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The worst part of this extremely horrible day is reading the comments that are like "Get fucked Green Party. This is what you get for not reading instructions." We did everything right. We dotted our is and crossed our ts. We checked repeatedly. We got completely screwed here.
The members of my party are not Russians. We are not conservatives. We're a small grassroots party talking about issues supported by a majority of americans: #MedicareForAll. #GreenNewDeal. Money out of politics. We are completely self funded. This is what democracy looks like.
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@carmenxbrook #MedicareForAll Act of 2019: Introduced in the House 2/27/19.

House members who support the bill: 118. Number of additional House members needed for passage: 100.…
@carmenxbrook #MedicareForAll Act of 2019: Introduced by #Bernie 4/10/19.

Senators who support the bill: 15. Number of additional Senators needed for passage: 45 w/ filibuster, 36 w/o filibuster.…
@carmenxbrook IF #Republicans hold the Senate, NO #healthcare bills will pass. McConnell & the GOP are killing 400 bills, most bipartisan, passed by the House incl'g multiple bills on rx drug prices, #vets' healthcare, preexisting conditions. See the list here:…
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The DNC rejected both #MedicareForAll bills currently pending before the House and Senate, respectively.

Instead, it insists on a "public option", for which no sitting congressperson has written or sponsored a bill.

Wonder why?

The 2020 DNC Platform says:

"The public option . . . will be administered by CMS, not private companies; and will cover all primary care without any co-payments and control costs for other treatments . . . ."…

You might notice that, like current Medicare, the fantasy "public option" supported by the DNC won't cover prescriptions, dental, hearing, mental health, or long term care.

You'll have to buy that from private insurers, just as current Medicare patients do.

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If you oppose:

#MedicareForAll during a pandemic

#GreenNewDeal while the planet is on fire

I'm looking at you, BOTH parties.
I know this is extremely blunt, but there's no way around it: If you're still advocating half-measures (and opposing real solutions) in the face of existential threats, then you are making a conscious choice to let people suffer and die.
To illustrate my point, @KamalaHarris forcefully defended #MedicareForAll because she said it was "morally and ethically" right.

Those words matter.…
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We have a brand new website, It's organized in a way that makes it perfect to #LearnMMT and about progressive issues in general.
On the main page, you see an article from @ALT_JD explaining the transition from the progressive New Deal to the current failed, neoliberal state of the economy in America.
If you notice the top of the page, there's the menu with the sections of the website. The most important menu item is the #MMT section. It breaks down this difficult subject using podcast episodes, videos, and articles. You'll notice this theme elsewhere.
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#AlJazeera's #TheBottomLine guest, Prof. #CornellWest, refers to @realDonaldTrump as "The White Supremacist Fascist"!
Current circumstances might make @JoeBiden "more LBJ-like" ~ #CornellWest
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CNN - 8/21/2020 - "How are you feeling after the convention"

@ninaturner "I think what was missing from that, is really the whole tell part in terms of how the poor, the working poor, and the barely middle class are going to be taking care of"


CNN - 8/21/2020 -

@ninaturner "You cannot throw away the base and expect to win. It is very clear that the American people believe what progressives believe. 69% #MedicareForAll. People are suffering, that was not represented"


CNN - 8/21/2020 - @ninaturner on what she thought about #BernieSanders embracing Biden


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@davidsirota It's important to point out that austerity is part of a game our two political parties play with one another as part of the 40+ year class war by the rich and corporations against the 99%

Here's how the game works...
@davidsirota When a Republican becomes president, we are told deficits don't matter. They then, with the help of Democrats, pass tax cuts, bailouts, etc., all of which create a massive transfer of wealth from the bottom to the top 1%. The deficit and debt skyrocket...
@davidsirota We are told that important social programs that benefit the poor and working class must be cut because of our debt and deficit.

This sets the stage for round 2 of the austerity game. Can you guess what that is, children?
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#MedicareForAll has been a Democratic Party issue since FDR. It will save us money in healthcare costs, not cost extra, and it will cover every single person. Single payer plans are working throughout the developed world. There is NO REASON the Democratic Party or any 21st...1/9
century nominee should be opposing it. None.

When Democrats tell you that you should NOT hold out for @JoeBiden to offer the left Medicare For All (and he has offered the left NOTHING), that "we can push Joe left later", they are asking you to surrender. NOW is the time a... 2/9
nominee should be reaching out to the other parts of the party, not AFTER the election. He will not be pushed left later.

Most Democrat voters support #MedicareForAll, but the party leadership does not, because they are corrupt. So corrupt that they refuse Medicare For... 3/9
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Greetings, folks! Your friendly, neighborhood statistics professor here 🤓with another tweet thread about #ElectionMath!
Subject: COORDINATING THE LEFT: A Strategy to Bring Liberals & Progressives Together
I’ve seen an increase in arguments among those of us on the left about the upcoming general election. For the consideration of folks on the left, the following is a strategy you can choose to adopt if you like that would result in achieving our goals by working together.
For this I am splitting The Left into two subgroups: Liberals and Progressives. Libs are center to mid-left and Progs are mid-left to far left. Note: not all members of The Left are Democrats. For example, many on the far left are registered Green or are independent voters.
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@wdunlap @Renaissance7924 @nprpolitics Just 2 days ago, Kamala Harris lied, telling us that only Trump, not Biden, is gunning for Social Security. I can tweet link after link of Biden’s clear promise to cut it over his 40-yrs in office, along with
@wdunlap @Renaissance7924 @nprpolitics Joe Biden has advocated cutting Social Security for 40 years
@wdunlap @Renaissance7924 @nprpolitics Joe Biden BRAGS to China that he’ll kick seniors off Social Security.
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Remember when @KamalaHarris ended her cosponsoring of #MedicareForAll because she realized it would be bad for her career?

Remember when Kamala attacked @JoeBiden, during the first debate, as a racist? And then, when asked about it later, said... 1/6

"It was a debate!" repeatedly, as if we were supposed to have assumed all along that whatever she said didn't mean anything?

Those two scenarios tell you everything you need to know about Kamala Harris. She's a 1 term Senator that hasn't had to do... 2/6

anything in her 1 term except oppose @realDonaldTrump , and she hasn't even done THAT well, because she keeps voting for military spending bills, the space force, mass surveillance, she didn't even support the Sanders amendment which would have... 3/6

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This will probably pay off in the short term, but more than anything it should extinguish any residual doubt about who the Dems are/want to be and who they are emphatically not. Some thoughts...
Dems are proudly the party of the technocratic class. They don't give a shit about working people & I think they're happy to be rid of any sense of responsibility to pretend otherwise. But they'll also never admit that abandoning the working class has thrown the US into chaos
The real story of Trump's '16 win was always the working-class voters Dems hemorrhaged, especially after '12, less so the key pockets Trump picked up in swing states. The entire Dem strategy since then has been based on never, ever learning their lesson from those lost voters
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Between August 2009 and January 2010, during @BarackObama's first year as President of the United States, Democrats held a 60-40 advantage in the U.S. Senate (when counting two independents, they being Bernie Sanders and--buerk—Joe Lieberman). Did they do it then? Nope.
Did they pass the #DREAMAct? Nope. Six Senate Dems killed it.

Did they pass any federal minimum wage increases? Nope. The last one was signed into law (by George W. Bush) in 2007.

Did they pass health care reform with a public option? Nope. They let Lieberman kill it pre-vote.
Did they restore some form of Glass-Steagall after the Great Recession? Nope. It's still being proposed over a decade later.

Did they permanently codify reproductive + voting rights and eliminate the Pink Tax? Nope.

Did they codify substantive campaign finance reform? Nope.
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We’ve had some awesome wins, & with only a couple of primaries left, it’s time to take stock.

PJS is the ONLY non incumbent #progressive candidate to win a US Senate primary.

I PROMISE you WV is winnable.
And we need your help!

There are much more registered Democrats. And Paula Jean has strong support among independents.
Look this up: No incumbent GOP Senator has won re-election in WV during the past 100 years. #PaulaJean4US
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Yesterday, DSA San Francisco demonstrated everything wrong with politics. I am very disgusted. Those involved are more interested in their own personal interests and political careers than in Justice.

We can all thank them for helping Pelosi keep her stranglehold over Congress.
Jasper Wilde did her very best to stir up a mob on the day of the "trial", and she succeeded. She hurls wild accusations, but does not provide actual proof or evidence.

She portrays herself as an experienced campaign manager, but refuses to answer questions about previous roles
And she was convicted by a bunch of Bernie supporters, who should KNOW that women are capable of pulling dirty political moves in order to advance their own careers.

Elizabeth Warren pulled such a move during the IA debate, to stop Bernie's nomination.…
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It’s not “divisive” to demand #MedicareForAll when millions are losing their insurance in a pandemic.

It’s not “divisive” to demand a #GreenNewDeal when it hit 100° in the Arctic for the first time ever.

What is divisive is resisting progress when our people & planet are dying.
It’s not “divisive” to demand #Reparations when our nation has yet to make amends for slavery.

It’s not “divisive” to demand #UniversalBasicIncome when capitalism is displacing jobs.

What is divisive is resisting progress when our nation desperately needs to move forward.
It’s not “divisive” to demand a #WealthTax when 2 billionaires hoard more wealth than half of America.

It’s not “divisive” to demand a $20 #LivingWage when CEO pay’s increased 1000% over last 40 years.

What is divisive is putting the greed of the 1% over the dignity of the 99%.
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It’s time for a #MedicareForAll thread! We have an atrocious system that is far and away the most expensive in the world with some of the worst outcomes, middle of the road wait times. We can do better. #kssen #ksleg #M4A 1/
Current #healthcare:
1.Burdens businesses
2. Too expensive and economically wasteful
3. Has worse outcomes than other nations
4. Limits individual Freedoms
#M4A #kssen
#healthcare expenditures are a drag on business. Healthcare costs have outpaced the growth of the economy & businesses pay more. Reducing our healthcare expenditures & ending employer-provided plans will allow American businesses to be more competitive internationally. 3/
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Notice how all the tweets and news stories tonight about the DNC Platform Committee votes don't include links to roll call of the ~164 voting members?

That's because @TheDemocrats decline to release a detailed list of DNC members and their committee affiliations. But at @Sludge,
We obtained a copy of the full 447 voting DNC members, who make up the majority of 771 superdelegates, and got their committee affiliations.

We've been working our way through DNC committees: Exec, Rules, Budget, Resolutions, and coming next, Credentials:…
We've been reporting conflicts of interest among the 447 DNC members with corporate clients in heavy-lobbying industries. In February, our review found that over one-third of the 47 Executive Committee members works as a corporate lobbyist or consultant:…
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THREAD: Amendments and Final Updates to the DNC 2020 Platform ⬇️
#DNC #Election2020 #Democrats #DemocraticParty #2020Election
@TomPerez begins by roasting the @GOPconvention for “copy and pasting” their 2016 platform for this year…
All members of the Platform Committee pay respects to the late, great John Lewis.
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I support #MedicareForAll. It's why I supported @berniesanders. It's why I co-authored "Medicare for All: A Citizen's Guide" w/ @micah_johnson_.

And it's also why I agreed when Bernie asked me to join the Unity Task Force on healthcare.

A thread:

Joe Biden isn't Bernie. He does not support #MedicareforAll—we deeply disagree on this.

But he does support universal coverage, expanding public coverage, reining in Pharma, & health equity—things we DO agree on.

Our Task Force recommendations build upon these aims.

Our Task Force worked hard & I'm grateful to the team & Co-Chairs @PramilaJayapal & @vivek_murthy.

We didn't agree on everything, but we came to recommendations that will yield one of the most progressive Dem campaign platforms in history-tho we have further yet to go.

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Thanks @NEJM for sharing a call to action to fund community health centers Margaret Hayden and I drafted. COVID has hit CHCs hard, and it’s time for Congress to act. If you agree CHCs are critical, please tweet at your Rep/Senators!…

Thread below 1/
2/ For background: CHCs are federally funded clinics that provide *universal* (all welcome regardless of insurance/immigration status), *comprehensive* (primary care/BH/vision/dental) and *accountable* (>50% of board must be pts) care.
3/They are on the frontlines for low income & Black/Brown folk. 70% pts have incomes below FPL, more than half are racial/ethnic minorities per @NACHC. Orgs that have pioneered care for homeless individuals, like @BHCHP, are CHCs. @michellemorse @marybassett @jessiegaeta
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writing notecards for my book. weird time to be writing a book.
I've wanted to make one of the main political aims of this book largely subtextual or implicit. However, I think that it needs to be brought front-and-center and into the text itself.
Part of my goal with this book is to bring the #healthIT industry and #MedicareForAll community into closer dialogue and policy alignment by showing that implementing single-payer will inject huge amounts of capital into the marketplace and open up a lot of room for innovation.
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