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(1/) alt-left weaponized words #PRIVILEGE #whiteprivilege #Maleprivilege against male DEMS like @BetoORourke 2 boost @BernieSanders

BUT GLEEFULLY talking of burning it down while millions R hungry, out of a job or dying is #PrivilegeDefined
(2/) YO Berners out there with UR privilege showing-- #JeffWeaver left U a message in this op-ed. Or was that #NotMeUs just a bunch of bullshit?

(3/) Progressive politics is not 4 the feint at heart, nor is it a debating society. It's not the holier Than thou Olympics. It's organizing 2 achieve real & positive change in the lives of people we represent. It's not about being right"
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As a sexual assault survivor I've EXACTLY zero fu*KS 2 give #WokeAF #Berners trolling me on being my best #MeToo

After months of research on the orchestrated takedown of #betoorourke by Bernie Delegate Network I'd bet this attack on Biden has #puppetmaster written all over it

Now the entirely UNFOUNDED allegations from podcast w/2016 Bernie Sanders delegate Katie Halper & amplified by Intercept @ryangrim are released into the wild via op-ed @guardian by the now quite familiar cog in Bernie delegates media smear machine @ArwaM
BTW....I called that yesterday. Next few 2 jump in will be from Vox, Salon, Capital & Main, Paste & Jacobin, I am sure of it.

The Guardian Op-ed begins with assumption that 100% of Ms Reade's story is fact & pushes narrative that MSM is burying it instead of vetting story 1st.
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See ya Beta O'Dork…

Viable opposition is running thin, not like it matters. Still waiting for that last minute candidate to pop up 👀

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #MEGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight #BetoORourke #Beto2020
Remember Kamala's ties to hoaxer Jussie Smollet which happened right after she wanted a lynching bill passed…
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1/ THREAD: I know I’m a little late on this one, but I was busy earlier & have some things to say about the thread @germanrlopez, a @voxdotcom senior correspondent, wrote about @BetoORourke today.

Let me help clear things up with some FACTS & RECEIPTS.
2/ First of all, Beto didn’t just suddenly start caring about gun violence after the shooting in El Paso on August 3rd.

One of many examples: @BetoORourke in 2016, on the House floor, during the sit-in, speaking truth.

3/ And when @BetoORourke wasn’t speaking he was live-streaming on FB so we could see democracy in action after Paul Ryan cut the CSPAN feed.

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A brief history of the United States:

a few hundred years ago some assholes landed on a boat and started killing the people who already lived here.

soon... some of those assholes started bringing in people that were captured and held as slaves, so they wouldn't have to work so hard.

people kept coming into this new land because they were being persecuted for various reasons in their homeland... they were from many places and many religions... they came here so they could live in peace.

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Ok here is the deal. While news pundits r touting fundraising $$ raised & gauging the viability of a dem candidates. It's important to look at the big picture. #Beto2020 had me at the firdt Townhall I heard him talk abt his vision, NFL speech won my heart but THIS won my trust.
Beto since early in his tenure at Congress decided he came to Congress to serve the people he represented. He refused to "play the Washington game". It was one of the many reasons Texans love him so much. We heard him and KNOW HIM. He is there "FOR THE PEOPLE"
#BetoORourke shows up everywhere. Ppl might believe he can't pull a crowd or his ability to fundraise has faltered. Well he is not a candidate chasing the dollar, he is going to where the people are all over the country. No PAC, NO CORPORATE or special interests. It's ALLPeople
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The debate is on 9/12 & it’s your chance to show everyone that TX is ALL IN for BETO!

🎉YOU’RE INVITED: @TeamBeto is hosting an official watch party in HOUSTON & #BetoNation will be making our grassroots energy known @ the debate too!

Deets & RSVP👇


Join campaign staff, supporters & volunteers in Houston on 9/12 to watch the debate & cheer @BetoORourke on at the official #Beto2020 watch party!👇


Meet up outside the debate venue to show your #Beto2020 pride as the national media descends on Houston! Beto supporters will be representing on 9/12 with signs, cheers, chants & more.👇

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NH Convention with Team Beto: A Thread

Convention is the superbowl of NH politics. To say the least, @BetoForNH had been preparing for this for months. The results were incredible, and I'm proud to be here for Team Beto.

Let me share what we did.

#Beto2020 #FITN #nhpolitics
@BetoForNH (2) We’d been calling and inviting people to convention for MONTHS. Making endless calls, working long days, meeting after meeting, talking to the people, doing the work necessary to invite people into seeing what Beto wants to bring to America.
@BetoForNH (3) The day of. Huge to convention is how every campaign fights for space on convention grounds. Every campaign has to try to get there by - no joke - 2:30 in the morning to get there and be ready for the day. Here we are after 1 to no hours of sleep ready for the day
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As useful as a carbon tax is, imposing such a tax would be highly regressive and harmful to America's working poor. Cap and trade more directly ensures that energy producers limit their carbon emissions. #Beto2020 #ClimateTownHall…
Part 2: when asked about the dangers of heat waves, #Beto2020 goes into detail talking about the places on the frontlines of climate change from EP to NoLa by investing cap/trade revenues into improved cooling systems and overall environmental justice. #ClimateTownHall
Over 70,000 people died in the 2003 European heat wave because they couldn't keep cool in the summer heat. This will continue across the globe if our governments do nothing to invest in environmental justice. #Beto2020 #ClimateTownHall
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@BetoORourke given circumstances you weren’t able to do a meet and greet, but you inspired me to share my Why with you. This is Bodhi. He’ll be 1 in October and his dad works a job that is unnecessarily dangerous. I’m a teacher.
Last year in my school, we had 3 shooting threats. 1 was unfounded, but 2 weren’t. The students had weapons, plans and were coming had it not been for two students. Two students that made sure I had the opportunity to tweet this to you.
Two students that made sure Bodhi’s daddy came home to tuck him in that night. It shouldn’t be like this. My wife shouldn’t respond in fear when I tell her my class is near the entrance. I’m a teacher. I’m not trained for that. There’s no class for this. No preparation.
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🤨How many church leaders, including pastors, murmur privately about how awful Trump is- AFTER they make sure that none of their tithing/influential Trump-supporting church members are listening?

Even people I generally respect are guilty of this.
They will live to regret it.👥
Living as a free person means you value integrity more than money and influence.

But make no mistake- it is often quite costly.
That is why Jesus warned his disciples that to continue following him would include taking up a cross, a metaphor (at the least) for exclusion & loss.
My wife just joined me to watch Beto's speech from Arkansas yesterday.

She said, "For someone who isn't a Christian, I sure hear a whole lot more of Jesus' way in him than I do in all of those who boast about their churchiness." (paraphrase)

We are working for #Beto2020
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After Steve King's remarks about virtues of rape, presidential candidates rush to call for donations to his Iowa challenger @JDScholten

So far:

☑️ #Castro2020
☑️ #Beto2020
☑️ #Inslee2020
☑️ #Klobuchar2020
☑️ #Booker2020
☑️ #Gilibrand2020
☑️ #Delaney2020

Do email now
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My feelings about the powerful @BetoORourke op-ed out this morning on @CNN — a thread told in GIFs. #Beto2020…
“When a white terrorist drove more than 600 miles to hunt and kill Hispanic people in my hometown, he followed a path of vile inspiration that reaches from the darkest chapters of our history and runs directly to the White House today.”
“Mass shootings, like the murder of 22 people in El Paso ... are not caused by video games. They are not simply caused by mental illness. & we should not be surprised that this kind of violence eventually found our community. In today's America, it was only a matter of time.”
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So what's your favorite @BetoORourke video?

This will be a live thread that can function as a library for later usage....

The optimistic ending is what makes Beto different.

Beto bringing the room to tears on immigration.


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LISTEN UP: @BetoORourke has clearly stated he's not going to run for Senate instead of POTUS, so if you’re STILL bringing it up I’m left to assume you:

1/ Have delusions of grandeur & have convinced yourself that he'll change his mind based on one more hot take/comment from YOU.
2/ Mean well and are genuinely worried about Dems winning back the senate, but are unaware that countless bots and trolls are swarming his and #Beto2020 supporters mentions ALL DAY EVERY DAY pushing this messaging like it's their job, b/c it is. Fake accounts are all over this.
3/ Aren’t looking at the big picture and don't grasp the fact that Beto scares the sh*t out of the GOP and 45 because they know #Beto2020 can flip TX AND THE SENATE SEAT if he is the nominee. (p.s. he’s the only one who can do that)
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Atlanta Journal Constitution is doing best job reporting on the #ElPaso #shooting

They reported on it the day before it happened. 🤔

#ElPasoShooting #ElPasoStrong #GunReformNow #GunViolence #gunsense #Democrats #QAnon #MAGA #Biden2020 #KamalaHarris
Atlanta's Newspaper: #ElPaso #shooting...YESTERDAY!?

Huh.. odd

Search powered by Google on their site does show it as 21 hours ago
Img 1…

When you get to article it says 6 Hours
Img 2…

#ElPasoStrong #ElPasoTerroristAttack #QAnon
#Beto's not even able to control his emotions in the
wake of this event.

#ElPaso #Shooting #ElPasoStrong #ElPasoTerroristAttack #GunViolence #gunsense #GunControlNow #QAnon #MAGA #Democrats #Beto2020
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PSA to the Beto should run for Senate folks: You're not helping us here in TX. If you're concern trolling, just own it. If you think you're helping, stop. Beto isn't running for Senate in 2020. If he did, it would be counterproductive. Cornyn would attack him for running for Pres
We put in a lot of work to make this state winnable again. Beto put in a lot of work to make this state winnable again. But just anybody won't win it. The Dem running for Gov lost by 13%. It's still an uphill battle, so stop making it harder on us.
When you say Beto should drop out and run for Senate, you imply that our current candidates are weak and can't win. You diminish the people who are trying to flip this state. Work with us, not against us. If you truly care about flipping TX, drop that narrative.
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Today, a person on Twitter asked why I support Beto. I think it's a fair question. I will state at the outset that Beto was my Representative, and I have a lot of love for the man based on what he delivered for us and his willingness to listen and engage with his constituents.
Nevertheless, there are three key reasons why I support Beto O'Rourke for President. They are:
1. Electability
2. Ideology
3. Messaging

I'll start with electability. I think Beto is arguably the most electable candidate in the race for three reasons.
First, he brings TX to the table. Demographic trends are only weakening Republican hold on Texas, and statistical modeling showed after the 2018 race that Beto likely would have won with Pres. Election turnout. Cruz is surprisingly popular in TX (moreso than Trump in some polls).
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We started looking at automated activity (and potentially other aspects of) tweets containing various #<candidate first or last name>2020 hashtags (e.g., #Warren2020, #Kamala2020, #Bernie2020, etc.) We examined tweets from Jan 1st - July 3rd, 2019.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
Looking more closely at the 2020 hashtags that have both a significant percentage (we used 10% as a cutoff, 3%-ish is average) of automated activity and at least 1000 tweets, we see sizable volume for tweets posted via VK (Russian Facebook-esque social network.) What's the deal?
The VK activity in the 2020 hashtags comes from 21 very similarly-named accounts. Account names are the display name with "Im" prepended (e.g., "Alberta Swift" = "@ImAlbertaSwift.) All tweets were posted via VK, and none tweeted before 2018 (despite some being created in 2015.)
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THREAD: I’ve seen Julián Castro on TV since the debate saying what happened on stage w/ Beto wasn’t personal & was just a policy disagreement. Here’s the problem with that—he’s misrepresenting Beto’s position & is well aware @BetoORourke has done his homework. Let me explain...
On @Morning_Joe the next day Castro talked about @BetoORourke & said, "If you're not calling for the repeal of that section [1352] that means that basically you're gonna keep the status quo & you're gonna allow family separation."

That’s NOT TRUE & not what #Beto2020 supports.
Next, on @TheView, Castro said Beto’s plan would keep family separation in place because you’d still be incarcerating the parents & separating them from their children. This is also FALSE. It sounds to me like Castro didn’t do his homework. Did he even read @BetoORourke’s plan?
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1/ Since Julian Castro decided to tell @BetoORourke to "do [his] homework" on immigration, I decided I'd do mine. Beto already knows this, but I didn't, and I bet you didn't either. Here's what section 1325 actually does:
2/ The first part of the law does, in fact, make it a misdemeanor to enter the country at an improper time or in an improper place. Castro got that part right. But let's go on...
3/ Section b makes it a civil offense as well. So when Castro talks about repealing it all, but then talks about making it a civil issue, he's getting it wrong. 1325 actually does both & Castro is advocating getting rid of both. ...
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What a LYING POS this guy is. #Beto2020

#BetoORourke, oops Robert Francis O'Rourke, blatantly LIED at his campaign speech this week, was confronted about it, then LIED again in his reply.

But then again, that's what #Democrats do.…
At this speech, he claimed he didn't take any money from PACs, special interests, or lobbyists (which we know is bullsh*t)..

A "green" freak audience member confronted him & asked why just JUST took donations from fossil fuel CEOs and a Chevron LOBBYIST on March 29.....
So then, he admitted to taking the donations, but claimed he JUST LEARNED ABOUT IT ON HIS WAY TO THIS SPEECH.

Lying sack of crap!
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If you take a gander at the replies to some of @BetoORourke's recent tweets, you might notice a bit of a theme: the phrase "Beto is a furry" turn ups over. And over. And over.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We downloaded tweets containing "Beto is a furry" or "Beto O'Rourke is a furry", yielding 3957 original tweets from 2362 accounts. All but two were tweeted since the beginning of 2019. Let's see where this got started. . .
The third tweet (Jan 23 2019), featuring a video of a younger O'Rourke singing Ramones songs in a sheep mask, seems to be the catalyst for the trend. The first tweet from October 2018 was posted by @AubreyLaVentana, an account that references several mass shooters on its profile.
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Less than one week after @BetoORourke announced he is running for president, an artist took his skills to the next level.

A giant #BETO2020 crop circle will be visible when landing to the Austin Airport

Tonight on @KVUE, the artist explains what it took to put this together
This is what the artwork looks like from the ground.

The piece is about a mile and a half north of ABIA airport in Austin.

It’s diameter is about 2-acres, and artists say it will last about 2 weeks.
The artist behind the #BETO2020 artwork is Stan Herd.

Worldwide known artist who uses organic material as his canvas

The @BetoORourke portrait is made of sand, mulch, clay, rocks and pecan shells.

You’ll hear from him on @KVUE at 5PM

(📸: Stan Herd)
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