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We wouldn't have this madness if we hadn't had DIVERSITY imposed on us.

Why did we have DIVERSITY, which is Orwellian newspeak for a global MeltingPot, imposed on us?
Here's why we had DIVERSITY imposed on us by Big Brother & his moral-supremacist minions.
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#BretWeinstein refers to an essay by #ArthurKoestler, The Nightmare That Is a Reality, published in January 1944, which has an important message for us today.

This is my response, the first tweet of a short thread, so please click on it.
The Holocaust was just one, especially horrific, act in a much longer play that is the history & suicide of Western, i.e. European, civilisation.

As historian A J Toynbee observed, ALL successful civilisations ultimately commit suicide. Why would ours be an exception?
There's no reason to suppose our civilisation is an exception, & a mountain of evidence to suggest otherwise.

We're naturally inclined to look to the brightest & most successful (e.g. #BillGates, #Elonmusk) for wisdom & advice, but they are blinded by their own very success.
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The sight of the Union Flag & photo of the Queen behind the minister makes my skin crawl.


Because Britain is an Orwellian construct of lies, deceit & a regime of rewards & intimidation.
Britain is not a nation, but a mercenary #PatronState deceitfully posing as a nation, in order to legitimise itself, its ruling elites & the immense power they wield & abuse. ImageImage
However, the fact that I can tweet the above without fear of state retribution is something I value very highly & attribute to Britain's & the West's respect for the individual's freedom to speak his or her mind. In most countries it would not be possible.
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There are two fundamentally different ways a society can be organised:
1) Undemocratically, from the top down.
2) Grassroots-democratically, from the bottom up.

Britain, like all so-called nation states, is organised undemocratically from the top down.
We enjoy some very important rights & freedoms in the UK, but our so-called parliamentary, i.e. representative, democracy is a farce, a political stitch-up, which facilitates government of, by & for the elites & favoured clients of the state, NOT the people at large.
And it's the same in America, which never became the nation its founders had hoped it would, but just a bigger, more powerful, clone of Great Britain: an Orwellian construct of lies, deceit & a regime of rewards & intimidation.
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This is a hold-up, in which I'm pointing the pistol of truth at wealthy Whites: Your Money or your Race?

The choice is yours. If you want your race to survive, you must care for & share with it. Otherwise it will perish.

I invite you to join me in caring for our race.
Britain, as a #NationState, is an Orwellian construct, based on lies, deceit & a regime of rewards & intimidation, which cares nothing for our race, but quite the contrary, wants to racially replace & mix us out of existence.

Let us form a genuine nation, a #NationRace!
In order to achieve this goal, we must proceed peacefully, legally & grassroots-democratically, while cultivating good relations with the state & with other races, some of which will want to form their own nations, while others will want to remain part of the British #MeltingPot.
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British #RepresentativeDemocracy is a farce, which I want to replace with #GrassrootsDemocracy, whereby, within a single party, called #ContraPot, we organise ourselves into genuine communities & nations, representatives of which will convene in a #ContraPotParliament.
#ContraPot is in contradistinction to Britain's existing #PotParliament, at Westminster, which is committed to the #MeltingPot of Post-Racial #Multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism, from which it derives part of its spurious moral authority.
Another part of its spurious moral authority, Parliament derives from its claim to represent a nation.

Britain is not a genuine nation, but a mercenary #PatronState deceitfully posing as a nation, in order to legitimise itself, its ruling elites & the power they wield & abuse. ImageImage
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Western "democracies" are having the madness of mass immigration & DIVERSITY (Orwellian newspeak for #RacialMixing, & only a strength to #BigBrother & his strategy of divide & rule) imposed on them by a moral supremacist elite, whose moral authority I challenge. Image
Their moral authority is based on a misconceived, #NeverAgain, knee-jerk response to the criminally insane Nazi ideology of #RacialPurity, going to the opposite but equally insane extreme of imposing #RacialMixing.
Genuine human diversity is a product of pre-modern #NaturalSegregation, which racial mixing, i.e. DIVERSITY, certainly on the grand scale it is being imposed on us, will destroy in a global #MeltingPot.
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George Orwell based his novel, 1984, on 1930s fascism & communism, projecting them onto a future Britain & unwittingly making it difficult for us to recognise how #BigBrother would manifest himself in liberal democracies like our own.
Manifest himself he does, but not as in 1984. Instead, we are left many freedoms, while at the same time being enslaved - rich & poor alike - to BigB & #TheMatrix of state & capital. As in the film, most are completely unaware of it, & the well-served have no reason to become so.
But enslaved we are, to a system that is inherently unjust, inhumane, & unsustainable on our finite, vulnerable & overpopulated planet, #SpaceshipEarth.

Thus enslaved, our leaders have been unable to initiate the #SustainabilityRevolution on which our very survival depends.
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Britain is an Orwellian construct, based on lies, deceit & a regime of rewards & intimidation, which is betraying Native Britons to mass immigration & an ideology of White racial self-denial & self-contempt, which is a pathological overreaction to the evils of Nazism.
By deceitfully posing as our nation, Britain tricks us into loving Big Brother, who tells us to celebrate DIVERSITY, which is Orwellian newspeak for a global #MeltingPot into which our Native European race will dissolve & disappear.

I am opposed to this, making me #ContraPot.
Alone I am powerless. I need support.

If you share my sentiments, please support me, & we will create a new political party & movement, which will put the Orwellian British state in its place, peacefully legally & grassroots-democratically.
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Those who fear & hate the truth seek to censor & suppress it by designating it as #HateSpeech.

An example: The #NationState is an Orwellian construct based on lies, deceit & a regime of rewards & intimidation.

This is true, but in many it incites fear & hatred.
The fear & hatred it incites is especially strong when one names a particular nation state - say Britain, France or America - but it is true for ALL nation states.
Notwithstanding their Orwellian nature, the UK, France & America are still 3 of the best states in the world to be citizens of, as attested to by the millions of migrants & refugees who want to settle in these countries.

We're ALL dependent on the state, no matter how Orwellian.
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The religion of #AntiRacism serves the British state & establishment (i.e. #BigBrother) as an instrument of socio-political rewards, intimidation & control, which supplements the religion which equates state & nation, which is how we are tricked into loving BigB.
We are ALL - rich & poor, Black & White, high & low IQ alike - dependent on Big Brother & #TheMatrix of state & capital, & thus enslaved to them.

As in the film, The Matrix, we are unaware of our enslavement, until red pilled, which at the moment I am the only one who is.
If I am mistaken about being the only one who is red pilled, please let me know, so that we can work together in red pilling others, & then cooperate in creating a new world order of #ContraPot, as an alternative to the existing world order of Big Brother's #MeltingPot.
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#AntiRacism is a religion, which now dominates the West & needs to be taken as seriously as you would need to take Islam, if you lived in Saudi Arabia.

Religion derives from Latin, religare, meaning to bind people together, & is thus a source of POWER.
Americans fought a civil war over the religion of the Union, which was, & became an ever greater source of power that has been abused throughout American history. If the Confederacy had won, power would still have been abused, of course, but in two separate states.
The American constitution & the rule of law mercifully limit the abuse of power, but not nearly enough to achieve a humane & sustainable society.

The religion of Anti-Racism plays out within the religion of the Union & of every other sovereign western state.
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United we Stand. Divided we Fall.

There is no truer truism than this.

Britain, America, & our entire civilisation are hopelessly divided & thus on course to fall. And it will not be long in coming.

We are committing #Ecocide, & #WhiteSelfGenocide.
#ClimateChange is contained in #Ecocide, which is a consequence of us prioritising economy (the household of man) over ecology (the household of our planet).

Our grossly materialistic, mercenary, rapacious & driven global economy is the goose which lays the golden eggs.
As in Aesop's fable, there is an insatiable collective desire for ever more golden eggs (i.e. money, which is the most versatile form of power). Thus the economy has to grow, which it does at the expense of the environment, sustainability, our children & future generations.
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#BigBrother & his minions operate at multiple levels: local, national, corporate & international. Here's an example from the international level of the UN.

Transforming our world:
The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Image
Preamble: Image
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A word if advice to "patriots".

The word #PATRIOT is too ambiguous, meaning whatever anyone chooses it to mean, especially in an age of mass migration & DIVERSITY, & with #BigBrother state claiming to represent the country & the nation. Image
The nature of #NationState is quite Orwellian, with #BigB having embraced #LiberalDemocracy, #AntiFascism & #AntiRacism, in order to claim a spurious moral authority for himself & his minions (people like @DAaronovitch). #DavidAaronovitch, a minion of Big Brother?!
He who won the 2001 #OrwellPrize for his political writing, & has such liberal views . . Except on issues relating to RACE, where he's an ardent supporter of BigB in telling others how they should & shouldn't FEEL & THINK.

Like Big Brother, David wants to miscegenate us all.
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Grassroots-Democratic Multi-National Socialism (#GrDMNS)

This is the name of my political philosophy, on which the political parties & movement, #Contrapot, I am initiating is based.

#Contrapot in opposition to #MeltingPot, which is the political philosophy of #BigBrother.
BB's political philosophy of post-racial multiculturalism & DIVERSITY is Orwellian newspeak for a global melting pot, the destroyer of genuine human diversity (a product of pre-modern #NaturalSegregation). It goes to opposite but equally insane extremes of Nazi racial ideology.
My purpose is to liberate humanity from its enslavement to Big Brother & #TheMatrix of state & capital, & create a more just, humane, democratic &, above all, SUSTAINABLE, alternative to the existing world order on our finite, vulnerable & overpopulated planet, #SpaceshipEarth. Image
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I have always identified with Ashkenazi Jews, whether I loved them or hated them, as fellow Europeans, but have come to realise that many (most?) do not reciprocate my sense of shared racial identity.
Because the Nazis, in their criminally insane way, saw Jews as an alien race, which they persecuted & sought to exterminate, many Jews, it seems, in their collective subconscious, acquired a sense of racial self-denial & self-hatred, which #BigBrother & his minions weaponised.
When I use the term #Racial_Identity", I can almost hear people drawing in their breath, I think, because it is associated with the Nazi idea of #RacialPurity & the horrors it led to (ie the Holocaust). As a consequence, the very idea of race & racial identity are now taboo.
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Americans who believe in America are misguided, as is anyone who believes in their country, all of which are Orwellian constructs, based on lies, deceit & a particular regime of rewards & intimidation.

There are no genuine nations or #UnitedNations.
If we are to create a new world order, which our very survival demands we do, we must organise OURSELVES, peacefully, legally & grassroots-democratically, into genuine nations, with the existing states continuing to enforce the rule of law & non-violence.
We need a framework within which to do this, for which purpose I propose the creation of a new political party & movement called #ContraPot, based on a philosophy of divide & self-rule. The existing world order of nation states is based on an Orwellian strategy of divide & rule. Image
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Academics trivialise, ridicule & demonise human tribalism, in order to facilitate its manipulation & exploitation by their state employer, which deceitfully poses as our tribe or nation itself. An exception was made for Jews, so long as their 1st loyalty was to the state.
Now, exceptions are also made for other ethnic minorities, such as Muslims, Sikhs, etc. but, of course, not for the Native, White, majority who are forbidden from identifying as such by accusations of RACISM, if they dare do.

The reason their is so much confusion is this: Image
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This is a branch off my last thread in which I will elaborate on my alternative to the left/right divide
This fundamental divide, I call Pot/Contrapot. Either you're committed to the global melting Pot of post-racial multicultural society, or like me, you are opposed to it, which makes us #Contrapot.

Big Brother is of the Pot & incites his minions to hate those opposed to it/him.
Although opposed to Big Brother, his minions & the Pot, I do not hate them, & am opposed to anyone inciting hatred against them. I have friends & family members who are committed to the Pot & far from wishing them ill, I wish them well & want to remain friends with them.
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The existing world order is inherently unjust, inhumane & unsustainable, but everyone who is anyone in society, with any wealth, power or influence has a massive personal self-interest in preserving the status quo . .
. . . pretty much as it is. In fact, in a democracy like the UK, we ALL do, because the system is based patronage, with the government of our mercenary "patron state" striving to satisfy the demands of its countless clients, individual & corporate, & very unequal.
Consumer capitalism is premised on the misconceived idea that if everyone pursues their own self-interests this will ultimately serve the interest of society at large. It's a rationalisation of the status quo by society's wealthy & academic elites whom it serves very well.
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