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The existing world order is inherently unjust, inhumane & unsustainable, but everyone who is anyone in society, with any wealth, power or influence has a massive personal self-interest in preserving the status quo . .
. . . pretty much as it is. In fact, in a democracy like the UK, we ALL do, because the system is based patronage, with the government of our mercenary "patron state" striving to satisfy the demands of its countless clients, individual & corporate, & very unequal.
Consumer capitalism is premised on the misconceived idea that if everyone pursues their own self-interests this will ultimately serve the interest of society at large. It's a rationalisation of the status quo by society's wealthy & academic elites whom it serves very well.
Short-term personal self-interest is a powerful motivation, especially when extend to one's family. Thus, to change the existing world order, we need an even stronger motivation, which is contained in the title of this Manifesto for a new World Order: Nationalism.
Millions of men (& in lesser numbers, women) have, over the centuries, willingly sacrificed their lives for the sake of their nation or tribe, or for what they believed to be their nation or tribe. That is all the motivation we need.
All that stands in our way is the STATE, which, however, is no mean obstacle. It is no coincidence statists demonise & suppress nationalism, as the only power that could challenge them. White nationalism, which might unite 100s of millions, they are especially fearful of.
Imagine if British & German soldiers had refused to end the Christmas truce of 1914, had marched back to their capital cities & forced their governments to make peace. That is why the state fears #WhiteIdentity. It is not nationalism we have to fear, but statism.
What about non-whites? Do they not have reason to fear white identity? In the past they did (e.g. from the likes of the KKK), but not from the kind of white nationalism & white identity I have in mind, which will serve the long-term interests, not just of white people,
but of all mankind, just as it already has in the form of science & technology. Now it will extend its genius to the social & political sciences, which have thus far remained trapped, by an overreaction to Nazism, in a pre-Darwinian dark age:
Nationalism is an extension of tribal identity to one's nation, represented by the "nation state", which, however, is not a genuine nation, but a mercenary "patron state" deceitfully posing as a nation, in order to legitimise itself, its ruling elites & the immense power they . .
. wield & abuse. The British & many other western states, after successfully posing as nations for centuries, have now revealed their true, mercenary, nature by imposing the madness of mass immigration & #DIVERSITY on their Native or, in the case of America, founding populations.
They are based on lies, deceit & a regime of rewards & intimidation, in view of which, it is no wonder that the world order they created is inherently unjust, inhumane & unsustainable. Their ideology of post-racial muticulturalism (not coincidentally, the extreme
& equally insane opposite of Nazi racial ideology) serves the same power-political purpose, i.e. strategy, of divide & rule as medieval church ideology (see attachment)
The Communist Manifesto was supposed to usher in a new world order, but failed to do so,not least, because it sought to divide (into classes) rather than to unite society. Marx failed to realise that socialism naturally springs from nationalism. Nations, like tribes, SHARE, which
is what socialism fundamentally is all about: SHARING. Sharing genes, ancestors, history, wealth, & destiny. Nationalism & socialism are both deeply rooted in human tribal nature & complement each other. The Nazis had the right idea, but abused it for their own evil purposes.
I hereby declare idea of national socialism liberated from Nazi occupation (about bloody time!) & rename it Multi-National Socialism. It is my proposed #contrapot replacement for the melting pot of "liberal democracy" & consumer capitalism.
But where to begin?
By creating a political party which organises itself internally & grassroots-democratically along racial & ethnic lines.

Thread to be continued . . .
United we stand, divided we fall.
The state seeks to unite us as a nation, but one based on lies & deceit. Thus, we must separate, in order to organise ourselves into genuine nations, which will unite, so that civilisation might stand, rather than fall:
My political roots lie in anarchism, which recognised the inherent evil of the state, but naively thought that one could simply do away with it. We need the state to enforce the rule of law & non-violence. However, we do not need it to deceitfully pose as our nation.
The state is NOT our nation, but only poses as such, in order to facilitate society's self-exploitation, to the personal advantage its elites & favoured clients, at the expense of society at large & its long-term survival.
We need to create a political party that will radically reform the state, so that instead of facilitating society's self-exploitation, it facilitates its survival and self-realisation, not as a single pseudo nation, but as multiple genuine nations.
Todays elites & favoured clients, which includes academics, will, understandably, fear such radical change, but ultimately they will gain infinitely more from it than from sticking with the state & status quo. The name of this new political party, I suggest, should be #Contrapot,
. . to distinguish itself from all exiting "Parties of the Pot", which, in compliance with state racial ideology, deny the political importance of race & ethnicity. Contrapot will acknowledge their importance & organise itself accordingly.
State racial ideology, which goes under the name of post-racial multiculturalism & #DIVERSITY was a pathological overreaction to Nazis racial ideology, which was based on a form of social Darwinism, which needs to be carefully examined & understood, rather than demonised.
According to the subtitle of Darwin's famous book, there IS a struggle between different RACES, which the Nazis used to rationalise their racial ideology & wars of aggression, but it was a mistake to make a taboo of the whole subject on this account, which is what academics did.
They went so far as to deny the existence of human races altogether, & when differences can't be denied, they trivialise & make a great moral virtue of ignoring them. Something that now serves the state's age-old strategy of divide & rule (see attachment to previous tweet above).
Unlike the Nazis, I do not want a brutal struggle between different races & ethnic groups, even if my own race is in a strong position to dominate, as Europeans certainly WERE & if we were to unite still are. I want different races & ethnic groups to live together in harmony,
but we can only achieve this by recognising & understanding our own Darwinian nature & that of our situation, NOT by denying, demonising or suppressing them, as is currently the case. We have to face up to Darwinian reality. Otherwise, we will destroy the civilisation we created.
We need to transcend our Darwinian nature, but we can only do this by acknowledging & developing an understanding of it. NOT by demonising & suppressing it.
An evolutionary perspective enables one to recognise how civilisation itself perverts our Darwinian nature, so that what
served our survival for millions of years (what we owe our very existence to), is now turned against us. It is also key to achieving the #SustainabilityRevolution, on which our survival also depends. We have to plan our survival by working WITH, not against, human nature.
Only, we don't have a lot of time, with our civilisation moving blindly & rapidly towards its own self-destruction.
The "liberal democratic" state is so opposed to segregation, which it conveniently associates with the evils of Jim Crow & Apartheid, because it fears that people might divide & rule THEMSELVES, instead of leaving it to the state to do. This, however, is what we need to do.
The state just wants a pool of human resources, consumers & clients/voters. Human beings need COMMUNITY. Real community, not the pseudo-communities politicians & political pundits love to speak of. This is aim of this manifesto: to help create REAL communities; 1000s of them!
As a white identitarian, I naturally want to preserve my RACE, which is REAL & important to me & another name for which is First Nation European. Liberal democratic #DIVERSITY is Orwellian newspeak for melting pot, into which genuine human diversity (which has much to do with
racial & cultural identity & is a product of past "natural segregation") is on course to dissolve & disappear. I also want other races & ethnicities to be preserved, because my love of human diversity is genuine, rather than Orwellian. Thus, the communities I speak of will be
based on race & ethnicity - even when they are not; by which I mean that mixed communities (of which I expect there to be many) will, over time, through intermarriage, become, homogeneous. Instead of the state defining national identity, citizens will do so for themselves.
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