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@SleepingAnnual @chesscom @MagnusCarlsen @GMHikaru @GMWesleySo123 @MasakakiK @donkcheck unlikely but do you watch anime? i realised i actually have these 2 #anime conspiracy theories that combined are similar to your #chess-#poker theory. like you think chess is staged & poker is staged and there's a connection. similarly... #yuri #chessdrama #pokerdrama
@SleepingAnnual @chesscom @MagnusCarlsen @GMHikaru @GMWesleySo123 @MasakakiK @donkcheck but not just any yuri ships but yuri ships between imouto's. i call these 'double imouto ships' (imouto is japanese for younger sister eg @GMJuditPolgar is an imouto of @SusanPolgar who ...
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E-Friend @sailorsctaustin posted a while back praising #HarleyQuinn , and how she’s now the 4th pillar of #dccomics . I’ve reflected on this, and am now convinced that Harley might be the icon for the new 4th age of comics (a 🧵) 1/
2/ first age was the golden age. Heroes were a. Perfect Paragons of virtue who b. Made the world a better place. These were often stories written by underdogs for underdogs, giving hope; Ex. Superman punching wife beaters and slum lords, fighting the status quo
3/ tone of the silver age started with Dc Sci fi heroes, but It ended with Marvel stealing the show. A. Heroes became flawed: hulk’s rage, Tony stark’s drinking. However, they b. Still make the world better
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#Velma panel is about to get underway, and I am now fully in character. #NYCC

(Thread) Image
A collection of Velma cosplayers taking the stage! #Velma #NYCC Image
JINKIES! They just surprised us with the full first episode of #Velma !!!
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#VeVeAMA on Twitter Spaces Recap! (14 Oct)

Answers paraphrased for space

HBD to us!
Thanks to everyone for your support through the ups & downs as we build this product.

Very proud of our team for building a system that can take tens of thousands of orders in seconds.

Shout out to the mods, volunteers, and everyone who makes this community great 🙏
FUD Busting
In any industry with limited edition, high-value drops, bots are going to try. Even though there have been videos and screenshots out there, that by no means means drops have been overtaken by bots. Our system catches 99% of bots and shuts them down.
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DC's newest film, #TheSuicideSquad, is now finally out. Here are my thoughts on the movie. Spoilers follow ❗️ (1/17)
I saw this movie on August 6, the day it came out. I was pretty excited to see what the Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn would do with a team of unknown villains this time rather than heroes, and I wasn't disappointed. (2/17)
Just like in the Guardians movie, Gunn managed to put together a collection of very different people and focus them on one common goal. The difference in this movie was that he had much more freedom and could make it focused toward mature audiences. (3/17)
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DC asked the #HarleyQuinn team to remove a scene from Season 3 in which Batman performs oral sex on Catwoman. Why? "Heroes don't do that"
@justin_halpern @PMSchumacker…
Shoutout to @ThatKevinSmith for inspiring my obsession with super hero sex organs
Also check out my YouTube channel I guess?…
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Avui comencem un fil on destacarem còmics que parlen sobre la dona. Esperem que us engresqueu a llegir-los i entre tothom ho puguem veure tot més lila.
#8M #Diadones Image
💜El Fruto prohibido de Liv Strömquist, editat per @ReservoirBooks
Ho diu tot a la contraportada:
"Un llibre que tota mare hauria de regalar a la seva filla, i tota filla a la seva parella! Una història cultural de la vulva, amb un humor i amb ganes de fer buscar brega!"
#8M Image
💜La Virgen roja de @EyeDotter i @bryan_talbot, editat per @LaCupulaComic

Aquest còmic narra la biografia de la poetessa i oradora Louise Michel, coneguda com la Verge Roja. Va lluitar per una educació igualitària i laica, un matrimoni lliure, una societat més justa... Image
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With 100+ Premium Licences under their belt @ecomi_ 's #VeVe app will make HUGE waves in the #NFT space for years to come!

For now they've announced just a handful & each one is worth a closer look!
What type of #NFTs could they be planning for these mega brands?

$OMI Image
1/ #Tokidoki

Ecomi's 1st brand partner!
Bright colourful characters from Simone Legno.

Digital collectibles of
>#Donutella & her sweet friends
>#Unicorno (On Platform Now)

More Info Image
2/ @CBS - #StarTrekDiscovery #StarTrekPicard #StarTrekTNG

3 Star Trek Series!

We've already had a glimpse at the USS Enterprise in a showroom preview. Will it fly in AR? Or go 1:1 scale 🤣

Will there be animated characters that 'beam up' in AR? Image
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It’s a weird time to have ANY book coming out much less a #Christmas book, but I have a Christmas book coming out 10/27.

It’s actual, singable Holiday Carols starring #HarleyQuinn and the rest of the #DCU.

Mail order from one of my favorite stores here:…
(It’s @booksaremagicbk, they’re great.)
I finally have my own copy. @JenAshleyWright told me I could, quote, “smile like a person.”

❄️ DC CHRISTMAS CAROLS: WE WISH YOU A HARLEY CHRISTMAS ❄️ On sale from @ChronicleBooks 10.27.20 from a store or website near you. #MerryChristmas 🎄 #HarleyQuinn ♥️♣️♦️♠️
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9/11 is a more pleasant anniversary for #HarleyQuinn fans. The character first appearance in the 9/11/92 airing of the #BTAS episode, “Joker’s Favor.”
Although I knew @HamillHimself had been cast as the Joker (replacing Tim Curry), I had no idea my childhood crush, Ms. Calliope Jones herself, Arleen Sorkin was voicing a character. I recognized her voice instantly.
Paul Dini and Arleen Sorkin were friends and my understanding is that he was inspired to base the Harley Quinn character off this scene from DAYS OF OUR LIVES.
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I watched the first episode of DC Universe's #HarleyQuinn last year and figured it wasn't for me: funny, but too consciously in your face. Now I've watched the rest of the first season and what do you know, it really is as good as everyone said. Great plotting and character work.
It's interesting to me that #HarleyQuinn isn't talked about in the same context as the new She-Ra. They're both stories about the redemptive power of friendship, and female friendship specifically.
Where I think #HarleyQuinn does She-Ra one better is that it doesn't insist that friendship automatically makes you a good person. That's easier to do when everyone on the show is a villain, obviously.
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I really dislike the way people are framing the release of Birds Of Prey. I keep seeing articles such as "What went wrong?" which to me feels like they're missing the big picture, either intentionally or unintentionally.
[1] #BirdsOfPrey #HarleyQuinn #BoP @birdsofpreywb
What went wrong?
• R Rated, which usually don't perform as well in box office
• Marketing was limited. Who'll see it if you don't market it?
• Released at a time of year when movies don't perform well
• SnyderFans vowed to hate this movie before it came out
[2] #BirdsOfPrey
What went right.
• It made 33M Domestic, but already earned its budget internationaly.
• The highest grossing film of the weekend, despite low turnout.
• Damn good, solid, fun, action and crime movie. (See it)
[3] #BirdsOfPrey #BoP #HarleyQuinn #BirdsOfPreyMovie @BirdsOfPreyWB
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