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«Госслужащих и банкиров будут штрафовать за рабочее общение в иностранных мессенджерах»¹ — депутаты Госдумы приняли в 1-мчтении поправки в КоАП. Соавтор инициативы — конечно Горелкин.


Горелкину простительно не знать российского законодательства ↓
и правоприменительной практики… Он депутат — не читатель, а писатель. От него ждёшь откровений! Так и вышло. Законодатель перечислил недозволенные на работе мессенджеры, чем ввёл офисных в иллюзию безопасности.
Клерки вот-вот вообразят, что в одних мессенджерах рассказывать рабочие секреты «нельзя», значит в остальных«можно»? Это не так. Тоже нельзя. Сядем все! Карать ВСЕХ за ВСЕ потусторонние средства связи на работе, включая русскую связь — решил Конституционный суд РФ в 2017 году.
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Digital Ad Expert ( es el nuevo main sponsor de #Racing.

A continuación, un breve hilo sobre cómo se dio su llegada a #Racing, quien es su dueño y mucho más. Image
#DigitalAdExpert es una plataforma de Aleph Holding sobre publicidad en redes sociales.

Brinda capacitación y certificación en marketing digital es para personas sin experiencia en tecnología. Image
¿Qué es #AlephHolding? 👇

Se trata de un holding de empresas de publicidad (#IMS, #Httpool, #AdDynamo y #SocialSnac) valuado en más de 2000 millones de dólares que opera en 90 países. Image
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Initially the state was powerful with total control over it’s church, it’s money & it’s media. Then…

🔵 1802 (Thomas Jefferson)
Separation of Church & State

🔵 2008 (Satoshi Nakamoto)
Separation of Money & State

🔵 2022 (Elon Musk) <<—
Separation of Media & State

A 🧵👇 Image
Here’s prev 🧵on Elon Musk & Twitter
Twitter under @elonmusk is the fastest growing media organization in the world. Twitter is doing more investigative journalism than US top 5 combined (CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX), run by citizen journalists. Read…
#TwitterFiles #TwitterFiles2

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🇫🇷👻 FLASH | L’agence de voyage « #Valbuenux », gérée par un certain Mathieu, aurait arnaqué 42 personnes en leur proposant des #voyages à des prix attractifs pour des destinations de rêve.

👉 L'agence échangeait avec ses clients uniquement sur #Snapchat.

(BFMTV) #Arnaque
👉 Le compte Twitter « @iamoriginaal_ » recense les témoignages de victimes de ces arnaques.
Une famille déclare devoir débourser 8600€, en supplément des 4500€ payés à l’agence, afin de payer les imprévus de leur voyage.
👉 « Y’a pas de carotte », « agence de tourisme hyper carré », « le gars qu’il vous faut » sont les propos tenus par #MissSerbia, #Sisikofficiel, #Habituetoi pour qualifier cette agence aux pratiques douteuses.
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Valentine’s Day’2k22 - A Thread for her 💕
I’m not WhatsApp but your secrets are end to end encrypted with me
I’m not Facebook but I’m free for you and will always be
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You're struggling to scale your e-commerce #operations to a new level? Here are 5 easy ways on how to #scale horizontally👇🏻

THREAD 🧵 (1/6)
1️⃣ Foreign markets.

Chances are, that you're running your operations mainly in the United States of America. Think outside of the box. The world is big enough for you to scale in #untappedmarkets such as DACH, NORDIC, BENELUX, etc.

2️⃣ Foreign languages.

Not only should you consider #scaling in untapped markets as previously mentioned but you should also adapt to the local language. Tested this several times and it will significantly boost your #CVR and just overall performance-driven #KPIs.

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3 Insanely Simple Reasons why this #SnapchatAd 👻 is CRUSHING‼️

THREAD (1/8)
#1 The ad is made to look Snapchat #Native. Many Snapchat ads are simply recycled TikTok or Instagram Ads, and while that can be successful, you can take your content to the next level by building #PaidContent that looks indistinguishable from #OrganicContent.

What makes it perfect for Snapchat? First, it is a selfie, makes up most of the content that organically circulates on the platform. Second, it uses a Snapchat native Caption Style. The translucent gray bar with Helvetica font has become irrevocably tied to Snapchat.

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Ça commence. Première table ronde du Beauvau de la sécurité. Première remarque de @GDarmanin: l'image de la police «qu'elle subit et qu'elle créée» @Interieur_Gouv
Pour @GDarmanin l'image de la police est meilleure que celle «des politiques et des journalistes» qui la critiquent.
Ici, une indiscrétion du journaliste police de LCI:
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#Goodnews aus den #USA

Das Oberhaupt der rechtsradikalen #ProudBoys, Henry #Tarrio, wurde in #Washington wegen Sachbeschädigung und Mitführung zweier Schusswaffen-Magazine festgenommen. /TN #TrumpTapes #Republikaner…
Der Chef der #ProudBoys wurde festgenommen? Kein Grund für seine Jünger, sich zu mäßigen - die prügeln sich in #Washington kräftig mit der Polizei. "Thin Blue Line" am Arsch? /MS
#Trump-Supporter haben die Absperrungen am Kapitol in #Washington (#USA) durchbrochen und versuchen das Parlament zu stürmen. Ach du Scheiße. /MS
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How to use Social Media for your own good?🤔

(Ever since I started using social media in the following manner my productivity increased, my mental health improved and I was more peaceful)

A Huge Thread🧵👇
Includes #Instagram #Twitter #Snapchat #Facebook
I believe that some things like social media are not good or bad in themselves. But they can be used for good or bad in general.

Some DOs and DON’Ts

1. Disable all the notifications.
Ever Since I disabled all the notifications, I found that my life was a lot more peaceful

2. If something on social media upsets/enrages you then, turn off the screen and look around you.

What you are currently looking at is the real world.

The thing that was upsetting you were literally rendered pixels on your screen.

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I thought I'd make a list of the key points presented at @BigHitEnt's corporate briefing.
A thread. 1/..., let's go ! 🧐
First, the most realistic introduction to 2020 by M. Bang Si-Hyuk himself...
(I promise I'll try no to make to many jokes)
2/... Image
A quick introduction to @BigHitEnt's strategy, which I honestly think broke new grounds in the music industry. Far superior to Live Nation's imo, like they were already living in the future when they started implemanting it years ago.
360° strategy = artist + fan + industry
3/... Image
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#Microsoft serait en discussion avec #TikTok, le réseau social aux 800M d'utilisateurs pour une acquisition. À titre indicatif #Facebook se paye environ 220$ par utilisateur, #Snapchat 120$ et #Twitter 150$. 🔽 (1/3)
Outre les barrières politiques à l'achat d'un réseau chinois par un géant américain, #Microsoft devrait débourser à minima $100Mds pour réaliser l'opération. Habituellement de tels achats se font en actions. Cela représenterait une dilution de l'ordre de 7%. 🔽 (2/3)
Une des meilleures acquisition de l'histoire dans cette catégorie fût #Instagram et ses 50 millions d'utilisateurs acquis en 2012 pour $1Mds, soit 20$ par utilisateur et qui vaut aujourd’hui environ 200 fois plus. (3/3)
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1/ Delighted to see that firm actions planned following launch of national survey results… well done to all involved @PMacneela @LouiseCrowley2 @Lornafitz3 @NWCI
2/ Very happy @DCU @DaireKeogh (our new President) has already taken steps to address #Sexualharassment #Sexualviolence on campus @DCUSU @DCU_EDI @annelooney @SanHealy @ItStopsNow_EU
3/I want to share the story of one lecturer’s experiences in her involvement with getting #Consent on the agenda at 3rd level- one of the backstories behind this progressive movement
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Cómo denunciar en redes sociales 🤔
Hagamos redes seguras ...
No involucrarse es ser parte

#Facebook ImageImage
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Social networking sites are the recent cake during this world nowadays. Each and each one among us is on the #social networking site now.

#social #Media
There are different platforms on social sites, as an example , #Facebook, #Instagram, #Twitter, #Snapchat, #Whatsapp, #Linkedin, etc. People everywhere the planet are available on these platforms. they're sharing their daily lives and special
Social media #MarketingDigital marketing may be a powerful way for #businesses of all sizes to succeed in prospects and customers. Your #customers are already interacting with brands through social #Media
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Takeaways from my #TCDisrupt talk with Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel:
1. On Instagram Threads’ icon vs Snap Spectacles. “Haha. Nice logo”
Spiegel says it will be 10 years until there are popular AR glasses, and Snap could beat Apple by starting on phones. (Sounds like a decade of risky spending). 2/
Snapchat’s CEO confirmed his legal team made a Project Voldemort dossier of Facebook’s anti-competitive behavior since there was so much to keep track of. 3/
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Herkästi asioista kiinnostuva ja ideoista innostuva idealisti, jota kiehtovat ilmiöt niin kulttuurin, teknologian kuin kestävän kehityksenkin saralla. Valmistuttuani siirryin heti työelämään, virkamieheksi valtion virastoon. Vaikka virkamiestyössä on puolensa, nyt on uuden aika.
Vahvuuksiani ovat mm. viestintä (F2F, sähköposti, puhelin ja sosiaalinen media) asiakkaille ja sidosryhmille. Ymmärrän myös sosiaalisen median sisällöntuotantoa ja analyysia. Esiinnyn itsevarmasti, pidän kiinni sovituista aikatauluista ja nautin tiimityöstä.
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SCHOOL THREAT: Students and parents in Loudoun County should be on high alert this morning. The @LoudounSheriff is investigating a post from #Snapchat threatening several schools. @wusa9 #GetUpDC #Breaking Image
@LoudounSheriff @wusa9 Authorities are taking the threat seriously as deputies work to figure out who posted the #Snapchat threat and if it is credible. If you know anything, call the @LoudounSheriff @wusa9 #GetUpDC Image
@LoudounSheriff @wusa9 WUSA9 is working to find out if there will be any changes to the school day for @LCPSOfficial. A spokesperson from the school district said they are preparing a message to send to the media, parents, and students. @wusa9 #GetUpDC
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He tenido que hacerme esta patética foto con #snapchat para que lo entendáis de una vez.
1- La #enfermería no puede vincularse eternamente a lo feminino, por suerte somos #CadaVezMasIguales
Trabajo con enfermerOs grandísimos profesionales.

Abro #HiloTerapia 😠
2- Harta de que nos relacionéis siempre con el erotismo y la sensualidad, harta de machismos gratuitos. Las guardias de doce horas no se aguantan con los labios pintados de rojo, doy fe.
3- La cofia. Este ya es un tema vergonzoso. No pertenece a nuestro uniforme, al igual que no es obligatorio llevar falda. Eso es de la época de #FlorenceNightingale
(Enfermera y activista social)
Decidme, a cuántos sanitarios veis con cofia actualmente?
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22 #SocialMedia services blocked in Kashmir by J&K Home Department under Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 for being used by 1/5
'elements inimical to public order and tranquillity' for 'vitiating peace and instigating violence' by transmitting 2/5
'unverified objectionable and inflammatory material/content'.
Block in effect for 1 month or till further orders… 3/5
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