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Ok I did a lot of research for you #Americans and have been for years along with others. Please ignore #Anonymous, they're #DeepState. I know it's a lot of writing but it's for people that want to wake up. Link in the thread!
#trump #vote #WakeUpAmerica #riot #BlackLivesMattter ImageImageImageImage
#Simpsons #simpsonspredictions read the whole thread if you're into "woke" shit. I did a lot of work today aha I'm not America but I'm worried for you guys! Links I'm thread for videos. Image
"nocturnal rainbows" by hopsin:
"for a better day" by avicii:
out of shadows the documentary:
fall of cabal the documentary:…
No hate pls
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The fact that terrorizing children for the elite has become industrialized is the greatest tragedy on our planet. #AdrenochromeHarvesting #AdrenochromeWithdrawal #adrenachrome #TheGreatAwakening #saybravethings #WWG1WGA #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE ImageImageImageImage
1/ #Adrenochrome is the drug of choice for the elite. It’s so popular it’s harvested on an INDUSTRIAL LEVEL by extracting adrenalinized blood from the pineal gland of tortured and terrorized children. Why do 800K children go missing in the US every year?
#SaveTheChildren ImageImage
2/ It’s shocking to understand what industrialized level means...


This article discusses a bust at the Canadian border with 1,200kg!

How many murdered children to get that much?😭

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kanye west was right when he said

“America eats its babies”
mofos in Hollywood & mofos in politics been eating babies for years. literal years. look up #Adrenochrome
last time I tweeted about this I got targeted lol but it’s ok. times are a lil different now.

back then I didn’t know about Adrenochrome but it was the missing piece.
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1.) What if #Q and other alliance leaders are liberating the children from the DUMBS?
The money for floating the economy will come from asset seizure from those arrested for their crimes.…
2017 report:…
2.) We know there are ~25million+ people in some form of human slavery. 19% in some for of sexual exploitation.

This report I am pretty sure exclude the potential #adrenachrome revenue given the synthetic costs ~$1.7million / kg.

The non-synthentic is rumored to be much more.
3.) If we assume all of the sealed indictments ~157k are related to this enterprise and many of them would be consumers and participants worth millions and billions individually.……

How much can be seized legally?
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Is it possible that this is the truth about the actual forbidden fruit of the garden of eden. I don't want to offend anyone by this it is simply food for thought. I am by know means an Atheist & never have been. I have searched for God for as long as I can remember & if there... one thing that I know for sure it is that God is real. I have personally had to many miracles happen in my life to doubt it & not just your run of the mill what people call miracles in the lines of what Jesus did but here is the thing about miracles unless you were there..
& say with your own eyes your mind is likely to dismiss them that is just how we are so for that reason I won't go into them. I only mentioned it to show that I have an unwavering belief in God & by the grace of God so does my husband. I have known for a very long time that...
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What the hell is up with #Hollywood celebs having hideous meltdowns on social media right now? Anons know. Almost certainly #adrenochrome withdrawals. These people are sick.
Then of course she went full #occult in this desperate bathtub rital like show of #withdrawls commenting that "if the ship goes down we all go down together."
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This is for PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KNOW THE REAL TRUTH. As #QAnon leaves you breadcrumbs, this thread will be loaded with clues for you to follow. TIME IS SHORT.
#Anons, #WakeUpTime, and anyone who has an open mind.. Shall we begin?
#Time to #wakeup b4 #TimesUp
This Clue comes in the form of a picture. Look at these "drops" as #puzzle pieces. Each one is important to see the WHOLE PICTURE.
Don't make assumptions.
Please take this serious as we are in check and very close to #Checkmate!
#DIVE deep on this 1
PIeCe 1:
#OpAlarmClock piece 2
Credit goes to @Frank_Anzac
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Lets Go Ahead & Get It Out In The Open @realDonaldTrump

One Question To All #Daca #Mexico #Mexican #Mexicans #IllegalAliens #IllegalImmigration
#Refugee #RefugeesWelcome #Refugees Especially The Children.When You Entered The US Border How Much Blood Did They Take From You?
Never Speak Of This But We Will Let You In & Help You Stay If You Donate Blood & Or Plasma

@realDonaldTrump This Is Why #humantrafficking Must Stop aside From Previously Stated Reasons But You Know...Dont You?
Did @realDonaldTrump Cut Off All The #DeepState #humantrafficking
#Blood #Plasma #Adrenachrome Supplies??? Is That Why They Are Traveling Out Of The Country So Much????
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🗣Did I forget #DisabilityAbuse #HumanRights violations/deprivations galore, #ChildTrafficking, #ElderAbuse, #MedicalKidnap, #MedicalMurder, #SRA #OrganHarvesting #Adrenachrome harvesting, which involves terror & removal of the Adrenal gland from a live vic, preferably a child 🤬
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'87, Simandl told Star Tribune “It’s a very complex subject that makes street gang activity look like a nursery school rhyme It’s not a pleasant topic, but I believe it’s going to be the crime of the '90s”

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You think these rare occurrences are a coincidence?
2018 will be the year that pedophiles are exposed!
The unrepentant knee will bend!
Eyes will be open!
If the knee doesn't bend then this will likely be the result for more exposed pedophiles to come.
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