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Watching @BernieSanders on @allinwithchris and something struck me:

For a long time, I viewed #Bernie through a veil of frustration and anger leftover from 2016. Now that I've worked on mending fences with fellow progressives, I see why he resonates.

Bringing younger voters and the disillusioned into the fold, getting them excited about politics, is crucial. We need a movement if we have any hope of confronting the far right menace.

One politician can't do it alone. It's about the people.
I'm trying to move past attachments to individual politicians so that I can focus on the issues. I've criticized Bernie on some things, and I still feel those critiques are valid. But I can say that for Hillary or any other politician. The key is to spark a progressive movement.
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So my wife @leeladaou, a Clinton defender who withstood death threats and harassment in 2016, a year where she lost a pregnancy and nearly her life, is being viciously swarmed by a small gang of Clinton voters/Bernie haters. It's vile and shameful.
@leeladaou Leela is a dignified, brilliant woman of integrity. The hideous hypocrisy of people she defended who are now verbally abusing her because she and I have mended fences with fellow progressives is really something. #Bernie hate is a thing.
@leeladaou For all of 2016, the mantra was that Bernie supporters were trolling and harassing everyone. So to see this small online Hillary cadre be so venomous tells you something about broken narratives. And it is entirely unprovoked. Shameful.
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#Biden slumps, #Buttigieg soars, tied with #Sanders and #Warren, #Harris next in benchmark #Iowa poll…
Critical point here is that the MSM is claiming that #Sanders "came within a handful of votes" of #HillaryClinton, when he lost in a landslide of 4M votes, 1k pledged delegates (not SDs) and a dozen states.
This false narrative harms #Sanders--it's meant to highlight how badly he's doing in 2020 and prop up #Biden. But Sanders is actually doing better than in 2016. There are just more players. And Biden is being replaced by a younger centrist, #Buttigieg.
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Replace "oligarchy" and "authoritarianism" with T-R-U-M-P and people might actually listen.
Cue all the folks who hate Bernie claiming that socialism is bad when at least half their daily lives are *stops to get mail and also remembers I'm on Internet* filled with small s socialism.
#Bernie is his own worst enemy with his incessant buzzwords.
The FACT is, we need Dem Socialism desperately as a modality, but the #GOP has so tainted the word "socialism" that people forget what it really means.

Our MOST socialist prez was #LBJ, who gave us the #VRA, #CRA, #Medicare, #Medicaid, #SNAP, #NEA, ##PBS, #NPR.'s doable.
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I haven't endorsed #Bernie. I haven't attacked Hillary. I've built bridges to fellow progressives and called for better Dem leadership.

In response, a small group of online Hillary voters has maligned me with the same venom Bernie defenders did in 2016.

This small group of online Hillary voters, whose mantra in 2016 was "Bernie bros are toxic, sexist, malignant haters," are using the identical language against me that they said Bernie defenders used against them. Vicious, personal, and ugly.

When Hillary voters were trolled and harassed, I confronted their attackers. And when many Bernie defenders said they, too, faced online attacks and felt marginalized and maligned, I dismissed them. I genuinely believed THEY were the aggressors.
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Beware of the coming repeat of the 2016 theft of the California primary from #Bernie. The CA primary will have an outsize impact on the nomination.
Is the fix in? Secretary of State Alex Padilla — the Katherine Harris of California — in charge of the vote, is backing Kamala Harris (as she endorsed him last year).…
Padilla has stonewalled my request for a breakdown of the approximately 700K ballots disqualified from the count in the 2016 #CAPrimary — overwhelmingly those of independent "No Party Preference" voters.…
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Dems in March when #Bernie was frontrunner: "We have to accede to his voters' every whim."

Dems in May now #Biden is frontrunner:"Screw everyone who doesn't want Biden."

Dems in June after both are destroyed in debates: "#Harris & #Warren can draw young voters AND beat Trump."
Just saying that in January 2017 I wrote that barring another #Hillary run, the best ticket was #Harris/#Gillibrand or Gillibrand/Harris. From a policy POV, still true, but Harris/,#Warren or Warren/Harris works just as well. Each would obliterate Trump and energize voters.
Make #Gillibrand Sec of Defense (it used to be a civilian post), Booker Sec of Ed, Inslee Sec of Interior, have Buttigieg head a new post for #LGBTQ issues, bring Castro back for HUD, make Williamson the chaplain. Biden can be SoS. Klobuchar as AG.

It's a great Cabinet.
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Long, thoughtful, fascinating exploration of #Bernie's history. This narrative makes Bernie immensely more accessible and even likeable. His long financial origin story is quintessentially American in its working-class to riches trajectory.
I've written about #Sanders over the years and like most leftists, thought his politics were an essential prod to others in Congress. But there are details of his political history here that #Bernie should be pushing instead of hiding: like that he was a Harvard fellow.
#Sanders is often presented as s spendthrift, but what propelled #Bernie from 3-term mayor of tiny Burlington into the House was his fiscal responsibility. He literally was deemed the Republican Trotskyite while mayor for reeling in spending and building the city's coffers.
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So we seem to have stopped discussing electability when #Bernie started slipping below #Warren and #Harris's favorables topped #Biden's.
Maybe women ARE the ticket for 2020.
A month from now when the main debate stage is Biden, Bernie, Warren, Harris, Buttigieg, Beto, Klobuchar, Booker, Inslee, Castro and maybe Yang & Williamson, there will be more shifts in the polls.
One issue that will be raised is age.
No one will need to say it--we'll see it.
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The @DNC elected Trump when they rigged '16's primary against his only competition by dbl. digits, @SenSanders, who was beating him by dbl. digits, so as to push '08's loser (to the relatively unknown PBO), HRC, who couldn't win on merit w/her centrist war hawk record.

HRC took control of the @DNC's $$ in Aug '15 per D. Brazile's book. Who get to do that in a "democratic society?"

The @DNC was outed via LEAKED emails for domestic election interference in their own damning words.

They claimed, hyped by 'lib' MSM, that Russia hacked them.

HRC's @DNC, a private entity, refused the FBI access to their server to verify the hacking claim.

Yes, really.

Who gets to do that? Accuse a super-power of election interference but deny US gov't agencies access?

Apparently HRC & estbl. Dems.

So who made the assessment?
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Writing about #Biden's role in mass incarceration this week.
Congress's mandatory sentencing laws during the Reagan-Bush years were the most Draconian in modern US history.
That's something Biden will have to explain if he ever campaigns outside white working class enclaves.
When I was teaching literacy in prisons & halfway houses while in the domestic Peace Corps in Louisiana & Pennsylvania, every one of my students was functionally illiterate. That means unable to read above a 5th grade level, the level deemed able to function as an adult.
These men and women were unable to read the instructions on a medication bottle, a food preparation label, a street map, an employment form. Imagine not being able to read how to prepare your child's meds or food, or apply for a job? Where does that leave you in adult society?
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Lmao #Bernie taxes is a mess. I have degree in accountaing im telling that shit made up. He tried Tho
You telling y’all would send this to the goverment. Scratched out like that.
So they didn’t discover e file until 2010. A mess
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Tax Day? Not So Bad! WINNING! Top Trump Economist Kevin Hassett: Disposable Income Went Up $2,300 Per Individual in 2018 - Expect 3% Growth for Next Five Years (VIDEO) #FactsMatter #PatriotsAwakened…
Socialist Bernie releases tax returns, he’s in top 1%; Bernie & wife Jane earned $550K including $133K Senate salary & $391K in Book sales. Bernie May SAY Otherwise, But HE’S HAPPY TRUMP TAX REFORM ALLOWS HIM TO KEEP MORE OF IT #PatriotsAwakened…
#Bernie Sneaks Funding for Illegal Immigrants in #MedicareForAll bill, throws 181M Americans OFF private insurance & RATIONED w/ long waits like Canada & U.K.. Cost $32 Trillion so ELIMINATE Military; LIBERAL LOGIC
#FactsMatter #PatriotsAwakened…
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📌If it is proven that Trump knowingly exaggerated his net worth, then journalists need to start using the word ‘lied.’

📌When anyone lies to a bank in order to receive credit or approval to underwrite a securities issue, this is called fraud.


📌Inv’n presented numerous incidents going back 20 years of Trump “inflating his wealth” when trying to obtain approval for loans or securities underwriting.

These incidents seriously call into question the quality of Deutsche Bank’s risk management enterprise-wide.

📌NY's attorney general is one of the most powerful in the nation. That should worry Trump.

📌If you're under the impression that the high crimes and misdemeanors we have recently witnessed will go unpunished in America, then you haven't been paying attention.
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I'm making a Twitter Thread
of my favorite Bernie Sanders memes
that I've collected over the last few years 😊

I thought I'd share them in a #Bernie thread
so everyone can use them on Twitter

You're welcome to add your favorite
#Bernie2020 gifs to the thread

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This is a seriously odd story.
Glad he's okay.
It takes a big wound to require 7 stitches.
Did he fall THROUGH the shower door?
(I have the poverty level curtain, so I can't imagine a shower door.)

Sanders cuts head on shower door, receives 7 stitches
Remember when Hillary had a cough and Donna Brazile wrote in her book that she was going to replace Hillary with Joe Biden and no one thought that was the craziest freaking thing they ever heard because trashing Hillary was a national pastime?
It's 24hrs since #Bernie told his "I walked into a door" story about his head wound, for which he has this huge bandage, and I seem to be the only journalist in America asking about it.

If this were a woman, we wouldn't believe her story, just as I don't believe Bernie's story.
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Thread. #BernieSanders #AOC <== these people you’re hearing about & from—they’re integral players in a scheme taking place—the destruction or “take over” of Democrat party-to change the status quo. We didn’t know it was happening bc we’ve been inundated w/#Russia #Resist
A new group/platform/org. called #JusticeDemocrats - “The Democrat Party TAKE OVER HAS BEGUN ” - #CenkUygur 🗣explains🗣
There’s anger w/and in the #Democrat party bc of the #DNC #HRC loss so #CenkUygur, #BernieSanders & Silicon Valley tech millionaire Saikat Chakrabarti teamed up(he’s #AOC CoS)…
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Published AUG 2016 after #Bernie flipped and slammed Hillary … @ericgarland THREAD what we (#ProDemocracy) had been watching. America doesn’t just have a problem with #Fascist#Trumpies on Right THEY have problem at other side of political Horseshoe too
2019 Update.. SO America believed about the #Trump #Fascist #RightWingers .. enough to elect a DEM house (finally after 8 yrs) and they have gone to work for #WeThePeople as @RepCummings showed the country yesterday. At their THIRD Hearing. First was Report CHILD MURDER by TRUMP
NOW it’s up to us to expose the #AltLEFT or as we #ProDemocracy centrists call it. Just the other face of the PUTIN puppet show. Remember how #Bernie has ‘always’ been nonaligned? Then said he was DEM in 2018. Don’t believe it. He is PUTINS #FallbackGuy ASK @20committee for def
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2) downplayed. We know the corrupt will not go down easily. With no evidence they will create investigations in the attempt to drag the issue out until #Election2020 is near. The Southern District of #NYAg is starting an investigation to, wait 4it, find a crime! #MadMaxine wants
3) 2investigate #POTUS' finances. #Dems are working their #House majority creating investigations, all 4political theatre. It a stall tact which they know will produce zero results. The #Patriots are in full control at the levels which truly count.
#TrustThePlan #lockEmUp [ ! ]
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Hey just a quick public service announcement.

Making the 2020 comversation about the online behavior of a candidates supporters mostly serves to move the conversation about bigger issues like policy and fitness for office.

At the risk of sounding condescending I feel like there are 4 things we should ask in this primary.

1. What are your policies ?

2. Are you proposing them in good faith?

3. Will you be effective in implimenting them?

4. are you fit for office?

This needs unpacking...

So the hardest questions are 2-4.

Whether a politician is seen as operating in good faith is often tied to whether we think a politician is "authentic."

This shit is huuuuuuugely sexist and priveledges men over women.

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1) Time to shelve #Bernie!
#KamalaHarris is back!
#Breitbart returns to the sacrificial early runner redelivering some history. #Harris, worked her way up dating(?) #WillieBrown. In 1994, then-outgoing #Speaker of the #CAStateAssemblyBrown appointed Harris to a state board....
2) with a $72,000 salary.
#Brown wrote in the #SanFranChronicle that he dated her & influenced her carrier.…
Watch the money when she drops out of the #2020Race. It's all about #TheMoney...
3) One of the little nuggets that are left out of #WillieBrown's admission ==> #Brown had separated in 1982, but never divorced, so the statement is in fact #True... As well, that she used the affair for advancement. Her personal preferences/proclivities have since surfaced.
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@gregolear FYI - Putin fired Trump at Helsinki. Look at the body language.

Trump was the *One* of a One-Two Combination, Trump from the RIGHT, #Bernie from the LEFT.

Putin's no longer supporting Trump or the GOP, he's backing #Bernie2020 with AOC as his token-PoC/female as VP candidate.
@gregolear BTW, Putin wants Trump out ASAP. He's done as much damage as Putin could have hoped for, and is, like Assange, starting to stink up the place.

Putin wants Pence to destroy Christianity in America, and figures that should take a couple of years.

*THEN*, it's #Bernie/AOC's turn.
@gregolear And Putin figures that with AOC's charisma and eye-candy appeal, we stupid Amerikanskis will forget all about #Bernie's known associations with Putin's goons and his own unsavory aspects, and PoC/women will vote for the AOC part of the team.

And he'll f*k-up our economy.
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I have a few things to say about this piece that just dropped...

Why the #Bernie Movement Must Crush #BetoORourke…
The insistence by white male writers that there is a two-white-man race out there between Bernie & Beto is so deeply, stunningly misogynist, it takes my breath away.

How is it POSSIBLE that these folks missed the blue wave which was fundamentally female--driven by women voters?
Not just driven by women voters, but driven by women candidates. Left-leaning women candidates, including WOC who ousted long-time older white male incumbents like....Bernie Sanders.

How is anyone missing this fact?
It's a major reason why Sanders' numbers have plummeted.
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The 2020 Dem primary is going to be intense one way or the other. The stakes are too high for it not to be. Heading into 2019, we'll see lots of early maneuvering and skirmishes. That's fine, AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT CHARACTER ATTACKS.

A character attack directly impugns the honesty, integrity, and/or ethics of a candidate. Examples: Candidate X is a liar. Candidate Y is immoral. An issue debate is perfectly acceptable, i.e. Candidate Z is wrong on health care, the economy, etc.

Neither #BernieSanders nor #BetoORourke have announced if they are running. Supporters of each should feel free to battle out the issues, BUT AVOID CHARACTER ATTACKS. We cannot afford to give needless ammunition to the GOP.
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