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London's mayor & the deluded, eminent British journalist, #OrwellPrize winner & militant #AntiRacist, #DavidAaronovitch are both committed to the #GreatReplacement of Native Britons with migrants & asylum seekers of colour, of which there is an endless supply.
That #SadiqKhan wants the #GreatReplacement to proceed as quickly as possible, I can understand, but that @DAaronovitch - himself a Native Briton - should want this too is puzzling, until you realise that he is driven by an ideology, just as his communist parents were.
What is this ideology?

It is a misconceived, #NeverAgain, response of the evils of Nazism, which goes to oppose & equally insane extremes. It goes under the name(s) of post-racial multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & AntiRacism, & the purpose it serves is this: Image
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The British state & establishment, incl. civil service, #TheBBC & Parliament, are all beholden to the Orwellian & moral-supremacist ideology of Post-Racial #Multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism, which goes to the opposite & equally insane extremes of Nazism.
That this ideology goes to the opposite extremes of Nazi ideology of #RacialPurity & supremacy is no coincidence, but forms the basis of its claim to moral authority & thus POWER. Anyone opposing it is cancelled as a neo-Nazi, fascist, bigot, xenophobe or RACIST.
This is why a large, rational & democratic majority has been powerless to prevent the madness of mass immigration into our already overpopulated country, & its demographic transformation. All opposition was, & continues to be, demonised as RACIST.
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#DavidAaronovitch, an eminent British journalist & #OrwellPrize winner, who works for @thetimes, #TheBBC & @IndexCensorship informed the TwitterSphere some while back that I am a RACIST.

This is something I want the world to know, because it's important.
Anyone who has ever been called a RACIST knows the severity of this accusation & the devastating consequences it can have, which are on a par with being called a fascist, a Nazi or a paedophile. It is intimidating in the extreme.
I don't doubt David's sincerity in believing me to be a RACIST, as do some others I have discussed the issue of Race with, but nor do I doubt that they are mistaken. I know myself far better than they do, & that I'm not a RACIST. At least, not in the damning sense implied.
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There is, of course, a racial aspect to this story, as there is to every story, which is that I would not have listened to it, if the family concerned had not been White, as I assumed it was. Otherwise, police indifference would have been put down to "institutional racism".
With 3 daughters of his own, David was very moved by the case; he could empathise with Jessie's parents, only too well, as could I. But for him, race doesn't come into it. That would be RACIST. For David, I am a RACIST, because for me RACE does come into it. It just does.
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The eminent British journalist & #OrwellPrize winner, #DavidAaronovitch, who works for @thetimes & #TheBBC, i.e is very much a member of the British establishment, believes that any White person who identifies with & cares more for their own race than for other races is a RACIST.
There is nothing I would like more than to discuss this issue with @DAaronovitch himself, but he refuses to engage with me, simply dismissing me as a RACIST.

If this were just between me & David it would be unimportant, but it is a huge & existential socio-political issue.
Apart from his very closest kin, David despises kinship & thus any sense of racial identity, which, together with the British establishment, he believes to be morally deplorable. It's an attitude which goes to the opposite but equally insane extremes of Nazi racial ideology.
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#DavidAaronovitch has denounced me (& no doubt others) as a RACIST for non-compliance with #BritishValues in regard to Race, National Identity & Nationhood, which presume to stipulate how one should & shouldn't FEEL & THINK about RACE, national identity & nationhood.
David isn't just anyone, but a prominent member of the British media establishment, working for @thetimes & the BBC. He is closely associated with @IndexCensorship & has been awarded the #OrwellPrize, no less. And yet he defends & supports such Orwellian values as cited above.
What motivated me to broach these taboo issues with David personally were his liberal values & good sense which I had observed in his journalism. One could surely discuss them with him, I thought. But I was wrong. No discussion was possible.
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This is a quote from #DavidAaronovitch, in which he ridicules the notion of "kith & kin".

It is testimony to his contempt for kinship & race, which also reflects that of the British state & establishment & goes to very heart of that is wrong with western civilisation. Image
Actually, it is not just what is wrong with our civilisation. It is what has caused every civilisation before our own to decline & fall, as ours will also do, very soon, unless we correct it. It represents a flaw in nature of the state itself. Image
KING has the same origin as KIN, & kings were originally expected to rule in the interests of their kin, i.e. society at large. But this was before the emergence of the state, which is dedicated to facilitating society's self-exploitation.
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1. ieri sono rimasta senza parole: ricordate #CaroleCadwalladr, la giornalista che su #Guardian ha pubblicato tanti articoli su #CambridgeAnalytica-#Brexit-#Farage-Julian #Assange come parte di un'operazione influenza che porta #Russia? Ha chiesto scusa :
2. sono senza parole: articoli di #CaroleCadwalladr sono stati pubblicati con #NYTimes,ha vinto grandi premi come: #OrwellPrize e #StiegLarssonPrize.Ha contribuito distruggere reputazione Julian #Assange in tutto il mondo. Abbiamo diritto sapere cosa è vero cosa no
3. non è possibile che giornali di grande prestigio come #Guardian(di immenso impatto),premi giornalistici di grande prestigio come #OrwellPrize e #StiegLarssonPrize lascino cadere la cosa: vogliamo sapere la verità
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#DavidAaronovitch is an eminent British journalist & #OwellPrize winner, who works for @thetimes & #BBC, but presumes to tell people how they should & shouldn't FEEL & THINK about RACE.

I will NOT be told how I should & shouldn't FEEL & THINK about ANYTHING, including RACE.
This is a profoundly important issue, since it is not just @DAaronovitch telling us how we should & shouldn't FEEL & THINK about RACE, but the British state, establishment & Parliament themselves, demonstrating their power to tell us how we should & shouldn't FEEL & THINK.
This is how they control us. This is Big Brother. Who tricks us into loving him by deceitfully posing as our nation.

Wake up, Britain! Wake up, America! And every other country being told by its elites how they should & shouldn't FEEL & THINK about RACE.
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What to do, having discovered a truth, which professional academic truth seeks simply ignore or dismiss?

The truth I discovered is this: in overreaction to the evils of Nazism & its ideology of racial purity & supremacy, academics went to opposite but equally insane extremes.
These "equally insane" extremes constitute what is now referred to as post-racial multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism, which is deeply Orwellian, & yet championed by many winners of the #OrwellPrize, @DAaronovitch amongst them.
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I can't commend Katharine's attitude highly enough. There's nothing more poisonous to civil society than @stephenscales cancel attitude to those he strongly disagrees with.

I've been cancelled by @DAaronovitch, because of my attitude to RACE.
Anti-Racism (which goes to the opposite but equally insane extremes of Nazi ideology of racial purity & supremacism) has become a religion (like Islam), non-adherence to which is demonised as, in many Muslim countries, is non-adherence to Islam, & in earlier times, Christianity.
Irony of ironies, winners of the #OrwellPrize, like #DavidAaronovitch, behave in an Orwellian fashion, when it comes to enforcing the religion & ideology of anti-racism, because #BigBrother himself now poses as an anti-racist.
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Eminent British journalist & #OrwellPrize winner, @DAaronovitch, who works for @thetimes & the BBC, wants to miscegenate us ALL. There, I've said it!

I tried to discuss the issue of race & national identity with him, but he simply dismissed me as a RACIST.
"Miscegenation" has an unpleasant ring to it, but why? It just means racial mixing, which David seems very keen on. It's another thing I'd like to talk to him about.

Why is Britain having multi-racial society & thus racial mixing imposed on it? Why is this issue a taboo?
It's a taboo, I believe, because it is being used - or rather, abused - as an Orwellian strategy of divide & rule. How ironic it is that David is an Orwell Prize winner! Not that I think he is consciously aware of his role as minion of #BigBrother. I'm sure he's not.
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Every STATE, by facilitating the abuse of power (esp. military, political, pecuniary & that of spurious moral authority), perverts & corrupts evolved human nature, thereby paving the way for its own self-destruction. Image
A spurious moral authority (in pathological overreaction to the evils of Nazism) is currently causing Native Europeans & Whites worldwide, to deny & despise their own race.

It is a self-destructive, moral-supremacist ideology that is destroying western civilisation.
As one would expect from the Orwellian, self-exploitative & self-destructive nature of the STATE (Britain, France, America, etc.), described above, it has embraced this ideology as an instrument of society-political rewards, intimidation & control.
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#BigBrother & his minions operate at multiple levels: local, national, corporate & international. Here's an example from the international level of the UN.

Transforming our world:
The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Image
Preamble: Image
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I saved the lives of two worms the other day by moving them from a dry path to the verge.
Why? I asked myself.
Because to a higher being looking down on me, I may seem like a worm, & if she sees me being kind to worm, perhaps she'll be kind to me.
I knew when I wrote the above tweet that I was half-jokingly rationalising my motive for saving the worms.

My actual, spontaneous, motive, I'm pretty sure, was compassion. But showing compassion for a worm is embarrassing, like crying at a scene in a sentimental film.
Most humans are capable of compassion, which is one of our more likeable traits. I say "capable", because we have to be very selective about showing or indulging it. Otherwise I'd have to spend my whole day saving worms, or whatever.
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Here's a thing: #DavidAaronovitch, an eminent British journalist, who has been awarded the #OrwellPrize for this political writing, & works for @thetimes, the BBC & the
@JewishChron is a prize minion of #BigBrother, i.e. of the British state & establishment.
I'm sure he doesn't see himself like this, because he fails to recognise BigB behind the facade of anti-fascism & anti-racism he has embraced, but that is what he is, presuming to tell others how they should & shouldn't feel & think about RACE.
I pick on @DAaronovitch, because I know him a little & share most of his liberal views. It's his illiberal views on race I want to expose, because he shares them with the Orwellian regimes that now dominate the West, esp. in Britain, France & the USA.
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A word if advice to "patriots".

The word #PATRIOT is too ambiguous, meaning whatever anyone chooses it to mean, especially in an age of mass migration & DIVERSITY, & with #BigBrother state claiming to represent the country & the nation. Image
The nature of #NationState is quite Orwellian, with #BigB having embraced #LiberalDemocracy, #AntiFascism & #AntiRacism, in order to claim a spurious moral authority for himself & his minions (people like @DAaronovitch). #DavidAaronovitch, a minion of Big Brother?!
He who won the 2001 #OrwellPrize for his political writing, & has such liberal views . . Except on issues relating to RACE, where he's an ardent supporter of BigB in telling others how they should & shouldn't FEEL & THINK.

Like Big Brother, David wants to miscegenate us all.
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Have you ever stopped to wonder why, despite Orwell's warnings, OUR society is becoming ever more Orwellian, the truth ever more twisted to comply with the demands of DIVERSITY & political correctness?

It's because the nation-state itself is an Orwellian construct.
One of the most Orwellian things about Britain is that one of its most eminent "liberal" journalists, @DAaronovitch, who enforces state "anti-racist" ideology by telling people how they should & shouldn't FEEL & THINK about RACE, is a recipient of the #OrwellPrize.
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I would not want to be ruled by racial supremacists, but neither do I want to be ruled by moral supremacists, as we currently are, & always have been.

Today's moral supremacists are imposing a secular ideology on western societies which goes to the opposite extremes of Nazism.
The Nazis being the archetypal bad guys, by proclaiming one's opposition to everything they stood for, one positions oneself on the moral high ground. Anyone who opposes you or your views on certain issues is clearly a Nazi sympathiser, if not an actual Nazi themselves.
By far the most important socio- & power-political issue is that of RACE, & because the Nazis were racial purists & supremacists, the moral high ground now automatically belongs to those promoting White racial self-denial & self-contempt, along with racial mixing.
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The Orwell Prize for Exposing Britain’s Social Evils, supported by @jrf_uk, rewards the very best of social reporting. Congratulations to our 2020 shortlistees & a special thanks to judges @IainDale @Farrah_Storr @Narcomania @ProfRosieCamp @AbigailSPaul
"Britain’s Hidden Children’s homes is a vital & shocking investigation into the sector of unregulated care homes. With unremitting thoroughness & quality, the @BBCNewsnight team alerted the public to a system harming some of the most vulnerable..."…
"@ianbirrell is both brilliant and tireless in his effort to expose one of the darkest corners of Britain’s institutions..." Judge @Farrah_Storr on Ian Birrell’s entry ‘Locked up & secretly abused by the NHS’ #orwellprize #socialevils…
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The judges prioritised originality, new angles and journalism that has impacted policy and public attitudes for this year’s #OrwellPrize for Exposing Britain’s Social Evils longlist – a big thanks to @IainDale @AbigailSPaul @Farrah_Storr @Narcomania @ProfRosieCamp @jrf_uk
We’ll be sharing the longlisted entries over the next week
First up - ‘A five-year investigation to expose slave-like conditions on a Bristol high street’ – exceptional local reporting from @AdamC_Corn & @AlAviram of @TheBristolCable…
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#GeorgeOrwell wrote 1984 (pub. 1949) under the strong influence of recently defeated fascism & still rampant Soviet communism. He could hardly have imagined how #BigBrother would embrace #LiberalDemocracy, #AntiFascism & #AntiRacism in the West, but this is what happened.
Jonah Goldberg, @JonahDispatch, in his book #LiberalFascism, goes some way towards recognising the fascist origins of progressivism (or should I say, the progressive aspects of fascism?), but not nearly far enough. The Orwellian nature of DIVERSITY goes unmentioned.
Big Brother imposed the madness of mass immigration & the ideology of post-racial multiculturalism & DIVERSITY on the West as an instrument of socio-political intimidation & control. The ideology goes to the opposite, but equally insane, extremes of Nazi racial ideology. Image
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