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@tathagata2 @Swamy39 @NewsX Mumbai police are attacking @republic for questioning Antonia for Sadhu Lynching. Question #Arnab and team for 28 hours trying to intimidate him

Maharashtra police hand over Sadhus to mob for murder. Now block investigation of #PalgharSadhuLynching. CPI, Church are involved!help
@tathagata2 @Swamy39 @NewsX @republic Sir why is this Modi government so helpless? It seems as helpless as us Hindus. Antonia Maino the missionaries agent is very much in power to wipe out our culture and faith and those that speaks for us , those that exposes her deeds .Is bjp and Antonia in agreement? It seems so.
@tathagata2 @Swamy39 @NewsX @republic If Arnav Goswami is framed & tortured by Antonia with the help of Mumbai police, what chances do we commoners have of surviving under this Christian goon?As a hindu I feel as helpless under @BJP4India as I was under UPA . Pls help us!!
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@INCIndia is very keen in giving out CBI Enquiries on @Republic and #Arnab. Will @INCIndia ask for #CBI PROBE in the attack done on #ArnabGoswami which was carried out exactly 1 month 4 days ago,if I show the proofs that how IYC was involved?

1. #Arnab attacked on 23rd April, 2020.
Tweets @republic studio address on twitter and tagged @satyajeettambe and @srinivasiyc on 22nd April, 2020.
2. @sumitkashyapjha asking @GaneshMPYC to "DO THE NEEDFUL" on 22nd April, 2020, ONE DAY BEFORE THE ATTACK and @satyajeettambe writing "NOTED"..
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Supreme Court Bench of Justices DY Chandrachud & MR Shah to pronounce its orders on @Republic TV Chief, Arnab Goswami's pleas seeking to quash the FIRs filed against him regarding the reporting of Palghar lynching & the Bandra migrants.

#ArnabGoswami #SupremeCourt #Republic
Justice Chandrachud: Article 32 of the Constitution protects fundamental right of citizens. Petitioner is media journalist and journalists have fundamental right to speak truth to power.

#ArnabGoswami #SupremeCourt #Republic #JusticeChandrachud
Justice Chandrachud: But this right is not absolute

#ArnabGoswami #SupremeCourt #Republic #JusticeChandrachud
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SC is hearing #ArnabGoswami's plea seeking quashing of FIR filed against him for disturbing communal harmony over the gathering of Migrants in Bandra.

Top Court also to hear an application filed by Maharastra Govt. seeking restraining Goswami from interfering in investigation.
Senior Advocate Harish Salve is appearing for #ArnabGoswami
The FIR sought to be quashed by Goswami was filed by Irfan Abubakar Shaikh, secretary of the Raza Educational Welfare Society for communal disturbance created over the gathering of #migrant workers in Mumbai’s Bandra.
Senior Advocate Harish Salve to bench comprising Justices DY Chandrachud & MR Shah:
"There is a fresh petition & an earlier one also, the incident is of April 16 of a show telecast on TV. There are a slew of FIRs against the petitioner for his show"
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#Breaking FIR No. 2: Arnab moves Supreme Court in Bandra Incident, accuses Police of "malice & ill will" and Congress of Fabricated Migrant Crisis @INCIndia @republic #SoniaGandhi #ArnabGoswami…
A fresh FIR was registered yesterday against Goswami by Irfan Abubakar Shaikh. Arnab is accused of disturbing communal harmony through his flagship debate show on the Hindi News Channel, Republic Bharat where he allegedly communalised the Bandra migrant incident. #ArnabGoswami
On April 14, a large gathering had assembled in Bandra in what appeared to be a gathering of migrants hopeful of returning home. Goswami, in his debate show called this incident a "conspiracy" & labelled the migrants as "actors" who were planted by people with "vested interests".
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As an observer, I concede : "RW" Twitteratti is a sinusoidal conglomerate of whimsical, reactionary gullible souls & for them, the panacea to every menace is : where is Modi-Shah ? It reminds me of those days in the late 90's when every time India was in a fix, the (1/n)
cricket aficionado, with eyes glued to the idiot box, asks a similar question : "Is Sachin out? How much has he scored?" The evolution of Indian cricket began when we started out churning players beyond Sachin, as Sachin can't always come to the rescue. It is high time that(2/n)
people should come out of "Modi-The-Sole-Face-Of-Ecosystem" tirade. Why burden yourself with unnecessary expectations for something Modi was not voted for in the first place : interfere in the legal proceedings of a private person in Mumbai ? Well, to drive home my point,(3/n)
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This thread is on the hypocrisy of Indian main stream media irrespective of its leaning

What happened to #ArnabGoswami is highly deplorable and no person should be attacked for airing his views

Having said this, let me to show double standards of @republic on @SriNithyananda
Arnab: It is absolutely unethical to take a 30 second clipping put of 100 hours of programming and misrepresent & vilify....

Arnab: this man is a child pronographer, child rapist, sex predator

@Srinithyananda has 2.5 petabytes of satsangs

How is this?

We had great faith in #Arnab brand of investigation & reporting, but to our collective horrors, even public material by the so called "victims" were ignored and complete hogwash was reported

How does it feel now Sir?

Check star victim Sarah's flip flop

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#KhanMarketGang - #Luteyns is relatively a new term. They began this sychophancy , which J Nehru enjoyed very much, and the breed grew, leaving behind a group of successors. I was too young to understand the power play then, but one of the original members , who's still alive and
3. Stays in Bangalore is a damn good friend of mine and it goes beyond politics. In spite of his leanings , we enjoy each others company. The kind of stories he has told me , is sometimes a good anecdote, sometimes so nauseating , sometimes very scary too. Twitter would ban me
2. Or block me for life, because if I'm to post all the details , it would take me a day or more . However , even then they stifled media ,more crudely than now, though IG went one step further - she redefined harassment and threat to new standards #AntoniaMaino has been a good
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Arnab, did u not do the same to @SriNithyananda & @ISupport_Bapuji. How does it feel when it happens to u. I request all to read the entire thread 2 understand the vicious attack on YSJP Gujarat aadheenam.
@Janamejayan @jlxmi @Swamy39
Are you getting the taste of your own medicine Arnab? Where was your journalistic professionalism when u reported @SriNithyananda @SuryahSG @rahulroushan @Krishna_Priiya @parantapah @ashi_mahe
#Arnab ur first victim claims she was sexually harassed by @SriNithyananda and made to masturbate. Look at her own video where she says abt it. Did u bother to look at this ? @Janamejayan @gary_agg @sankrant @SanjeevSanskrit @mariawirth1 @Indumakalktchi @sansbarrier @KathirNews
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Today, I have written this thread for #Hindus,do read it🙏
We all are going through #CoronavirusPandemic which is really dangerous,but something is more dangerous than this pandemic, let's see it.
Recently news of #HinduSadhus, lynched by a mob shook the nation... (1)
some were blaming muslims while some were blaming Christians because these groups were always involved in such things due to their principles of Otherisation (Categorising people on the basis of faith i.e., believers and Non-believers) . .. (2)
It is a broader concept, I will talk about this some other day.
Everyone one of u might have seen that heartbreaking breaking video of sadhus which made everyone cry.
Some of you might have been thinking, is this really India?.. (3) #SadhusLynched
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SC bench comprising Justices D Y Chandrachud and M R Shah to consider shortly the writ petition filed by Republic TV Editor-in-Chief, #ArnabGoswami, seeking to quash the FIRs registered against him in various states over his news debate on #PalgharMobLynching case.

Senior Adv. Mukul Rohatgi & Siddhartha Bhatnagar appearing for #ArnabGoswami.
8 lawyers on screen including Senior Advs @VTankha for Chhattisgarh, @KapilSibal for Maharashtra & @DrAMSinghvi for Rajasthan, on VC hearing.

Justice Chandrachud: "Why so many lawyers?"

Senior Advocate Mukul Rohatgi begins:

"There is a place called #Palghar in Maharashtra, where persons were lynched in the presence of 12 police client (#ArnavGoswami) bought out this incident on his daily show for 45 Minutes...."

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Missed opportunity to engage with man in charge of the economy -Jaitley’s interview by Arnab… via @myindmakers 1/n
Only one good question: 'Are you missing opposition?' wasted interview #arnab #Jaitley
Q #arnab dint ask #Jaitley 'Are our banks equipped to deal with demand for small loans from new entrepreneurs?' 3/n
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