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@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 She equated Jimmy D.'s simple "F you AOC" on youtube w/ actual violence. Which was a response to her gaslighting activists on forcing a M4A floor vote. And she seems to have an army of "shut down" trolls who speech-police people on the left for challenging her - 1/
@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 not via logical argument, but fallacious ad hominem & strawman attacks. Trolling, basically. And I've been noticing her own rhetorical tactics lately. She engages in a lot of disingenuous dissembling, which I find pretty creepy in a kind of foreshadowing sense as to where 2/
@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 this is heading for her, politically. All her bullshit over tossed salad on home video RE VZ, too, along with her "I haven't decided yet about Assange." I mean, I'll say it too: fk you, AOC. 3/
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#SinglePayerSunday Real #MedicareForAll supporters don't insist "citizenship" be a requirement or advocate felonizing the delivery of health care to the undocumented. They also don't pretend AOC's gaslighting on forcing Pelosi to hold a #FloorVote is "wisdom." It was ka-ka. 1/
2/ Last but not least, they also don't get a bunch of trolls to gang up on, or bully and harass, advocates of #ForceTheVote

#SinglePayerSunday Wonder who we're referencing?

#SinglePayerNOW #MedicareForALL
#M4A #USA #M4AVoters
#MedicareForALLVoters #M4Anow #SinglePayer
Health care is a human right! Pass it now! #MedicareForALL (and by "All," we mean ALL). Farmworkers are human beings who need health care too! So are all people in the United States! Delivering health care is not a crime under ANY circumstance!

#SinglePayerSunday #ForceTheVote
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Anyone else struck by a curious gap in the report out today from @Mitch_Inst on "Educational opportunity in
Australia 2020 Who succeeds and who misses out"?…
It takes the goals for "all" young Australians in the Mparntwe Declaration as a basis for a framework to understand how well the education system is operating, and identify those for whom the system is not supporting
The Mparntwe Declaration has this to say on educational disadvantage: Learners experiencing disadvantage
are more likely than their peers
to start school developmentally
vulnerable and less likely to have
attended early education in the year
before school.
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As #BlackHistoryMonth ends and the #SouthCarolinaPrimary begins, let's revisit the story of Medicare & how it tangibly advanced racial equity in the 1960s.

The story shows the power of movement-aligned politics to effect social & system change.
Before Medicare, hospitals were deeply segregated due to Jim Crow. Many outright refused care to Black people. If care was provided, it was heavily segregated with separate entrances, waiting rooms, wards, even separate china & silverware. Separate, and certainly not equal.
Care was triaged by skin tone, not severity of condition. If you were Black with a serious illness, you would be lucky to find a hospital or clinic that allowed you to wait until all the White patients had been seen before you would receive medical attention.
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About to join @JacksonLeeTX18 @SSWorks + more to talk about why #MedicareForAll is necessary in the fight for racial justice. Tune in!…
@JacksonLeeTX18 @SSWorks The burden of our health care crisis is one felt disproportionately by communities of color & poor communities, which struggle to access quality, affordable health care the most. 59 percent of uninsured Americans are people of color. #MedicareForAll
@JacksonLeeTX18 @SSWorks The uninsured rate for Latinos is the highest in the country. And black mothers die at a rate that is three times that of white mothers in childbirth. But #M4A would change this picture. #MedicareforAll is a racial justice bill. #AllMeansAll
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