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How did a Korean boy band (@BTS_twt) with only one English track (#BTS_Dynamite) become the most powerful force in music?

🤓10,000 words later, the business strategy of BTS:…

⚡️TL;DR: #BTS & @BigHitEnt are absolute masters of the fan economy
❓What's the fan economy?
💜 It relies on the building of psychological intimacy 🤝 to encourage fans to spend ⏲️ & 💰 to support

📈Despite #BTS making up 88% of revenue, @BigHitEnt hit a 6+ billion USD market cap in their 1st days on SK's KOSPI.…
“Big Hit have proved just how much a band can prosper through a DTC relationship, driven by digital platforms w/ lots of behind-the-scenes content that keeps fans emotionally involved. It’s engagement on a scale that no Western artist has ever achieved"…
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“Sometimes even when we do things from the bottom of our hearts, they don’t pay off. There are things that just go unnoticed but the things that we have done are not just ours." - RM

#BTS_Dynamite #BTSResearch…
"I think everything – the power of our 🎶 & performance, the things that we’ve talked about, the staff at the company, reporters, fans, the fact that the song was in Eng. & disco pop is just easy for anyone to relate to, it was the combined efforts of all of this.” - RM, @BTS_twt
When asked about their No. 1 achievement, RM said that he doesn't know.

"I know that the Hot 100 chart needs more than the fans, but I really don’t know how approachable we have become to the Western public, neither do I know the demarcation between the fans & public." @BTS_twt
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10 minutes until the #BTS_Dynamite Online Global Media Day begins!

follow this thread for updates, quotes, and whatever commentary pops into my head as I try to type super quickly

@BTS_twt #BTS #방탄소년단 #DynamiteNo1Hot100 #BTSNo1Hot100
will have comments from the members about hot 100 no. 1 and then media questions

#bts #BTS_Dynamite
Taehyung: hello this is V and Kim taehyung of bts we’ve had our press conference for the release of the single and now we are here again with such great news
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"In fact, ARMYs are diverse in age & social class. But I think the power of all of them to support BTS in unison is absolute." - <A Better Word Than Love>, @bookart20

Link to the book below!💜

In this book titled, <A Better Word Than Love.> It interviewed 7 ARMYs to find the answer. By showing 7 ARMYs living their daily lives with BTS' music, this book says the warmest thing we can say to each other, is to tell the story of our lives after all. 💜

@bookart20 Image
The book is a collection of gentle & moving words from ARMYs, whose lives are often rarely seen behind the huge fandom named "BTS ARMY."


You can purchase the book here or visit @bookart20 profile for more links:…
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Kim Namjoon coming in with the SPECS, I knew I could count on you
#BTS_Dynamite #Dynamite #BTS
Joon saying that the guys have been working on new music and nurturing their *hobbies*, we love to see it #BTS_Dynamite #Dynamite #BTS
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#BigHitCorporateBriefing en version française, c'est parti ! Je vous ai préparé un recap des points importants mentionnés dans le briefing diffusé ce matin par Big Hit.

Pour démarrer, le résumé le plus réaliste de l'année 2020 par le PDG Bang Si-Hyuk :
(promis, j'y vais doucement sur les blagues moisies)
Intro rapide de la stratégie de @BigHitEnt, dont je pense sincèrement qu'elle marque un tournant dans l'histoire de l'industrie musicale (plus que celle de Live Nation par ex).
Leur stratégie à 360° tourne autour de l'Artiste + le Fan + l'Industrie (on y revient plus tard).
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I thought I'd make a list of the key points presented at @BigHitEnt's corporate briefing.
A thread. 1/..., let's go ! 🧐
First, the most realistic introduction to 2020 by M. Bang Si-Hyuk himself...
(I promise I'll try no to make to many jokes)
2/... Image
A quick introduction to @BigHitEnt's strategy, which I honestly think broke new grounds in the music industry. Far superior to Live Nation's imo, like they were already living in the future when they started implemanting it years ago.
360° strategy = artist + fan + industry
3/... Image
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ARMY, streams from paid subscription services weigh more for the charts.

You can take advantage of free trials on streaming platforms and have at least one premium account to support “Dynamite” to the fullest!


(@BTS_twt) Image

1 month free trial offer for new user.

3 months free trial offer with PayPal.

(@BTS_twt) ImageImage
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Hey #BTSARMY! @BTSx50States Had a few questions asking about spins and goals for radio when #BTS_Dynamite launches. Here’s a thread with some answers and tips. Think of radio as a marathon and not a sprint. 1st goal should be to encourage stations to add the song.
Radio doesn’t ever automatically start songs out in power rotation (their highest category). This is where the marathon comes in. Even songs from the most familiar artists with the core core radio audience (TS, Billie, Post, etc) take time to become familiar and popular.
If a station adds a song and plays it let’s say 3-6 times a day this is actually a GOOD thing. It’s likely in their new music category. It means they are trying to make it familiar with the core audience. Each station plays theirs a different amount. Some higher than others.
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