the EU that has been weakened by Brexit.
#2a Whatever people say, it would have been possible for Britain to change its mind about Brexit. Many political decisions, even after referenda, have been reversed in many countries.
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