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#GuerreEnUkraine D+475 (13/06) PdS2 - Tous fronts hors offensive & Arrière-scène

Sur les 500 km de front hors offensive, 🇷🇺ont renoncé à attaquer et la ligne de front est immuable

Sur le front🇷🇺, rien de nouveau

frappe dans la profondeur #HIMARS👇

Mise en abîme,
Machine à remonter le temps,
Si vous avez perdu le fil, reprenez-le avec le N°CDLXXIV-II de #GuerreEnUkraine

Rectificatif : la vidéo du chat sauvé par le chien est antérieure aux inondations du Dniepr


1/Front du #Louhansk, #Kupyansk-#Svatove-#Kreminna

Dans les directions #Kupyansk, #Kreminna, #Svatove & #Siversk, aucun gain tactique 🇷🇺

-dans l’axe #Bilohorivka (à l’est), assaut 🇷🇺 stoppé
-dans l’axe #Vesele (au sud), assaut 🇷🇺 stoppé

La ligne de front est inchangée👇 ImageImage
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The start of meteorological summer. It's also the start of the 17th month which has seen war in #Ukraine.
It's Day 463 of #Russia's illegal war and Thursday is another day which has started with murder in #Kyiv.

All the important news and analysis in one thread, starts here:
First, a quick reminder that you can access all yesterday's developments in #Ukraine in this link to the start of Wednesday's thread⬇️

Thanks to all my followers, boosters, story suggesters and financial supporters (see my profile for the link)

1/ Attack on #Kyiv

The first day of summer is Children's Day in #Ukraine. Yesterday schools closed for the summer.
In the first few hours of this special day, an 11 year old child was killed, murdered by #Russia's missiles, along with two adults in their 30s.

#StopRussia ImageImage
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1. Ukraine continues preparing for the offensive by attacking Russian oil facilities in #Krasnodar and military facilities in southern occupied areas.
For several days #Ukraine has attacked #Russianoilfacilities inflicting serious damage on one of Russia's largest refineries. Image
2. Ten strikes were conducted in recent days with about half of them successful and Ukraine has hit and reportedly damaged five facilities in the #Krasnodar region.

Ukraine released results of an earlier reported #StormShadow strike on #Yukivka between #Berdyansk & #Mariupol. Image
3. The strike was on Russian forces housed in a resort facility killing 100 Russian military personnel and wounding 40. Past reporting claimed targets of earlier strikes were high-value like pilots, SOF and Marines. ImageImage
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Day 462 of #Europe's war, the last day of May.

Mercifully a quiet morning so far this Wednesday in #Ukraine

This is my 462nd daily thread.
All the info you need about #Russia's attack in one handy thread, updated throughout the day.

You can support me with a coffee (see bio)🙏
If you happen to have missed all yesterday's news, put the kettle on and prepare for a long read!

Here's the link for yesterday's thread on what happened in #Ukraine and #Russia.

The biggest event overnight happened in #Russia's #Krasnodar region.

Drones hit the Afipsky Oil Refinery and a fire soon took hold, although it's since been extinguished; no-one was hurt.

About 150km from the front, that's less fuel helping Russia kill Ukrainians.
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#GuerreEnUkraine D+457 (26/05) PdS2 - Tous Théâtres hors #Donbass : #Crimee, #Russie, #Kherson, #Zaporizhzia

Extension du front X et intensification des frappes en profondeur

attaque au drone sur bâbord arrière d'Ivan Khurs

Mise en abîme,
Machine à remonter le temps,
Si vous avez loupé la chronique N°CDLVI-II de #GuerreEnUkraine, la voici👇


1/ Front X, Hyp. Z

(i) TDB

🟢"no-fly-zone" (Patriot+F16), dotée
🟠Test & modelage de la ligne de front, généralisé
•détruire PC, EW, DM, logistique
•effondrer la chaîne du carburant
🟠Opé. déception, débuté
🟠Offensive, Front X
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Good evening/morning - it's Day 451 of #Russia's illegal and inhumane war.

#Ukraine is under attack again tonight with attack drones currently threatening large parts of the country.

All the details, throughout the day (and night) each and every day, in one handy thread.
If you missed yesterday's news, including F-16s for #Ukraine, plenty of sabotage attacks in #Russia, plus related news from #Cyprus #Georgia and #SouthAfrica... then catch up here with a click and a scroll:

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine
A reminder multiple drones threaten #Kyiv tonight

Regional Gov Serhii Popko says fire atop a multi-storey building, caused by debris from a falling UAV, is around 80 sq m.
There may be victims

Bits of drones have fallen on several streets in Darnytskyi & Solomyanskyi districts
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#GuerreEnUkraine D+448 (17/05) PdS2 - Théâtres

1/Front X, Hyp. Z, frappes en profondeur
2/Arrière scène, #Russie totalitaire en profondeur

F16 Image

Mise en abîme,
Machine à remonter le temps,
Si vous avez loupé la chronique N°DLXVII-II de #GuerreEnUkraine, la voici👇


2/Front X, Hyp. Z,

(i) TDB
🟢Test des défenses AA aux frontières, succès
🟠Test & modelage de la ligne de front, généralisé
🟠Préparation dans la profondeur, débuté
•détruire PC, EW, DM, logistique
•effondrer la chaîne du carburant
🟠Opé. de déception, débuté
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Hello again and thanks for reading, this is Thursday's #RussiaUkraineWar thread.

It's Day 435 since #Russia launched its full invasion.

I am still recovering from yesterday - what a day. Relive it here:
Some breaking news, we are learning about repeated explosions in #Zaporizhzhia this morning.

S-300 anti aircraft missiles again being used by #Russia to attack civilians, but monitoring groups say one exploded just after launch, before it crossed the frontline.

It's noisy.
The weather has improved in #Ukraine. But though the ground may be drying out a little on the frontline, conditions are still incredibly tough.

Here's the only viable route for #Ukraine to/from #Khromove (then beyond to #ChasivYar)

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This is the start of daily thread number 430 of the illegal war in #Ukraine, with all the news in one place.

A very good Saturday morning to you; it's been a lively start to the day for #Russia's occupiers.

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First though the usual link to the start of yesterday's thread. Take a scroll if you missed anything or need a catch-up:

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia

#Crimea has been illegally occupied by #Russia since 2014. It was the very start of this war, far predating the full invasion 14 months ago.

But the Occupiers are getting worried. Overnight an oil depot was set on fire when a drone hit Kozachi Bay. No injuries reported: ImageImageImage
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Welcome to another daily thread for Day 384 of #Russia's illegal war on #Ukraine.
In yesterday's thread we heard that the ICC is planning on bringing two war crimes charges against the Kremlin.

If you want to review anything from Monday, it's all here⬇️
#Russia has now lost over 160,000 soldiers invading #Ukraine according to Kyiv's fugures.

10 tanks, 16 artillery systems (+2 MLRS) and 740 more deaths for Russia are the standout figures in the last 24 hours.

#Russia's continuing supply problems are the focus of the UK update once again today:

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#Russian Commissioner on Children’s Rights, Maria Lvova-Belova, confirmed that the Russian government is using a variety of schemes to deport #Ukrainian children to #Russia in a comment apparently meant to disprove Western allegations of the illegality of these actions. 🧵(1/6)
2/ In a March 10 Telegram post, Lvova-Belova accused the West of manufacturing fear regarding the deportation and forced adoption of Ukrainian children and claimed that children came to occupied areas of Ukraine and Russian territory “voluntarily” & can return to their families.
3/ Lvova-Belova admitted that #Russian authorities have taken children from #Kherson, #Zaporizhia, and #Kharkiv oblasts to “sanatoriums” and health camps in occupied #Crimea and #Krasnodar Krai for “rest” and protection from hostilities.
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Welcome along to Friday's thread covering the war in #Ukraine.

#Russia's illegal invasion continues as do these daily threads. Today is Day 380.
If you're able to support what I do, please buy me a coffee (see bio)💙💛

Here's the link for yesterday's 🧵

A lot of fears about the nuclear power plant in #Enerhodar.

An excellent article here (in Ukr but translates well with Google) about the problems experienced by workers at the #Zaporizhzhia plant from the first day of the invasion.…
The former General Director of aviation giant Antonov has been arrested by authorities in #Ukraine.

Serhiy Bychkov will be detained for 2 months while investigations continue into several senior Antonov employees obstructing the Armed Forces which tried to save Hostomel airfield
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Es soll Angriffe auf #Krasnodar/Russland geben. Wahrscheinlich der Flughafen in #Yeisk, aber auch ein Brand im Hafenbereich. 1/2
3/x #Krasnodar liegt in der Nähe dey Krim Zugang von Russland und ist ein wichtiger Stützpunkt.
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We're into day 370 of #Russia's war on its peaceful neighbour.

#Ukraine continues its existential battle for existence, but it's tough right now in #Donetsk where Russia's army keeps missing deadlines, but hopes by tomorrow's start of spring to have results.

Here's the daily🧵
The day started well for #Ukraine with #Japan announcing more sanctions on #Russia.

39 individuals, 73 organisations and a bank are targeted as well as 9 collaborators from east and southern Ukraine are listed. Asset freezes may follow

The Governor of #Russia's #Belgorod region claims 3 Ukraine drones were destroyed overnight.

Vyacheslav Gladkov says "wreckage of three unmanned aerial vehicles was found. There are no casualties, but there is damage: windows are broken, cars are slightly damaged."

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It's Wednesday, 22 February, and day 364 of the war in Europe.

Here's another daily thread documenting the developments as #Ukraine fights for its very survival as #Russia continues its illegal pursuit of colonialism.

All the news in one handy thread, updated real time, all day
Quite a bit to catch up on yesterday if you didn't stay up...

It loooked like a big counter attack with long range rockets by #Ukraine on targets in the occupied territories.

See what you missed by scrolling through yesterday's thread here:
By the way, no official (or even unofficial) news yet on damage caused to Russia and its troops in the attacks yesterday evening. Even in #Mariupol where 11 missiles were thought to be fired on the southern port.

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It's Tuesday and it's Day 314 of #Russia's illegal invasion of #Ukraine.

They planned to take #Kyiv in 3-4 days, have a new President and control the entire country in 10 days. How's that going Mr Putin?

Here, all the news in one place, updated throughout the day.

Lots of activity yesterday as #Russia was careless again and again.

If you enjoy reading about Russian losses and stupidity, you will probably enjoy clicking and scrolling through yesterday's thread right here:


I've had no direct update from eastern front, but gathering intel from various most reliable sources, it appears #Russia gained a little ground on the outskirts of #Soledar + #Bakhmut also, but have failed to get to the residential area which they briefly managed a while ago.
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Welcome to 2023, welcome to day 312 of the #RussiaUkraineWar.

Different year, same story as #Russia's terrorism continued right through the new year, but lucky for you my daily threads continue to document the terror and war crimes.

It's already been a terrible start to the day
So much happened in the last hour of 2022 as attacks intensify over #Kyiv. Earlier there was another massive missile attack.

If you missed anything, check out yesterday's thread right here:

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine

Proud of my country, making a special point of honouring and supporting the people of #Ukraine in the New Year fireworks and light show in #London.

Early in 2022 @BorisJohnson warned Europe could see the biggest war in Europe since 1945 and he was right.

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Day 305 of the war and welcome to another daily thread with all the news on #Ukraine's attempt to rid their country of Russians

Today there may be fewer updates than usual (sure you understand why!)

Lots of news yesterday. catch up here
First today sad news from #Kherson which has had a terrible 24 hours.

After the murder of 8 civilians when #Russia shelled the central market area, news now that 3 soldiers helping to demine formerly occupied areas have been killed.
One of the Kremlin's explosives blew them up.
How stupid are the occupiers?

Trying to raise the spirits of locals and spread propaganda in #Melitopol.
Except the Russians cannot even spell the town's name correctly - this says "Miletopol"🤡🤡🤦
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9 months ago today #Russia decided to break international law and condemn hundreds of thousands to death, disability and destruction

It's Day 274 of the invasion of #Ukraine, and here's Thursday's daily thread with all the news

Yesterday's news is here:
When the elite becomes diluted...

#Russia's crack airborne units couldn't defend the right bank of #Kherson - will they fare better in #Donbas where #Ukraine cannot target supply lines as easily.

Here's the UK Intel report for Thursday:
Early, unconfirmed, reports of a strike by #Russia in #Kherson

A rocket landed in the courtyard of one of the high-rise buildings in the city, but no reports of injuries.

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Hello & welcome to another daily thread on Day 268 of #Russia's full invasion of #Ukraine, although the war can be traced back almost 9 years to early 2014.

Plenty of news yesterday, if you missed something take a scroll through Thursday's news feed here

Let me start with an update on this story from last night

I've traced the original to vanek_nikolaev's TG channel and now had it confirmed #Chaplynka was hit again, so this is likely genuine, multiple explosions in #Kherson region, just 16km from #Crimea

Reports of explosions in #Mykolaiv already this Friday morning.
Awaiting confirmation and details.

#Nikolaev #StandWithUkraine
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Wednesday 2 November.
Day 252 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine.

You know the format for the daily thread by now - all the news and analysis, throughout the day. And if you missed anything yesterday, take a peek here:

Here's the daily update from British Intelligence, concentrating on #Russia's mercenary #Wagner unit.

I saw this photo a few days ago on a busy day, so worth highlighting now. It really is remarkable the standard of some of #Ukraine's longer term bases created, and this isn't the only one just for the cameras.

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Hello Day 244 and here's the start of another daily thread covering #Russia's illegal war of aggression in #Ukraine.

For the second successive night no widespread bombing or use of attack drones.

There was still a lot of news yesterday, catch up here:

In the early hours this morning the @TheStudyofWar published its daily report/review. Relying on the @ukrpravda_news interview with #Ukraine's Military intelligence chief I tweeted in yesterday's thread, ISW suggests a high-level split in the #Kremlin.…
A leap in some categories in #Russia's losses today. 3 x Ka-52 attack helicopters in a day, which UK Intel notes in the next tweet.

Tanks destroyed also well above the mean again, possibly due to #Ukraine's partial counter in #Bakhmut and fierce RU resistance in #Beryslav
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It's Day 242 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine - you know that war where Moscow bragged it would be in Kyiv in 3 days and have control on Day 4.

This is the daily news thread of all the relevant developments as we complete the 8th month of the illegal conflict.

A lot of interesting news came in late last night, including explosion and deaths at a gunpowder factory in #Russia and freedom for two more villages in #Kherson.

If you want to catch up on yesterday's stories, here's the start of Saturday's thread:

The #UK update today takes a look at the "Wagner Line" of defence.

I covered this a few days ago and Whitehall also concludes #Russia has accepted that its defence needs to be way behind current front lines.

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine
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Welcome to the start of another week and the start of my daily thread with the news and views from #Ukraine as #Russia continues the illegal war.

We're on Day 236 now as #Putin brings terror to #Kyiv again.
Here is where you'll find yesterday's stories:

#Ukraine's President @Zelenskyy publishes this video from the capital #Kyiv, writing
"All night & all morning, the enemy terrorises the civilian population. Kamikaze drones + missiles are attacking all of Ukraine. A residential building was hit in Kyiv."

In his reaction to the bombing of civilian districts of #Kyiv, Mr Zelenskyy continued:
"The enemy can attack our cities, but it won’t be able to break us. The occupiers will get only fair punishment and condemnation of future generations. We will get victory."

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