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We're all trying to answer the question: what does social distancing look like for me?

Should I cancel that dinner? Go to the gym? Visit my parents?

If you're confused, you're not alone.

#COVID19 #Coronavirus #CoronavirusSeattle
@TheAtlantic has gathered a multitude of perspectives from experts to help you answer these questions for yourself.

*Summarized* in this thread.…
NOTE: The Atlantic piece is written as *general* guidance.

Here in Seattle, we should ALL be erring on the side of caution by enacting the maximum amount of social-distancing that we can.

It's the most pro-social and patriotic thing we can do right now, and it will save lives.
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NOW: @GovInslee @waOSPI announce mandatory school closures through April 24th for Pierce/King/Snohomish counties for all private/public schools listen live @KIRORadio @Mynorthwest
@GovInslee says closing schools was difficult decision but with #CoronaOutbreak cases expected to continue to grow health experts say it will help slow the spread. @KIRORadio
@GovInslee asks superintendents of all effected districts to have plan to make sure all kids who need food or who are homeless her get what they need. Urges ALL businesses to do everything they can to allow everyone worker to work from home @KIRORadio #CoronavirusOutbreak
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WATCH: Gov. Inslee and other local leaders will announce new social distancing plans at 10:15am.

#Coronavirus #COVID19 #CoronavirusSeattle

Stream here:…
[Attempted *summary* of key points]
🎙️ Events of 250 or more people are prohibited by order of the Governor
🎙️ Could be expanded (or removed) in the days to come
🎙️ This is an "extremely dangerous" event we are facing
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1. Things are heating up wrt fighting the Coronavirus in the United States: 10 times worse than flu season!

(cont) 👇…
2. The @CDC is now hiring quarantine officers. Here's a job listing--just posted for California!

#CoronaCoverup #COViD_19 #Coronavirus #UTCOVID19

(cont) 👇
3. The CDC has now declared #COVIDー19 #CoronaVirusSeattle as "endemic" in Washington State.

Congratulations, Washington. 😳

(cont) 👇
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Been quite the week here with #CoronaVirusSeattle #COVID19. As Psychology Director in the @UWMedicine #MultipleSclerosis Center, my colleagues have reached out with questions like, “Our patients are really concerned and I just don’t know what to tell them.” Long thread to follow:
I don’t have the magic answer, but I do have some thoughts that can hopefully be helpful for everyone. We have been doing work over the past 5 years on how people cope w/uncertainty and how to help people cope better w/uncertainty. Here are related recommendations:
1. Understand that (a) ⬆️ uncertainty causes ⬆️ distress & (b) uncertainty w/ a threat to one’s wellbeing causes ⬆️⬆️ distress. Therefore, we should anticipate that most everybody is experiencing ⬆️ distress. This is unpleasant, but also expected & normal.
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Today I’m going to take you around #Seattle to show you what it’s like to be in a city impacted by #COVID but also a city that is grappling with how much of a threat the virus really is. Follow along here.
First interview with Bri
Kerry Park #seattle #COVID19 #COVID19seattle
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MAR 4 #CoronaVirusUpdates MD THREAD 1: First see todays #ARGIS map .. US UP to 153 cases.. BUT Remember we can’t TEST! #China has FIVE Tests And TESTS over ONE MILLION per day. @maddow @CNN @PublicHealth @UCSF @StanfordMed @GavinNewsom @MelanieNathan1
MAR 4 #CoronaVirusUpdates MD THREAD 2: FIRST NOTE : #Princess #cruiseship #GrandPrincess RETURNING to SF wo stopping in #Ensenada. Passengers on a FEB cruise have #coronavirus SAW STORYbut just picking up WaPoUPDATES . Will add here when I find it #SanFrancisco #COVID19 @sfpelosi
MAR 4 #CoronaVirusUpdates MD THREAD 3: American #workers face increasing disruptions to their routines as #companies, #schools and #localgovts implement precautions with many firms restricting travel or weighing work-from-home arrangements. @business @Womenworking @SEIU @maddow
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HAPPY STORY ALERT: @UW @UWVirology has developed it's own #COVID19 test & expects to be testing 1k-1.5k people per day by the end of the week.

Preparation began @ end of 2019, *just in case* it reached U.S.

That decision will save lives.

Go Dawgs.…
They have plans to ramp up testing capacity "substantially beyond" the 1,000-1,500 per day should demand require it.

Seek to move towards a "single swab requirement" which will save resources.

#CoronavirusSeattle #Coronavirus #COVIDー19 #COVID19seattle
Can confirm, this story is bringing multiple Seattleites and UW alums to tears with pride.

#SeattleStrong #GoDawgs

I feel lucky to be a Seattleite.
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#BREAKING: sources tell me the motel quarantine site for #coronavirus #Covid_19 patients is the Econo Lodge in Kent.

I asked the city about it and Kent leaders are very upset - say they will push back.

@KingCountyWA is purchasing the motel.

@KIRO7Seattle #CoronaVirusSeattle
#UPDATE: Kent Mayor Dana Ralph says “we all have a role to play” in the #COVIDー19 response, but says the county has no concrete plan. No clear safety measures. No answers on security or what #coronavirus patients will be housed at this motel.
#UPDATE: employees here had no idea King County bought the motel to isolate #coronavirus patients, even though today the county exec said it would be “operational within days.”

You can actually still book a room. So we did, to show you what it’s like inside.

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1/ #Seattle will see hundreds of deaths from COVID-19 in the coming months and King County will become the United States' Wuhan. A thread on why my home city will become the epicenter for a public health crisis and what might be done to mitigate it.

2/ Using the method suggested by @balajis below it would be a reasonable to reckon that there are already a few thousand cases of COVID-19 lurking below the surface. These people have the virus but most don't know it yet.

3/ Analysis performed by @seattleflustudy shows a probable link between the first US case of COVID-19 on January 19th and a recent case in Snohomish county. That is, the virus has been spreading locally for over a month and a half

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Thanks to in Instagram who facilitated the links for this thread.…
What is the Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF) and why is it needed?
"Is a financing mechanism housed at the World Bank.
It has been designed to work as an insurance, and in fact, part of the PEF is insurance-based".
In other words. Every country needs to buy a HEALTH INSURANCE every 3 years to be covered. Because every 3 years there is a new pandemic Influenza spread to the population. Coronaviruses, Filoviruses, Crimean Congo
hemorrhagic fever, Rift Valley fever, and Lassa fever.
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[1] I live, work, & run a biz in the Eastside suburbs of Seattle which are ground zero for SARS-CoV-2 aka #CoronaVirusSeattle. Here are the things not being talked about enough:

1) Local hospital isolation rooms are full of COVID-19 patients who haven’t yet been reported.
[2] We are quickly approaching the current capacity of the hospitals to treat people.

There are far more cases than are being acknowledged; based on patterns of spread seen in China & reported in the WHO report (…) we are probably looking at 1k-2k cases &
[3] between 50 and 150 people hospitalized on oxygen &/or ventilators because of the disease.

The people who aren’t hospitalized are currently spreading the virus largely unchecked, and right now have no way to get tested.
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MAR 3 HAVE YOU #VOTED? DO IT on to Live #CoronaVirusUpdates THREAD 1: #FederalReserve made an emergency interest rate cut Tuesday, slashing benchmark US rate by half a percent point... global central banks MUST act to contain #economic fallout from the #coronavirus
MAR 3 #CoronaVirusUpdates THREAD 2: A little late today on SuperTuesday. Remember I am ret. MD and have done threads since JAN22 most from WAPO News but do keep link to #JohnHopkins ARGIS map. THOUGH as we saw yesterday CASES rose faster than it keeps up.
MAR 3 #CoronaVirusUpdates THREAD 3: 10:40 a.m.
#Senators grill @FDA commissioner #StephenHahn over availability of #coronavirus #testkits (about time) predicted earlier in the week, when he said ONEmillion tests would become available within days. eg ONE #KIT can do 2500 #maddow
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Sheeeiit! USCIS in Seattle ordered closed due to #CoronaVirusSeattle concerns.
per unlawfully still acting Ken, a USCIS employee visited the Kirkland nursing facility and was working between day of visit (22nd) and symptoms few days later.
Not to spread fear, but #immigrationtwitter in Seattle, please dont shrug this off. Our colleagues, clients and consults are likely to have had contact w ppl exposed and community spread may be inevitable but w vigilance could be contained.
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I live in Seattle, I have all symptoms of COVID-19 and have a history of chronic bronchitis.

Since I work in a physical therapy clinic with many 65+ patients and those with chronic illnesses, I decided to be responsible and go to get tested. This is how that went.
I called the Corona hotline, was on hold for 40 minutes and gave up.

So I looked at the CDC and Washington public health websites. They told me to see a primary care doctor, but there's no information about testing.
I called 2 primary care doctors. One told me they don't know where to get testing, and that I should not to seek out testing. The other one told me to go to an urgent care or ER.

I called the Urgent Care, they also had no idea where tests are, but told me to call the hospital.
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120. Bannon suggests that 5,000 doctors and nurses may be infected with the #Wuhan #coronavirus
121. New information out of Thailand suggests that #WuhanCoronavirus may be contagious for 24 rather than 14 days, and that #coronavirus-recovered patients can get sick with the #COVID19 infection a second time.…
122. Due to repatriation of the infected #diamondprinces Americans flown into the US against President Trump's stipulations, the number of US #coronavirususa cases has increased from 35 to 53 #coronavirus cases overnight.… Image
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97. #Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) 64,447 cases w newly broadened inclusion criteria not limited to PCR confirmation. Exposure and clinical confirmation inclusive of pulmonary lobar infiltration sufficient for case inclusion.… ImageImage
98. #WuhanPneumonia: China's ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, on "Face the Nation" DID NOT deny that #coronavirus could've stemmed from the Chinese military's biological warfare program; at Wuhan Virology Institute #corona RNA/protein sequences' are researched.
99. The 3,700 people stuck on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, quarantined off the coast of Japan, were placed under a mandatory 2-week quarantine, after 10 passengers tested positive for the fast-spreading #coronavirus. Now, 175 people are confirmed to have the virus.
Read 344 tweets San Francisco.…
2. Roads in and out of #Wuhan (even small side roads) being barricaded with piles of dirt/rocks to block all traffic in or out.
3. "Ye shall not eat any thing with the blood: neither shall ye use enchantment, nor observe times. Ye shall not .. print any marks upon you: I am the LORD. Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom"..."…
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