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Bombay High Court hearing Sameer Wankhede's co-accused Sam D'Souza's plea seeking quashing of CBI case alleging over Rs 25 crore corruption in the 2021 Cordelia Cruise Ship Drug Bust.

#SameerWankhede #BombayHighCourt
#AryanKhan Image
Hearing before the vacation bench of Justice Abhay Ahuja and Justice MM Sathaye
#SameerWankhede #BombayHighCourt
Earlier the court extended interim relief to Sameer Wankhede against any coercive action till June 8, 2023 subject to his not giving any press statement or publishing any material on the matter
#SameerWankhede #BombayHighCourt
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Bombay High Court is hearing plea by former IRS officer Sameer Wankhede seeking quashing of FIR by CBI alleging corruption and extortion.

@swankhede_IRS @narcoticsbureau @CBIHeadquarters Image
Sr Adv Abad Ponda: I have been appearing before the CBI. I was granted protection.

Adv Kuldeep Patil for CBI: The reply was sought on the aspect of Section 17A. and that NCB was to clarify, which they have in their affidavit.

#SameerWankhede #CBI #NCB
Patil: Meanwhile he has gone ahead and shared chats.

Court: When the matter was subjudice what was the need for circulating the chats?

Ponda: I have only circulated what is in the petition. Not beyond that. The petition may be sealed.

#SameerWankhede #CBI #NCB
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#Investors should avoid knee-jerk reaction as the investigation is still underway & @AxisMutualFund has already sacked the concerned officials from their responsibilities.

Impacted #mutualfund schemes (image enclosed) haven't been recommended by us at #MasterMindFinnAsset (1/n) Image
Extent of notional losses that may have occurred to the #investors in these schemes can only be estimated after the probe. Investors may have to wait for further action, disclosures & announcements from the fund house & the regulator around this matter.(2/n) #axismutualfund
Unfortunately @AxisMutualFund is witnessing knee-jerk reaction of #investors via redemptions or stoppage of SIPs/ STPs. Focus of facts not rumors about the management. Such rumors have been there from past 2 years for @FTIIndia as well. (3/n)
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[#AryanKhan drug case]

14 page bail order of #BombayHighCourt:

- No positive evidence of conspiracy
- Intention to commit offence because of possession of commercial quantity argument rejected
- Confessional statements considered only for investigation not to draw inference Image
Court is required to be sensitive to the fact there has to be presence of basic material in the form of evidence to substantiate case of conspiracy against #AryanKhan, #munmundhamecha and #ArbaazMerchant - order says.

Court has observed that “investigation carried out till this date suggests that #AryanKhan and #ArbaazMerchant were travelling independent of #munmundhamecha and there was no meeting of minds on the issue”

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#JustIn: #BombayHighCourt issues a five page order detailing the conditions on which it granted bail to #AryanKhan #MunmunDhamecha and #ArbazMerchant in the #MumbaiCruiseDrugs case.

A detailed order with reasoning to be issued later, says Justice Nitin Sambre.
Following are the bail conditions for #AryanKhan #MunmunDhamecha & #ArbazMerchant

- Each to execute PR bond of Rs 1 lakh n surety
- They shall not indulge in any activity punishable under the #NDPS Act.
- Shall not contact in any manner with anyone related to the case
- #AryanKhan n others shouldn't attempt to either directly or indirectly influence any witness or tamper with the evidence.
- Trio to surrender passport with special #NDPS court and not leave #Mumbai without permission of the concerned court.
#MumbaiDrugBust #AryanKhanBail
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जेव्हा एक १७ वर्षांचा तरुण आपल्या मातोश्रींना उपदेश करतो की -

“वेळ कायम राहत नाही, ती बदलते, तेव्हा आत्ता उदास होऊ नकोस, योग्य वेळ येईपर्यंत थांब. मी सुद्धा त्याकरताच आत्ता नमतं घेतो आहे. एकदा का संधी आली की मग तिचं सोनं करणं हे आपल्या हाती आहे”.

“…काळ सदैव सारखा असतो असा अर्थ नाहीं…”

- श्रीमंत थोरले माधवराव पेशवे

घरातल्या आणि बाहेरच्या शत्रुंशी लढताना देखील थोरल्या माधवरावांचे हे उद्गार त्यांच्या महानतेबद्दल बरंच काही सांगून जातात.

माधवरावांच्या आयुष्यातला एक महत्त्वाचा गुण म्हणजे - परिस्थिती काहीही असो, खचून न जाणे !

१६ व्या वर्षी स्वराज्यची शपथ घेणारे शिवछत्रपती असो वा १६ व्या वर्षी ह्याच साम्राज्याची जबाबदारी घेणारे थोरले माधवराव असो, आजच्या पिढीने ह्या महापुरुषांकडून शिकण्यासारखे खूप काही आहे.

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Bail is not a rule in drug cases, NCB tells Bombay High Court

Additional Solicitor General Anil Singh, appearing for the NCB, said #AryanKhan, who has been arrested in a drugs case, is not a first-time offender.
#AryanKhan had been denied bail on two previous occasions despite his lawyers arguing before the court that no drugs were found in his possession during the raids.

But the NCB's lawyer argued that Khan had been found in “conscious possession” of drugs

#AryanKhan gets bail in drugs case after three weeks in jail
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#AryanKhanBailHearing: 'It was a party. My learned friend is saying why we have arrested on October 2 on Gandhi Jayanti.. it is dry day we should have left them...' said ASG Anil Singh

#AryanKhanCase #BombayHighCourt #AryanKhanDrugsCase
#AryanKhanDrugCase #AryanKhanBail #NCB
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[LIVE] Aryan Khan case to commence at 2.30 before Bombay High Court

- #AryanKhan, Arbaaz Merchant & Munmun Dhamecha have completed arguments
- NCB rep by ASG Anil Singh to argue today
- #BombayHighCourt hopes to conclude proceedings today

#AryanKhanDrugsCase #kirangosavi
Justice Sambre's Court has reached Item 22 and Aryan Khan case is listed as Item 39.

#AryanKhan #AryanKhanCase #MukulRohatgi #BombayHighCourt #AryanKhanDrugsCase #KiranGosavi
Justice Sambre has reached Item 28 and has 6 kept back matters.

#AryanKhan #AryanKhanDrugCase #AryanKhanDrugsCase #MukulRohatgi #KiranGosavi #BombayHighCourt
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I have submitted an urgent letter to Hon'ble CP Mr.Hemant Nagarale @CPMumbaiPolice about the serious revelations by Manish Bhangale at Jalgaon. I have requested Hon'ble CP Mumbai to treat my letter as a First Information Report. #AryanKhan
Revelations of Manish Bhangale - KiranGosavi,Sam D'Souza,Alok Jain & ShaileshChaudhary approached him to commit following offences,A)To illegally obtain Pooja Dadlani's CDR, B)To illegally obtain Aryan Khan's WhatsApp chat, C)To illegally get a SIMCard in Prabhakar Sail's name.
It is my respectful submission before you that Kiran Gosavi is a history-sheeter and is extremely active in tampering the evidence related to CR. No.94 of 2021 in which Aryan Khan is arrested.
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In light of the multiple complaints filed of alleged extortion against #NCB Zonal Director #SameerWakhede, Mumbai Pooice has appointed a committee of 6 police officers to conduct a probe.


The officers include Assistant Commissioner Milind Khetle, Inspector Ajay Sawant, Assistant Inspector Shrikant Karkar and Sub-Inspector Prakash Gawli.

They will be supervised by Additional Commissioner of Police Dilip Sawant and Deputy Commissioner Hemraj Singh Rajput.

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Aryan Khan Bail [LIVE UPDATES from Bombay High Court]

#AryanKhan #AryanKhanArrested #BombayHighCourt #AryanKhanCase

Live updates from court here:
Yesterday Senior Counsel Mukul Rohatgi had made arguments on behalf of Aryan Khan.

#AryanKhan #MukulRohatgi #BombayHighCourt

Read more on yesterday's hearing here:
Arguments on behalf of Khan had concluded yesterday.

Senior Advocate Amit Desai will resume arguments today on behalf of co-accused Arbaaz Merchant.

#ArbaazMerchantt #AryanKhan #BombayHighCourt
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#AryanKhan Case मामले में कोर्ट में हर रोज सुनवाई चल रही है।
#ArnabGoswami Case मामले में अदालत देर रात को भी बेल देकर सुनवाई करता है।
और एक आम भारतीय #नागरिक को कोर्ट से किसी प्रकार का न्याय या राहत पाने में महीनों, कभी कभार तो वर्षों लग जाता है।

कब तक हम एक देश एक समान कानून का झूठा ढ़िढोरा पीटते रहेंगें?
हाल ही में,
उत्तरप्रदेश के एक महिला मंत्री ने उत्तरप्रदेश के महिलाओं से अपील किया है कि वो "रात में पुलिस स्टेशन न जाए"!? वरना कुछ भी हो सकता है.

क्या पुलिस रात में महिलाओं की रक्षा वो भी police station में ही करने में
असमर्थ है?
यह कोई छोटी बात नहीं जिसको दाँत चियारकर इग्नोर कर दिया जाए.
ऐसे बातें सुनकर एक लोकतांत्रिक समाज और उसकी जनता को सरकार के खिलाफ क्रांति कर देनी चाहिए.
क्योंकि यह जनता की सुरक्षा का मामला है।

मैं हैरान हूँ कि आखिरकार लोगों ने यह सुनकर बर्दास्त कैसे कर लिया?
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#AryanKhanBailHearing Live Updates: Small quantity not enough to keep Aryan in jail, WhatsApp chats irrelevant says, #Aryan's lawyer

Keep watching this space for more..

#MukulRohatgi #ShahRukhKhan #News #AryanKhanArrested
#AryanKhan #MumbaiCruiseDrugsCase #AryanKhan Image
#AryanKhanBailHearing: "I am not concerned with any controversy. I am not connected with Panch 1 or Panch 2, nor am I accusing any officer of the NCB," argued #MukulRohatgi in the #BombayHC

#AryanKhanDrugCase #AryanKhan #ShahRukhKhan #AryanKhanArrested #NCB #SameerWakhende Image
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[LIVE UPDATES] Bombay High Court to hear Aryan Khan Bail plea today

- Justice Nitin Sambre to hear the matter
- Former Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi to appear for Aryan Khan

#AryanKhan #ShahrukKhan #AryankhanDrugsCase #SameerWankhende #BombayHighCourt #MukulRohatgi
Neha Joshi will report from Justice Nitin Sambre Court as this is not a virtual hearing and an in person hearing.

#AryanKhan #ShahrukKhan #AryankhanDrugsCase #SameerWankhende #BombayHighCourt #MukulRohatgi @Neha_Jozie
Prabhakar Sail had filed a detailed affidavit making allegations at NCB officials.

Here are 17 points from his affidavit

Story -

#AryanKhan #ShahrukKhan #AryankhanDrugsCase #SameerWankhende #BombayHighCourt #MukulRohatgi
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Mumbai Court to shortly pronounce its verdict in application filed by #NCB seeking directions from the Court against the hurdles and scuttle being created in #AryanKhanDrugCase.


Special Judge VV Patil reserved the application for orders after hearing the submissions in the morning.…
Follow the thread for updates.

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@mayuganapatye interviewed independent witness #PrabhakarSail who claims that he was asked to sign blank papers by #NCB officials & he overheard #KiranGosavi's phone conversation about 25 crore deal. He has an affidavit to back his claims (1)
@mayuganapatye MIRROR NOW EXCLUSIVE: #AryanKhanCase

@mayuganapatye interviewed independent witness Prabhakar Sail who claims that #KiranGosavi and a certain Sam D'souza had a late-night meeting with #ShahRukhKhan's manager #PoojaDadlani on Oct 3. (2)

Watch the full EXCLUSIVE interview:

#AryanKhanCase #MumbaiDugsCase
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BIG BREAKING | NCB conducts raids at #AnanyaPanday's home amid #ShahRukhKhan's son #AryanKhan's drug case; more details awaited
UPDATE | Mumbai: Anti-drugs agency Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) summons actor #AnanyaPanday for questioning today, reports news ahency ANI
UPDATE | NCB team visited #ShahRukhKhan's residence to collect some documents related to #AryanKhan. No raids were conducted at 'Mannat': NCB Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede told ANI

He told Delhi Times that NCB team went to #AnanyaPanday's residence to serve her summons
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Bail Application no.2571 of 2021. Order dt.20.10.21 (denial of bail to #AryanKhan) Pages 1-4
Bail Application no.2571 of 2021. Order dt.20.10.21 (denial of bail to #AryanKhan) Pages 5-8
Bail Application no.2571 of 2021. Order dt.20.10.21 (denial of bail to #AryanKhan) Pages 9-12
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There is no recovery from #AryanKhan. Nothing is found on his person. Blood/urine reports are absolutely clear. Kiran Gosavi's affront on the Administration of Justice cannot be justified by a central agency like #NCB
Bail is a Rule and Jail is an exception. We can't turn this fundamental rule of Criminal Jurisprudence upside down to vilify #AryanKhan
#MundhraPort aka #AdaniPort massive drugs seizure is buried by the Media by focusing on the false and concocted #CordeliaDrugBustCase
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Excerpts from my criminal complaint to Hon'ble DCP Zone 1 Mumbai.
आर्यन खानची केलेली उचलबांगडी आणि त्याच्या बरोबर त्याच्या इच्छेविरुद्ध काढलेलं छायाचित्र त्याच्या मुलभूत हकांची पायमल्ली करणारे आहे. #AryanKhan
सदर छायाचित्रात आर्यन खान हा पूर्णतः हतबल, असहाय्य आणि उद्विग्न दिसत आहे. आर्यन खान याची संगनमताने शिकार करून त्या शिकारीची मिरवणूक काढण्याचे काम किरण गोसावी, मनीष भानुशाली, प्रतिक गाभा, रिषभ सचदेवा आणि अमीर फर्निचरवाला या गुन्हेगारांनी हेतुपुरस्सररित्या केलेले आहे. #AryanKhan
अश्या प्रकारे एका भारतीय नागरिकाची त्याच्या इच्छे विरुद्ध व त्याची परवानगी नसताना धिंड काढण्यात आलेली आहे. #AryanKhan
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Educational: WHAT IS THE LAW? What powers can a Magistrates Exercise Against Illegal Detentions?
The liberty of a citizen is of supreme importance in a democracy. Any deprivation of personal liberty has to be justified under the law. #AryanKhan
Educational: The Magistrate is a key authority within our criminal law framework for maintaining checks and balances regarding illegal arrest and detention by public officials. #AryanKhan
Educational: As per S.56 and 57 of CrPC and Article 22 of the Constitution, police officials are supposed to produce the arrestee before the nearest magistrate within 24 hours. #AryanKhan
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आज दि.१८.१०.२०२१ रोजी, किरण गोसावी, मनीष भानुशाली, प्रतीक गाबा, रीषभ सचदेवा, अमीर फर्निचरवाला या संघटित गुन्हेगारी टोळीविरोधात त्वरीत एफ.आय.आर. नोंदविण्यासाठी मा.पोलिस आयुक्त परिमंडळ १, मुंबई यांना लेखी फौजदारी तक्रार सादर केली.
#AryanKhan #RuleofLaw Image
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