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This is the start of the daily 🧵for Day 386 of #Russia's war of choice in #Ukraine.

For all Wednesday's news, including US pilots volunteering for Ukraine, assassination plot against an EU figure and an unexplained fire on occupied #Berdyansk, click⬇️

I'll start today with #BakhmutHolds.
No big changes to report. #Wagner troops have advanced right into the centre, but it's constantly changing as the cattle get slaughtered and retreat.

Some #Russia channels claim #Khromove on the west of #Bakhmut is captured but not confirmed.
Speaking of slaughter of Russians, the number of invading soldiers killed in the last 24 hours tops 1,000 again. A large number of #Russia's troops died in an attack at #Nevelske 20km from #Avdiivka

High numbers of tanks + artillery systems too, plus the aircraft I noted y'day.
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It's Wednesday, Day 385 of the war, #Ukraine's existential fight for its' existence.

Here's another daily thread documenting #Russia's ongoing invasion, war crimes and all the news, all the time, updated throughout the day.

If you can support my work, see the link in my bio💙💛
There was a lot of important news on Tuesday.
More awful shelling and missiles fired at #Ukraine citizens. An American drone downed by #Russia's air force, a car bomb attack in occupied #Melitopol and a new #Wagner cemetery.

Missed it? Click here:

Firstly reports of explosions in #Sloviansk - probably we will get more details in the morning.

But, while #Bakhmut holds, #Russia is creeping closer to Sloviansk and #Kramatorsk. Confirmed that the invaders have taken the village of #Zaliznyanske, north-west of Bakhmut.
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You've found the start of Tuesday's 🧵covering all he developments and everything you need to know about #Russia's illegal war in #Ukraine

It's day 377. We are in danger of suffering public fatigue. Please don't let this happen.
Ukraine's soldiers cannot quit, morally or legally
If you missed anything yesterday, fear not!
Here's the link to Monday's thread, click and scroll at your leisure.

This is how I ended yesterday's thread.

There is a lot of speculation as to who the man is, it seems he may originally be from #Donetsk.
However his sister has identified him and asks not to name him yet - the least we can do is respect that.

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#GuerreEnUkraine D+376 (06/03) PdS2 - Théâtres

1/#Russie, attaques dans la profondeur
2/Propagande russe, manque de profondeur

1/#Russie, attaques dans la profondeur

Explosion dans une usine de coke et de gaz à Vidnoye près de Moscou👇


Après une récente attaque, la Russie a décidé de déplacer un système de défense aérienne Pantsir à Tuapse dans le kraï de Krasnodar en Russie.
Il y a environ une semaine, l'Ukraine a attaqué un dépôt pétrolier de Rosneft avec un drone kamikaze.👇
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Thursday 2 March - or Day 372 of #Russia's war of aggression against #Ukraine.

Here's yet another daily thread - I've been here since Day 1 with the news each and every day from a real Ukraine specialist.

If you want to support what I do, buy me a coffee via the link in my bio!
Let's start by offering a recap of yesterday's news.

You can click and scroll here if you missed anything from Wednesday.


2 nights ago explosions were reported on Russian territory. The Kremlin said loud sounds at #Yeisk airport, across the water from #Mariupol', were training exercises.

But satellite photos prove large scale fires, though it's not known if planes were hit:…
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Aktuell viele ukrainische Angriffe auf das russische (bisher halbwegs fĂĽr sicher gehaltene Hinterland).
Die Ukraine macht sowas nicht planlos. Die Masse der russischen Truppen ist im #Donbass gebunden und muss dort von #Vulhedar ĂĽber #Bakhmut bis nach #Siewerodonezk angreifen.1/7
Für die Ukraine ist die russische Verteidigungslinie zwischen #Vulhedar und #Saporischschja von Interesse (blau). Hier bieten sich 5 grundsätzlich unterschiedliche Angriffswege auf 3 Ziele (#Krim, #Berdyansk, #Mariupol) gelbe Pfeile. 2/x
Durch Angriffe auf das Hinterland wird Russland gezwungen das durch Flugabwehr und auch (geringe Menge) Truppen zu sichern. Da Russland alles andere als unerschöpfliche Ressourcen hat fehlen diese Waffensysteme an der Front,gleichzeitig haben die Einheiten im Hinterland kein 3/x
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#GuerreEnUkraine D+361 (19/02) PdS2 - Théâtres

1/ Dniepr, rive gauche, insécurité maximale
2/#Russie, amitié minimale

1/ Dniepr, rive gauche, insécurité maximale

immeuble #HIMARS-é à l'arrière (oblast de #Luhansk) où les mobiks ne sont pas plus en sécurité qu'au fond d'une tranchée👇


Tavryisk touchée (dépôt de munitions)👇
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It's Sunday 19 February and this is the start of another thread on #Russia's illegal war.

#Ukraine continues to fight for its very existence.
This is another daily thread with all the news, all day.

Here's the link for yesterday's thread:

Starting today with a video which came out last night, supposedly showing a snapshot of the ongoing power-battle inside #Russia's war effort. This even extending to the troops now as #Wagner's mob of mercenaries comes up again "official" Russian army troops in #Ukraine
Here are the daily losses for #Russia in its bid to obliterate #Ukraine and its people.

Numbers well down across the board, except for the two cruise missiles which were hit, though the other two landed in #Khmelbytskyi.

#RussiansGoHome #StandWithUkraine
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It's Thursday and it's Day 358 of #Russia's illegal war on its peaceful neighbour and another daily thread

Yet again the day started violently for many regions of #Ukraine with overnight missile attacks targeting critical civilian infrastructure, which is itself a war crime...
Apologies for the late start today, I've had meetings from first thing, which overran a little

First, here the link for yesterday's thread as I know a few of you like to read back in one go and others like to catch up with that they missed in the evening:
So to the overnight attack by #Russia with Cruise missiles and more.

#Ukraine says it shot down 16 out of 32 missiles. Twelve Kh-22 hypersonic missiles cannot be intercepted with current defences.

It's likely #Russia is using a high % of Kh-22 stocks before Patriot is in place
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Here is my daily thread number 351 on the #Russia-#Ukraine war. One for each day of the war.
News and analysis of all events covering #Putin's illegal war.

Yesterday's thread was limited by Twitter.
I (and most others) were unable to post after 9.30pm UK time.
In case you were wondering about that tweet which couldn't be loaded, I found it quite amusing as Chancellor Scholz went straight past his flag and to the #Ukraine lectern before being corrected by Zelenskyy!
President @ZelenskyyUa is now arriving in #Brussels to meet EU officials as he continues his mission to get fighter aircraft for #Ukraine.

We've had almost a year now and it really angers me that no-one foresaw this. We never truly protected Ukraine as Russia controls the skies.
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We've reached day 350 of #Russia's insane war on #Ukraine
Here's another daily thread.

Tense scenes at the front with pressure mounting on #Bakhmut every hour, but fewer attacks in the rest of Ukraine.
#Kharkiv was shelled last night, you can recap here
First an update from #Kharkiv, no civilians were injured in the shelling as S-300s hit the city centre.

Four rockets hit "a civil industry facility" where there was also a large fire after the impact with buildings completely destroyed.

Missiles also landed in the Central Park.
This morning there have also been two attacks already in #Mykolaiv region.

At 6 o'clock shells hit #Ochakiv on the coast and a little over an hour later #Kutsurub, jusy 7km up the coast was targeted. No further news yet.
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Welcome to Thurday's Daily Thread covering #Russia's war on #Ukraine

We've reached Day 344 of the conflict which Putin said would be over in 10 days, and which would have ended long ago had the current western support started 10 months ago.

But it's another bad start to the day
A fairly quiet Wednesday ended with more death with a terrorist attack on the eastern city of #Kramatorsk in the #Donetsk region.

An update on that in the next tweet, but if you missed anything, here's the link for yesterday's thread:


#Russia's terrorist attack on #Kramatorsk has left 3 dead and 21 now known to be injured (the total's just been updated).

A short while ago the local council released this video detailing the 1 February attack and ending with the words "we will overcome everything together🇺🇦"
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Day 342 of the illegal war #Russia is waging on #Ukraine

This is the start of Tuesday's daily thread with all the news that matters around the conflict and wider society.

For a check back on Monday's developments, click and scroll here:


It continues to be reasonably quiet compared to the worst days of the war, but many people are still dying at the front on both sides.

#Russia continues to make ground, and according to Britain's military intelligence, will continue to do so, but without a major breaktthrough
The Wagner deserter who trekked across snowy wastelands to seek asylum in #Noway, has told CNN those who didn't want to fight were ruthlessly executed in front on new recruits.

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Russian Occupation Updates:

1/ Ukrainian partisans targeted a member of the #Zaporizhia occupation administration on January 24.
2/ Russian and Ukrainian sources reported that Ukrainian partisans blew up the car of Valentina Mamai, a pro-Russian collaborator, entrepreneur, and member of the #Zaporizhia occupation council, in #Berdyansk with an improvised explosive device (IED).
3/ Russian security authorities are continuing to target Crimean Tatar communities in occupied #Crimea.
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Today is the 11th month 'anniversary' of #Putin committing that first war crime, and the biggest.

The act of illegal aggression by invading a peaceful nation led to all the other crimes and deaths.

This is the daily #Ukraine news thread for Tuesday and it's Day 335 of the war
As always, here's the link for yesterday's thread in case you missed anything and have trouble finding what you need.

Click and scroll!
DMs open for tip offs.


Hundreds more dead invaders, while #Russia also lost FOUR helicopters yesterday

As a couple of you said yesterday, maybe improved western weapons made it to the front line already? Two attack jets were also downed by #Ukraine.

690* invaders killed in action.

*Kyiv estimates Image
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#GuerreEnUkraine D+328 (17/01) - PdS2 - Théâtres de

De nombreux préparatifs animent le front entre Dniepr et #Donetsk : les uns se préparent à attaquer et les autres à défendre

A Ramstein, vendredi, le sort d'#Ukraine se joue


1/Dniepr, rive gauche, rive droite

Les russes poursuivent la construction des défenses et d'une nouvelle route logistique via #ArabatSpit (ici le pont devrait être renforcé👇)

Les réparations du pont de Kerch avancent...
2/ Front X

3 jours avant Ramstein...👇

Il faut fournir #Ukraine en chars de bataille mais aussi en missiles de longue portée pour isoler définitivement la #Crimea et en avions de chasse pour fournir un appui au sol

Assez de crimes de guerre !
Plus d'Ă©conomie de guerre !
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Monday is Day 327 of the #RussiaUkraine war.

You've found the start of the daily thread, thanks for joining.

A harrowing weekend in which many more civilians were killed by #Russia's terrorism.
Click here and scroll down to catch up on yesterday's news:

Already important news to bring you from #Zaporizhzhia

A Russian rocket has hit critical infrastructure causing a big fire right now.

Power and internet connection are down in many districts.

#StandWithUkraine #RussiaIsATerrorostState
People have been injured in the night attack on #Zaporizhzhia, but no deaths reported.

Houses have been damaged as well as the city's infrastructure.

đź“·Anatoliy Kurtev, ZP City Council.
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#GuerreEnUkraine D+325 (14/01) - PdS 2/ Théâtres #Crimea

1/Dniepr, rive gauche

ici, explosion d'une voiture à #Berdyansk, action du "ruban jaune" ?👇



défense anti-aérienne mobile en #Crimea 👇 près de #Izobilne

les réparations sur le pont de Kerch avancent : la deuxième voie routière est achevée👇, ce qui n'est pas une très mauvaise nouvelle parce que la ligne ferroviaire n'est toujours pas réparée et c'est elle qui compte
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Day 325 of #Russia's illegal war and the weekend begins with another attack on #Ukraine.

This is the daily thread with all the news around the conflict in one place.

For yesterday's news, click and scroll here:

Currently there is an air raid warning over 5 regions of #Ukraine with 7 of #Russia's Tu-95 jets in flight and one Tu-22.

#Kyiv #Sumy #Poltava #Chernihiv and #Cherkasy oblasts all considered at risk right now.

There have already been 5-6 explosions reported in the capital.
A leisurely morning in #Kyiv was ruined with sounds like this and people scuttling unexpectedly for shelters - the alarm raised AFTER the first blasts.

Mayor @Vitaliy_Klychko confirms a number of explosions - an attack on infrastructure.

#RussiaIsATerroristState #StopRussia
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Day 324 of the war in #Ukraine, it's Friday the 13th so be careful if you're superstitious!

Right now Ukraine could do with some bad luck befalling #Russia; life is incredibly tough & brutal on the frontline.

This is my daily thread with all the news.
I've done this 324 times!
This thread is updated "live" throughout the day. Welcome especially to newcomers. DMs open for tip offs if you see a story I may have missed.

If you want to support what I do, please see my bio to buy me a coffee.

If you need to catch up on Thursday⬇️
#Soledar - what is going on? The most frequent question right now.

I've been studying all reports I can find and spoken to people I know.

#Ukraine claimed a fightback re-taking the railway station and a mine. Much as I want to believe it, I cannot find any evidence of that. Image
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It's day 307 of #Russia's full invasion of #Ukraine.

Welcome along to Tuesday's daily news thread.

Monday was quite a day. Find out anything you missed right here:

In complete contrast to yesterday there is very little news to report.

This in itself has to be good news with not a single report of missiles or shelling so far and it's almost 6am in #Ukraine.
The de-Nazification/russification of #Ukraine continues.

In liberated #Izium 19 streets have changed names to shed Russian links. The town in #Kharkiv now honours Steve Jobs and Golda Meir instead. Meir, the 4th Prime Minister of Israel was born in #Kyiv.
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Hello and welcome to my daily #RussiaUkraine news thread for Sunday, live from #Ukraine.

It's Day 291 of #Russia's illegal war, with all the important stuff in one handy🧵

Lots of action yesterday evening, to recap, click here:
#Russia's forces in #Ukraine are spending the night counting bodies.

Numerous attacks on occupied areas over a few hours, probably in #Crimea, definitely in #Donetsk + #Luhansk and most devastatingly in #Zaporizhzhia.

The biggest strike was in #Melitopol:
One of my unsung heroes of the war is #Ukraine's legendary rock star @s_vakarchuk who's spent so much time criss-crossing the country giving free, unannounced performances to keep spirits high.

Here the @okeanelzy frontman turned up in #Kyiv's main railway station

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Hello and welcome to Day 289 of the inhumane war in #Ukraine.

My day started like this, no power, no WiFi, no signal... Then woken by the schoolboy error of leaving the light switch on, so at 03.45 here I am starting another daily thread documenting #Russia's crimes:
Mind you, Thursday ended like this with friends, so not all bad!

Also here's a pic I couldn't post yesterday, to give you an idea of how tricky it is to move around #Ukraine in winter with no street lights and compacted snow in some areas.
Questions should be asked in #Melbourne about who allowed this event to go ahead.

Thanks to @NMAsiaPac for alerting me to this, but the good news is the tickets were free and boycotting NAFO members have already booked them all!

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine

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