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#DemDebate wrap-up:

Maintained top tier status: #ElizabethWarren

Boosted his candidacy: #JulianCastro

Shaky: #BetoORourke
Though credit to #Beto for bringing up Russia's 2016 cyberattack.
And yes to those saying that #CoryBooker did well too.

But I think @ewarren did everything she needed to do and more to cement her position as one of the frontrunners.

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What a LYING POS this guy is. #Beto2020

#BetoORourke, oops Robert Francis O'Rourke, blatantly LIED at his campaign speech this week, was confronted about it, then LIED again in his reply.

But then again, that's what #Democrats do.…
At this speech, he claimed he didn't take any money from PACs, special interests, or lobbyists (which we know is bullsh*t)..

A "green" freak audience member confronted him & asked why just JUST took donations from fossil fuel CEOs and a Chevron LOBBYIST on March 29.....
So then, he admitted to taking the donations, but claimed he JUST LEARNED ABOUT IT ON HIS WAY TO THIS SPEECH.

Lying sack of crap!
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I’m going to provide a thread on Dems who want to be President. I’m going to share a link to a site that shows their voting record. The proof is in the pudding- or the votes in this case. You decide who should get the nod. #ThursdayThoughts
In no particular order. Here we go. Why not start with our most recent entry into the Dem race.

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Q has said the following:
"It's always been out in the open."
"Symbolism will be their downfall."
"Symbolism = END"
Why end? Because the elites use a language of symbolism: colours, poses, mythos, etc to hide from you in plain sight #Qanon
It's the end because when people learn this language we win. It's like this clip from They Live (We Sleep)

To see the world like this requires learning hundreds of symbols. An entirely new language, and thinking in a new way, it's not easy!
Colour Coding System
Orange/Sunset = End
Red/Fire = Punish
Blue/Water = Info
Tiffany Blue = Secret Info
Green/Trees = Ally
Yellow/Sunshine = Reward
Brown Dirt = Nourish
Purple = Communication
Pink = Weak
Dark = Hidden
Light = Visible
e.g. Dark to Light = To Make Visible.
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I have a few things to say about this piece that just dropped...

Why the #Bernie Movement Must Crush #BetoORourke…
The insistence by white male writers that there is a two-white-man race out there between Bernie & Beto is so deeply, stunningly misogynist, it takes my breath away.

How is it POSSIBLE that these folks missed the blue wave which was fundamentally female--driven by women voters?
Not just driven by women voters, but driven by women candidates. Left-leaning women candidates, including WOC who ousted long-time older white male incumbents like....Bernie Sanders.

How is anyone missing this fact?
It's a major reason why Sanders' numbers have plummeted.
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The 2020 Dem primary is going to be intense one way or the other. The stakes are too high for it not to be. Heading into 2019, we'll see lots of early maneuvering and skirmishes. That's fine, AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT CHARACTER ATTACKS.

A character attack directly impugns the honesty, integrity, and/or ethics of a candidate. Examples: Candidate X is a liar. Candidate Y is immoral. An issue debate is perfectly acceptable, i.e. Candidate Z is wrong on health care, the economy, etc.

Neither #BernieSanders nor #BetoORourke have announced if they are running. Supporters of each should feel free to battle out the issues, BUT AVOID CHARACTER ATTACKS. We cannot afford to give needless ammunition to the GOP.
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We’ve spent the past twelve months following @BetoORourke, his family, and his team of relative novices, as they upended modern politics. We captured Beto’s journey from a near unknown into a household name, during which he renewed hope in Texas and across this country. 1/
At midnight on Tuesday, after speaking to a stadium of thousands, @BetoORourke invited director @davidmodigs into his kitchen one last time, where he and Amy reflected on the campaign they ran, and Beto said the thing better than anyone else could — just when it’s needed most. 2/
We can’t wait to get deeper into the editing room to share this behind-the-scenes story in our forthcoming feature documentary @TheBetoDoc, produced in association with @crookedmedia and another exciting partner we will announce soon. 3/
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The relentlessness of passing over superb women with strong credentials & election histories in favor of whatever man is a headline at a moment is exhausting.

Two months ago it was Avenatti. Now it's O'Rourke.

Bypassing the majority of Americans--women--is a national disgrace.
O'Rourke is fine. He is not, Harris, Gillibrand or Klobuchar.

▪Gillibrand is Congress' leader on women's rights & sexual assault victims.
▪Harris set NN2018 on fire with her speeches reclaiming identity politics.
▪ Klobuchar highlighted #Kavanaugh's unfitness for SCOTUS.
Americans MUST stop looking past women to find some man, any man to supplant them.

It took THIRTY YEARS of incredibly hard work for @HillaryClinton to get to run for POTUS. The rules for women are so different. No one sees a woman give a single speech and says "president!"
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The most hilarious part of this attack is that #BetoORourke and #TedCruz are the same age. Beto just seems so much younger, fresher, more fun and more electable.

Texas Republicans are trying to use Beto’s punk rock days against him…
So @BetoORourke was in a cool punk band AT THE SAME TIME that @tedcruz was...wait for it: A MIME.

Cruz is 47, Beto is 46.
I rest my case, folks.
Just remember that before @LindseyGrahamSC went over to the dark side, he famously said of @tedcruz's likeability: "If #TedCruz were killed on the Senate floor and the trial was held in the Senate, no one would convict."
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Oops... #AlexandriaOcasioCortez didn't make Obama's top Democratic list of candidates he endorses. And not a word from the #FakeNewsMedia, mainly #FakeNewsCNN, as to why.
Hey, guys, this is Breaking News @CNN. Why are you quiet on it?
Not that she would win, but further proof the Democratic party is in shambles. All the more reason Republicans/ Conservatives must #VoteRed.
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I'm a "Hollywood Liberal" Ted. I like to put my hard earned $$ behind candidates who unlike you, do not take 11 MILLION $$ into your Super PAC from the Mercers or use Cambridge Analytica's stolen data to influence the outcome of your campaign #BetoForTexas
@Rosie @chelseahandler
When the Mercers were backing #NeverTrump candidate @tedcruz--
"the Cruz camp dropped $5.8 million with the Cambridge Analytica -- spending $3 million with the company as early as February. " 5.8 Million for Stolen Data...
3. As a "Hollywood Liberal" @tedcruz I prefer to give my $$ and support to candidates who do not foment hate and virulent Islamophobia like you and associate with hate groups like Pamela Geller's who is banned from entering the UK. #BetoForTexas
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