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☑️ Mensonge sous serment : 1⃣/2

🔴 Anthony Fauci a utilisé @Twitter pour diffuser les récits officiels du gouvernement sur le #COVID19 et les vaccins, bien qu'il ait déclaré sous serment qu'il n'avait jamais utilisé la plateforme de médias sociaux

@ChildrensHD Dr. Anthony Fauci used Twit...
☑️ Mensonge sous serment : 2⃣/2

🔴 Fauci à @FoxNews
" Je n'ai jamais eu de compte @Twitter "

🔴 Anthony #Fauci , lors d'une déposition de 7 heures, où il a nié utiliser #Twitter ou même savoir comment accéder à un tweet Image
☑️ Twitter Files #FauciPharmaFiles

🔴 Last December, @elonmusk sent out his viral tweet about #Fauci .

🔴 Fauci went on @FoxNews and said he had "no clue what [Elon] was talking about."

Thread by @thackerpd…
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#TwitterFiles ENFIN le début des #FauciFiles.
#Fauci déclarait ne pas être sur Twitter, ne pas y être impliqué. Il l'a répété pendant une déposition du 23 novembre 2022.
Mais un rapport montre qu'il a repris un compte pour WHOCOVIDResponse, et un compte de la Maison Blanche 1/2⏬
#FauciFiles On y apprend que Twitter avait un "Fan Club de #Fauci" parmi ses employés🙄
Et que Twitter commençait à censurer les tweets sur les vaccins fin 2020, pendant une collab avec Johnson&J sur une "stratégie de marketing" et les pharmacies CVS..2/2
#TwitterFiles Le premier post des FauciFiles est par ici, bon pour le moment c'est un peu léger mais le journaliste a annoncé une suite. Pour le résumé, déroulez ci-dessus ⤴️
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Trump knows people's greatest fears and is the ultimate deal maker. Not only did we see him brokering alliances with world leaders that were being attacked or controlled by the Cabal, but I also think he made a deal with @elonmusk.

@realjusthuman @reBurningBright @patel_patriot
Elon's greatest fear is an A.I. take over where humanity ceases to exist...
He gets attacked for being a Transhumanist, but I think that was his only logical solution to help save humanity in his eyes so that we could even have a chance to compete in the A.I. world (they) wanted and have been planning for...
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1) Make no mistake:
Joe Biden is guilty just as Fauci.

And it was Obama who authorized the start of the Covid-19 BioWeapon program in 2009.

Obama knew and signed the authorization.
2) Fauci could not have done it,
without Obama written authorization.

HRC was Sec. of State, in 2009.

They were ALL in it.
Fauci, Joe Biden, Obama, HRC.
Since 2009.
3) in 2015 the FauciVirus was ready.

Proof and Smoking Gun in my article:
(including the Scientific Papers)
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Building call for the #FauciFiles

Please Mr Musk @elonmusk

...can we have some more? 🙏

@stillgray @WarClandestine
COVID-19 🦠 “most likely arose from a LAB LEAK” according to 🇺🇸 Energy Department...

...where have you been for the last 3 years?

#FauciFiles #FrankPlummer

@WSJ @elonmusk @stillgray @WarClandestine
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1) My issues with Matt Taibbi @mtaibbi
Why I am suing him for $40 million
I appreciate Taibbi's work on "The Twitter Files", but he gave me no other option.

Please Retweet!

cc: @elonmusk @KariLake @ToscaAusten @liz_churchill8 @RepThomasMassie
@mtaibbi @elonmusk @KariLake @ToscaAusten @liz_churchill8 @RepThomasMassie 2) Let us set the Record straight, first.
Greg Rubini is the author of 8 books, 4 bestsellers in Intelligence and Espionage:

@mtaibbi @elonmusk @KariLake @ToscaAusten @liz_churchill8 @RepThomasMassie 3) Greg Rubini is an investigative journalist,
he has written 45 high octane articles on Substack,
in Intelligence and Espionage, National Security, the 2020 Elections, Foreign Policy.

And: The #FauciFiles - The true origin of Covid-19 (BioWeapon)
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He was given the data, why isn't it being released? What does he need it for?
Shady's back all right ▶️
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Tomorrow, February 1st, is International Harmony Day. It would be a great occasion to release the #Faucifiles @elonmusk.
And that's why we call February 1st International Harmony Day. @JeremyFarrar
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WEF: what's up? George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates have CANCELED at the last minute their participation at the WEF meeting at Davos.

Also the WEF puppet Justin Trudeau has canceled.

What is happening?

Please RT!

@ToscaAusten , @liz_churchill8 , @KariLake
2) Rishi Sunak (UK PM), Macron (France), Lula da Silva (Brazil) have also canceled.

What is happening?

something behind the scenes?
Why are the rats abandoning ship?

The S*** is going to hit the Fan?


cc: @grahamHmoore
@grahamHmoore 3) There ar some conflicting reports which claim that Schwab is at Davos.
The situation is unclear.

Anyway, there is something weird going on.
Related to the flights black-out?

To the truth emerging about the deaths and damages caused by the "poisonous injections"?
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1) I stopped posting on Truth Social when I discovered that it's a Communist Chinese running the Censorship on Truth.

Name: Kevin Guo
company: HIVE
based in San Francisco, 5 minutes from Twitter HQ, on Market St.

sadly, Devin Nunes has no clue.

is it Chinese enough for you?

National Security.

I wonder if Trump knows...
that his Social Media platform Truth Social is run by a Communist Chinese...

(full info at #1)

Retweet if you want

cc: @KariLake , @KanekoaTheGreat , @DC_Draino , @ChuckCallesto , @liz_churchill8 , @ToscaAusten
3) I tried to warn the Truth Social execs back in June 2022.

They didn't listen.
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Lévy et Delfraissy, les hommes d’Anthony Fauci
1 Image
La carrière d’Yves Lévy décolle après qu'il ait mené en France l’essai clinique de traitement du SIDA par Interleukine-2. Cet essai est basé sur une invention qui aurait pu rapporter une fortune à son inventeur, un certain Anthony Fauci. Parmi les signataires, JF Delfraissy.
2/ ImageImage
Les essais d’Yves Lévy confirment que la molécule rétablit les niveaux de CD4 et sont présentés comme très encourageants.
Mais en fait, le traitement, extrêmement coûteux n’apporte aucun bénéfice aux malades et doit être abandonné.
3/ ImageImageImage
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I'm back. Thank you @elonmusk. 🥰

I was banned for exposing the smoking gun of Ivermectin's suppression. This has been successfully buried for years.

Watch Dr. Hill squirm as he admits his paper on IVM, back in January '21, was falsified by Bill Gates' UNITAID.


He asserts that Lawrie's IVM meta-analysis, which was shortly due for publication, would "clear the air," and ~600k deaths was an acceptable price for his betrayal.

Dr. Lawrie's publication was sabotaged. After having passed peer review, it was delayed for another 6 months.

Meanwhile, two years and countless millions of deaths later, Bill Gates-funded @MedinCell has just published their own study on their technological IVM delivery system.

I have expressed serious questions about a potentially deleterious impact on fertility with their method.

3/ Image
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BREAKING: #FauciFiles
#Fauci and his minions at NIH got $315 Million in bribes from Pfizer, Moderna & Co.

bribes called "royalty checks"
Fauci alone got 23 "royalty checks"


Please Retweet!

2.- in case you don't know...
#Fauci is protected by:
- the FBI
- the CIA
- the Pentagon
- the NSA
- the DHS
- the DNC
- Fauci is also protected, of course, by the SQUATTER in the White House, Joe Biden.
3.- Pfizer made $72 BILLION with the so-called "vaccines".

Fauci agency - NIH - has a budget of $30 Billion/year

It's easy to do the math...

NIH billions >> Pfizer >> bribes to Fauci & NIH

Easy Peasy...
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#DiedSuddenly from Climate change… especially the first one.
I mean 20-40 year old people are having climate change #SuddenDeaths after taking numerous vaxxes.
The low temperatures make them #diedsuddenly
I myself have shown hundreds of coincidence cases, only from news sides, easy findings… People 0-40 having heart attack, strokes etc. and no one cares, what the reason is for their death.
They don‘t want pathologes to look at, because they fear to fuck up against swurblers.
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One year ago today, we released explosive #DARPAdocs exposing that Dr. Fauci appeared to lie under oath about the origin of COVID-19 and gain-of-function research.

Twitter censored #ExposeFauci and other Project Veritas reports.

Who was involved with this censorship @elonmusk?
Read our original report from January 10, 2022 and view the exclusive documents in their entirety:…
At the time #ExposeFauci quickly became the #1 trending story in the U.S.

Minutes before Fauci was going to be questioned by the senate, it was mysteriously wiped from the trending lists across Twitter.

Why? Who authorized that? @elonmusk

The public deserves to know.
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1.- The #FauciFiles - Greg Rubini version
On January 11, 2017, Fauci said: "Trump will face a Pandemic"

How did he know?

Because it was Fauci who made the Virus.
Covid19 is a BioWeapon.

@elonmusk , @AlexBerenson , @RandPaul , @DC_Draino

please Retweet! Image
2.- Let us look again at the date: January 11, 2017

That was 9 days before Trump Inauguration!

In January 2017, the Fauci/Deep State plan to damage the Trump Presidency was already in motion. Image
3.- Covid19 is a BioWeapon.
Covid19 was "Made in USA", at the BSL-3 Lab of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The Covid19 virus was made between 2012 and 2015,
with Gain of Function, to make the virus even worse.

#Fauci funded the research.
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#FauciFiles 🐰 a deep dive🐇Thread
1. 🐰Meet Dr JUDY MIKOVITS, PhD is a biochemist and molecular biologist/ Medical Researcher > than 35 years of experience. She worked with Dr Anthony Fauci @ NIAID.
2. 🐇... Guided by the meticulous work of Dr. David E. Martin, Plandemic II: Indoctornation, tracks a three decade-long money trail that leads directly to the key players behind the COVID 19 pandemic.
3.🐰 ... Meet Dr. Brian Ardis
World Premier - Watch The Water Dr. Brian Ardis
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Bring on the #FauciFiles ⬇️
Every government is complicit in a campaign of coercion & censorship, restricting the necessaries of life to mere privileges to force as many to take the shot as they could.
They knew it could kill but pushed as safe & effective #YeahNah #Genocide
The developed countries spent the years prior to their plandemic importing & exporting covid supplies so they would all be complicit.…
The developed countries spent the years prior to 2020 importing & exporting covid supplies so they would all be complicit ⬇️…
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Aaron Rogers: "When Trump in 2020 was championing these vaccines, what did the left say? Don't trust the vaccine. Don't get the vaccine. What happened? Biden wins and everything flips. Isn't this about health not politics?"

1 of 2
2 of 2

"This idea that it's the pandemic of the unvaccinated, it's a just a total lie. If the vaccine is so great, then how come people are still getting COVID and spreading COVID? Personal health decision should be private." #FauciFiles #DamarHamlin
... continued, 3 of 6

... and then you wonder why?

"I'm frustrated with not just my football players that won't get vaccinated, I'm frustrated with everybody." -Mike Zimmer, Former Head Coach of the Minnesota Vikings, July 2021
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.@JudicialWatch, through hard-fought Federal FOIA lawsuits, exposed Fauci's dishonesty about gain of function and its funding, his agency's close relationship to Wuhan and other dangerous research, etc. This #FauciFiles thread contains the real truth about his legacy:
.@JudicialWatch: Fauci Emails Show WHO Entity Pushing for a Press Release ‘Especially’ Supporting China’s Response to the Coronavirus -
.@JudicialWatch: New Emails Detail WHO/NIH Accommodations to Chinese Confidentiality ‘Terms’ -…
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1/We are living in a Soviet-style media matrix.
Someone comes with an assertion or a study...or a LITERAL FACT one can see with the naked eye.

"Fact checkers" respond with a sentence with the following linguistic structure:

The word 'No'...followed by a comma, and then the denial of whatever is being asserted.

Basically, "if you see blue, you're not actually seeing blue. In fact, YOU are color blind and it's actually red."

Mind you, a couple of months later, the original assertion ends up being shown as true...quietly admitted to/confirmed by authorities or the media.

Then they rinse, repeat...with the next idea that comes into clearly observable public view.
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Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Fauci

Fauci is NOT your lord and savior like the radical-left wants you to believe.

He LIED about the origins of Covid then made MILLIONS from the pandemic.

Killing your loved ones is inconsequential

#fauciFanClub #FauciFiles
Fauci is an evil SOB
“Gain-of-Function” is another term for “bioweapon”
used to eliminate population and generate wealth for himself
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Lionel Messi is celebrating a special Christmas with his family after winning the World Cup earlier this month.

The Argentine soccer star, 35, who scored two goals to help secure Argentina's win against France in the 2022 FIFA World Cup #FerozeKhan #FauciFiles #GPay on Dec. 18, celebrated the holiday with wife Antonella Roccuzzo and their three sons, Mateo, Thiago and Ciro. Feliz Navidad," Roccuzzo, 34, captioned a family photo next to their silvery Christmas tree, sharing another snap of the whole… brood to her Instagram Story. The model also danced in a festive red dress while sipping white wine in a video Messi posted to his own Instagram Story.

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