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I'm so sorry to my colleagues in Minnesota. I am so fearful of when (not if) these headlines will be in Canadian papers, likely MB and AB first.
Don't know what else to say or do.
This described the situation in #COVID19MB on Nov 17, 2020:…
And this is the situation in AB today. The exact upper limit of beds total & for #COVID19 is apparently a moving target but Dr Hinshaw has always said there are 70 allocated ICU beds as ICU beds are needed for other things too (heart attacks, trauma etc). 56 ICU today.
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Nov 13 update

#COVID19 cases, deaths

#Canada, provinces
•Comparison to country peers (high income, pop >20M)
•Longterm care, retirement homes
•Weekly, daily % changes (7-day avg)

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Data: @covid_canada @NoLore @RyersonNIA @CIHI_ICIS @OurWorldInData
#COVID19 DEATHS/100K (+% daily growth rate)

QC 10+4%
MB 9+7%
AB 4+5%
ON 4+3%
BC 2+3%
SK 1+19%

#COVID19 CASES/100K (+% daily growth rate)

QC 711+3%
MB 697+6%
AB 575+4%
ON 359+3%
BC 327+4%
SK 251+6%

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A partial list of #Covid19MB school exposures in MB in the last 2 weeks:
#cdnpoli #mbpoli

Niverville Elementary School
École Seven Oaks Middle School
The King’s School
Marymound School
R.F. Morrison School
École Lacerte

Kelsey Community School
Margaret Barbour Collegiate
Starbuck School
Arthur A. Leach School
Collège Louis-Riel
École Salisbury Morse Place School
École Stanley Knowles School
Riverbend Community School
École Seven Oaks Middle School
Shaftesbury High School
H.C. Avery School
Windsor School
Minnetonka School
Sister Macnamara School
Niverville Elementary School
École Ste. Anne Immersion
École Seven Oaks Middle School
The King’s School
Reston School
Starbuck School
Landmark Elementary School
Arthur A. Leach School
Collège Louis-Riel
École Salisbury Morse Place School
Linden Christian School
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Canada Health Regions 930 pm Sep 10
This week's cases are up 21.2% from LW, 626 new cases reported by PHU's today. The 12 weekly case rate is the highest since June 8th.
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#CovidCanada #Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19MB #Covid19AB #Covid19BC… Image
BC and Quebec tied for 2nd place with 16 weekly cases per 100K. Alberta still has the highest case rate. Image
Fraser, Edmonton and Vancouver led in daily cases today. Toronto was 4th at 58. Image
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Canada Health Regions 900 pm Sep 9
Canada's PHU's report 583 new cases. The weekly per 100K trend continues to increase, up 25% from last week.
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#CovidCanada #Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19MB #AB #BC… Image
Canada's speed signal is the highest since the start of May. The signal is a warning of increasing infection spread. Image
Toronto led the country with 58 cases today. Image
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🇨🇦 Health Regions 1030 pm Sep 8
#Canada PHU's record 4,337 weekly cases vs 3,515 last week (+23%). Weekly cases per 100k rises to 11.7.

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#Covid19 #CovidCanada #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19MB #Covid19BC #COVID19AB… Image
Coming out of the long weekend, Alberta leads all provinces in case incidence rate. #Covid19AB Image
Case progression now shows a re-heating of the major provinces. Image
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🇨🇦 Health Regions 930pm Sep 4
Canada climbs to 10.2 weekly cases per 100K with 611 new cases reported by PHU's today. That's double what it was on July 12th.
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#CovidCanada #Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19MB #BC #COVID19AB… Image
Case Incidence by region. Every region in #Alberta is either yellow or red now. Image
Reported cases today by region, led by Edmonton and followed by Vancouver, Calgary and Fraser. Image
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🇨🇦 Health Regions 830pm Sep 3
Canada's PHU's added 588 cases today. The country has now reached 9.9 weekly cases per 100K. That's the highest since mid-June.
#CovidCanada #Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19MB #AB #BC… Image
Another region turns red, this time in Quebec - Estrie. Image
Daily cases.
Peel spikes to 70. Image
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🇨🇦 Health Regions 900 pm Sep 1 #CovidCanada
Canada's PHU's reported 511 new cases today as the weekly per 100K climbed slightly to 9.6.

#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #BC Alberta #Covid19MB… Image
More of the western regions have turned red tonight as BC adds two more. Image
Provincial case rates. Image
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Canada Health Regions 1000 pm Sep 1
Canada hits 9.5 weekly cases per 100K as rolling weekly cases have climbed from 2,822 to 3,526 over the past week. 507 were reported today.

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#CovidCanada #Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19MB #BC #Covid19AB… Image
The national picture as regional case incidence rises across different parts of the country. Image
#Alberta is now at 23 weekly cases per 100K. Image
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🇨🇦 Health Regions Dashboard 10pm Aug31
Canada weekly cases per 100K climb to 9.
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#CovidCanada #Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19MB #Covid19BC #Covid19AB… Image
More Western regions rise into yellow and red. Image
Alberta is now at 21 weekly cases per 100K. That makes it "red". Image
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Canada Health Regions Dashboard updated 800 pm Aug 30.
~ not all regions/prov report on weekends ~
Red regions are averaging more than 21 new cases per week per 100K, yellow more than 7.
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#CovidCanada #Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19MB… ImageImage
Here's a stats summary for the provinces. Image
Some provinces are hotter than others right now. Ontario is just warming up (light blue is warmer than dark blue). Image
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Canada Health Regions 945 pm Aug 28
This viz is based on daily OHU reports.
Let's look at weekly case trends tonight.
Canada stays basically flat from yesterday.
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#CovidCanada #Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19MB #Covid19MB… Image
#Edmonton drops from red to yellow status tonight as weekly cases per 100K fall just below 21. Image
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"Canada Health Regions" 930 pm Aug 27
Canada's weekly cases break 3,000 and are now at 8.2 per 100K after 454 new cases today.
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#CovidCanada #Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19MB… Image
Provincial breakdown. Image
Yellow and red regions exceed the 7 weekly cases per 100K low level (as has Canada now). Toronto has turned yellow tonight after a long stint in low territory. ImageImage
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🇨🇦 Health Regions Dashboard Aug 25 930 pm
Canada has moved out of the "low" case incidence category (7+ weekly cases per 100K), recording 2,823 cases in the past week and 309 today.
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#CovidCanada #Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19MB… Image
North region in Alberta joins the Canadian "red" regions. Image
Ontario sees improvements as three SW regions fall into the low case incidence category. Ottawa and Peel remain yellow. Image
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Health Regions Dashboard Aug 24 930 pm
Canada rises above the 7 weekly cases per 100K "low" level with weekly cases rising to 2,875.

#CovidCanada #Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Covid19MB #Covid19BC…
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🇨🇦Health Regions 830 pm Aug 23
- not all PHU's reported today
#Manitoba added 72 new cases. It has 247 for the week, 18.3 per 100K.
Ontario reports 92 cases today, led by Peel and Toronto.
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#CovidCanada #Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Covid19MB… Image
#Manitoba has the highest weekly cases in the country at 18.3. Image
Ontario tonight. Not all PHU's reported but it still logged 92 new cases. Image
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🇨🇦 Health Regions Dashboard 945 pm Aug 21
Canada remained exactly flat week/week.
#Edmonton and 2 Manitoba regions lead in weekly cases per 100K.
Alberta tops the provinces.
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#CovidCanada #Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Covid19MB #Covid19BC… Image
The three red regions, with over 21 weekly cases per 100K. #Covid19AB #Covid19MB Image
Provincial case rates, led by Alberta's 16 weekly cases per 100K Image
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Canada Health Regions Dashboard Aug 20 900 pm
- Ontario had data issues this morning, here's the PHU total for today: 97 new cases.
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#CovidCanada #Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Ontario #Quebec #Covid19AB #Covid19BC… Image
Alberta and BC regions had the highest new case counts today, led by Edmonton. Image
Leaders in weekly cases per 100K:
Prairie Mountain remains on top. #Covid19MB Image
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🇨🇦 Health Regions Dashboard Aug 19 10 pm
#Edmonton is now under provincial watch. Weekly cases per 100K high at 25.6 with 52 new cases.
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#CovidCanada #Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19AB #Covid19MB #COVID19BC #COVID19SK… Image
The west remains the growth region with Manitoba climbing close to Alberta in weekly cases per 100K. Image
Red regions have over 21 weekly cases per 100K. Image
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Thread. A look at 📈trends in western province weekly cases per 100K. (7 or less is generally considered low.)… #COVID19AB #BCpoli #Covid19MB #COVID19SK Image
BC's cases are rising, the strongest wave since March. It reported 78 new cases yesterday and 392 for the week. The weekly per 100K is now at 7.9. Vancouver leads the current wave. Image
#Alberta's weekly per 100K is highest in the country at 15.7. PHU's reported 76 yesterday and 675 for the week compared to 582 last week. Edmonton is leading with 23 per 100K. Image
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