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A number of investors and traders told me last week they believed that the market drop, while driven by #coronvavirus, was due at least in small part to @BernieSanders leading status in the primaries.
@BernieSanders One posited that if @JoeBiden, who is less feared by Wall Street, had a strong showing in the #SouthCarolinaPrimary, stocks would rally Monday morning. We could be seeing an element of that right now:…
@BernieSanders @JoeBiden Curious if people think so?
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#SouthCarolinaPrimary results breakdown!

Here are my main take aways:

1. #BidenIsBack
2. #BlackVotesMatter
3. Looking towards #SuperTuesday

Lets get into it!


Context first, as I described yesterday, the majority of voters in SC are black 1/15
in this case 56% of voters, which is down from 2016 (61%). What wasnt down was turnout, over 527k people came out to vote, just shy of the 2008 record.

1. Biden is back

Huge night for Biden. With his back against the wall, Biden pulls of an enormous victory, winning with 2/15
a margin of nearly 30% over Sanders! Just like Nevada was about as good as it could be for Sanders, SC was close to the perfect outcome for Biden.

He won 61% of black voters, beating Sanders by a 44% margin. He won every age group except for 17-29 year olds, and won 3/ 15
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#Bernie supporters on Reddit are taking the loss well. Calling voters in SC “rodents”, saying black voters in Southern States shouldn’t matter, and calling South Carolinians “uneducated.”

#BidenForPresident ImageImageImage
#BernieSanders supporters are saying that black voters are “low information” and “voting against their interests” and “out of touch” and “are only voting for Biden because of Obama and not his policies”

#SouthCarolinaPrimary ImageImageImage
#BernieSanders supporters:

“years of terrible education in the south due to racism have caused black voters to not get the education necessary to see that only Bernie can help them... it may be necessary mobilize and discourage certain Black voters from turning out.” Image
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Got some exit poll data to work with finally. Lets break it down.…
Okay so clearly Joe Biden is going into a good night, but how good will it be? If he can crack a +20 margin on his win over Sanders hes in very good terrain.

Based on exit polls he won 60% of the the black vote, Sanders only won 17%. Steyer also picked up 14%
Now this is very interesting because Sanders' Achilles heel has always been support under black voters. He got absolutely smashed in 2016 by Clinton, he only took 14% of the vote. This year, after investing in black voters he only picks up 17%. Yes crowded field but not good.
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#SouthCarolinaPrimary Update: DEFINITELY issues around polling sites being merged w/ out voters knowing. In some places, merged polling site doesn’t have any signage about the new location. The South Carolina Election Commission, (803) 734-9060, has a list of merged polling sites
SCEC has no legal authority over enforcement of voting regulations and the county administrators who oversee the process.
Source South Carolina election officials began releasing information about the changes last Friday....through newspapers (not that many in South Carolina).
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1. If you want Trump out of our White House on January 20 at noon, you need to vote for @JoeBiden. If you want to make a statement by picking a candidate whose ideology does not include private employers, you're going to help re-elect Trump. Read up on Democratic Socialism
2. before you troll me. And @MikeBloomberg if you help elect Trump you'll go down in history as a scoundrel. You may not care but you should be clear how history will view you. We need your help and having you at the table in 2020 would be fine with me. How about Treasury Sec?
3. I'd vote for Mike and @amyklobuchar @PeteButtigieg @ewarren & @TomSteyer before Trump. But Bernie having now been assisted by the Russians in two elections makes him not the candidate to wash the taste of Trump out of our mouths. A whole month he kept quiet why the Russians
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1. Are @BernieSanders' numbers crashing in #SouthCarolina polls because his numbers were an artifact of a Russian GRU attack? If I were GRU, I'd go after young people of color to nominate Bernie and then focus on them when the Kompromat is dumped after he's the nominee. #Betrayal
2. IMO a radical admitted pro-Communist like Bernie has been on the KGB-GRU board his entire adult life. They know everything about his past. Like where he was in the 1968 Chicago Riots. Anyone know where he was? Are you curious? #SuperTuesday #SouthCarolinaPrimary
3. In any event, right now the most likely result is that it goes to a second ballot and the Super Delegates elect @JoeBiden.
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As #BlackHistoryMonth ends and the #SouthCarolinaPrimary begins, let's revisit the story of Medicare & how it tangibly advanced racial equity in the 1960s.

The story shows the power of movement-aligned politics to effect social & system change.
Before Medicare, hospitals were deeply segregated due to Jim Crow. Many outright refused care to Black people. If care was provided, it was heavily segregated with separate entrances, waiting rooms, wards, even separate china & silverware. Separate, and certainly not equal.
Care was triaged by skin tone, not severity of condition. If you were Black with a serious illness, you would be lucky to find a hospital or clinic that allowed you to wait until all the White patients had been seen before you would receive medical attention.
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Good morning from Sumter, South Carolina🙋🏻‍♀️
Joe Biden just arrived for a rally in a church community center, leading the polls, looking for a first primary win here
#SouthCarolinaPrimary @WPLGLocal10
Biden opens with a shot at Trump admin response to coronavirus :
“...he decided to silence our leading national health experts ... it’s bad enough we have a president that can’t tell the truth; now he won’t let other people tell the truth"
Biden will rarely talk with journalists at his events, but will stay for deep conversations one-by-one with supporters, even as crews are breaking down the venue…
@WPLGLocal10 #campaigntrail #SouthCarolinaPrimary #Vote2020 Image
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1. Why am I going after @BernieSanders? I caucused for him in March 2016. Later, I spotted the Russians helping him and by July 2016 I posted what I saw. See my pinned Tweet. I never believed that Sanders and Manafort's partner Devine didn't know. They had to know if I did.
2. Then last week Sanders admitted he knew for the month he was moving up in the polls that the Russians were working to help him AGAIN and AGAIN he kept his mouth shut while they did their work. Fool me once. . . @JoeBiden @MikeBloomberg @PeteButtigieg @amyklobuchar
3. Our election has already been influenced by criminal foreign intelligence conspiracy. We can't afford to have zombie candidates elect a Russian asset. We appreciate the work and the policy focus of the folks who ran in @TheDemocrats nomination but only Biden and Bloomberg are
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who deep fried this tasty meme

here is a thread with a bunch of #Warren2020🗽 articles from today are you ready look at this emoji 🗳️ you are now hypnotized to vote
"I have been around this racket for going on 40 years, and I have never seen a purportedly neutral poll that left out a top-tier candidate simply because it felt like it."……

"Elizabeth Warren excited to use new power of invisibility to stand out in the debate"

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⚡️With America locked in a global face-off w Iran, @PaulRieckhoff breaks down the latest w his trademark independence, experience, & humor. In Ep41, we approach the enormous stress of this precarious time in history w light, not heat. & @mazdackrassi:🎙⚡️ Image
⚡️Episode41 goes deep into the human side of the Iran/US relationship with one of the most successful Iran-American business and cultural leaders in America. @kanyewest called him “a visionary”. Meet @MazdackRassi:🇺🇸 🇮🇷🎙⚡️ Image
“@mazdackrassi, what makes you angry?” The powerful, fun and inspiring conversation with @PaulRieckhoff is at now. If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. #IYNAYNPA
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