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Hey #immigrationtwitter, quick question live from USCIS Lawrence: what is a "reasonable period of time"? 5 mins? 25? We're going on 30
Interviewer has refused to interview my client on the actual subject of the interview we are here for, relying on absurdly bad prior findings without giving us a chance to (1) see the report they were based on or (2) offer any testimony to address USCIS's hearsay summary of them
Interviewer is also using entirely the wrong legal standard, shifting the burden to someone who has nothing to do with the allegations--but that hardly even seems like the point anymore after watching my clients being treated the way they just were
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#SunshineWeek 🧵on e-carceration, profiteering, and how long ICE has known about allegations and criminal convictions of its largest (and often, only) gps ankle shackle contractor, courtesy of DHS-OIG #FOIA
Since Congress started funding “Alternatives to Detention” for migrants in the US, in the mid-2000s, ICE has received allegations of serious criminal misconduct by this contractor’s personnel.… / 2
Allegations like this one in Miami dating back to 2007. 3/ Screenshot of April 13, 2010 Memo from DHS-OIG to ICE-OPR reScreenshot Cover page of DHS-OIG Report of Investigation on
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BREAKING: Niz-Chavez is out! “A notice to appear sufficient to trigger the IIRIRA’s stop-time rule is a single document containing all the information about an individ- ual’s removal hearing specified in §1229(a)(1).“!

Happy filing, #immigrationtwitter!
This opening by J Gursuch ...💯!
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No IELTS To Canada Guide

You won’t be wrong to assume that any sane Nigerian wants to move out to a better country based on the current economic, financial, and overall wellbeing of the citizens.

Yesterday as I was coming back from my family home,
I went to buy Garri for my fisherman’s soup I had prepared.

Pulling N1,000 to give the seller, behind me was an old woman of about 85 years or more untying her handkerchief and bringing out N100 for how many cups of Garri?
Answer – one.

Now, how do you explain the fact that a cup of Garri moved from 3 cups to 1 cup? How do these kinds of mothers survive?

At a point, I started being enraged because the matter was all over my head, but I had to tame my emotions and said to myself,
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MiSC's Laura Briggs (@LjbriggsLaura), Maria Cristina Garcia (@ithacamcg), Yael Schacher (@YaelSchacher), Lynn Stephen, and Elliott Young (@elliottyoungpdx) comment on the Feb2 Executive Order on regional #migration and #asylum in this annotated guide
Now, there's a lot to unpack here, and as the MiSC members have illustrated through their annotations, you really do have to "read between the lines." For example......(thread)
@YaelSchacher (@RefugeesIntl) flagged that the Trump admin refused to distinguish between those fleeing gangs and those in gangs. Key issues to watch for the Biden admin is whether the work of ICE Investigations and information sharing with Central American Govt.s truly changes.
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They expect that nobody really will read these and that no reporters will cover them. Perhaps they’re right. I hope not.

These will be looked back on as the building blocks of something unimaginably horrible years down the road.…
It’s fascinating on many levels. Let’s start with the Coast Guard’s Palantir contract.…

@ConMijente and @JustFuturesLaw have been out front leading a No Tech for ICE campaign.

What’s the Coast Guard doing installing this tech partnership? Read here:
Then there’s this, from CBP, which @ReichlinMelnick is already busy unpacking:…
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“Just Following Orders”-A mass collaborative thread by #ImmigrationTwitter of things ICE attorneys have done since DHS was created (not in chronological order)
- Prosecute children as young as 1 yr old who lack attorneys
- Add fake court dates & addresses to charging documents
- Deport people, including children, with pending, approvable green card applications
- Prosecute Muslim men rounded up in Kansas Kris Kobach’s illegal NSEERS program.
- Argue against releasing elderly and medically fragile people from jails and prisons overrun by #COVID19
- Argue that “when released” means “after release” and therefore people who committed crimes 20 years ago don’t get bond.
- Oppose releases by people in ICE custody for over 3 years.
- Refuse to stipulate to any continuance
- Refuse to waive appeal on any case
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Stepping out of #immigrationtwitter for a minute with question for #historytwitter:

Has any empire approaching the size, wealth, & influence of the USA ever shown its ass to the world as openly we have since 9/11? Ever had a collapse that was both so rapid *and* so evitable?
As I understand it, the Roman Empire collapsed in stages after generations of terrible mismanagement & exploitation. The Mongols ended in overreach and family drama. The USSR voted itself out of existence after failing to hold its diverse client states together. What about us?
I guess it's hard to compare our current moment to anything else in history when we have such an unlimited capacity to record and comment on events as they happen in realtime. Imagine Roman citizens replying to Nero's tweets! That's pretty much where we're at here
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Sheeeiit! USCIS in Seattle ordered closed due to #CoronaVirusSeattle concerns.
per unlawfully still acting Ken, a USCIS employee visited the Kirkland nursing facility and was working between day of visit (22nd) and symptoms few days later.
Not to spread fear, but #immigrationtwitter in Seattle, please dont shrug this off. Our colleagues, clients and consults are likely to have had contact w ppl exposed and community spread may be inevitable but w vigilance could be contained.
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#RemaininMexico (or #MPP) horror show of today episode


... but something does not add up
according to thread mom was granted withholding of removal (mandatory form of relief under the INA) as IJ found that she faces more than 50% chance of political persecution if returned to Venezuela. This is an extremely difficult relief to obtain because of the high burden 1/
Dad is a legal permanent resident (has a green card) but we do not know the basis for the grant. If he was granted asylum these should have been follow to join cases so not likely that it was the basis. Perhaps employment based. 2/
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I will leave it to the rest of #ImmigrationTwitter to parse most of the absurdities in today's @USCIS-press-release-that-is-actually-a-@USCISCuccinelli-audition-form-for-@DHSgov-Secretary...…
@USCIS @USCISCuccinelli @DHSgov ...but I'll focus on the "Large Workload" section.

Plea to reporters: Don't quote these meaningless numbers:

"adjudicated nearly 7.5M requests for immigration benefits"
"naturalized 833k new citizens"
"granted [green cards] to 582k individuals"
"processed >2.1M [work permits]"
@USCIS @USCISCuccinelli @DHSgov *Avg processing times* are numbers that matter to actual humans, & @USCIS isn't crowing about them:

Naturalization: 10 months (⬆️72% since FY15)
Family green cards: 11.4 mo. (⬆️73%)
Employment green cards: 12.5 mo. (⬆️92%)
U visas: 44 mo. (⬆️4x !?!?)…
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Thread: It’s day 3 of the U.S. gov’t running under a Continuing Resolution (CR). ICE is expanding its system of immigration jails. People are dying from medical neglect and 1000s are held in remote jails w/out lawyers. It's all connected and Congress has to act. #DefundHate 1/
A CR is supposed to continue ICE at *flat* funding carried over from its 2019 spending bill. In 2019, Congress funded ICE to jail approximately 45,274 people daily. ICE reports they have 51,302 people in jail as of the end of FY2019. 2/
If history is any guide ICE will continue to expand under a CR through a mechanism called an “exception apportionment” that allows ICE to basically borrow ahead and never pay it back. This is what they did under last year’s CR and during the shutdown.… 3/
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.@USCIS released this relatively apolitical history of #PublicCharge last month. I suppose the point is to show that the US has excluded & deported people on these grounds for a long time.

But many elements undercut the new #PublicCharge rule... 1/…
@USCIS .@USCIS says: "the original intent of the policy...was meant to exclude only those who could not or would not work, as opposed to those who were capable of work & were merely poor at the time of applying for admission."

But new #PublicCharge rule is just such a wealth test! 2/
@USCIS .USCIS quotes the INS chief in 1949: "It is wrong to assume that poverty alone will disqualify an immigrant. Such an assumption is refuted by the epic American story which tells of millions of #immigrants—largely the poor and oppressed of other lands... 3/
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Over 40 workers arrested during 7 August 2019 Mississippi #ICERaids have now been charged in federal court for being in the country illegally but NO company, or corporate officer, director, manager, owner has been charged so far.
Wow! the details ...…
1/ As you may remember this was the largest single state #ICERaid ever conducted (and one of the biggest one in the last 5 years or so) which resulted in 638 noncitizens arrested at 7 food processing plants in MS. About 300 remain in ICE custody in Jena LA & in MS.
2/ The whole thing apparently started this last Feb with a pretty common occurrence: an informant who had previously provided "reliable info to LEA" told ICE officer that almost all the work force at P H Food was "illegal". What happened is anything but ordinary or common ...
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Some more legal shenanigans from DHS: In an effort to stack the deck in Padilla v ICE, case challenging Matter of M-S- (the no bond for EWIs placed in sec 240 removal proceedings) ERO has not issued an across the board sec 212d5 parole interim final rule that took effect the 18th
1/ In Padilla the district court ordered EOIR to conduct bond hearing for class members within 7 days of receipt of bond request or release them if no bond hrg was held in that period of time.
2/ Govmt appealed the preliminary injunction to the 9th Circuit and last week the 9th Cir granted the Govt request to stay the decision pending briefing on stay.
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Immigration Judge Paul Wickham Schmidt spitting hot 🔥🔥🔥 on @DOJ_EOIR dysfunction and mendacity towards migrants and their counsel.

Seriously, everyone on #ImmigrationTwitter should stream this on @LouisianaBar site.

But since they won’t, here are tweets.
Judge Schmidt (retired) offers 12-Step program to fix the deportation railroad:
1. Universal Representation. (System shoots unrepped immigrants in a barrel)
2. Pockets of due process resisting @DOJ_EOIR “overt anti-asylum bias” to discourage rep and deter bona fide applicants.
3. State PSG clearly on record at the outset so BIA can’t screw you on appeal.
4. Ensure PSGs meet criteria. Don’t avoid “women in Guatemala” or “gay men in Honduras”. Abandon gradualism to get govt buy-in. “Jeff Sessions clearly showed in matter of a-b-“ why this doesn’t work.
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