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History Repeats 🤔??
A series...
1. War between China and India that occurred in 1962. Chinese disputed Himalayan border was the main cause of the war. There had been a series of violent border skirmishes between the Army of both countries 🤔
2. Chinese military action became aggressive after India rejected proposed Chinese diplomatic settlements throughout 1960–1962 🤔
3. China re-commenced previously-agreed.. “forward patrols" ... in Ladakh from 30 April 1962. #China finally abandoned all attempts of peaceful resolution on 20 October 1962, and Attacked the territory 😞
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DAY - 1

I will be posting Antonio Maino's lesser-known facts/secrets for people to see through the devious and evil ways of the Gandhi Parivaar.

In the year 1993, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) filed a report dated 23/02/1993 and subsequently Registered a case RC.1/93-SIU(XII) dated 08/07/1993 against one M/s Southern Arts

Exporters of Indian Handicrafts having registered address 10D, First East Main Road, Shenoy Nagar, Madras for Smuggling Indian Antiques to Italy.

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#KhanMarketGang - #Luteyns is relatively a new term. They began this sychophancy , which J Nehru enjoyed very much, and the breed grew, leaving behind a group of successors. I was too young to understand the power play then, but one of the original members , who's still alive and
3. Stays in Bangalore is a damn good friend of mine and it goes beyond politics. In spite of his leanings , we enjoy each others company. The kind of stories he has told me , is sometimes a good anecdote, sometimes so nauseating , sometimes very scary too. Twitter would ban me
2. Or block me for life, because if I'm to post all the details , it would take me a day or more . However , even then they stifled media ,more crudely than now, though IG went one step further - she redefined harassment and threat to new standards #AntoniaMaino has been a good
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ज़रूरत तो नहीं थी किन्तु अब बात निकली है तो दूर तलक तो जाएगी ही।

आइए आज आपका थोड़ा गहराई से परिचय कराता हूं, #AntoniaMaino जी से और उनके परिवार से।
लगे हाथ आपको उनके अपराधिक मामलों के बारे में भी बताता जाऊंगा।
चुनाव के हलफनामे (2004) में हमेशा यह दावा किया गया था कि #SoniaGandhi ने @Cambridge_Uni (स्निपेट -1) में अपनी पढ़ाई की है, जिसे कुछ समय बाद में कैंब्रिज के लेनोक्स कुक स्कूल में बदल दिया गया।
1972 में, #AntoniaMainoSonia ने सार्वजनिक क्षेत्र की कंपनी ओरिएंटल फायर इंश्योरेंस के बीमा एजेंट रूप में अपनी नौकरी की शुरुआत की लेकिन अपने व्यवसाय के पते के तौर पर तत्कालीन प्रधान मंत्री और उनकी सास श्रीमती इंदिरा गांधी का आधिकारिक पता दिखाया। 

ये सरासर एक अपराध था..
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Developing #ChineseVirus vaccine

Developing #TablighiJamatVirus
Contrast in Media Coverage #AntoniaMaino

Learn. Share. Act. ImageImage
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1/n #SadarPranam to Ishvara within everyone in & supporting @INCIndia including you.

I did not want to, but I think we should again remember who #AntoniaMaino is.

I share information about the Criminal Family in this thread.
2/n It was always claimed in Election's affidavit (2004) that #SoniaGandhi attended @Cambridge_Uni (snippet-1) which was later changed to Lennox Cook School, Cambridge.
3/n In 1972, #AntoniaMainoSonia took a job of an insurance agent of Oriental Fire Insurance, a public sector firm & showed her business address as the official residence of the then Prime Minister and her mother-in-law, Mrs Indira Gandhi despite being a foreigner.

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Some questions that #China must ANSWER to the #world

1. Evidence of number of deaths in China (they must have a death register of Wuhan City), just oral statements are not enough now to trust you.

#CoronavirusOutbreak #Lockdown2 #India #media #ChineseVirus19 #COVID19 #vaccine
2. Measures you took to control Covid19 pandemic so well and quickly keeping mortality rate very low (as per their claims)
➡️ Measures taken by u to isolate other 🇨🇳 cities with Pandemic, which are by& large marginally affected while countrie like USA, Italy, France, Spain in spite of 1000s of km far, r facing grave& unmanageable situations hving very high mortality rate, unlike nos declared by u 🇨🇳?
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Ek fact se ye haal hai

And I m shocked to know that many of Indians don't know the past & harsh facts associated with Bar dancer!!

Lets enlighten some of them for better understanding🔥
Father of bar dancer was a dog in Mussolini's army, yes same fascist army, not only that
He was proud of fighting against Russian reds alongside Hitler

Bar dancer had a serious relationship with an Italian footballer called Franco!
Franco auto biography was banned in India
Franco was not very famoes, however Bar dancer's mom was ok with thier relationship and they were about to get married in few months
Then enters our Hero from India in her life!!

He went to Trinity College using family connections & bar dancer was in same city
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Here's why #PalgharMobLynching case is NOT COMMUNAL ACCORDING TO @OfficeofUT Govt & Why they lynched Sadhus.
CPM & Kashtakari Sanghatna used to be rivals ages ago. They settled the scores & became partners in crime. Fully sponsored & supported by NCP, Congress & ISI.
Moto "Conversion" & "Break India" newly termed as BHARAT TERE TUKDE HONGE INSHALLAH INSHALLAH.
They are Anti Hindu & idea of India. All terror attacks were permitted by #AntoniaMaino. Mumbai suffered the most because of @PawarSpeaks. ISI,Dawood Con NCP are friends with benefits.
@OfficeofUT is nothing but a puppet. Bullet Train project was scrapped for Brian Lobo, Pradip Prabhu who is backed by CPM, NCP, Congress. All #UrbanNaxals like #GautamNavlakha #AnandTeltumbde #ArundhatiRoy etc. are funded by the same people for same agenda.
Bottom line samjhlo.
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