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What/🦉is Five Eyes?
Where it started and why?
What is it used for?
Are there only 5? 10 ? 14? Even Moar?
The connections to #Bigtech & #BigPharma
Let’s take A 👁️
#FVEY #Obamagate #UK #NZ #AUS #Canada #US #FISA #MOS #RedPilled💊
🔴Thread 1/45
It stems from the UK USA agreement of 1946 and was expanded in 1955 #FVEY #RedPilled #ClownWeb

History of 5-Eyes… Image
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1. World Economic Forum - the capitalists who run the #Davos meeting every January

Here is their meeting July 2020

Critical here is minute 33-36

GOVERNMENTS will need to come together and take control


2. What makes those minutes above significant is that the World Economic Forum has always downplayed the conspiracy theory of #Globalism (a world government controlling #capitalism - #NewWorldOrder)

And now they finally admit it and openly push for it…
3. The World Economic Forum has always made a distinction between GLOBALIZATION (multinational corporations working together for not only Shareholders but Stakeholders)


#Globalism (a top-Down conspiracy theory according to them)
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1/ Everything that is happening is linked back to the #ClimateCrisis I have been a lifelong #environmentalist & have a #carbonfootprint that would be envy of 99% of greens - I don't subscribe to the Climate Cult. This is why
2/ I was a 70's baby. My momma a farmers daughter. We were well versed in being good stewards of the earth. From the time I was young we heard doomsday predictions of the damage humans create. Articles like this weren't uncommon.
#PaulErlich was a climate cult guru and wasn't shy about promoting solutions like forced sterilization to inhibit population growth. As you can see we are still chugging along and that famine never happened.
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St #Greta of #Davos in a vision to the faithful, showering us with more of her incomparable insights into the evils afflicting our world.
#KlausSchwab of the #WEF is SUCH a genius at mass programming. #Climate #COVID19(84) & all the -Isms being forged into chains of #Green&Red
And - as predicted by yours truly a couple of years ago - the evil minds behind this now want to use #crypto/#blockchain to track everyone on the planet under the pretext of delivering the mythical #COVID19(84) #vaccine. Image
One jab to rule them all; One jab to find them
One jab to bring them all and in the Darkness bind them.
In the Land of #Davos where the Shadows lie.
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No longer is it necessary to pay attention to my 2019-2020 ramblings/warnings of a global economic reset. Instead, as of June 3, 2020, you can now hear it directly from the source: the World Economic Forum (#WEF).

The World Economic Forum: home of the #FourthIndustrialRevolution as designed and desired by the ruling classes in tandem with the world's most powerful and ruthless corporations and institutions.

Leveraging #COVID19 (& global #protest) for all it's worth, the virus is indeed the new war on terror.

"The Great Reset" - "A better #capitalism and a better world—to help shape the recovery from COVID-19, the Forum has launched the Great Reset Initiative"

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If you're under 20, you haven't had much of career. Nor will you, if people like Murray & the other #Greens have their way. You won't own a car, be able to fly, or eat meat. The power supply will be intermittent and very expensive....
You will be forcibly #vaccinated, chipped like a dog & constantly monitored in the confines of your '#smartcity'. Your #UniversalBasicIncome will be delivered as a #cryptocurrency with steep rates of inbuilt decay and will effect both #carbon rationing and...
...the imposition of #NewNormal social rules. These will see instant fines levied if you say or write anything against the #GreatReset's stifling Marxist orthodoxy. You will be summoned to communal displays of #wokeness every evening at 6pm: compliance will be mandatory and ...
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This new C-suite sanctimony about no longer treating shareholder returns as the sole purpose of the corporation is all well and good, but did these latter-day Princes of the Church ever actually ASK the owners of the property over which they dispose if that's what THEY want?
Their predecessors showed similar arrogance in taking the widow's mite -offered in Christian charity- from the collection box, as well as the tithes levied ostensibly to support their mission, & lavishing it on self-enrichment, artworks, even wars. Look how THAT worked out!
Moreover, there's a certain insidious sundering of duty from privilege, of risk from reward, involved here.
"I am a philanthropist-by-proxy," the #corporate Croesuses can say: "so I don't have to run the businesses to generate income, just plaudits fom my equally-smug peers."
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We really DO have less than 12 months to “Save the Planet”
#KlausSchwab’s push for Crony Communism goes into overdrive, conflating #Climate, #COVID19 & -inevitably- racism to usher in a Global ‘Stakeholder’ Soviet at #Davos 2021.
As well as the Useful Idiots like Charles Windsor, and the Lear-jet Leninists who populate the C-Suites, he’s enlisting a Red Guard of ‘Global Shapers’ and wiring them in to digitally harass the dissenters at the next meeting. #wef21
Enjoy your #NewNormal folks - Gore, Soros, Carney, Thunberg, Bergoglio & Sharpton to be your new rulers. ImageImageImageImage
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And, timed neatly with the protests, the 4th International #WEF #Davos in full cry. Croesus-rich gerontocrats calling on 'Youth' to 'revamp all aspects of society'.
Congrats, #KlausSchwab You've almost managed to out-Mao, #Mao and launch a novel form of misrule, Crony #Communism Image
The Face of Evil himself.

Note too, the usual trope of the Wreckers that we have 'only a narrow window' in which to act.

#CulturalRevolution 2.0 #Davos #wef20 Image
No lack of ambition here. The wire fences around our prison camp will be high, impenetrable, and all-encompassing, if this sinsister clique has its way.

#Davos #wef Image
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#Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020

#WHO empfahl völlig unspezifische #Corona-#Virentests
"..Proben auch dann als „positiv“ zu befunden, wenn irgendein Virus der großen und sehr alten Corona-Familie bestätigt wurde. Sollte dieser Testmodus weltweit"…
#Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020 #Meditation
Vielen Dank @TeamKenFM!

Ignorance Meditation am 15. und 16. Mai 2020 in #Berlin…
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Everywhere you look, not only has COVID19(84) exacted its most terrible toll almost exclusively on the very old and chronically sick, but care home deaths represent a high proportion of those, whether thru’ unconscionable negligence or active discharge of hospital patients thence
And this despite the fact that these avoidable ‘casualties’ have been obvious and widely documented.
Are they victims of the fetishization of Health services (“Our” #NHS) -which is like saying soldiers must go into battle unarmoured for fear their bullet-proof vests get damaged?
Is it yet one more example of crass, government incompetence, false priorities, and an ingrained political horror of admitting error?
Is it even worse? Are expensive to care-for, small-c conservative values, Trump/Brexit/Climate skeptic old folk subject to casual euthanasia?
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#Impfen #Impfzwang #Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020 #Widerstand

2,5 Mio Patienten konnten nicht operiert werden, obwohl nötig.
Folge: nach Schätzungen 5.000 und bis zu 125.000 Patienten werden sterben oder sind schon tot infolge #Lockdown!…
#Impfen #Impfzwang #Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020 #Widerstand

Gestern #Fake, heute Wahrheit: Der große #Corona-Lügen-Report
Selten wurden #FakeNews so schnell zur regierungsamtlichen Wahrheit wie in Zeiten von #Corona.…
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July 31, 2017, #WEF: "As developments in artificial intelligence and robotics advance, there is going to be a severe and swift disruption of many working classes."…
"#UBI, an economic proposition in which a sum of money is regularly paid to a population, could be a vital bulwark against the unintended consequences of #automation in the workforce."
"Companies will profit significantly from workforce #automation, so the private sector will be able to afford shouldering this burden, while at the same time still making greater #profits."
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Look for instances of Trump meeting w/ anyone from #Novartis at #Davos around 1/22/20 - where Trump was still downplaying the #Pandemic.

"The president took a dinner w/Novartis' CEO-to-be Vas Narasimhan, Bayer CEO Werner Baumann and other execs to "share our economic success story and to encourage them to continue to invest in America," Gary Cohn told reporters..."

5/9/18: " Novartis' statement, they're expressly trying to deflect any blame away from the new CEO (Narasimhan), that met with Trump in Davos:

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🇨🇭 Switzerland, founded < a few months after the fall of the last Templar stronghold.

There is no mystery as to where they went with their huge *treasure

*loot plundered over centuries via mass murder.

#NeutralMyAss Image
Protocols of the Priory of Sionism:

A copy of the Protocols is known to have been in circulation as early as 1884 - a full 13 years before the Basel [Zionist] Congress met.

Behold a Pale Horse chapter 15

"It's not the Jews" - Bill Cooper ImageImage
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"The Green New Deal" is going to take movement tactics. Bullshit. It's global - sitting in the wings. Your consent is being engineered. Spending billions to have you demand & "fight" for it. They play with you like a cat plays with a mouse before it decapitates it. For fun.
Who else is tasked with building the social license required to implement the Global Green New Deal?

Let's start with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, & May Boeve, Executive Director of 350-DOT-org.

The #NonProfitIndustrialComplex: an extension of the ruling class.

January 23, 2020, World Economic Forum: "Striking a Green New Deal"

Note again, that the UN partnered with WEF on June 13, 2020.

#C40Cities (founded by #Bloomberg & #Clinton)
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A THREAD (with visuals!) on where the unicorns are around the world:
At #Davos and elsewhere recently, I’ve been in lots of discussions about nat’l competitiveness, innovation policy, etc. as we move deeper into the 4th Ind. Revolution, 2nd Machine Age, or whatever we call it.
There is no shortage of strongly held opinions on these topics, but there’s often a shortage of broad-based evidence. During one discussion, I found myself wondering where the world’s unicorns were and what, if anything, their distribution might tell us.
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Det är svårt att föreställa sig om det som sker i Kina. Uppenbarligen samlar de in dissidenter. All internet trafik är spärrad utom de källor som kommer via den kinesiska staten. Det som pågår i Kina angående #Coronavirus är en krigshandling av främmande makt.
Det här viruset är
gjord av människan. Ryssland, Indien, Taiwan vet att viruset innehåller HIV.

Därmed är skiten tillverkad av människan. Det sägs att den slår hårdare mot kinesiska män än mot andra raser, vilket betyder att denna "attack" kommer ej från deras egna led.

Fortsättning följer.
Russian scientists believe America created the Wuhan coronavirus to sabotage China… via @Dimsum Daily
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[MOJO DAVOS THREAD] Here’s some things I found while smartphone-filming at the #Davos summit. The BBC team took my DSLR kit out too, but I never needed to use it. #wef20 #mojo #videojournalism
[2/] I don’t go to many big international media events like this, but I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people filming live and recorded pieces on their phones - a common sight, maybe 30%?
[3/] One clear benefit was that I was allowed to film without an official chaperone because I was using my phone - a chaperone takes time to organise
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Ich möchte, sehr geehrte Leser, Ihre Aufmerksamkeit mit diesem Strang kurz auf das #Davos​sche Merkelwort von den »Transformationen von gigantischem historischen Ausmaß« lenken, das unverdient Gefahr läuft, in der allgemeinen Merkelschwurbelei unterzugehen.
Dieses Wort ist nicht zufällig in d. Merkelschen Phrasenschmiede entstanden. Es bezieht sich auf d. Begriff »Gesellschaftsvertrag f. eine Große Transformation«, den Merkels Klima-Hofschamane H. J. Schellnhuber im Jahr 2011 in einem »Gutachten« geprägt hat.…
Daß der Begriff durch Merkel gerade jetzt wieder ausgegraben wird, ist kein Zufall. Für Schellnhuber ist dieses Jahrzehnt strategisch entscheidend, wie er hier 2017 auf der Bundesdelegiertenkonferenz der Grünen Khmer erklärt:
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#CaraotaAlAire 🎥 | Iniciamos nuestro programa #AsíVamos este #23Ene con el periodista Pedro García Otero (@pedrogarciao).

🔴 🌱
#AsíVamos | Pedro García Otero (@pedrogarciao): "Este #23Ene, a 62 años de histórica de la caída de la penúltima dictadura de #Venezuela y a un año de la juramentación del actual presidente (E) Juan Guaidó (@jguaido)"

🔴 🌱
#AsíVamos | Pedro García Otero (@pedrogarciao): "El #23Ene domina la agenda informativa. La @AsambleaVE sesionará en #Chacao por la presencia de funcionarios del régimen y sesión del diputado "Parrita" con cobertura de @VTVcanal8"

🔴 🌱
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This morning (11h45 CET) at #wef20 in #Davos: important press briefing with @KenRoth & others about #SaveDotOrg.

The heads of major NGOs are calling on @InternetSociety & @ICANN to stop the sale of the .ORG top-level domain to a private equity firm.…
The risks that civil society organizations face around the world today - surveillance, censorship, legal restrictions & even physical attacks - are bad enough. The proposed sale of .ORG would add an additional danger for non-governmental organizations. #SaveDotOrg
Journalists at #wef20 in #Davos are invited to join the press briefing on the Promenade, under the flags, at the entrance at 11h45.
#wef2020 #Davos2020 #SaveDotOrg
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Service for my US-followers and @RichardGrenell and @realDonaldTrump #Davos #2020 #Davos2020. Robert Habeck said, in essence, the following sentences about the speech of Donald Trump:
@RichardGrenell @realDonaldTrump "Not even politely off, just completely off. Basically it was a disaster and I'm stunned, really, how you can do something like that. He (Trump) is the only one, I think, who didn't get it here. I would at least have thought that one approaches the motto politely in spirit,
@RichardGrenell @realDonaldTrump even if one has a completely different opinion. But only self-praise, ignorance and contempt from all other people. No sense, no perception of global problems. It was the worst speech I have heard in my life." #Davos #Davos2020
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The Davos congress hall is filling up with delegates waiting to listen to President Trump.… #Trump2020 #Trump2020Landslide #Davos2020
2. The White House on Monday announced these House Republicans will join President Trump's Senate impeachment team.… #TRUMP #NEWS
3. The New York Times SMEARED Trump supporter from Queens, New York, as a “white nativist” in the course of its endorsement of Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren… #TRUMP #NEWS
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