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to connect with these ultra competitive brands and get the education messages into homes.
Teach cat owners what to do.
Sell them the behaviour changes that have been sold to stop people deaths.
Like STAY AT HOME #covid
So. Reality.
Problem wont change until we change how we address it.
Theres two cat fronts.
Ferals & domestic.
My thread is on domestic.
Thats where to money is.
Why is money important here?

The pet food industry is a billion dollar industry.
Competition is tight.
They want you.
"The Australia Pet Food Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 2.7% during the forecast period (2020-2025)".

Growing market.
More discerning consumers.
Hot competition for a slice of your pet pocket.
Increase demand for natural.
Increase demand for pet health.
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1/6: OK, let's think of a list of specific questions - I'll start with whether "What is being proposed is no different than our existing health surveillance system." In our current system, a health official asks an infected person for a list of people & places they've been near.
2/6: Some obvious differences:
- When relying on human memory, you might forget. Automation should be better.
- When relying on human memory, you can choose to omit certain people or places. Will Australia's app have that option, or will it be all-or-nothing?
- Human memory cannot usually be compelled (at least not in countries like Aus), but data can be compulsorily acquired, e.g. under TOLA. Will TOLA, and other laws about compulsory phone-opening, be amended to carve out contact data stored on your phone by the app? #auspol
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1/ The Australian Fed government is using #COVID19Aus ‘mitigation’ modelling which permit ‘controlled burns’ of #SARSCoV2 through the population resulting in unnecessary deaths…
2/ Current federal government #COVID19Aus policy is based on 'mitigation' modelling where the #coronavirusaustralia is allowed to spread with a reproductive number R0 of >1.0 which would allow 10s-of-1000s of unnecessary Australian deaths…
3/ No responsible government should expose #chronicillness patients, cancer suffers, immune suppressed and the elderly to a #covid19 Mitigation policy where unnecessary deaths are tolerated

China and S. Korea used Suppression policies where the goal was an R0<1.0

It works!
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#auspol #COVID19Aus

[1] When the economic ramifications of this pandemic started to become clear, I pined for the response we could have had if Australia had elected a @billshortenmp led Labor government.
[2] My genuine worry was that the Coalition would persist in its fervent disdain for all things stimulus, keep insisting on a surplus, and keep blaming Labor for putting us into debt during the GFC.
[3] So, I wouldn’t be the first person to say that I’m feeling genuine relief at how far the Morrison government has gone to support Australian workers to get through this crisis, and how receptive they have been to action that they might not have otherwise taken.
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MYTH BUSTER: #anaesthesia & #anaesthetists are hard words to say (I’m one & have trouble!) & people are sometimes confused about what we do (even other doctors!) and that’s fair enough, but we are way more than just people who “put you to sleep” for your surgery #covid19aus 1/
It’s better to think of us as #anesthesiologists (with an american accent!) like they say in the US. We are medical specialists. We have a medical degrees & a specialist qualification, are highly trained having done continuous training until we are often at least 30 years old 2/
We assess all aspects of you before giving you an anaesthetic - Such as your health conditions, your medication, your worries/concerns about what about to happen to you, your pain requirements, & make decisions about the safest anaesthetic to give you for your surgery 3/
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It took a lot of questioning and pressure to get the government to give students the basic dignity of an increase to #YouthAllowance and to realise the negative impact their approach would have had on young people.

#Auspol #coronavirusaustralia #COVID19Aus #Raisetherateforall
This victory shows the importance of holding the government to account, even when they’re adamant that they will not budge.

#Auspol #coronavirusaustralia #COVID19Aus #Raisetherateforall
This isn’t over. We need to make sure people on disability support pension and carer allowance will also see a raise in this time of crisis.

#Auspol #coronavirusaustralia #COVID19Aus #Raisetherateforall
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Why we need an emergency Unconditional Universal Basic Income (UUBI) right now. It should be set at $650 per week emergency UUBI for 12 weeks at least + 50$ per week which is in place for longer and that rate is set by the reserve bank @ScottMorrisonMP @AlboMP #auspol #COVID19Aus
This gives the reserve bank more ammunition to control the economy than just interest rates.

1/ Too many systems are going to need some kind of intervention - income support, mortgages and credit cards, targeted industry support, gig economy workers, renters and landlords, etc.
We have already seen unintended consequences creeping in with for example debtors refusing to continue payment arrangements because they think they "can't be bankrupted during the emergency".
@phbarratt @simonahac @mcannonbrookes
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Teachers and principles are not dispensable.
An urgent meeting is being sought with the NSW minister.
Answers are needed 👇🏻
As of midday, yesterday, plans were being enacted to wind back school operations. Described as the UK model, schools were to remain open with appropriate levels of supervision for children of essential workers.
In the UK, schools are being kept as empty as possible. Flexible arrangements are in place for school staff to ensure effective minimum supervision and the further ongoing development of online educational material for students not at schools.
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It is clear at this point that @ScottMorrisonMP and the rest of the ruling class could not give less of a fuck about ordinary people. They have had months to prepare for this crisis and yet they still have no plan in place to stop the spread of the disease.
They should be learning from other countries by shutting down all non essential industries with full compensation for workers and pouring billions into health to fund testing and treatment.
And yet all we've seen is massive bailouts to industry to protect profits and the economy while Morrison scolds ordinary people for not self isolating, something that he was advocating against last week
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I've lost count of the number of times I've heard people - wrongly - say that socialist aspirations are foolish because they require moral purity from all people.

This is a flaw, they say, because even if most people act morally, not all will.
This critique is flawed for a range of reasons... but there is a point that should be considered:

Any policy, any political issue, is never down to individual morality. If you think it is, then you're obscuring the issue, and your solutions won't work.
If you look at people's failure to distance or propensity to panic buy in response to #COVID19Aus and present that problem as an issue with individual morals, you have a problem with no solution.

And you're ensuring you won't understand the problem to begin with.
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Massive applause for @ScottMorrisonMP for telling us all to practice social distancing, whilst making a portion of us remain in high density workplaces, in high contact jobs, like teaching.
Our kids are anxious, @ScottMorrisonMP. Does that bother you? They don’t believe you anymore because you keep changing the rules, and kids need rules especially in times of chaos.

They want to wash their hands but there’s no hand sanitiser and nobody knows when more will come.
I met a kid today who was going to quietly go without food for lunch because she was intimidated by the number of people in the tuck shop queue. She didn’t feel safe enough to buy FOOD. The quiet ones are the ones I worry about the most.
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"Life is changing in Australia. Life is changing all around the world. Life is going to continue to change as we deal with the global coronavirus." @ScottMorrisonMP #auspol @SBSNews
"We are going to keep Australia running" @ScottMorrison "There is no short-term, quick fix to how this is dealt with in Australia. The idea that you can just turn everything off for two weeks and then turn it all back on again when it all goes away, that is not the evidence."
"Wherever possible, we need to keep Australians working" @ScottMorrisonMP #auspol @SBSNews
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I want give some hopefully reassuring context, then I'd like to catalogue all the things our government has done wrong. This is a bit of a long read for social media.

Firstly and importantly, everyone breath.

#auspol #COVID19Aus…
A thread, of 24 tweets. #auspol #COVID19Aus

No. This is not a drill but we're going to be OK. 2020 is going to be a wild time, but we're not going to starve and we all have netflix. If you're suffering medical problems, then I'm sorry, this could be about to get dangerous. 1/24
But even for you in risk groups, you're probably going to be OK. Australia is well placed and entire community is prepared to make sacrifices to help protect you. Even if you are unlucky enough to get COVID19, you're likely to get nothing worse than the flu. 2/24
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landed in Melbourne
sore throat,sneezing and coughing on place
not sure fever
passengers from Italy sits right beside me…
the whole plan has coughing sound through the flight
I am doing the right thing to report myself to a airport medic now
I will do a test of #COVIDー19
2/ taken to a room for temperature test no fever
went through a question list 4 symptom history,if i met anyone from high risk country China italy
i told them i was in Prague 4 film festival & met many people around world.
but seems they are about letting me go.
3/ airport medicals are calling authority to ask about my measurement,go home or stay for test maybe…
seems phones got difficulty to go through…
personally i wish to stay and have test asap.
but i need to respect their decision.
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Thread: #COVID19Aus #covid19australia updates from

Two more deaths have been confirmed tonight. Five people have now died from #COVIDー19 in Australia.
A change to the charts - most states and territories have not immediately stated transmission sources for individual cases, nor have they specified whether the case is still under investigation. These cases have now been categorised as 'unknown or undisclosed'.
NSW has released whether cases are still under investigation, or whether health authorities have been unable to identify the transmission link.
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Research advice for Oz academics during the #COVID19Aus era - a thread, all advice welcome.
1. International conferences are out for 2020 but still note the invitation. Funding bodies shld be flexible about postponed or amended activities. Help ECRs adjust…
2. Fieldwork - same issues, but for some, the activities may be more time critical for sequence of PhD or grant. Need creative ways to get results remotely, ie hiring local researcher to conduct interviews or using survey software.  PhD travel not refunded? Shout for help!
3. Domestic travel uncertain - flexibility required again - prob best to abandon plans now. Generally, where Zoom can be used, use it. Good news is, all other academics grounded too, why not try emailing your ideal collaborator?
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From a respected immunologist at Westmead Hospital, Sydney. Share widely (and not just because he’s a Dan… 👍) #covid #COVID19Aus #covid19australia
We want to be Singapore, Taiwan or HK, not Italy. #flattenthecurve
In contrast to Singapore & HK, the Italian Covid experience is a tragedy that none of us have ever lived through. This experience is from an Italian intensivists/anaesthetists shared among Melbourne anaesthetists: #covid19 #COVID19Aus #FlattenTheCurve
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#BREAKING: The Federal Government has launched the first phase of its national #coronavirus public health campaign.

It will provide people with "practical advice to contain the virus as well as keep the health and aged care industry informed."

@abcnews #auspoI #COVID19Aus
The campaign includes:

✅ Two TV ads (see above video)
✅ Two, full-page newspaper ads containing official medical advice (see below)
✅ Radio ads translated into multiple languages
✅ Outdoor advertising across more than 2,200 sites
✅ Digital and social media ads
According to the PM's office, the campaign will be constantly reviewed and updated to reflect the most up-to-date advice from the Chief Medical Officer Professor Brendan Murphy. #auspol #COVID19Aus #covid19australia
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#SocialDistancingNow could be the kindest thing you could do - #flatteningthecurve could be life saving!
But it doesn’t have to mean social isolation - Here’s some ideas on how to stay social and supportive… stay kind in chalk on the pavement
Sure, some of you might be connected to your community already - great!
But if not no time like the present to start.

(#ComCom peeps are already all over this - @KezNoo @MerrynGott @CormacRussell @PHPalCare )
Drop a letter or note into neighbours letter boxes with your details and let them know how you can help.
A meal, grocery drop, loo paper, veggies from your yard, board game swap etc

Maybe you can set up a what’s app group, or street Facebook group so you can stay connected?
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