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Is Yellow fever vaccine safe for multiple sclerosis patients?

1. Yellow fever vaccine is recommended for people who are 9 months old or older and who are traveling to or living in areas at risk for yellow fever virus in Africa and South America.
#YellowFever #MultipleSclerosis Image
2. There is a doubt whether yellow fever vaccine can be given to patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, who are using disease modifying immunotherapies. There is a concern that yellow fever vaccine can trigger a relapse of multiple sclerosis.
#MedTwitter #neurotwitter
3. A recent study assessed the risk of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis worsening after yellow fever vaccine.
One-year annualized relapse rate and time to first relapse were similar among the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups.…
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It's probably worth people learning about Epstein-Barr virus (human herpes virus 4).
It's a virus that pretty much everyone gets, the one that causes glandular fever, also known as #mononucleosis. 🧵
For many it's a simple cold, but for others it causes hepatitis, immunosuppression, autoimmune disease, and sometimes, several decades later, the neurodegenerative condition known as #MultipleSclerosis...…
It's worth talking about because it could easily be blown off as just a cold or a flu-like illness. Just like covid.
It infects white blood cells, lymphocytes, just like covid.
And it can cause a litany of acute and chronic medical problems, just like covid...
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Poor sleep quality and sleeping <7 hours during adolescence can increase the risk of multiple sclerosis later in life

1. A recent case control study done at Sweden looked at the association between sleep duration (& quality) in teens and risk of multiple sclerosis in later life.
2. Compared with sleeping 7–9 hours/night during adolescence, short sleep (<7 hours/night) was associated with 40% increased risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS).
3. When patients rated their sleep quality during adolescence as poor, the risk of developing MS in later life increased by 50%.
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1/4 "Using #PEPMatch, a newly developed #bioinformatics package which predicts #peptide similarity within specific #amino #acid mismatching parameters consistent with published #MHC binding capacity,..."…
2/4 "... we discovered that #nucleocapsid #protein shares significant overlap with 22 #multiple #sclerosis (#MS)-associated proteins, including #myelin #proteolipid #protein (#PLP). 

3/4 "Further computational evaluation demonstrated that this #overlap may have #critical #implications for #Tcell responses in #multiple #sclerosis (#MS) patients and is likely unique to #SARSCoV2 among the major #human #coronaviruses."
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Young woman who would lose eyesight in left eye each time she took hot water bath

1. 25-yr old woman consulted me with complaints of losing #vision in left eye after hot water bath. This had occurred 8 times in the past one month. Vision would get restored in a few hours on own.
2. Short-duration loss of #eye sight had occurred last Winter too, but she ignored them.
Last week, she was taken for an #ophthalmological examination after one such episode, and no abnormality was detected.
Her family members thought she was making up her symptoms.
3. She requested her husband to take her for further expert medical opinion, which he refused.
But the woman was convinced that her symptoms were for real, as she had definite loss of vision in left eye after hot water bath.
So, here she was in my OPD, against her family's wish
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1) First #energy bill received since smart meter installation?


I'm a single, #disabled man living in a 1 bed flat. I can't afford to put the #heating on. I only shower twice a week now. I barely use the oven/hob/kettle. I'm rationing lighting, for goodness sake.
2) There's nothing else I can cut back on. The cold makes my #MultipleSclerosis worse, but I'll have to ensure it. But because I'm on the wrong legacy #benefits I don't get energy assistance, so I'm stuck spending the equivalent of 2 weeks rent solely on energy.
3) How is this right in a supposedly civilised country? Why must we vulnerable & disabled suffer for the sake of shareholders profit? Who will call the energy companies to account? Not this #government for certain, but we infirm, disabled, & vulnerable just cannot live like this
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Believers that #LongCovid is "all in your mind" because there are on specific biomarkers or routine diagnostic tests are "normal" need to look at other autoimmune/inflammatory disorders. In #MultipleSclerosis, or example, it took decades to refine the diagnostic criteria. 1/🧵
First, before MRI/CT scans were invented, many #MS pts were misdiagnosed with psych disorders, including hysteria. Spinal taps in MS patients did not always reveal abnormalities. Many patients had various non-specific white matter lesions in MRI, but some had few or none. 2/🧵
Some #MS pts had optic neuritis, but many did not. Some had a lesion in the cervical cord, and many did not. How do you make sense of it all? It took many years and several revisions to come with the diagnostic criteria that we use today to diagnose MS and MS variants. 3/🧵
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I am a Citizen Journalist.
#MultipleSclerosis et al have hobbled Me.
All I have are Words.
I’ll gladly pay $8 a month for being able to exercise my Freedom of Speech.
@elonmusk is Encouraging Citizens to Each be a Journalist.
News Outlets get Marketing for free now,
Not news-ads. ImageImageImageImage
Persuadable…I haven’t heard this speech on this side of the pond… @Twitter is in Speaker’s District. What if She directed canceling conservative social media? ImageImageImageImage
1️⃣ 2️⃣ @maggieNYT really hates DJT. Uses her “Reporter” Voice to deliver Her Feelings. NYTi uses Editorial page for AP, Twits, et al to pick up.
3️⃣ 4️⃣ I reported This Horrid Sickening antisemitic tweet to Twitter. @paraga employees let it stand.
Newspeak. ImageImageImageImage
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Information is Everywhere about #Gadolinium Retention after Injected before MRI test.
Why have None of My Doctors heard of this, My 13 different Highly Trained, Academic Medical Center Specialists. @GavinGiovannoni wrote about gaslighting… @UVA
A couple ways I hope are helping.
Let’s say, makes Me feel like I’m doing Something to Stop the Pain-A hundred knives coming out my fingers.
@sennasthunder mentioned EDTA-I started scrubbing my body with common bar soap. Now doing head to toe scrub w/charcoal.started NAC pills.
I just did a search and EDTA pills are readily available. As an old Nurse, I really Do want MRI Contrast Producers & @US_FDA to come clean about how much toxic metal is acceptable? How frequent can tests be? Can Patients be Offered a Chelation plan? At Least, Informed Consent??
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I’m So Hopeful Today
Because of You, Elon Musk 🙏🏼😎😻🖖🏼🌻🎸🍎👩🏼‍🚀🐣
I’m grounded because of #MultipleSclerosis &
Spend a lot of time here, in the Twitterverse.
Observations: NYTi & WaPo use their Opinion Pages for their Headlines. Put behind a paywall-More like National Enquirer?
Google, WSJ, CBS, ABC-Disney & More, have had free license to put out any narrative They Choose. Twitter w/ Jack & Paraga has become Medium of My Way or Highway. Twitter has violated Section 230. Mind Benders? Thought Police? 1984. Ignored before people noticed, were censored.
Trolls, Trolls Everywhere
Twitter Twending
Never Ending
News as it Happens
What it looks like from another angle.
You, Human, are the Filter.
First Amendment is My Shield 🛡
@threadreaderapp #unroll plz 😎🙏🏼🖖🏼🇺🇸👩🏼‍🚀🚀🛰
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I’m with You, Lord Brian 😻🎸🌻
I am Republican because Libertarians never win & Progressive (Spend/Spend/Spend) Party put My Century Farm up for sale paying $10,000 9 months late. no Notice to Me-She Owner. Bye Bye, Democratic Party Woke & Asleep. ImageImageImageImage
I am both Respectful of Our Individual Views as long as You Don’t Tread on Me.
That Psych Therapist Woman is Treading on Conservatives.
The more We are Censored, The more We will fight for the Freedoms We were Born with. ImageImageImage
Me: Disabled RN w Associate’s Degree in Nursing fr Lewis & Clark Community College. $12 a credit hour. My first year at U of I was Ceramic Engineering. I flunked out in 1 year. I found out they flunk people out-still owe $$. I worked 35 years-half in Critical Care. I saved Lives. ImageImageImageImage
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Thread 🧵👇:
After so many years of work and as a post Epstein-Barr virus infection #MECFS sufferer it makes me really happy that they have put our article on the cover of the August issue of Pathogens journal 👉
Until recently nobody talked about post-viral syndromes (actually they should be called chronic infectious syndromes) and they left all of us patients isolated both at a health and social level. Unfortunately it took another virus like #SARSCoV2 to show us how viruses are ...(2/)
...capable of developing chronic diseases like #LongCovid . It is curious that for bacterial infections we use antibiotics but for viral infections we leave it to our immune system to manage to control it. This must change. (3/)
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Excited to share our new review out now in @eic_nic! The #network collapse in #MultipleSclerosis: An overview of novel concepts to address disease dynamics. With @BroedersTommy and @JeroenJGGeurts. @MScentrum020 @AmsNeuroscience… | a thread 👇 (1/8) Image
In our previous review, we hypothesized that specific patterns of structural disconnection lead to less efficient network wiring. After passing a critical threshold of efficiency loss, the network “collapses” and clinical progression accelerates. See… (2/8) Image
In this review, we focus on novel network concepts and how these relate to the network collapse. As MS progresses, the structural network becomes overly segregated and disintegrated, both crucial aspects of normal networks. Functionally, integration seems largely preserved. (3/8)
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A long thread 👇🏼:
I would like to share with you my latest review article. The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) has long been known to be behind the development of autoimmune diseases, cancer and is even suspected to be behind the development of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/… (1)
…Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Long COVID. But it is still unclear what pathways it uses.

In this review I describe how the possession of certain ancestral HLA-II alleles (a system used by our immune system to recognize which proteins are foreign,… (2)
…such as pathogens, and which are not) makes the individual genetically weak to control EBV latent cells, thus developing different diseases. EBV infects B cells through a protein on its surface called gp42, which allows it to bind to HLA-II molecules on the B cell surface. (3)
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Fear is a Power-ful Weapon
Against #nuclearenergy
Coal? Oil? Wind? Solar?
Coal-strip mining, choking smoke
Oil/gas-WTF? Our poor people need for transportation
Solar/Wind-relies on China sourced Components-batteries/chips. Rare Earth elements-strip mined by Uighur Slaves.
Is this how “green” arguments go?
We want Power, Unlimited, on Demand.
Green cannot support our Voracious Power Appetite.
@elonmusk is a Genius. Sensible Genius-mighty rare.
#Ukraine is a political pawn. Invasion, Citizens Targeted. Rules of War??
My Journey to understand Rare Earth Elements:
Rare in earth’s crust-Sparsely distributed-Not Rare.
#Gadolinium toxic REE… Injectable, Toxic, Heavy Metal used for MRI contrast. Retained for Years. We’re fighting for a Moratorium on Gad until Proven Safe!!!
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I’m stuck in A Hard (painful) Place.
#MultipleSclerosis ->Miserable Pain, Spasms.
#Cannabis brings Me Pain Relief w/o Narcotics. Doctor certified, Card Carrying #MedicalCannabis Patient Virginia x 3 yrs. Home delivery in VT. Can’t buy any here. @GlennYoungkin please don’t ban.
All I can do is write my heart out, old Nurse, I worked everywhere.
Now I am “merely” an MS Patient.
I do know Medical Revolutions, Innovating happens
Then all at once.
Judicious application of public discourse/education helps uncover all the lonely people in pain.😢
Many States Legalized and are Taxing Sales of Cannabis-Medical and or Recreational. The New Bagmen & Bagwomen are Corporate Cannabis Growers & Government reaping Sales income & Taxes. Kickbacks?
Washington DC-Lawmakers can kick back anytime. I woke up at 3 am. Pain never sleeps😢
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"Getting up and doing even ten minutes of light to moderate physical activity a few times [per] day is an effective strategy in reducing the likelihood of having a stroke. For overall heart and brain health, move more ... and sit less." Steven P. Hooker…
First microplastics found in Antarctic snow…
#MicroplasticsDiscovery, #AntarcticSnow
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Excited to share our new paper out at @NatImmunol today! We discovered the limiting factor for #brain #Tregs is #IL2, and developed a new #genetherapy to treat #traumaticbraininjury and other #neuroinflammatory pathologies. 1/12…
The work started more than 10 years ago, after my brother Russell died following a #traumaticbraininjury. The more I read into it, the more treatable #neuroinflammation seems. Obviously there is a #brain delivery problem, but stopping #inflammation is basic #immunology! 2/12 Image
We had a great post-doc, @EmanuelaPasciu1, drive a project showing #Tcells in mouse and human brain, with key functions. Among these T cells were a small population of anti-inflammatory #Tregs, again in mouse and human. 3/12…
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@nypost @elonmusk What did Genocidal Megalomaniac Russian President (who still has a Twitter account) whisper in her ear? These two look like old pals! He’s Very Skilled at the Spy thing. She fell for it. 🤦‍♀️
@nypost @elonmusk Her Husband’s Presidency 🤔
He signed the #BudapestMemorandum (Elon-I can’t seem to get anyone interested in the Fact Russia is Violating this agreement). #Ukraine️ agreed to get rid of Nuclear Weapons if Signers would protect 🇺🇦
Today 🇺🇦 @ZelenskyyUa @rafshmatko suffering.
@nypost @elonmusk @ZelenskyyUa @rafshmatko 2014 My Friend & His Family @rafshmatko were driven from their home they still own in the Donbas. What else happened in 2014?
Quid Pro Quo? @nytimes blamed Twitter banned President Trump.
Potus 45 found Innocent. Many Questions unasked by NYTIMES… How much was Hunter Paid?
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Dear World,

Recently a man of much wealth and so undue power & influence, @elonmusk, made a bizarre, senseless attempt to malign a drug, #BUPROPION (aka Wellbutrin/Zyban), which continues to profoundly benefit the lives, the functioning, of myself & others.

The potential implications of this must be addressed.

Of all the drugs on the market — some easy to get as candy (alcohol, cigarettes, vaping), others blithely prescribed, often irresponsibly (opioids, broad-spectrum anti-biotics) &

in some cases even seemingly maliciously (opioids, anti-psychotics) — why would he pick one that´s been in use since the ´80s, never had any controversy, helps a lot of people lose weight, and helps a lot of us THINK, PERCEIVE, COMMUNICATE, LEARN, and MOVE ABOUT.

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Thought of You Yesterday at my MS Neurologist yearly appt. I wrote my self assessment down so I would make sure to cover my bases, not waste Her time or irritate Her. I am very experienced w/Neuro Docs. #Gadolinium came up. I asked Her to read my blog…
She’s a major Doubter. It’s Not Her Fault, hooked on Gad, Routinely used, yearly with #MultipleSclerosis Everybody does it!
Easy, Check the Box ☑️ No consent, No information to Patients. @US_FDA won’t look into their own approval of a microlyzed toxic nonbiological heavy metal 🤦‍♀️
@Wagner_Nephro Hope Your study can be broadened and get attention of MS Centers Doctors. Expand it. What if those yearly Gadolinium injections do more Harm to already damaged nerves? I want to be in your study and need @UVA Medical Center to join🙏🏼 How did Tweedle prove safety?
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Just finished my morning repair cycle. Thanks to @Apollo_Neuro therapy & @ouraring to monitor & coach Me 🙏🏼😎 You can get your own ⌚️ and feel the Healing vibrations 😎 My Oura ring readout was encouraging. Sometimes tells me to rest. #MultipleSclerosis
My blog posts on @Apollo_Neuro…
Check their website and order yours! 😎
Pair with @ouraring and monitor your health 😎
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@GlennYoungkin Dear Gov. Youngkin, I heard You want more restrictions on Cannabis. Also Hemp based Products… I am 64, have extraordinary pain & misery from #MultipleSclerosis Arthritis. Have a Medical Cannabis Card and Zero access now. Rethink please 🙏🏼
I had a Medical Cannabis Card in Vermont, where I lived for 40 years. I had a convenient Cannabis Products store. Before we moved, I checked out Virginia. Was relieved I could get a card. Disappointed at lack of access for a Responsible Adult Retired Disabled Nurse. It hurts.
I turned to I tried a few different products and found one that is particularly helpful in softening my pain and other symptoms of MS. I was relieved they were covered under Farm Bill because THC less than 0.3%. Works better for my symptoms than Cannabis.
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@AaronBosterMD I understand your problem. I’m a totally adherent super responder to Copaxone-now generic daily Glatopa. I even had Young Whippersnapper Docs insult Dr. Hillel Panitch, my beloved First MS Doc who did CombiRx trial.…
While we’re talking about progression-inevitable and we want to delay as long and as much as possible… how about taking #Gadolinium off the formulary?…+
About your passionate video. I would start wi/your ending-admit some people prefer shots. It’s ok, one choice we can still make. Copaxone/Glatopa-my religious daily shot. Amino acids feed my mitochondria. They sting a little-leave skin divets, bee stings-I figure meds are fresh.
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