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As a sexual assault survivor I've EXACTLY zero fu*KS 2 give #WokeAF #Berners trolling me on being my best #MeToo

After months of research on the orchestrated takedown of #betoorourke by Bernie Delegate Network I'd bet this attack on Biden has #puppetmaster written all over it

Now the entirely UNFOUNDED allegations from podcast w/2016 Bernie Sanders delegate Katie Halper & amplified by Intercept @ryangrim are released into the wild via op-ed @guardian by the now quite familiar cog in Bernie delegates media smear machine @ArwaM
BTW....I called that yesterday. Next few 2 jump in will be from Vox, Salon, Capital & Main, Paste & Jacobin, I am sure of it.

The Guardian Op-ed begins with assumption that 100% of Ms Reade's story is fact & pushes narrative that MSM is burying it instead of vetting story 1st.
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1/ The Man in the Arena

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better...
2/ "...The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; ..."
3/ "...but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, ...
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Ok here is the deal. While news pundits r touting fundraising $$ raised & gauging the viability of a dem candidates. It's important to look at the big picture. #Beto2020 had me at the firdt Townhall I heard him talk abt his vision, NFL speech won my heart but THIS won my trust.
Beto since early in his tenure at Congress decided he came to Congress to serve the people he represented. He refused to "play the Washington game". It was one of the many reasons Texans love him so much. We heard him and KNOW HIM. He is there "FOR THE PEOPLE"
#BetoORourke shows up everywhere. Ppl might believe he can't pull a crowd or his ability to fundraise has faltered. Well he is not a candidate chasing the dollar, he is going to where the people are all over the country. No PAC, NO CORPORATE or special interests. It's ALLPeople
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1/15 This race reminds me of the rule in boxing, a split decision goes to the champ. That's how Biden has stayed on top, plus he's authentic both in screw ups and in sincere moments such as talking about the loss of his wife/kids. #ABCDemDebate #joebiden…
2/ Elizabeth Warren's strength is her wonky, thoughtful "I'm not a typical Washington politician" and "I have a plan for that". Dodging the tax question makes her a typical Washington politician. #ewarren #ABCDemDebate #taxes…
3/ Sanders seems incapable of modulating his speech beyond shouting and haranguing. It was interesting, however, that he finally was willing to abandon Venezuelan President Maduro. #berniesanders #venezuela #ABCDemDebate…
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The debate is on 9/12 & it’s your chance to show everyone that TX is ALL IN for BETO!

🎉YOU’RE INVITED: @TeamBeto is hosting an official watch party in HOUSTON & #BetoNation will be making our grassroots energy known @ the debate too!

Deets & RSVP👇


Join campaign staff, supporters & volunteers in Houston on 9/12 to watch the debate & cheer @BetoORourke on at the official #Beto2020 watch party!👇


Meet up outside the debate venue to show your #Beto2020 pride as the national media descends on Houston! Beto supporters will be representing on 9/12 with signs, cheers, chants & more.👇

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As useful as a carbon tax is, imposing such a tax would be highly regressive and harmful to America's working poor. Cap and trade more directly ensures that energy producers limit their carbon emissions. #Beto2020 #ClimateTownHall…
Part 2: when asked about the dangers of heat waves, #Beto2020 goes into detail talking about the places on the frontlines of climate change from EP to NoLa by investing cap/trade revenues into improved cooling systems and overall environmental justice. #ClimateTownHall
Over 70,000 people died in the 2003 European heat wave because they couldn't keep cool in the summer heat. This will continue across the globe if our governments do nothing to invest in environmental justice. #Beto2020 #ClimateTownHall
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#DemDebate wrap-up:

Maintained top tier status: #ElizabethWarren

Boosted his candidacy: #JulianCastro

Shaky: #BetoORourke
Though credit to #Beto for bringing up Russia's 2016 cyberattack.
And yes to those saying that #CoryBooker did well too.

But I think @ewarren did everything she needed to do and more to cement her position as one of the frontrunners.

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What a LYING POS this guy is. #Beto2020

#BetoORourke, oops Robert Francis O'Rourke, blatantly LIED at his campaign speech this week, was confronted about it, then LIED again in his reply.

But then again, that's what #Democrats do.…
At this speech, he claimed he didn't take any money from PACs, special interests, or lobbyists (which we know is bullsh*t)..

A "green" freak audience member confronted him & asked why just JUST took donations from fossil fuel CEOs and a Chevron LOBBYIST on March 29.....
So then, he admitted to taking the donations, but claimed he JUST LEARNED ABOUT IT ON HIS WAY TO THIS SPEECH.

Lying sack of crap!
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I’m going to provide a thread on Dems who want to be President. I’m going to share a link to a site that shows their voting record. The proof is in the pudding- or the votes in this case. You decide who should get the nod. #ThursdayThoughts
In no particular order. Here we go. Why not start with our most recent entry into the Dem race.

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The 2020 Dem primary is going to be intense one way or the other. The stakes are too high for it not to be. Heading into 2019, we'll see lots of early maneuvering and skirmishes. That's fine, AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT CHARACTER ATTACKS.

A character attack directly impugns the honesty, integrity, and/or ethics of a candidate. Examples: Candidate X is a liar. Candidate Y is immoral. An issue debate is perfectly acceptable, i.e. Candidate Z is wrong on health care, the economy, etc.

Neither #BernieSanders nor #BetoORourke have announced if they are running. Supporters of each should feel free to battle out the issues, BUT AVOID CHARACTER ATTACKS. We cannot afford to give needless ammunition to the GOP.
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We’ve spent the past twelve months following @BetoORourke, his family, and his team of relative novices, as they upended modern politics. We captured Beto’s journey from a near unknown into a household name, during which he renewed hope in Texas and across this country. 1/
At midnight on Tuesday, after speaking to a stadium of thousands, @BetoORourke invited director @davidmodigs into his kitchen one last time, where he and Amy reflected on the campaign they ran, and Beto said the thing better than anyone else could — just when it’s needed most. 2/
We can’t wait to get deeper into the editing room to share this behind-the-scenes story in our forthcoming feature documentary @TheBetoDoc, produced in association with @crookedmedia and another exciting partner we will announce soon. 3/
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