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"Across #China, the police are buying technology that harnesses vast #surveillance data to predict #crime and #protest before they happen."… #Panopticon #Bentham #startups
1/ "The latest generation of technology digs through the vast amounts of data collected on their daily activities to find patterns and aberrations, promising to predict crimes or protests before they happen."
2/ "It takes extensive evasive maneuvers to avoid the digital tripwires."
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🔥 Generate Pencil Sketch from Photo using 🐍

Keep Reading this 🧵 👇

#MachineLearning #AI #100DaysOfCode #Coding #Python
We will use OpenCV & Matplotlib Library for generating Sketch Image.
Step 1: Read Image & Convert to Grey Image

Using cvtColor function of OpenCV.
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Story that needs to get more attention: it appears that the major of Berlin has been deceived by a #deepfake video call. She thought she was talking to Kyiv major Vitali Klitschko.…
A similar story that happened last year - deep fakes used to deceive European MPs.
Story in English by @dwnews. These are exactly the scenarios people working on #AI-enabled disinformation have been warning about.…
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Some of the pieces I've authored / co-authored on #ArtificialIntelligence and #defense & foreign policy in the last couple of years - 🧵

#AI #Military #NATO #policy
November 2020: while still at #NATO, I was working on policy White Papers on #AI and on #autonomous technologies. Those were disseminated to Allied govts for feedback. They were not published, but we released a snapshot of the overall thinking here:…
In 2021, I came back to NATO for a while to draft the first version of a more developed #AI #strategy for the Alliance. That work was then negotiated by Allied govts and agreed in Oct 2021.
NATO released a public summary of the Strategy here:…
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Anyone who did not see this coming does not understand #tech…(which includes people who design #AI).

“Important nuances were lost in translation when a rule commonly used to measure disparate impacts on protected groups in hiring was codified for easy-to-use tools…AI fairness”
Every time I see “our #AI will solve bias! Give us your #DEI budget!” win an #innovation award, accelerator, #hackathon I feel exhausted…

institutions would rather purchase ineffective & worsening-the-problem #tech than hard work of holding ppl accountable or change culture
And this is how #DEI - how currently approached - is ineffective & wastes money because a small amount of money is thrown at it with zero/minimal real hard work & unwillingness to be uncomfortable. Hence these bills:…
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"Kids are not simply little adults."

This adage is repeated countless times throughout med school re: physiology/pharma.

I think it should apply equally to #AI. That's why this headline from @AuntMinnie concerns me greatly.
#RadTwitter #PedsTwitter
In the referenced article, the authors set out to validate @Lunit_AI CXR tool on a cohort of pediatric CXRs.

The authors explicitly state in the abstract that the tool was developed for ADULTS, not kids.
Here are a few of the reasons why I'm deeply concerned by this:

#1 - We already have learned that #AI tools can fail unpredictably & inexplicably on data that falls within the distribution of the training data.
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@fchollet It continues to be amazing that #neurons operate with action potentials which have a *maximum* frequency of a few hundred bits/second. One organizing principle is simply massive parallelism of very slow wetware units.
@fchollet Another principle is the analog processing capability of neuronal and dendritic membranes, e.g. dendritic action potentials.
@fchollet @fchollet Yet another principle from comparative anatomy and physiology is that brains reflect the structure of the body they inhabit and the motor/sensory needs of that animal. #AI has no physical body and no connection with natural selection to organize it.
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The most impressive science in biotech right now is:

1. #iPSC
2. #AI/#ML in biotech
3. #SynBio
5. #TPD
#iPSC has to be doing some of the most amazing science in the entire sector right now. The funny part is they don't get all the hype as the other hot science spaces. They are completely engineering cells that have many new functions and remove many old functions.
They are making all kinds of cells from stem cells into eye, heart, liver, pancreas and immune cells. They don't get much love because of the bad data of the allogeneic CAR-T programs, but some of these companies are completely disruptive.
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1/ My new home @future just turned 1 🎉! Some thoughts on why I’m so excited about Future, by way of sharing a few of my favorite articles we’ve published so far. 🧵
2/ My colleagues share my optimistic outlook but get that building a better future won’t be easy. Many of my favorites tap into a common theme: science is integral to creating a better world, only if we (scientists) embrace new technologies and explore radical ideas, e.g.
3/ Science is slow, but it doesn’t have to be. One of the things slowing science down is the archaic process of funding science. Begging for #grants takes huge chunks of researcher time, decisions take months, and decision-makers are often risk-averse.
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Happy to finally share our paper about differentiable Top-K Learning by Sorting that didn’t make it to #CVPR2022, but was accepted for #ICML2022! We show that you can improve classification by actually considering top-1 + runner-ups… 1/6🧵

#ComputerVision #AI #MachineLearning

Great work by @FHKPetersen in collaboration with Christian Borgelt, @OliverDeussen . 2/6🧵

@MITIBMLab @goetheuni @UniKonstanz
Idea: Top-k class accuracy is used in many ML tasks, but training is usually limited to top-1 accuracy (or another k). We propose a differentiable top-k classification loss that allows training by considering any combination of top-k predictions, e.g. top-2 top-5, 3/6🧵
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Ottoman era inspired science fiction, a thread. #midjourney #AI ImageImageImageImage
Ottoman era inspired science fiction, II.
#midjourney #AI ImageImageImageImage
Ottoman era inspired science fiction, III.
#midjourney #AI ImageImage
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Check out our #CVPR2022 paper! We improve multimodal zero-shot text-to-video retrieval on Youcook2/MSR-VTT by leveraging fusion transformer and combinatorial loss. 1/🧵

#ComputerVision #AI #MachineLearning

@MITIBMLab @goetheuni @MIT_CSAIL @IBMResearch Image
If you want to go directly to the paper/code, please check out:
Github link:…

Great work by @ninashv__ , @Brian271828, @arouditchenko Samuel Thomas, Brian Kingsbury, @RogerioFeris , David Harwath, and James Glass.
We propose a multimodal modality agnostic fusion transformer that learns to exchange information between multiple modalities, e.g. video, audio, text, and builds an embedding that aggregates multi-modal information. Image
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In 2016, Science published the structure of the #NuclearPoreComplex—the sole gateway for macromolecules to enter or exit the nucleus.

A new special issue builds on that work, presenting the structure in unprecedented detail. (THREAD) 🧵 ImageImage
A composite structure of the cytoplasmic face of the human #NuclearPoreComplex provides a rich foundation for elucidating the molecular basis of #mRNA export and nucleoporin diseases, according to a new Science study. Image
In a new Science study, researchers present a near-atomic composite structure of the human #NuclearPoreComplex’s ~64-megadalton symmetric core. The findings provide a basis for future functional studies. Image
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Kicking off #Nutrition2022 with the Presidential Symposium, "#Precision #Nutrition: New Scientific Horizons."
#NutritionLiveOnline Image
Quite the lineup for the opening session! Image
The #nutrition for #precision #health is an initiative from @NIH via the @AllofUsResearch Research Program. Image
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It's day 1 of London Tech Week! 🌟

Join us as we're at the @QEIICentre campus for a packed agenda with fantastic sessions to explore the next wave of tech innovation. On today's agenda: the Global Leaders Innovation Summit, @EQLHER, HealthTech Summit and more!

#LTW2022 Image
@RishiSunak, opened London Tech Week this morning with a headline keynote.

"If you’re an entrepreneur looking for funding, I want you to look at the UK and say: that’s where I want to be."

#LTW22 Image
Great to hear our Deputy Mayor for Business @RajeshAgrawal talk positively about London's #business ecosystem during his welcome address.

"There is no better place in the whole world to grow you business internationally than London."

#LTW22 Image
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(1) It's critical that advances in AI be understood by those from the humanities and creative arts. This is because commercially available AI will soon cross the point where, to paraphrase Arthur C. Clarke, it will become 'indistinguishable from magic'. #scifi #dalle2 #futurism Image
(2) When talking of magic “There are only two worlds-your world, which is the real world, and other worlds, the fantasy. Worlds like this are worlds of the human imagination: their reality, or lack of reality is not important. What is important is that they are there..." #dalle2 Image
(3) "...These worlds provide an alternative. Provide an escape. Provide a threat. Provide a dream, and power; provide refuge, and pain. They give your world meaning. They do not exist; and thus they are all that matters." (Gaiman) #dalle2 #NeilGaiman @neilhimself #London #Magic Image
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We're well into the 3rd "large-scale" era of machine learning which has given rise to Foundation Models… and a recent controversy about whether LaMDA, a language model, is sentient #AI
A Google engineer @cajundiscordian claimed it was and was put on paid administrative leave for violating its confidentiality policy… by @nitashatiku with balanced perspective
To contextualize this post, in particular, that has evoked considerable interest
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I don't think people have fully grasped the power of full stack AI (e.g. combining transcription, editing, and visual generation) when it comes to helping engage with and grow or augment 'accepted norms' around culture and history. #AI #dalle2 #culture #history #art #gpt3
Personal histories are something that have historically been the preserve of privileged communities; with people from immigrant backgrounds, or those that have a rich history of oral storytelling, often having a much 'thinner' sense of their own sense of place. #dalle2 #immigrant
There are over 300m first generation immigrants globally; when you factor in second and third generation immigrants, along with migrants from nomadic or other similar communities the impact of this is well over a billion individuals. #dalle2 #AI #art #immigrant #nomad #history
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🔥 Next at #RightsCon 🔥

Join Bernard Chiira (@startupnanny), Rua M. Williams (@FractalEcho), @NataliePatriceT, and Lydia X. Z. Brown (@autistichoya) discuss the systems and standards that uphold ableism in tech development, design, & distribution.… Image
@startupnanny @FractalEcho @NataliePatriceT @autistichoya 🔴🔴 Live now!

Don’t miss this Fireside Chat between @startupnanny, @FractalEcho, @NataliePatriceT, and @autistichoya. 🤳 Follow this thread for live updates or join below. #RightsCon…
"We often deal with discomfort and messiness as disabled activists and advocates, says @autistichoya.
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What an incredibly odd and weak episode of “Streitkräfte und Strategien” on autonomous weapons. Germany has internationally renowned experts on this topic - @drfranksauer @adahlma to just name two - and @cschmiester presents this topic as if no one had ever heard of it.
I know not everyone follows this topic closely but over the last years it has been discussed in quite some detail in the German media. So going “oh wow, this Stuart Russell in this FT article warns of these systems” is just… weak sauce.
Just a few examples of recent media reports on this:
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If anyone didn't get what I meant when I said @ykilcher chose to "kick the hornets nest" or if anyone was wondering about the cost of speaking out against unethical behaviour in #AI, here's a little summary of my recent twitter feed.

CW: transphobia

Here's some more. If anyone doesn't understand why all these statements are explicitly transphobic ... well, it is because you don't face it. These are all extremely hurtful.

That's enough, but I've skipped all the misogyny, racism, anti-semitism etc. ImageImageImageImage
This isn't isolated. Another commentator on this stunt has needed to take some time off Twitter due to the reaction.

I honestly spent several days deciding to post on this, because I knew what would happen. It was important, but there is always a cost.

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Today is a BFD triumph in life science—solving the 3D structure at near atomic level resolution, one of the world's hardest, giant jigsaw puzzles—the nuclear pore complex—the largest molecular machine in human cells, with structure-based AI prediction
Extraordinary work and perseverance by multiple groups…
This wouldn't have happened without #AI #AlphaFold
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🔥THREAD: Twitter Purchase Analysis

1/20 @elonmusk exposed the problem with social media giant #Twitter & I'll explain why he's right
2009: Most Active Twitter Users Are Bots
5% of Twitter users account for 75% of all activity
32% of tweets by the most active users actually come from Twitter bots

Twitter becomes a powerful social tool for amplification.
Marketers jump on board with automated user creation & automated tweet products
4 Useful Twitter Bots for Marketers

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Live from #GartnerSEC | Anticipate How AI Will Change How You Build Security Products with Nat Smith, Sr Director Analyst, Gartner.

Follow along 🧵
#DYK: Your buyers are fascinated with AI, but few really understand how #AI works. #GartnerSEC
"Most vendor presenter do not know how to effectively communicate how #AI works or the value it provides." #GartnerSEC
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